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John still didn't know why he was stealing these pills. They weren't prescribed to him, and they lived up to their name as death mints, but he felt almost compelled...and Rose hadn't noticed yet that she’d been losing her meds at twice the normal rate.

John jumped as someone softly knocked at the door.

“John, are you almost done? It's time for me to take my hormones!”

Shit, it was Rose. John quickly double checked that the bottles were sealed before faux-washing his hands and opening the door.

“Sorry about that, all yours!” John said, gesturing grandly to the bathroom.

“No need for theatrics,” Rose said, sliding past John towards the pill bottles on the counter. “I’ll be in and out like a thief in the night.” She picked the bottles up and shook them before frowning slightly. “It seems they run out faster each month, if only to make me interact with Mother Dearest.”

“What does your mom have to do with hormones?” John asked nervously, watching Rose pop back the spironolactone expertly.

“Oh, she doesn’t trust the ‘bargain basement chemists and seedy pharmacists’ of the world, so she synthesizes my doses herself. It’s cheaper, if a little overbearing.”

John nodded as he watched her stick the estradiol… under her tongue?

“Oh this?” Rose said, noticing his quizzical expression. “If you stick estrogen under your tongue, it dissolves into the bloodstream and provides more bioavailability. You should try it sometime.”

“Wuh-” John sputtered, unable to come up with a response.

“Just kidding, of course.” Rose smiled. “You’re a cis man and as such don’t need hormones, right?” She watched, seemingly satisfied, as John nodded.


John snuck out of the bathroom, little blue pills under his tongue, and headed towards the kitchen. “Oh hey Wose,” he said as he waved at his roommate, drinking a glass of Orange Juice.

“Hey Jown,” Rose said mindlessly, barely seeming to be paying attention. “I was just thinking about an assignment I’m having some problems with.”

John swallowed deeply and tried limbering his tongue up through sheer willpower. “Oh, which one?”

“Well, aside from the male assignment I was so ingloriously given-” She chuckled at her own joke and eyed John as if expecting him to laugh along. “The essay Professor Moon gave us on the Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Composition is frankly kicking my ass.”

John brightened up, spotting a chance to talk about something he actually knew something about. This was, in his eyes, a rarity, so he was happy to try and help Rose with the assignment.

A few minutes into the conversation Rose switched from rapt attention to concern, and when John stopped to ask why, Rose reached out to grab his glasses off his face.

“You’ve got a smudge, do you mind?” she asked.

John shook his head, but as Rose delicately removed the glasses they immediately fell out of her grasp and to the floor, cracking.

“Oh no!” John cried out, diving after the now ruined glasses. “My only pair!”

They worried over the glasses for a few minutes before Rose had an idea. “You’re nearsighted too, right?”


"Yeah I used to wear minus 3.3, now I just use contacts," Rose explained. "If your prescription is close to mine, I could lend you an old pair."

"Oh… that's convenient..." John said, suppressing his suspicion that Rose wasn’t only trying to help. "Hopefully the frames aren't too girly." He forced out a chuckle.

“Don’t worry about that John,” Rose said almost... mischievously? She began digging through a bag near her bedroom door. “Aha! These should fit you perfectly.” She smugly held out a pair of sky blue, delicate frames. “And they’re your color!”

“Ha, yeah, funny how that works out, huh?” John said, waiting for a returned laugh that never came. After an awkward moment, he accepted the glasses... and then tried them on. “These fit… surprisingly well actually.” He went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. “I’m surprised. Your face is so much smaller than mine!”

“It’s really not, John.” Rose stood behind John. “It’s all about hair and makeup.”

“Oh that’s interesting, but... your hair is so nice I could never…” He stopped as Rose began carding her hand through his hair. “What are you doing?”

“Just demonstrating, John my dear.” Rose calmlypulled out a brush and some mysterious spray. “Sit still and let me work my magic.”

