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A Nice, Calming Coup of Tea

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“Hey, look at this!”

“I’m sure it looks amazing. Captivating, even. I’m sure it’s something that inspired people, despite being flat and textureless so I have no way of seeing it.”

“Uh, right. It’s a letter from your mother.”

Toph perks up. “Go on…”


“So, how far along are you?”

“The only ones who won’t follow me over their boss are the ones directly loyal to the King, but you already helped me get around that.”

“So everything’s ready?”

“Yes. It feels nice to be ready, simply waiting for my enemies to fall into my trap.”

“Why not simply move on them?”

“Well, only the waterbender is here, and she’s not that big of a threat.”

“Where’d the earthbender go?”

“Home. Apparently her parents missed her. Can’t relate.”

“Right…Back to the Avatar. How do you propose you get him here?”

“I remember reading that the Avatar is prone to visions of the future when he meditates.”

“Oh, yeah. It’s when he’s meditating, trying to open the Thought Chakra, and the world is trying to give him reasons why not to let go of ‘earthly attachments’. How long were you planning on waiting before sending him a vision of his ‘earthly attachments’, and how were you gonna do that, anyway?”

“Well, I think a week after his departure, which was five days ago. So the day after tomorrow I think I’ll take the waterbender by surprise and do something to her. That’ll get his attention.”

“Do you think you’ll need my help?”

“It would help to have you there, yes.”

“Okay. Just send an agent or two to collect me and I’ll be there.”

“I’m glad I know I can count on you,” she said with a soft smile, cupping his scarred cheek with her hand, to which he closed his eyes and leaned into it.

After about ten seconds of the two of them instinctively enjoying the experience, they both cleared their throats, realizing where they were, and collected themselves.

“Anyway, you said there was somewhere you wanted to show me?” she asked, standing.

“Yes, let’s go,” he replied, grabbing her hand and leading her away. Upon reaching the street, they started running in the direction of a slightly more seedy part of the ring.

“All right, hop on,” he said, turning away from her, prompting her to jump on his back, wrap her legs around his waist and press her entire front against him.

“Take me wherever you want,” she whispered in his ear. Blushing, he proceeded to hop up to the roofs and towards the abandoned apartment, though not as steadily as he normally would.

“Here we are,” he said, climbing in the open window. The room was sparsely decorated, only a few candles, a rather large bed, and some broken furniture scattered around.

“So, what’s so special about this place?”

“The company.” Hearing this, she turned back to her brother, standing in the darkness in front of a closed window. Light suddenly illuminated his face, which was intently focused on his sister.


“We both knew this was coming,” he said, slowly walking towards her.


“We both want this,” he reached for her face.

But he wasn’t fast enough. Azula was further along this path than he was, with none of the inner conflict, so she knew exactly what she wanted and pounced on it, or should I say, on him. Because he was right. They did both know it was coming.

Suddenly he found himself with an armful of little sister as she started forcefully kissing him, a lifetime of competition and jealousy turning into insatiable mutual lust. With their mouths occupied, their hands started to roam, searching for buttons, ties, knots, anything to remove the inconvenient garments keeping them from each other’s flesh. With an impatient growl, Azula shoved herself out of her big brother’s grip and, maintaining eye contact, started disrobing herself, watching him immediately take the hint and doing the same.

Upon being presented with his sister’s unobstructed flesh, Zuko had to pause for a moment, gazing at her long enough for her to get a little self-conscious, which is obviously a sensation she’s highly unfamiliar with. As she started to squirm under his gaze and move to cover herself, he reached out and grabbed her wrists, pulling them to the side.

“Zuzu?” she asked, uncertain.

“Perfect,” he whispered, moving a hand to caress her breast, making her close her eyes and sigh at the sensations. After a moment, he leaned in, replacing his hand with his mouth and moving his hand to her waist for stability, using his other hand to stimulate the neglected breast.

“Oh, Zuzu,” she breathed, basking in her brother’s attention. Realizing in the back of her mind that her knees were buckling, she absently started looking around for a more suitable place than the middle of the room. Barely noticing the bed, she grabbed her brother’s head, keeping it to her chest as she maneuvered her way over to it, sitting on the edge.

When he felt his sister’s hands grab onto his head and drag him along, Zuko went ahead and let her lead him wherever she wanted. Upon reaching their destination, he looked up to her and smirked, using his teeth and fingers to pinch her nipples, eliciting a gasp from her. Then he pulled on them, earning himself a whine, followed by a moan as she found herself enjoying the pain.

The more Azula found herself ravaged by her own brother, the more she found she enjoyed it, to the point where she lost conscious control over her limbs, hands grabbing his hair, his shoulder, his wrists, anything they could grasp. Eventually, her body started simply shaking in place as the tension wound itself in her loins, coiling, getting ready for rele-

“Uhngh! No! Get back here!” Her evil, sadistic torturer of a sibling pulled away right when she was about to reach the climax of her experience.

Chuckling, he simply picked her up, set her at the center of the bed, pushed her back down when she tried to sit up, and simply said “Stay.” Pouting, she lied back and watched as he revealed the chains attached to each of the bedposts.

“Uh, Zuko?” she asked as he secured her wrists and ankles. Testing them, she found she couldn’t really move her limbs. “What are you doing?”

