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Those delicate hands softly brushed against her breast as their lips finally merged into their first kiss.

“There's something I have to talk to you about.”

Emily Charlton couldn’t believe she was standing here, alone with a woman she wished she could hate more than anything as she expected the woman in front of her might also feel the same towards her from everything they had ever done towards each other under those indescribable feelings they didn’t know what they should call. Frenemies? Were they really friends or foes? They really had no idea.

Emily even blamed this woman for all those mistakes at work which literally made the redhead even called her ‘blimpy’ at one point. “I thought you hate me…” Emily whispered towards the woman’s lips.

“I wish I could, Em.” The woman simply replied as they finally parted their kiss before embraced Emily. “But I couldn’t… I couldn’t hate you anyway. And there’s no way I’m gonna hate you because of that.”

Emily wished she could just forget this woman’s name, her face and everything about her for whatever stupid reasons that accidentally led both of them to see each other in any other way especially on work together at Runway Magazine which eventually ended with that woman’s sudden resignation.

“Remember, you and I have totally different jobs. I mean, you get coffee for her. And you run errands. Yet I am in charge of her schedule, her appointments and her expenses. And most importantly, I get to go with her to Paris for Fashion Week in the fall. I get to wear couture. I go to all the shows and all the parties. I meet all of the designers. It's divine.”

Emily wished she could hate this woman more than anything she hated in this entire world of fashion after the woman was chosen by Miranda Priestly, the one and only editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine to accompany her and Runway crew in Paris for the annual Paris Fashion Week recently.

Oh, God! Bloody hell in Paris! For Christ’s sake, Emily!

Emily shut her eyes as she started to recall everything while resuming her kiss on those luscious lips.   

“You should have said no, Andrea! You don't deserve them!”

“Emily, I know you're mad. I don't blame you.”

“For Christ's sake. God, it's so unfair!” 



Emily suddenly jumped from her chair. “Yes, Miranda.” She winced as she turned to grab all belongings for Miranda Priestly, her one and only boss at her sights.  

“Make sure that they’ll send those photos at eleven sharp and no, Nigel isn’t allowed. That’s all.”

Emily wished she could forget those doe eyes and everything about her brunette ex-colleague named Andrea Sachs as she gripped her crutches and turned her gaze towards the opposite desk which was now manned by a new girl they just hired yesterday. That stupid girl from Ohio who turned out to be a smart woman, really had no idea what was going on inside Runway and Elias-Clarke building especially everything about Miranda Priestly at all. The editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine was also that silly girl’s boss just before the Ohio girl who turned out to be the woman with brunette hair and large brown doe eyes like a cute yet annoying puppy abruptly decided to quit her first job as Miranda’s second assistant in Paris which was simply a job that million girls would kill her for.

Emily couldn’t help but wince as she heard another sudden phone call in this morning. “Bloody hell.” She simply pretended like nothing ever happened to her at all after saw Miranda walked away from her sights by resuming her duty as usual. “Miranda Priestly's office.” She said after picked up the call.

‘’Hey, Emily! It's Andy!”

Emily was totally in shock and breathless after realized whose familiar voice was on her line. “You…”

“Don't hang up! I have a favor to ask you.”

Emily huffed as soon as she realized she was in a sudden fury. “You still have a favor to ask of me?”

“Yeah. The thing is I have all these clothes from Paris and I don't have any places to wear them.”

Emily realized how briefly she was in a total surprise after figured out what the woman meant. “So?”

“So I was wondering if you could take them off my hands…”

Emily heaved a soft sigh through the phone call as she found herself desperately yearned for her again. She simply replied to the woman with her usual demeanor. “Well, I don't know. It's a huge imposition. And I'll have to get them taken in.” She shut her eyes and bit her lips before blurted out. “I mean, they'll drown me. But I suppose I could help you out. I will have Roy pick them up this afternoon.”

“Thanks, Em! I appreciate it.”

