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10 o’clock

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"Every. Single. Day."


Xiao mutters to himself, stopping his quiet typing on an essay, as the soft lilting sound of the dihua flute starts playing from the room next door. It wasn't a particularly unpleasant noise to Xiao, actually, quite the opposite.


Ever since his new neighbor had moved in a few days ago, every day at exactly at 10 o'clock, the person would start playing a soft, playful tune on their flute.


It calmed him, and his twisting thoughts, to the point that for the past few days, every time the alleged person would start playing the song, he would stop for a moment. No matter what he was doing, he would immediately stop and listen to the sound of the music.


Honestly, a small part of him wants to greet the person, and see if they're settling in well. Despite these thoughts crowding him, the bug inside his head and stomach wormed in discomfort thinking about it.


But another part of him longed to know if he would see the person at school. He wanted to know if they were going to the same college, and if so, what major they had. Maybe he could bring him to hang out with Zhongli. Maybe they could even become friends.


He sighs and shakes his head, getting rid of the swimming pile of thoughts about his new neighbor out of his head. “Don’t let your mind wander." He quietly resumes his typing, until he finally falls asleep to the quiet, uplifting music. A quiet ‘ding’ from his phone, is lost in the sound of the music.