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I’ve Been High and I’ve Been Low

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Really, the large, almost glaringly yellow ‘Danger’ sign should have been enough of a warning, would have been for anyone but Alex Manes, but he had a single-track mind whenever he was in the bowels of the Deep Sky building. He had a mission, find all of the secrets Deep Sky was protecting, see what he could learn that could help Michael and his siblings. That’s all he cared about, that’s the whole reason he accepted the offer of joining the paramilitary organization that he was sure were the bad guys. He just needed to keep his head down and not lose focus.

Which is how he ended up in what looked like an extravagant greenhouse. Thick plastic rippled along the walls as the door sealed shut behind him. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary in the room, well nothing other than the massive, flowering plant in the middle. A large violet flower bloomed from the middle of the bulbous thing while massive vines snaked out from the center. What looked like pollen seemed to hang, suspended around the planet, almost as if the thing had it’s own gravitational field.

Intrigued, Alex took a slow, shuffling step forward. He carefully stepped over the maze of vines along the floor. The further into the room he moved caused his tee shirt to start to stick to his back and chest from the heavy humidity. The bright UV lights above him bore down on him causing more sweat to bead and slide down his neck. He wiped his forearm over his forehead, droplets of sweat flew off the tips of his fingers as he shook his hand out at his side. He was so entranced by the gorgeous flower, that he’d stopped paying attention to where he was stepping and stumbled over a vine. He grunted, but managed to catch himself against a different vine, though in the process he nicked his palm on a sharp thorn.

“Shit,” he hissed as he brought his hand to his lips to suck at the blood, a fat drop dripped down the thorn and was absorbed into the vibrant green appendage.

Once again focused on his mission, Alex carefully picked his way across the floor until he was only four feet from the main bulb of the plant. The air was thick with ozone and Alex’s lips had parted to accommodate his need for more air. Sweat dripped slowly from the small of his back and his hair became matted to his scalp as he stood, almost transfixed by the plant. He swore it looked as if the plant was breathing, the longer he stared, the more his mind tricked him into thinking the massive structure was an actual, living, breathing being.

“What are you?” he breathed softly, his gaze flicking over the massive flower before him, the yellow-white fronds stuck up about three feet from the middle of the open flower. If he had to guess, he’d estimate that the flower itself was about ten feet in diameter. The petals looked like leather and the very tips were a deep, dark royal purple that seemed to bleed the closer it got to the middle until the very deep insides were a stark white color.

Before Alex could even touch the petals, they started to quiver, almost the way a dog does as it locks onto some sort of enticing scent and they haven’t been released by their master. Alex couldn’t move, couldn’t even look away as the fronds of the plant started to sway, moving like bodies in a slow dance sort of trance. He hadn’t even noticed smaller vines had moved to encircle the ankle of his left foot while other vines had started to crawl up the back of his right leg, seeking his thigh.

“Captain Manes, here I had you pegged as a rule follower,” a low voice sounded from the other side of the room.

A chocked off gasp escaped Alex’s mouth as he turned to find Ramos standing just inside the door. He had lost his footing with the movement, but the plant had acted fast, its thick vines moving to catch Alex.

“What the hell is this thing?” he called back, the vines tightened around his arms and legs as he tried to shake them off.

Eduardo grinned almost maliciously as he cocked his hip against the door, “We’re not entirely sure yet, it was found in a wreckage off the coast of Cuba. We secured it and allowed it to flourish here,” he stated, his tone casual. He made no move to help Alex get free of the thick vines.

“Can you get it off me?” he seethed, the vines pulled at his arms and secured them behind his back while the other vines seemed to play at the edges of his pant-legs.

“I’m afraid not. Once this plant has a hold of you, there’s nothing anyone can do until it’s gotten what it wants from you,” he stated cryptically, though he’d pushed off the door and started to walk closer.

“What the fuck does that mean? Is it…are you going to let it eat me?” he asked, his voice frantic as his efforts to get free redoubled. The plant seemed upset by the sudden flurry of action, the vines binding Alex tightened their hold, one even slapped sharply across his ass in reprimand.