As Emily’s eyes noticed a curious gaze from Miranda’s new second assistant who was sitting opposite her desk, the redhead couldn’t help but glare as she hung up and said towards her new colleague with a louder voice and her usual demeanor. “You have some very large shoes to fill. I hope you know that.”

The new girl could only nod at her senior colleague before continued working at her desk in silence.

Emily huffed again as she gripped her crutches and started walking back towards her own chair.


Even though Emily knew she could deny her through the call at the moment she heard her voice again, this time the redhead couldn’t help but heave a sigh in yearning as Andrea Sachs eventually parted their lips and started undressing her dress while looking into her eyes with those darker brown ones.

As Andrea blew another faint yet warm breath below Emily’s earlobe, the redhead suddenly shivered and shut her eyes as she tightened her grip on Andrea’s shoulders and resumed kissing on those lips while recalling another moment between them as Andrea softly whispered something into her ear. 

“Andy!” Emily greeted her colleague with widened eyes and a gape on her face. “You look so chic.”

“Oh, thanks, Em.” Andrea smiled even though she couldn’t help but frown at Emily. “You look so thin.”

“Do I? Yeah! Oh, it's for Paris.” Emily swallowed while walking upstairs. “I'm on this new diet. It's very effective. Well, I don't eat anything. And then, when I feel like I'm about to faint, I eat a cube of cheese.”

Andrea nodded while walking upstairs towards the entrance with Emily. “Well, it's definitely working.”

“I know.” Emily huffed without glancing back. “I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.”


It turned out Emily didn’t say a word to Roy as she expected to follow Andrea’s request after hung up. Instead, she made up a white lie to Miranda later that she would fetch something from the showroom in the afternoon just before she fled from the outer office with her coat, her bag and her crutches.

As she turned her gaze back towards the screen for the last time, the redhead couldn’t help but heave another sigh in distress after realized how suddenly she remembered everything about Paris after noticed the screen wallpaper at her sights as she switched off her computer and gripped her crutches.

Of course, you’re totally bloody idiot. It’s all because of her, isn’t it? 

Emily softly sighed as she realized another crucial fact on her secret feelings towards the brunette.

“You know, if I can deliver the Book.” Andrea smirked. “That means I must have done something right.”

“Really?” Emily couldn’t help but rolled her eyes after heard what Andrea said. “Don’t be silly, Andrea.”

She once disliked Andrea who certainly had no idea on anything about fashion, art and Runway at all. She even mocked her brunette ex-colleague’s action at work and everything about her ex-colleague’s ex-boyfriend named Nate or whose names she never recalled about him while taking a glimpse of her.

Nevertheless, everything simply turned out to be something totally unexpected for her and everyone as Emily and Serena saw Andrea arrived back into the outer office with a new presence. With her new hairstyle and bangs. With those new Chanel boots that Emily didn’t even have a chance to try on.

God almighty!

Emily still remembered how suddenly shocked and completely gob-smacked she was as Andrea put the phone down at the desk in the same moment that the redhead blurted out a sudden question. “Are you wearing the…?”

“The Chanel boots? Yeah, I am.” Andrea smiled towards Emily and Serena before turned back to work.

“You look good.”

Emily couldn’t help but glare at Serena, her best friend and one of her colleagues in a total fury after heard her sudden compliment towards the brunette. The redhead hurriedly sat down at her desk and continued working after noticed how Serena slightly shrugged and muttered back towards her again.

“What? She does.”

“Oh, shut up, Serena.” Emily huffed back at Serena after realized she was suddenly blushing. “Shut up.”

Emily tried to recompose herself while working at her own desk as her green eyes accidentally noticed a brief glance from Andrea who couldn’t help but softly chuckle and smiled back towards her direction.

“Damn.” Emily muttered to herself as her green eyes noticed a glimpse of Nigel heading to her desk. The redhead couldn’t help but roll her eyes after realized why he was glancing around the outer office with a frown and a hint of smirk on his face. “I just made up a stupid lie to Miranda, Nigel. Bloody hell.”

