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I wanna hold you in my arms and confess to you

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I wanna hold you in my arms and confess to you
I close my eyes but the only person who seeps in like the rain
It’s you, because my end is you
I can’t hide it any longer
In the end, it has to be you
Words that I confessed that were hanging on the tip of my tongue
I love you

- Because of you (Park Hyung Sik)

Oh shit!

Mina glanced at her wristwatch. She only has a couple of minutes left if she wants to talk to Jeongyeon before the older girl’s class starts but her professor obviously does not have any plans on ending their class soon.

She needs to ask Jeongyeon something. It is very important.

“That’s all for today!” Professor Lee exits their room.

Thank God!

She immediately grabbed her bag and is ready to dash out of the room when Sana grabbed her hand.

“Where do you think you’re going, Mina?” Sana eyes her suspiciously.

“I bet you’re meeting that Jeongyeon again,” Momo rolled her eyes.

“Mina, you know that Yoo Jeongyeon is dating Im Nayeon, right?!” Sana whisper-yelled.

“I swear; she’s nice but you wouldn’t want to cross and anger her,” Momo warned.

Mina can only take a deep breath. She’s very much aware of the rumors circulating about her, “Guys, you are getting it all wrong, we’re just friends.”

“A bird told us that you were spotted having a nice little date at a café near this school.” She gaped at Sana. This is invasion of privacy!

She withdraws her hand from her friend’s hold, “You can think what you want to think but I have a clear conscience.” Mina runs out of the room.

“Yoo Jeongyeon!”

Mina wishes to be eaten by earth when the multitude of people in the hallway, aside from the girl she’s calling, looked at her. She doesn’t know why but the crowd also simultaneously decided to stop their conversations creating a dead silence as she walks to the girl who’s crouching and using her one knee as a desk and is busily writing something on her notebook.

“Hey, Jeongyeon?”

Jeongyeon finally looked at her. The girl is clearly irritated by the distraction but it melted away when she recognized that it was Mina who called her.

“Are you busy?” Mina internally slapped her face. Yes, of course, can’t you see it? She’s busy, you dumbass. “I need to ask you something.”

“I’m sorry, Mina, I’m cramming this assignment. Let’s talk another time?”

Jeongyeon did not wait for her answer and get back on doing her assignment. Mina stood there awkwardly while the other students watched the whole interaction between them. Some looked at her worriedly but some also started to whisper to one another.

Aish, this is embarrassing.

Mina looked down and leave. She’ll just say sorry to Jeongyeon later.

The café came into her view so she hastily grabbed the compact mirror inside her bag.

Eyebrows - ✓
Lips - ✓
Blush on - ✓

Mina also checked for her hair. She recently had a wolf cut and has been teaching herself to style it. She’s still learning but she thinks that her hair is great today. With one last look at her face, she entered the café.

She makes her way to the kitchen and before opening the door, she utters a little prayer.

“Please God, make her notice me. Amen.”

And there is Chaeyoung, fashioning a cup of what appears to be an iced vanilla latte.

“Hello, good afternoon,” Mina placed her bag at its designated area.

“Hi, Mina. Please help me finish this order,” Chaeyoung pointed at the small order pad at their working table. She could only sigh when the other girl just passed by her, entering the supply room.

It seems God didn’t hear prayers for today too.

She didn’t even spare me a glance. She wants to cry as she starts scooping ice.

Well, maybe she’ll just work hard today so that she can impress Chaeyoung and finally make the girl notice her.

She’s been working with Chaeyoung for weeks now but there is still no progress on their relationship. Mina knows that it will not be that easy but she did not expect Chaeyoung to be too serious at doing her job to the point that she’s not saying a single word in their whole shift. It is also understandable that the younger girl is too tired to stay after their tiring work so as soon as they finish their shift, Chaeyoung is already bolting out of the door.

Mina doesn’t get a chance to even invite the girl for a coffee (even if they are being surrounded by coffee all the time).