Ramos chuckled darkly as he stopped a foot from where Alex hung suspended in the air, “I suppose you could say something like that, but it’s not quite what you think. If you relax this whole ordeal will be much more enjoyable,” the older man all but purred, his dark gaze moving slowly up Alex’s body to meet his worried gaze.

“Get me the fuck out of here Ramos! What do you mean I need to relax?” he yelled, but as he attempted to pull at his arms again, he found they were held fast, not even so much as a muscle quivered under the tight squeeze of the plant.

“I mean just that Alex, relax,” Ramos breathed, his warm fingers wrapped around Alex’s ankle and scratched through the fine hairs of his calf.

“Fu-” but Alex’s words were suddenly cut off as a thick vine slithered up from his chest and poked its tip between his lips. Alex tried to scream, tried to pull his neck back, but a skinny vine as wrapped around him and squeezed in warning. Tears started to gather in the corners of Alex’s eyes as the thick vine pushed against his tongue.

“It looks like the plant likes you Alex, I’ve never seen it so excited before,” Ramos whispered, a wicked lilt to his tone as he idly stroked his fingers along the vine pushing into Alex’s mouth. Drool seeped out along the edges and dribbled down Alex’s chin as the vine seemed to pulse in pleasure.

Alex squeezed his eyes shut, his nostrils flaring as he fought to breathe through the intrusion in his mouth, and suddenly a honey-thick substance oozed from the vine his mouth. Alex hummed at the taste. It was sweet, but not overpowering. He swallowed as best he could as the vine seemed to massage the inside of his mouth, swirling around before slowly pulling back out. A thick string of pale pink ooze connected the vine to his lips as he inhaled deep breathes.

“Tastes good right? We think that’s the plant’s way of making its targets subdued and crave it. It doesn’t survive wholly on water and sun…it’s a bit more unique than that,” Ramos shared as he gently tugged on Alex’s pant leg. The vines seemed to know what he wanted as they lowered Alex to meet Ramos’ eyes.

“You…you’ve done this before?” Alex asked, his voice low and breathy as he fought to keep his focus. He leaned into the warm palm Ramos laid against his cheek. If his mind were working, he’d recognize just how wrong this entire situation was, but he just felt like he was floating on the fluffiest of clouds and totally at ease with the whole situation.

“Mhmm, I have, quite a few times actually, but the plant has never been this…caring before,” he stated as he drug his palm over Alex’s cheek so he could step back and get a better view.

“What’s going to happen?” he whispered, his breath hitched as two small vines slithered up inside of his tee shirt. They wrapped around his nipples and even skinnier feelers emerged from the tips to poke and caress his hardening buds. He gasped with the sensation.

“There really is no delicate way to phrase it, but that plant is about to fuck your brains out Captain Manes,” Ramos chuckled, his gaze darkening as he watched the vines wrapped around Alex’s legs move them closer together while another small vine lifted from the floor and started to push and pull at the button and zip of Alex’s pants. The vines were strangely delicate and adept at getting someone undressed, because between one breath and the next, Alex felt the soft press of the humid air against his bare ass.

“W-what? You can’t be…be serious,” he uttered, his tone sounding wrecked already as the plant’s secretions seeped further into his body. His skin prickled with heat; his breath panted against his lips as he started to anticipate what was to come. His cock actually started to fill; curiosity started to win out over his will to fight the situation.

“Oh, I am very serious Alex, but you have one last chance to tell me you don’t want this, that you want this to stop and I can call the plant off,” Ramos stated, his visage serious for a moment as he met Alex’s gaze again.

Alex’s breath hitched when a skinny vine smoothed along his inner thigh, almost like it was licking him, tasting the salty tang of his skin while inching closer to his balls. Alex focused on the situation, focused on the fact that outside of being fucked senseless by an alien plant, Eduardo Ramos was going to watch it all happen and he couldn’t even be bothered. His heart rate kicked up as he met the older man’s gaze, his lips open on something like a prayer or a benediction, but nothing left his lips. He nodded very slowly, a low keening noise emitted from the back of his throat and Eduardo grinned as he stepped closer.