Nigel simply nodded. As the bald man with round glasses turned to look at Miranda’s new assistant, he couldn’t help but shrug at his sights. “Any contrition?” He finally shifted his gaze from her to Emily. “And don’t look at me like you have no idea what’s going on, my dear. I can hear what you’re thinking.”

“What the…?” Emily frowned at him before harshly whispered. “What exactly do you mean, Nigel?”

“You miss her, don’t you?” Nigel quirked his eyebrow. “I see. You miss our Six. You miss your Andrea.”

Emily heaved a sigh as her green eyes narrowed and turned into a soft glare at Nigel. “Nigel, I swear…”

“Nothing to be ashamed of, darling. You can’t hide what you’re trying to hide in any other way…”

Emily hissed as she started walking away while using her crutches. “I swear I’ll track you down, Nigel.”

“Oh! That’s so scary.” Nigel mocked Emily with a wink and his chuckle. “You should do that to Andrea.”

Emily shut her eyes after recalled another scene between her and Andrea from the past. “Nigel…”

“You know where she lives, don’t you?”

Emily grumbled as she tightly gripped her crutches while swiftly heading towards the exit with Nigel. “Look what she did to me, Nigel!” She rolled her eyes as she glanced down at the cast on her right leg. “She easily complied with Miranda’s request by calling me while I was fetching those Hermes scarfs. And look what happened to me, Nigel! That taxi hit me! I broke my damn legs! She told me Miranda chose her to accompany her and Runway in Paris! Not Me! But it’s just her! For Christ’s sake, Nigel! Paris Fashion Week! She just left Runway and Miranda like nothing ever happened…”

Nigel shrugged. “Well, at least something happened.” He finally said to Emily. “You’re still whining.”

Emily swallowed before turned to Nigel as they reached at the elevator. “She called me this morning. Left some clothes from Paris at her place. I… Well, I told her that Roy will pick them up this afternoon.”

“And?” Nigel’s eyebrow lifted as he knew exactly what Emily meant to do and what she wouldn’t do.

“Don’t look at me like that, Nigel.” Emily huffed at him while stepping closer to press on the button. “I’m not even thinking about that.” She couldn’t help but bite her lips after realized what she just said.

“You know how enthusiastic our Six is, Emily.” Nigel smirked while looking into Emily’s eyes as he said. “She’s eager to please....”

“Of course, she’s really eager to please Miranda.” Emily rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Not me.”

Nigel shook his head and gently patted her shoulder. “Well, you should take some rest this afternoon.”

Emily frowned at Nigel in a total surprise. “What do you mean that I should…?” She suddenly gaped after realized what Nigel just meant as he suddenly chuckled and winked at her. “Bloody hell, Nigel.”

“Well.” Nigel shrugged with a known smirk on his face. “I should get you a good luck charm, Emily.”

Emily heaved a long sigh while glaring back towards the front of an office as she realized something. “What about Miranda and that girl?” She huffed. “Gosh, Nigel. She’ll be completely mad if she knew…”

“Don’t worry about the dragon and her lair, Emily.” Nigel chuckled as he said. “Just leave them to me.”


As soon as Emily finally got out from the taxi with a little help from the taxi driver, she found herself accidentally recalled another realization of three things she didn’t expect to recall at all while standing there at the front door of Andrea’s Apartment under the sudden yet soft downpour in New York City alone as the taxi driver eventually waved goodbyes to her and drove his car away from Emily’s sights.

Those three things Emily just recalled were…

One, she didn’t have any keys to unlock this door. “For God’s sake, you stupid idiot… Emily Charlton!”

Two, she didn’t even tell Andrea that she would be here instead of Roy as she mentioned to her earlier.

And three, she just lied to herself once again that Andrea meant nothing to her when her green eyes instantly met Andrea’s gaze as the brunette was now walking up towards her with a smile on her face. “Hi!” Andrea greeted Emily with an unexpected hug. “I thought Roy would come to pick them up.”

“Roy’s busy.” Emily attempted to cross her fingers behind her back when she realized she was still gripping these crutches to support her weight while standing here and hugging Andrea after all. “Miranda asked him to pick her up from today’s meeting. That’s why he couldn’t be here.”