She doesn’t know if what she’s doing is worthwhile. Mina likes Chaeyoung for the longest time. It all started on a rainy day and Mina forgot to bring an umbrella. She already accepted the fact that she’ll be going home like a wet cat that day but Chaeyoung magically appears and gave her an umbrella.

Yes, it’s cliché and all but Mina has developed a massive crush for the younger girl since then.

It’s a happy crush and she is content with just looking at Chaeyoung from afar although it may sound creepy. However, it all starts to go downhill for her when a certain beautiful transfer student suddenly entered the picture. She always sees this girl, who turns out to be Tzuyu, a young aspiring model, with Chaeyoung.

Jealousy and anger bubble at the pit of her stomach and it always made her cry. Mina knows that she doesn’t have the right to feel those, (even if she rationalizes that feelings are not rights, she can feel jealous and angry if she wants to) it awakens something in her.

Those times her Google search history is full of:

- How did you know if you’re in love
- 10 signs of being in love
- Is it possible to fall in love with someone you barely know
- How to stop being jealous especially if you’re not the girlfriend
- How can you move on from a non-existent relationship

And she did try to move on. Ignore everything. Ask herself why experience all this pain for someone who did not even know her name. But everything changed when Tzuyu started dating Dahyun, the music genius and one of Chaeyoung’s friends (the other half of DubChaeng, the university’s best rap duo).

She realized that she needs Chaeyoung and the idea of another girl taking her away haunts her. Who cares if Chaeyoung doesn’t know her name? If Chaeyoung is the school’s hottest Track and Field athlete and Head of Arts Club and Mina is on the nerd side of the spectrum? Mina can just introduce herself and confess, right? She knows that Chaeyoung receives thousands of confessions every day but she can still try.

So she started planning.

It is not a secret that Chaeyoung is Nayeon’s, the most famous alumnus of their school, younger sister. It is also not a secret that Nayeon is dating the current Student Council’s president, Jeongyeon and Jeongyeon happens to be the youngest daughter of her mother’s business partner. She assessed Jeongyeon for a while and when she finally determined that the girl is indeed close to Chaeyoung, it became part of her plan to ask Jeongyeon to help her out.

For the first time in forever, she dragged her introvert ass to their company’s dinner party to meet and befriend Jeongyeon. Luckily, the girl is more than willing to help her, “to help that midget finally have her own love life so that she’ll stay out of my and her sister’s business,” Jeongyeon said.

Since the older girl is busy with her studies and the student council, they can only meet outside the university and in awkward hours. They also talk more on the phone. They just discuss about Chaeyoung. What is her ideal type? Her favorites? What is her ideal date? What is the best approach in confessing to her?

It’s just that some random student saw them one time and think maliciously about them. That’s why the rumor spread and like any other rumors, they decided to just let it and never acknowledge it, it’ll die down soon if they ignore it.

Through Jeongyeon, she knew that Chaeyoung is working part-time in a café. Seeing that will give her a bigger chance of getting noticed by the girl. She used her father’s connection so that she can apply for a job there too. This is why even if she’s crazy rich, she’s working here. Chaeyoung is crazy rich too so she doesn’t know why the girl is working here. But, Chaeyoung is something else, you wouldn’t know what’s going on inside her mind.

Mina stared at Chaeyoung who is currently making Iced Americano while blending the Double Choco Frappe. She watched the girl look at the strawberries longingly when another worker starts to make Strawberry Latte and Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie. Mina knows that Chaeyoung loves strawberries so much.

Maybe I can make her some Strawberry shake. Mina smiled. She looked at the order tab and see two unfinished orders. But her lovely little cub is still eyeing the customer’s Strawberry Latte and Yogurt Smoothie.
Chaeyoung is more important. She proceeds to concoct a Strawberry shake.

The owner of the café flipped the sign and the café is officially closed for today. As usual, Chaeyoung is hurrying to go home and exits the back door before anyone else. Mina expects Chaeyoung to thank her for the shake but…

She could only sigh in defeat.