“I knew you’d be a good boy, Alex,” he growled, low in his throat as he curled his fingers into the hairs on the back of Alex’s scalp and pulled him forward to crash their mouths together in a needy, almost violent kiss. Ramos chased the sticky sweet liquid the plant had secreted into Alex’s mouth. His fingers were almost violent as they weaved into Alex’s hair. While lost in the kiss, Alex barely noticed the plant pushing forward as a handful of small vines wrapped around the base of his cock.

As soon as the silver haired man pulled back, a pleasured cry sounded and Alex’s entire body quivered with sensation as the plant started to move along his cock. He was only half hard, but the vines tightened around him with each down-stroke, their task eased by some of the same liquid he’d been fed earlier. He could smell it now, a strange mix of sex and the atmosphere that made his head calm.

“We haven’t found a purpose for the plant yet, but some of our scientists think it was created as a tool of pleasure because it knows how to give its victims the orgasms of their lives,” Ramos shared, his breathing a bit harsher as he watched the way the vine squeezed and fluttered over Alex’s cock to coax into full hardness.

Alex grunted in response, but soon a vine was tracing along his lips, the honey-like liquid seeping from its tip as it pushed gently, this time seeking Alex’s permission to enter his mouth. Alex obliged happily, opening his mouth and hollowing his cheeks to suck at the tentacle like vine as it moved and fucked in and out of his mouth. He moaned; his eyes fluttered shut as he swallowed the liquid. His entire body went lax as he focused on the pings of pleasure that sparked across his nervous system.

“To be honest, I had hoped to be the one to fuck you first, but I don’t mind watching. You’re gorgeous like this Alex, strung up and needy,” Ramos breathed. He reached down to palm at his own cock as it started to fill and push against the seam of his slacks.

Alex could only hum in response. The vine inside of his mouth smoothed along his teeth and seemed to be lost in a slow dance with his tongue before it gently withdrew. Alex whimpered softly at the loss. His eyes blinked open; his lids heavy with lust as he found Ramos only a few feet away from where he was being manipulated by the plant. He smirked at the other man, his head cocked, “You think you could fuck me Ramos?” he growled, but the edge of his tone was softened by a groan ripped from his throat as a handful of finger thick vines curled around the cheeks of his ass and pulled to expose his hole.

“Guess we’ll have to see who will do the fucking later,” Eduardo sighed as he pulled his cock free of his pants. Alex was transfixed by the way Ramos’ hands wrapped around himself and stroked in a slow, almost unassuming manner. His own cock throbbed as he watched, but the plant seemed intent on keeping Alex’s attention on it because it gave his own cock a hard squeeze.

Before Alex could focus back on Ramos, the plant had started to tease at his opening with the slick tip of a thick vine. Alex’s mouth watered and he shivered in anticipation. His chest heaved as he willed his muscles to relax while the vine started to gently poke at the puckered hole, smearing its liquid to help ease its entrance into Alex. It almost felt like being eaten out with the way the vine moved against him, almost like it was tasting him, testing his limits.

“That’s it Alex, let the plant ease you open,” Ramos sighed, his cock already glistened with precum as he squeezed the head of it between his fingers to milk even more from himself.

Alex groaned, and his hips flinched when the vines wrapped around him fluttered and seemed to move in a wave like motion over him, mimicking the feel of fucking into someone’s tight hole. Drool dribbled down Alex’s chin as it dropped so he could watch the way the vines milked him. He watched as a fat, opaque bead of precum bloomed from the tip of his cock. Suddenly even more fine vines emerged from the tip of one and slithered through the cum, sucking it up eagerly. The fine vines slithered over the head of his cock and caused Alex to arch his back while an almost animal like cry was ripped from his mouth.