Andrea quirked her eyebrows. She couldn’t help but smile after heard Emily’s subtle reply. “Oh, okay.”

“I… forgot to ask Roy for a key to unlock this door.” Emily muttered. “I hope you won’t mind if I…”

“Oh, of course.” Andrea quickly nodded. “I was about to call Roy at the diner, but well… here you are!”

Emily lightly coughed as her last signal for Andrea to quickly release her from their brief reunion hug despite the fact that she didn’t want the brunette to comply with her request at all. “Where are they?”

Andrea’s brown eyes widened as she hurriedly headed towards the front door while fumbling a key inside her bag as soon as she eventually realized the sudden change of the weather which was now started raining heavily than earlier. “In my bedroom.” Andrea replied to Emily without glancing back after found the key and successfully unlocked the door. “I thought you would bring an umbrella, too.”

As Emily rolled her eyes while looking at Andrea’s with a brief smile on her face, Andrea suddenly turned her gaze back towards the redhead who quickly recomposed herself and said nothing to her as the brunette approached her before gently touched her shoulders and took her into the living room with an unreadable glance as Emily suddenly shivered in the chill weather and Andrea’s warm touches.

“Careful there.” Andrea whispered to Emily before stopped her redhead ex-colleague at the couch as she quickly went into her bedroom and grabbed two dry towels from the wardrobe as Emily attempted to close the door. “Alright, here we go.”

“You don’t have to…”

As Emily was about to reluctantly express her unexpected gratitude towards Andrea’s warm kindness, the brunette turned to close and lock the front door just before headed back into the living room and gladly helped Emily drying her red hair from those raindrops and keeping her warm at the same time.

“Sorry for all the mess I’ve made in my place. Nate just moved out. He’s going to Boston next week.”

Emily blinked her eyes twice while glancing around in a total surprise. “That’s…” She paused. “Odd.”

Andrea snorted out a little laugh as she glanced up to meet Emily who was completely stunned and spellbound after realized the brunette was now smiling at her while drying her hair at the same time. “Yeah, it’s pretty odd. But at least we’re all now in the good terms for good. He’s going to celebrate his future without me which it’s… totally fine.” Andrea brushed her hands on her towel after beckoned Emily to sit down on the couch. “Can I get you anything besides those clothes? Any drinks? Snacks?”

Emily couldn’t help but roll her eyes after heard the last word from Andrea’s question. She just replied to the brunette with a simple answer as she paced towards the coffee table and placed her bag there. “Just a glass of water.” She inaudibly swallowed to herself. “That would be fine for me.”

“Okay.” Andrea nodded while still smiling at Emily before took off her own brown leather jacket and swiftly hung it inside the closet next to the door. As her eyes caught Emily attempting to take off her coat while standing there, Andrea enthusiastically helped her take it off and steadied her ex-colleague in a careful manner until the coat was finally in her hands. The brunette simply hung it beside her own leather jacket in the same closet before headed back into the kitchenette and opened the refrigerator. “I’ll bring those clothes from my bedroom, okay?” She turned to Emily after took a bottle of cold water out of the refrigerator. “I’ll be back here with the clothes. It won’t take too much time, I swear.”

Emily couldn’t help but roll her eyes again while pacing across the room until she was beside Andrea. “You don’t need to fetch everything on your own, Andrea. Just tell me where those clothes are. I’ll…”

“But your leg’s…” Andrea was about to protest when Emily suddenly huffed in return. “Alright, alright.”

Emily smiled as she grabbed an empty glass out of the kitchen cupboard. “Just pour me a drink, okay?”

Andrea gaped in surprise before slowly poured water from the bottle into a glass inside Emily’s grasp and giggled silently at her sights after caught Emily was secretly smiling. “Well, you asked me for it.”

Emily stopped smiling and rolled her eyes instead as she started sipping her drink before swallowed the rest in a quick gulp and quickly handed the glass back towards Andrea’s grasp. “Alright, I’m done.”