“Yeah?” Mina sadly replied without looking to the one talking to her.

“Thanks for the shake.”

Mina finally looked up and see Chaeyoung at the door, smiling at her. The younger girl gave her a small wave and exits the door once again.

She’s shell-shocked and seems like she grew roots on the ground. She can’t believe it!

She noticed me! Oh my God! She thanked me! She smiled at me!


She can’t stop herself from smiling like an idiot. This is the best day of her life.

Mina is still reliving the memories of her earlier interaction with Chaeyoung in her mind as she walks home. She is happily skipping and humming a happy song.

“Chaeyoung talked to me, Chaeyoung smiled at me,” she sing-songs.

She is imagining church bells in the air. It’s so nice being in love.

“Myoui Mina!”

It was Nayeon.

All of her happy thoughts were drained out of her body. As Nayeon walks towards her, it was like a dementor was sucking all the happiness and hope from her.

Everyone knows Nayeon. The girl ruled the university before she graduated last year, along with her best friend, Jihyo who happens to be the captain of the cheerleaders. Mina watched how Nayeon established herself at the top of the social hierarchy in their school. It is not because of her best friend or her girlfriend but because of how ruthless she was academically. Throughout Nayeon’s stay in their school, she’s the consistent Top 1 student.

Many challenged her and tried to take away her spot but to no avail. It is also frustrating for her rivals to see that she’s not putting too much effort into studying at all! She goes to parties and clubs. She’s always traveling (with Jeongyeon). She’s never seen inside the library. But she still aces all of her exams. One time, a bitter Top 2 student questioned her capabilities. Everyone expected Nayeon to verbally attack the boy but she just stared at him and started to recite the South Korean Constitution.

The boy angrily left halfway through but Nayeon continued and everyone was awed. (The boy transferred to another school after that incident).

According to Momo, Nayeon is nice. She told her that Nayeon is funny and approachable. It’s just that she’s closed off from new people despite her open and friendly attitude so many people are intimidated by her.

And one of those people is Mina.

Nayeon stands before her confidently and she just wants to shrink into a pebble that the older girl can kick out of the way. Mina has heard rumors of how possessive Nayeon is and how merciless she can be to those who take the things that are hers.

“Let me explain,” Mina starts, “T-there’s nothing going on between me and Jeongyeon, I-I swear,” she stutters.

Nayeon wears an unreadable expression. She just stares at Mina. It’s like Mina is a frog being dissected and studied under the careful but judging eyes of Nayeon.

And Nayeon laughed. No, she cackles. She burst into villainous laughter. Mina could hear children crying from a distance.

“You are so funny,” There are tears pooling in Nayeon’s eyes.

What is the problem with this woman? Are they sure that this mad girl is in any way related to her Chaeyoung?

“Do you think I’m stupid enough not to know when Jeongyeon is cheating on me? And you will be found rotting in a ditch somewhere here in Seoul if you really are doing funny business with my girl many weeks ago,” Nayeon smirked.

Nayeon’s expression changed as if she is reminiscing something good from the past. A small smile was adorning lips. “I trust Jeongyeon with all of my heart. I know that she loves me and me only.”

Then her scary expression came back, “But I’ll really do something drastic if someone wants to steal her from me.”

She is crazy. What the fuck?!

“I heard that you like my sister.” Nayeon teased. She’s back at her kind expression.

What? Isn’t it too early for her to be talking to her “future” sister-in-law? (wow, she’s too ahead of herself but there’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking)

“Hey, I know you can talk.”

Mina realized that she became rigid on the spot and she is making a bad first impression on her future sister-in-law by being a statue there. She also knows that if Nayeon dislikes her for Chaeyoung, she can kiss her dream relationship goodbye. Nayeon will surely do everything in her power to take Chaeyoung away.

“Yes, I like her. And I’m not saying this to gain your approval, I’m just telling you this to let you know,” Mina bravely spoke.