“I told you, this plant can do things you never dreamed possible,” Ramos purred, a fat bead of sweat rolled down his jaw and splashed to the floor as he squeezed the base of his cock to keep from cumming so soon.

Alex shivered at the implications. He flicked his gaze down to his own cock, engorged and a deep red-purple color as the vines moved over it, undulating and squeezing. He was so transfixed that he didn’t feel the other vine behind him start to penetrate him. He moaned, his back arching as the thick appendage pushed into him, stretching his hole wide as it slithered forward. If Alex had one working brain cell, he’d be embarrassed by the image he presented before his boss, being impaled by a plant, drooling over himself as pleasure coursed through his entire body. He felt like he was on fire in the best way imaginable.

His eyes fluttered shut as he let the plant have its way with him. The thick vine inside of him moved in and out of him slowly, plunging a little bit deeper each time it pressed into him. He couldn’t be sure, but it felt as if smaller vines had snaked from the tip to flutter and tease his prostate. He groaned and whimpered as the vines worked him from both sides, massaging all of his erogenous zones, focused on bringing him to the heights of his pleasure. Alex was climbing slowly towards the edge of the cliff. He could feel his body balanced on a very precarious edge, his cock strained with the need to cum and sweat slicked nearly every part of him as he moved and met the plant where he could.

A soft groan drew Alex’s attention to where Eduardo stood, his bloodshot cock rigid as his fist moved quickly over the flesh. It glimmered in the artificial light, the precum smeared along it tacky between his fingers as he focused on the way Alex was being fucked, a play thing for the alien plant. Both men moaned at their shared sights, their cocks both leaking with the need to cum.

“Do it Alex, let go,” Ramos whispered, his grin cocky as he fisted himself, his rhythm lost as he chased the basest of his desires, the urge to spill his seed as he watched Alex be taken apart by the vines slithering all over his body.

“Fuck, fuck, fu-uck,” Alex whined, his eyes squeezed shut as the vine inside of him started a relentless pattern of pushing and massaging his prostate. All of the sparks and sensations shot straight to his cock and sparked along his spine. He cried out, almost violently as he came. Hot ropes of white spunk arced through the air, but the plant was adept and had turned Alex to face its large, blooming flower. Everything that Alex had in him painted the fronds and petals of the flower causing a light amber glow to emit from the base of the plant.

He didn’t even have a second to admire the sight as the vines around his cock began to poke at the hole on his tip, one vine even wiggling down his shaft. Alex had never experienced anything like it, the sensation of a thick vine invading his cock was almost more than he could handle and he started to thrash with the mix of wrong and pleasure that swirled low in his gut. The vine, taking the hint, removed itself from Alex’s cock and instead squeezed the over-sensitive flesh to milk even more cum from him. Alex nearly burst into tears at the feeling of too much and not enough.

As soon as the vines left him, he fell limp in the hold the vines had on his outer extremities. His face was a mess of drool, snot, and the honey like liquid the plant excreted into him. He welcomed the sharp coldness of the concrete floor as his overheated body was laid down gently. His mocha gaze was unfocused into the middle-distance as he started to come back to himself. He barely even registered that the plant had cleaned him up and redressed him before laying him down like some sort of sacrifice.

Alex inhaled a sharp breath when a hand of slender fingers combed through his damp hair, “As hot as that was, we should get you out of here before it comes back for more,” Ramos hummed as he stooped to help Alex to his feet.

“I’m not even sure I know what happened just now,” he murmured, leaning his weight into the solid frame of the other man, thankful for him as he led them back towards the door.

“Well, now that you know about this, you’re welcome to visit when you want…just let me know ahead of time so I can get in on the fun too,” Eduardo teased, his voice pitched low as he kicked the door open.

Alex found it in himself to smirk, “You’ve got some competition Ramos, think you can fuck as good as that thing?” Alex asked, a spark flashed in his gaze as he found his own footing in the darkened hall.

Ramos winked, “I fuck much better, Captain Manes.”