Andrea couldn’t help but snort out another laugh as she retrieved a glass from Emily and kept watching the redhead pacing and glancing around her place like an investigator looking for some missing clues until the brunette realized she needed to resume her duty by putting the glass back into a kitchen sink and recycling a water bottle just like her usual routine in each day whenever she was with Nate or not after heard a familiar ringtone from Emily’s phone. That must be another call from Miranda for sure.   

As Emily reached her hand towards her bag and picked up her phone, she quickly recomposed herself as she replied to the sudden call that erupted between her and Andrea. “Yes, Miranda. Of course, I…”

As Andrea eventually shifted her gaze from Emily and stepped away to close the kitchen cupboard, she suddenly winced as soon as her fingers were just squeezed through the gap between those doors.  

“Andy?” A strange yet familiar voice suddenly erupted, following by those footsteps from behind her.

Andrea tried to brush her brief yet sudden pain off of her fingers by pretending like nothing happened when Emily reached towards her with an obvious look of concern on her face as her hands caught hers before inspected them closer as she caught a glimpse of Andrea’s pain on her index and middle fingers. “I’m fine, Emily.” Andrea swallowed as she tried her best to remain calm. “It’s totally okay. I’m just…”

“Don’t be so stupid, Andy.” Emily huffed while frowning at Andrea’s fingers. “You just hurt yourself.”

Andrea was about to protest when Emily suddenly leaned closer to her fingers and blew them without noticing a sudden change that occurred between them as the redhead carefully checked those fingers until there was no sights of pain left on them anymore. “Thanks, Em.” Andrea finally said. “Thank you.”

“Just be more careful, Andy. These doors can squeeze anything from you like that mixed fruit juice.”

Andrea couldn’t help but quirk her eyebrows while watching Emily in amusement. “Mixed fruit juice?”

As Emily eventually glanced up to meet Andrea’s genuine yet sizzling gaze, she suddenly gasped after realized something inside those beautiful brown eyes as Andrea was slowly stepping closer to her.

Emily just left those crutches on the floor after hurriedly went back to Andrea as she heard her cry. One of them was on the mattress next to the couch while the other was now below at her feet as she eventually realized she just dropped it after grasped those delicate hands of the brunette at her sights.

“Emily, why didn’t you tell me?” Andrea whispered a sudden question towards Emily’s reluctant move.

Emily audibly swallowed after noticed a sudden sizzling air between them. “Tell you about what?”

Andrea couldn’t help but heave a silent sigh as she found herself looking into Emily’s eyes. “About us.”

Emily couldn’t believe what just happened. She was standing here, now, alone with Andrea. “I…”

Her Andrea.

Those delicate hands from Andrea were unexpectedly yet consensually brushing against Emily’s breast as the redhead suddenly noticed an obvious change inside those mesmerizing brown eyes which were now looking back at her with the same audacity as the brunette leaned closer into Emily’s face.

As Emily bit her lips and tried to blink those sudden tears of upcoming sadness away from her eyes, Andrea suddenly shut those fears away from Emily by leaning closer until her lips placed a kiss on hers as soon as Emily attempted to say how truly sorry she felt towards her for everything in those days.

Those delicate hands softly brushed against her breast as their lips finally merged into their first kiss.

“Andy…” Emily breathlessly said after their lips finally parted away from the kiss. “I’m sorry that I… I thought you hated me…” She gradually gazed at Andrea’s lips. “I thought you just saw me as a friend…”

Andrea simply forgave her ex-colleague by cradling her face before gently pulled her into an embrace. “I wish I could.” Andrea simply replied to Emily as they finally parted their kiss before embraced her. “But I couldn’t, Emily. I couldn’t hate you. And there’s no way I’m gonna hate you because of that.”

Emily swallowed as her eyes met a genuine gaze from Andrea. “I thought you and your boyfriend…”

“Em, I know it sounds cheesy. But I also struggled to hide everything from anyone… just like you did.”

Emily heaved a silent sigh and soft moan as Andrea leaned into her and kissed her on the lips again.