“Oh my gosh, I like you already!”

Nayeon hugged her suddenly and laughed at her confused face.

“Come with me!” Nayeon said and without waiting for her reply, the older girl grasped her hand.

Mina meandered along with the racks of snacks in the convenience store. She looked at Nayeon who is being all cute in choosing what flavor of jellies she would be buying. This Nayeon is so different from the Nayeon earlier.

When they finished buying what they want (actually it was just Nayeon deciding to buy one of each flavor of jellies instead). They sat down at one of the tables inside. The older girl started to devour the jellies.

“Want some?” Nayeon is looking like a bunny eating grass.

“No, I’m not a fan of jellies.”

Nayeon looks so disappointed in her. “Chaeyoung loves this jelly so much,” she gestured to the jelly she’s eating.

“Ahmm, I can learn how to be a fan of them,” Mina gets one from the pile in front of Nayeon. She is not a fan of jellies, it’s too sweet and the texture is weird. She heard the girl beside her giggled.


There’s silence between them aside from the sound of Nayeon’s munching.

“So what’s progress with my lil sis?”

Mina can’t help but smile, “She talked to me earlier.”

“And you called that a ‘progress?’”

“Well, it’s the first time she talked to me aside from asking me for work-related stuff,” Mina suddenly feels so disappointed because Nayeon is right, it’s not a progress at all.

“You should have asked for my help instead and not Jeongyeon. You would have been sleeping together now if I was the one helping you,” she took a mouthful of jellies.

“What?!” Mina can feel her face getting all red. Nayeon laughed at her and she almost chokes of jellies. The girl ended coughing like she’s going to throw up her lungs.

“Are you okay?” Mina pats Nayeon’s back.

“Chaeyoung is one of the densest people I know,” Nayeon said once she recovered, “you should be bolder and more obvious with your intentions. But I really like you for her, you doing these crazy things for her to just notice you, speaks a lot to me.” Nayeon smiled, not a teasing one, but a genuine one.

The older girl’s phone rings and Mina was able to see hearts and kiss emoji as the caller’s contact name.

“Jeongyeonie?” Nayeon speaks in a baby voice. The older girl stood up and gestured for her to wait.

From the inside, Mina watches Nayeon wearing its biggest smile while talking to Jeongyeon outside the convenience store. She remembers Jeongyeon and seeing how the girl loves her girlfriend so much. Her heart felt full seeing that Jeongyeon’s love is being reciprocated with the same amount of love. She no longer sees the “possessive” girl in the rumors and she’s fully convinced that what she saw earlier was just an act. This girl, the giddy girl who looks like she’s speaking to her crush for the first time, can’t hurt anyone.

Mina can’t comprehend though why Nayeon acted all crazy earlier. Maybe she wants to scare her or something. Or maybe she was just gauging her reaction? If she’ll still like Chaeyoung if the girl has a crazy sister? It doesn’t matter for her though, she thinks she will enjoy having Nayeon as her future sister-in-law.

Gosh, Mina, you should stop imagining things!

Nayeon’s phone call ended and she’s back inside but she doesn’t sit anymore. She just scoops the remaining jellies and stuffed them as much as she can inside her pockets.

“It’s getting late; we should get going.”

“Thank you, Nayeon-unnie.” Mina waits for Nayeon’s reaction.

“Yeah, call me unnie. Take this.” Nayeon gave her a piece of paper. Before she can ask what is it, Nayeon bolted out of the door already. She really is Chaeyoung’s sister.

Momoring: OMG @minari what’s the meaning of this?

Momoring sent an attachment.

Sattang: ヽ(°〇°)ノ Heol (☉_☉)

Mina opened the attachment that Momo sent. It was a tweet from Nayeon:

Im Nayeon

Stop making rumors about my Jeongyeon and Mina. They’re just good friends and I like Mina ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Momo and Sana continue to freak out in their group chat. And she left them on read. Just a little punishment for not believing her from the start. She’s hoping that this will be the end of the rumors about her. She remembers the paper that Nayeon gave her.