“Playing with my baby sister,” he replied with a malevolent smirk that confirmed his parentage beyond any doubt. He then advanced on her, looming over her helpless body. And she was helpless, she realized, for the first time in a long time. But for some strange reason, she didn’t find herself minding this situation one bit. Instead of her upper half this time around, he took advantage of the fact that she couldn’t close her legs to move his head between them and started running his tongue up and down her slit. Needless to say, this drove her crazy, immediately justifying the effort he put in to constructing the bondage rig. As he spread her lips apart, he noticed a certain hood at the top. Spreading it, he found a bead of flesh that seemed even more sensitive than her nipples.

“You like that?”

“Nghn,” she panted incoherently.

Smirking, he started sucking on it, lightly pinching it, manipulating it with his tongue, and when she was sufficiently worked up, started nibbling on it, quickly crossing the line between pleasure and pain, but between him making sure not to hurt her too much and using his fingers to stimulate the cavern below, she was quickly approaching the point she had been at before he cruelly removed himself from her body. When he realized that her point of climax was approaching, he began his abuse on the flesh around that bead, biting so it hurt, but still pairing it with lots of pleasure. As she continued her approach, he resumed the abuse on the sensitive nub, providing both pain and pleasure, enhancing the experience until finally, with a final tremble and explosion of sound and fire, she collapsed onto the bed, practically sinking into it as Zuko hurried to put out the flames.

When he released her from the chains, she reached for him and curled into him, looking for a safe space to recover from the experience. “In a few minutes, it’ll be your turn lying here.”

“As you wish,” he chuckled, stroking her hair, which had come loose at one point. “But only if you leave your hair down.”

“OK,” she mumbled as she started falling asleep. With another light chuckle, Zuko maneuvered into a more comfortable position on the bed and closed his eyes, falling asleep himself with his sister’s taste in his mouth.

“Nhn,” he mumbled, waking up and trying to move. As he flexed his arms and legs, he found his range of motion limited by hard circles around his wrists and ankles, as well as an unusual wet sensation on his groin. Opening his eyes and looking down, he saw a head of black hair bobbing up and down just below his waist. “Azula?”

“Told you,” she replied with a lecherous grin, sticking her tongue out and running it along his length.


When she woke up and found herself in her brother’s arms and noting that she hadn’t been asleep for particularly long, she realized that she could, in fact, return the favor. Stealthily removing herself from his grasp, she started maneuvering him into the same position she’d been in a couple hours ago. Upon securing him in place (and checking the key), she started fondling his manhood. Since her fingers weren’t doing much, she started using her tongue, licking its length, exploring the sack below it, and when it started to rise, she went back to licking its new length.

As she went, she payed attention to what made him wriggle the most, what made him wince, and what made him start moaning her name. When she figured she had enough information, she started using it, pinching, rolling, and licking to get the most reaction she could. Eventually, she wrapped her lips around the head of his shaft, courteously keeping her teeth out of the way (for now), and started bobbing her head up and down, fondling the sack. “Azula?” she heard, signaling Zuko’s return to coherent thought.

“Told you,” she replied with a lecherous grin, sticking her tongue out and running it along his length. As she replaced her mouth with her hand, she said “Now let’s see if you can take it as well as you can give it.” And with that, she gave an equally malevolent grin and started sucking on one of the balls in his sack, lightly nibbling, licking, and threatening real pain with her teeth, but following her brother’s example of making sure there was also pleasure at all times, primarily by continuing to stroke his shaft. She also made sure there was some amount of pain at all times elsewhere, running her claws down his chest and legs, drawing blood.

When she noticed him start to really thrash, she moved her mouth back to the head of his shaft, bobbing her head, and started using her claws on his balls, increasing the pain to match the pleasure, until suddenly she had a mouth full of a weird salty substance. Due to the suddenness and the fact that it kept coming, she found herself gulping it down until it stopped, then went ahead and applied a little suction to the tip to drain the last of it.

Lifting her head, she noticed that she had dug her claws into his leg and now it was bleeding. “Uh, Zuzu?” she asked, slightly panicking.

Looking down, he said, slightly delirious, “Eh, just cauterize it. I can take care of it later.”

Concerned at his mental well-being, she glanced at his face, but he was already sinking back into sleep, so she focused on the wound and produced a small flame at the end of her finger.

And then stopped, because this wasn’t her blue flames. This flame was golden, with little sparks of color flashing through it. Not just one color, but all the colors she’d ever seen, with the subconscious hint that there were even more colors there that she, with her human eyes, couldn’t see. As her excitement rose, she turned to her brother. Seeing his sleeping form reminded her of why her finger was on fire in the first place, so she called upon the care she had for him, her joy at being with him, and the concern she was feeling for his well-being and pressed her little flame to one of the wounds. When he didn’t flinch at the heat, she looked to his face to see it completely relaxed, as if she wasn’t searing his flesh. Removing her finger and looking at the damage, she found…nothing. No burn marks, no scab, even the blood that had already leaked was gone. Encouraged, she kept going, focusing on all the positive feelings she had for him and erasing all traces of what she had done to him. She even took care of some older wounds that had scarred, leaving smooth, clean, unblemished flesh behind.

At this point, she looked to his face, set her entire palm alight, and hesitated. What if it didn’t work on that one? What if it did? Does he want it gone? I’m sure he does, but…I won’t do it right now. Not while he’s asleep.

And with that, she unlocked him, grabbed a blanket, and lied next to him, draping one of his arms over herself, and fell asleep.