“You’re breathtaking, Emily.” Andrea softly whispered to Emily. “Simply breathtaking. Simply you.”

Emily bit her lips while searching for the final answer through those beautiful brown doe eyes until she eventually chuckled as Andrea’s nose brushed on hers. “I swear if you ever lie to me about what happened between us, Andy. I will search every blimpy in this whole town until I can track you down…”

Andrea couldn’t help but softly chuckle at Emily’s words as she said. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” She eventually sighed as her hands gradually joined at the front of the dress at her sights. “Only you.”

Emily simply responded towards Andrea’s eventual confession by kissing on those beautiful lips again.

She truly wished she could fire those words in fury after recalled how strongly she once loved to piss the brunette off with her poor working performances. Unfortunately, she was the one who pissed off herself after realized how versatile Andrea could ever be in all of a sudden as the brunette eventually reappeared in the outer office of Runway in one afternoon with that new look and those Chanel boots.

She didn’t even care of fashion and those stuffs at Runway in any other way. For Pete’s sake, Emily!

Still, Emily couldn’t take her eyes off of Andrea in any other way despite she always repeated herself that Andrea was just another Miranda’s girl who didn’t actually care whatever she said through their conversation at work or even warned something important about her work performances for Miranda.

Emily couldn’t even dare to shift her gaze away from Andrea’s lips as the brunette’s hands sensually touched and fondled her breast. They slowly glided back towards those nipples and sternum on Emily’s naked upper body after the redhead was eventually undressed by those soft, firm and sensual touches.

The one and only.

Emily responded towards Andrea’s sensual and sizzling touches by moaning and shutting her eyes as Andrea gently parted her lips with her own tongue while both of her hands were cradling every part of the redhead’s body and soul as they were fumbling and heading towards the bedroom together.

Emily simply reciprocated another passionate kiss on Andrea’s lips by welcoming Andrea’s tongue and her soft yet sudden moan into her own mouth in eager as her hands were enthusiastically undressing the brunette’s turtleneck and boots until Emily finally got rid of those clothes away from Andrea’s body as her hand found Andrea’s belt and slowly took it off as her eyes caught a smirk from Andrea.

As they arrived into the bedroom, Emily almost tripped on the floor. “Damn.” Emily cursed. “Bloody…”

“Sorry, Em.” Andrea let out a soft chuckle while holding her. “Looks like you’re just back on your feet.”

“This is totally not funny at all, Andy.” Emily rolled her eyes at Andrea’s amusing remark. Nevertheless, the redhead resumed their kiss and pulled the brunette closer as her calves finally touched the edge of the bed. “Don’t you even dare…” She glanced up at Andrea while softly hissing towards her lips. “Stop what you’ve just started…”

Andrea chuckled again while fumbling on Emily’s body before laid her down on the middle of the bed. “I don’t think it’s only me who started this, Emily.” Andrea whispered as her hands swiftly pulled the redhead’s panties off before started tracing her fingertips on Emily’s stomach. “It’s all because of you.”

Emily couldn’t help but roll her eyes in a total disbelief despite she was absolutely thrilled, shivered and excited to see what Andrea was going to do next. “By all means, Andy.” She replied to Andrea with a sultry voice as she pulled the brunette closer towards her face again and took off her own heels.

Andrea smirked at Emily as her lips started kissing on Emily’s chin before trailed those lips down at the redhead’s neck and softly sucked the skin at her neck gently until both of them noticed the hickey. She could hear how Emily heaved a long sigh in thrilling pleasure as her lips gradually trailed down on Emily’s breast just before her tongue eventually met the redhead’s left nipple and sensually licked it.

“Oh, God…”

Andrea couldn’t help but chuckle lightly and smile at her sights as she started licking Emily’s left nipple while the brunette’s hand was lightly stroking on Emily’s right one. She softly pinched the soft flesh on Emily’s right nipple until it eventually responded towards her touch, erected under her soft palm.