Her heart starts beating so fast when she read what was written on it.

Sunday, 7 pm at Jungsik.
Dress nicely ;-)

Sunday, 6:55 pm

She already has an inkling of what is happening and she’s having a mixed feeling between being thankful and being felt that she’s being ambushed. The night before is sleepless and this morning she is being restless.

“Mina?” Chaeyoung seems to apparate in front of her. It left her speechless. Chaeyoung is here, in front of her, slightly disheveled and breathless.


“Where’s Nayeon?"

Yes, where is Nayeon? She doesn’t know! She doesn’t know what Nayeon told her sister. Mina tried to form words but her brain is not cooperating well. She opened her mouth to just close it again.

“I see it now,” Chaeyoung shook her head, “That bitch,” the girl whispered but Mina heard her clearly.

“I’m sorry…” The girl is still pissed, “I’m quite not informed by the whole situation.”

“I-It’s okay, I’m not informed as well,” Mina half-lied (she knows that this will be a blind date but she did not know that Chaeyoung didn’t know that she’s going to a date).

Chaeyoung sat in front of her. It is visible how uncomfortable the girl is. Mina felt guilty and even if she wants to have a date with the girl, she did not need to force the girl to have a date with her.

“I won’t take much of your time, Chaeyoung-ssi,” Mina stood up.

"No!” Chaeyoung spat, “I mean, we’re here already, let’s eat?” Chaeyoung said nervously.

“Okay,” Mina sat again. Weird

The waiter comes to their table. Mina ordered yukhoe and acai bowl while Chaeyoung ordered a vegetable salad and a dessert called strawberry santa. Of course, strawberries.

“How did you know my sister?” Chaeyoung asked when the waiter left.

“Everyone knows your sister,” Mina laughs softly.

“Yeah, but really?”

Mina is debating in her mind if she’s going to lie or tell the truth but it’s too early, right?

“She just approached me one day and she’s nice so we became friends.”

Chaeyoung nodded. Mina noticed how she squints her eyes for a while like she’s cursing Nayeon in her head.

The food arrived. Both of them eat their foods comfortably with Chaeyoung asking a couple of questions here and there about the food or why is she working at the café. Chaeyoung also expressed how she didn’t like the food so much (Mina almost called for the manager) and told her that she can cook something like that and she’ll give Mina some next time. Next time?

Mina is comfortable in Chaeyoung’s presence and she finds herself talking more which her introverted self did not see coming.

They were standing outside the restaurant and Mina did not want to leave. She has waited for this night to happen all her life but it’s coming to an end.

“I’ll drive you home,” Chaeyoung declared all of a sudden.

“No, I can take a taxi- “

“I insist,” Chaeyoung took her hand and guide her in a black Mercedes Benz SUV. The girl opened the shotgun seat for her. What a gentlewoman! She’s making me fall in love with her harder.

Chaeyoung asked for her address as they leave the parking lot.

“Mina?” Chaeyoung looked at her for a while and looked back at the road.


“I heard rumors about you and Jeongyeon before.”

Of course, Chaeyoung will hear about those rumors. Mina facepalmed herself internally for forgetting the fact that Chaeyoung will hear those rumors. And she feels the need to explain since it involves her and Chaeyoung’s sister.

“Chaeyoung- “

“But I never believe in those,” Chaeyoung said.

She looks at Chaeyoung and the girl has a small smile on her face. She also appreciates the fact that Chaeyoung never confronted her all the time that they are working together at the café.

“Because I know Jeongyeon-unnie, she loves my sister the most, and I can see how happy they are together. I’m sure that one they’ll announce that they are getting married. They are just head over heels for each other,”

“That’s so sweet to hear.”

“And,” Chaeyoung continued, “I know you too.”

“You know me?” Mina is puzzled, how can Chaeyoung know me? She never noticed me.

“Everyone knows Myoui Mina,” Chaeyoung mirrors Mina’s answer hours ago.

