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Jane's Tale

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Chapter 1: Where it started 


June 1973


Jane remembered a particular time in which she asked Calogero to tell her the story of how they met as teens when they were 20-somethings, still young and in love. The two had argued about the details of what really went down, but she really just loved to hear him speak. They’d gone out for an evening picnic and soon afterward found themselves cuddled up together, lying under the stars.  Calogero had his arm wrapped around her shoulders and Jane laid her head on his chest. 


So tell me, what made you decide to come speak to me that day? Jane recalls asking him. Jane remembered how Calogero lifted his head and looked at her with disbelief.


  I gotta tell you again? How many times I gotta tell ya? He asks incredulously. 

Jane looked back at him with the same expression. As many times as you need to until you get it right! The story keeps changing.


No, the story doesn’t change, you said you didn’t like my hat!


I didn’t say I didn’t like your hat, I fixed it for you. And it looked better after I did, didn’t it.


Calogero smirked and looked up at the sky. “ I would’ve worn an alligator on top of my head if you wanted me to, I was so crazy about you. I still am, but back then, boy I tell ya, I was whipped!”


Jane laughed and nodded her head, taking his answer as confirmation. Jane always found Calogero’s animated reactions hilarious. 


Alright, I’ll tell you one more time, but you gotta promise me this’ll be the last.” 


“You gotta promise me you’ll get it right,” Jane challenged, playfully punching his shoulder. 


You’re a tough cookie, aren’t you? Well, make sure you’re listening carefully this time…”