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Jane's Tale

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Jane Williams thought having to pack up her life and move to the Bronx was difficult when her father got a new job in the middle of her junior year of high school, but she’d come to realize that it was that much harder the longer you stay in one place. She had spent her entire adult life in the Bronx, and had created so many memories here that no amount of boxes could contain. Unfortunately, for Jane, she knew she’d have to leave some of her life in the streets of the city that she’d known as home for so long.

“Ma, you almost finished in there? I’m getting ready to head to take another trip to goodwill to donate the rest of this stuff,” Jane’s daughter Heather calls from the door.

“Not yet, sweetheart, I’m still going through some things in here. I’ll be done when you get back.”

“Alright. Call me on my cell if you need me”, Heather says unenthusiastically and slips out the door of Jane’s brownstone with only a click of the door.

Jane Williams had spent the entire day rummaging through the house, taking meticulous care in ensuring that all of the items had been carefully reviewed before deciding on whether or not to throw them out. Jane’s children were there to help her too, as she’d decided to find a nice apartment in Seneca, New York to finally get away from the hustle and bustle of the Bronx.

Jane was nearly finished going through all of the boxes filled with random, miscellaneous objects that she hadn’t used in decades. Suddenly, she came across a small, poorly maintained, battered cardboard box labeled “Cee and Jane”. Jane gasped as a rush of memories suddenly flooded her mind. When she opened up the box, the first picture she saw was a large, dusty picture. On the back of the picture, the picture was dated as “May 1969”. In the picture, she and Calogero were standing at the entrance of the Bronx Zoo that was taken only a year into their relationship, right before high school graduation. Jane was wearing a fitted, floral dress with platform wedge heels, and Calogero was wearing his signature coat and hat.

Jane remembered the way their relationship blossomed and flourished into passionate, exciting young love. She thought of the first time they’d spoken, outside of school on a chilly February afternoon.