“How?” Mina is still baffled.

“Do you really not know how famous you are?” There’s a red light so Chaeyoung stopped the car and looked at her expectantly.

“I’m not famous,” She feels so small under Chaeyoung’s gaze.

“You are Myoui Mina, the star ballerina of the Department of Dance.”

Well, Mina heard one of her professors called her that one time but she didn’t know that other students call her like that too.

“You’re so cute being shy like that,” Chaeyoung said.

She feels redness scattering in her cheeks. Oh my gosh, don’t be like that Chaeyoung.

"Anyways, I also know that you can't do something like that. I know I can trust you."

Mina is touched by Chaeyoung's kind words

“But you know, I realized that we don’t talk too much at work,” The younger girl drives forward again.

“No, YOU’RE not talking to me,” Mina whispered.

“Hmm? What did you say?”

“Nothing, I’m not saying anything.”

Minutes after they finally reach her home. In the movies, this is the time when the lead characters will kiss each other goodbye. She unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to Chaeyoung who’s getting out of the car already. The romantic kiss inside the car will never happen Mina!

Chaeyoung once again opened her door.

“Thank you for tonight, Chaeyoung,” Mina said shyly.

The girl smiled shyly back at her.

“You should go inside, it’s cold,” Chaeyoung said.

“Yeah, goodbye.”

“Good night, Mina.”

Mina started walking to their front door. She’s tempted to look back at Chaeyoung.

“Wait, can I get your number?” Chaeyoung reached her with only a few quick steps, as expected from an athlete.

Oh my god! Oh my god! Chaeyoung is asking for her number!

“Yes,” She typed her number on Chaeyoung’s phone.

She hands back the phone to Chaeyoung who is smiling brightly at her. “By the way, you look so beautiful tonight, I’m not saying that you’re not beautiful every day, which is you are, I- “ Chaeyoung stopped herself, “I’m embarrassing myself, right?”

The girl is so cute and before Mina knew what she’s doing, she already landed her lips on Chaeyoung’s cheek. Both of them are shocked and Mina scampered inside her home. She leaned her back at the door. Her heart feels like it will jump out of her chest.

She hears a small laugh from the outside and moments after that, she heard Chaeyoung’s car leaving.

Mina went straight to her room and squeals. She can’t fight the feeling anymore.

“Oh my gosh, my heart! Ahhhhhhkkkk”

“What the fuck is happening with you, Mina?” Sana is looking at her weirdly. Momo is also staring widely at her.

“Why are you two here?”

“That’s not what is important! You’re from a date!” Momo shouted.

"Why are you trespassing my room?!"

"What's yours is ours!" Sana and Momo said together.

"Now explain!"

This is maybe the right time to explain everything to her best friends.

Mina sat on the edge of her bed. She fidgets at the hem of her dress, she lifts her head, and sees her two idiots looking at her excitedly.

“You see…”

Since that night, Mina and Chaeyoung made it a ritual to talk to each other all the time. In the morning when they wake up. While traveling to school. During the small breaks between their classes. They eat together every lunch. They walk together to the café. They still converse with each other while working. Chaeyoung always insists on driving Mina home. They’ll talk again on the phone when Chaeyoung reached her home. They’ll still talk until one of them falls asleep.

Not just that, on weekends, after their shifts at the café, they’ll hang out together. Watching movies at the cinema. Food trip around a new food park Chaeyoung found on the internet. Playing at the arcade even Chaeyoung sucks at every game there. Riding all the rides on the amusement park even if Mina is scared as hell in all of the rides even on the Caterpillar.

Right now, they are walking along the beach. The sun has already succumbed under the skies, giving the moon the chance to shine.

Mina is walking ahead of Chaeyoung but she still feels that the younger girl is just one arm's length away. She thinks back to the days that Chaeyoung is worlds away from her. She can’t believe that here she is, free to hold Chaeyoung’s hand whenever she wants to. There is only one thing that is left to be done: confession.