John decided not to push the issue and let her primp and comb his hair until she was finally done, and he didn’t look half bad. Weirdly feminine in a way he didn’t want to examine, but honestly quite good in a way he didn’t want to interrogate.


“Hey John, can I borrow you for a minute?” Rose called, rousing John from reading a textbook far too closely.

He stretched and popped his back as he opened his door. “Sure, what do you need, Rose?”

He jumped back as she held her wrist up to his face just outside his door. “You’re the perfect skin tone match. Would you mind trying on some makeup for me?

“Uh, sure, I guess I already promised,” John said sheepishly. “Why don’t you try it on yourself though?”

“Well, I figured we could have some bonding time. You don’t see the macho type to run away from makeup.”

John shrugged in agreement, though he was actually feeling pretty excited to see Rose’s magic after the Hair Incident.

“And I really want to practice my eyeliner and it’s easier on someone else.”

“Can’t argue with that I guess…” John said, only now realizing he was already in the bathroom. “Uh… where do I sit?”

“You can just sit on the toilet, This shouldn’t take too long.” She patted the seat and, once he’d sat down, began to work.

Aside from a few chidings about watching his lip and not flinching and an accidental brush against a surprisingly sensitive chest, the entire thing went smoothly. Well, smoothly enough. Rose looming over him definitely conjured up some surprising feelings, though he guessed tall goth girls were popular for a reason.

“Aaaaaand we’re done!” Rose called out with triumph. “Now, take a look at the pretty good if I say so myself results!”

John tentatively stood up and turned to the vanity mirror.

And he was flabbergasted.

There was a girl with a messy imitation of an expert coif, wearing stunning blue eyeliner that perfectly matched her glasses and her eyes both.

John had a lot of very mixed feelings right now. He was sure Rose was talking but he couldn’t repeat what she said if his life depended on it.

“I’ve gotta go Rose, I’ve got dinner in the oven!” he cried out as he rushed into his room and locked the door behind him.


Rose was sitting beside John on the couch. “John, I’ve got something to confess to you,” she said softly, laying her knitting down. “I think I might be a lesbian?”

“Oh.” John felt weirdly jealous and hurt and happy all at the same time. “That makes sense I guess.” Why was she telling him?

“Well, as I said, I think.” Rose licked her lips in something approaching but definitely not anticipation. “I was hoping, with your permission, to use you as something of an experiment.”

“Haha, sure, you gonna make out with me?” John laughed, though the laughter died out as Rose’s face remained serious. He hoped she couldn’t tell he was blushing, even under the blush he happened to be wearing.

“John, I’m serious. This is science.”

“S-sure, but I don’t know if-” John was cut off by Rose’s lips. He felt like he should be taking the lead but this was nice. It was also easily described as rote. He could tell Rose wasn’t really into it, and it made sense.

A few seconds later, Rose broke the kiss off and nodded. “That’s the control, now for the experiment.”

“The whah?” John wasn’t sure where this was going anymore.

“Well, I kissed a boy, and now I need to kiss a girl, and since there’s no girls around you’ll have to do!” Rose said this so matter of factly it was hard to argue. “Now pick a name. Joan?”

“June, but...” John shook his head, she was rapidly losing control of the situation. “Why would I pick a girl name?”

“Because, my dearest Junebug, for the purposes of this experiment, you are in fact a girl.” This was all the warning June got before Rose crashed into her, her blush from the nickname deepening as Rose kissed her in a way that easily eclipsed the previous kiss.

Rose’s tongue barely needed to brush June’s lips before her mouth was open, begging for more. Rose’s hands traced her hips, brushed her legs, and paused at her nipples before lightly massaging them-producing far more pleasure than they should, damn those hormones she was taking for absolutely no reason. After several minutes of heavy petting, Rose once again broke away, though this time looking far more disheveled.

“Well I think that settles it,June.”

June nodded exhaustedly.

“Wanna be my girlfriend?”