She already made up her mind before all of this, that she’ll do everything just to be noticed by the girl and once she did that, she’ll confess. But now, at this moment, she is being eaten by fear. You can’t blame her. It is understandable to be afraid of ruining everything she managed to build. Their relationship is stable now, why risk it?

Her trail of thoughts is interrupted by the cold splatter of water that hits her back. She looks back on Chaeyoung who is already smiling at her mischievously. Of course, she might like Chaeyoung but she’ll never go down without a fight.

She strikes back.

Then there’s back and forth of splashing of water. There is no definite winning side as both of them are soaking wet.

Mina tries to run away. But Chaeyoung immediately caught her.

She struggled. But Chaeyoung is strong.

Then it just happened. Their faces were suddenly just a few inches away from each other. She sees Chaeyoung staring at her lips and she can’t help but stare at the younger girl’s lips too.

It was tempting. Chaeyoung’s lips are kissable. Mina observed Chaeyoung for a while and the girl finally tears her gaze away from her lips just to settle in her eyes.

And a pair of soft lips touched hers. It’s sweet and exhilarating.

Her first kiss smells like the sea. But the sound of her heartbeat deafens Mina and she can’t hear the waves anymore. She felt numb but in a good way. She suddenly feels like she’s floating in the air while her feet are touching the clouds. Chaeyoung brings her higher.

Chaeyoung pulled her close. She breathes in Chaeyoung.

She is happy.

“I like you, Mina. For the longest time.”

Mina is not yet fully back in reality, still high from the kiss, how can Chaeyoung like her for the longest time when she’s crazy over Chaeyoung from the start?

“I like you since you performed Giselle at the Yi Sun-Shin Hall.”

Giselle? That was two years ago!

“I’m still a freshman at that time, I just watched you perform, and… I was just enchanted. I thought I’ll never see you again but I saw you one rainy day – “

A kiss.

A soft kiss from Mina stopped Chaeyoung. It was cliché to stop someone from talking with a kiss but who cares? All this time she thought her feelings were one-sided but in fact she was just too blinded by her own feelings to notice that the girl likes her too.

She draws back and rests her forehead against Chaeyoung’s. This is nice.

But she remembers something, “So why did you ignore me all the time at the café before?”

“About that, I’m just kinda panicking inside so I can’t talk,” Chaeyoung trailed her words.

So cute!

“I like you too. You don’t know how much I like you too, Chaeyoung.”

“That’s a relief,” Chaeyoung holds her hand. Each finger fitting perfectly against hers.

If heaven is a feeling, Mina is convinced that it feels like this.

Nayeon came in squealing in her room and she shoves her phone on Jeongyeon’s face. It shows a picture of two hands, holding each other.

“It’s Chaeyoung’s and Mina’s!”

Jeongyeon just watched her girlfriend dancing around the room. She doesn’t get why people are intimidated by Nayeon when in reality, the love of her life is just a giant dork.

“I’ll talk to Dad later and ask him to give the company to Chaeyoung instead because I think my real calling is in the matchmaking business, what do you think?”

Nayeon plopped down on Jeongyeon’s lap. The other girl groaned in protest but still wrap her arms around her waist. What a tsundere!


“So how did you know that Mina and Chaeyoung like each other?” Jeongyeon is sure before that Chaeyoung is clueless about Mina but when she learned that Nayeon sets Mina and Chaeyoung up on a date, she knows that Nayeon has something on her sleeves.

“It’s because of a painting. You know that Chaeyoung’s only art genre is abstract, right? But being the nosy sister that I am, I saw a realistic painting inside her room. The only realistic painting in the sea of abstract art. It was Mina doing ballet.”

“I really get it now,” Jeongyeon said.

“Get what now?”

“Why you are the school’s Top 1.”

“Just the school’s Top 1?” Nayeon asked.

“You’re my number 1,” Jeongyeon answered.

Nayeon breaks into a smile. She really loves this girl.