“Oh, Andy…” Emily moaned and shut her eyes from the sudden sensation on her body. “Don’t stop…”

Andrea hummed in a response as she unclasped her own bra and threw to the other side of her room. She simply resumed her sweet foreplay on Emily’s naked torso until her lips finally turned an attention towards Emily’s right nipple. She started licking and sucking it as her hand shifted towards the left one and softly pinched it until both of the redhead’s nipples now fully erected from those sensual touches.


Andrea lifted herself up from Emily after noticed how the redhead beckoned to her to stand up and launched forward to unzip Andrea’s jeans and pull them down with her panties in a quick single move. “Now, where are we?” Andrea husked to Emily as she was completely naked at her sights. “Tell me.”

Emily couldn’t help but groan to herself after realized her casted leg was totally such a pain in the neck for her to beckon to Andrea to straddle on her body. “Damn it.” Emily rolled her eyes as she muttered.

“Are you hurt?” Andrea’s eyes widened in concern as she grasped Emily’s hand. “Emily, are you okay?”

Emily didn’t reply to Andrea’s question. She simply pull the brunette towards her and laid her down beside her on this bed together as she guided the brunette’s hand towards her stomach before leaned her face closer to kiss Andrea on those lips again. “Please.” Emily whispered to Andrea while looking at her with an upcoming and hopeful anticipation. “You know how much I hate to say this word, Andy.”

Andrea chuckled as she quirked her eyebrows. “You love me to please you every time, don’t you, Em?”

Emily couldn’t help but roll her eyes as her hand was now stroking Andrea’s lips and pulled her closer.   

Andrea couldn’t help but grin as she eventually reciprocated Emily’s kiss and resumed their foreplay with their mutual attraction under those slow, soft and gentle movements between them. The brunette’s fingers kept touching, dancing and trailing on every part of Emily’s naked body as well as her own luscious lips which later found what the redhead really loved to be nipped, kissed and sucked with all of her sudden passion and eventual intimacy by her lips until Andrea eventually found what Emily was really waiting for her to discover at her sights and take her towards the end of their journey together as Emily started panting and calling Andrea’s name like a prayer through her louder moans and writhing movement on the bed.

“Oh God! Andy!” Emily heaved a long sigh in yearning after realized what Andrea was doing right now.

“I’ve got you, baby.” Andrea whispered as her tongue started brushing on Emily’s thighs. “I’m here.”

Emily instinctively placed a free hand on Andrea’s head as soon as she felt those luscious lips were now touching those folds between her thighs, spreading them eagerly by using the tip of her tongue and savoring the sweetness of her upcoming wetness just before the brunette’s left hand gently lifted the redhead’s casted right leg on her left shoulder as those lips started licking the redhead’s wet pussy while her brown doe eyes kept watching her redhead lover in her bed and listening to all the voice she made as soon as Emily’s hand suddenly gripped Andrea’s hair firmly. “Oh, God! Andy! Andy! God! Oh!”

With a soft yet firm flick from the brunette’s tongue on the redhead’s wet pussy, Emily tried her best to suppress her sudden and unexpected moans towards Andrea’s eager act on her body after realized how many times she desperately encouraged the brunette to fetch her with faster and stronger paces as Andrea continued teasing with lips, tongue and those delicate yet perfect fingers on Emily’s pussy.

“Damn you.” Emily hissed back at Andrea in both yearning and a brief frustration. “Stop teasing me…”

“I’m not done with you yet, honey.” Andrea drawled as she glanced up at Emily. “We’re just starting.”

Emily couldn’t help but moan as her inner thighs jiggled from Andrea’s touch in all of a sudden. “Fuck.”

As Andrea smirked at her sights and slowly inserted her fingers into Emily’s wet pussy without a doubt, the brunette eventually climbed on top of Emily without taking her brown doe eyes off of Emily’s face. Andrea reached the pillow on her bed and carefully placed Emily’s right casted leg down on the pillow as she started pumping the redhead’s drenched pussy in a slow yet known movement while her other hand was constantly rubbing Emily’s inner thighs and clit as Emily moaned her name again. “Andy…”

Andrea slowly bit her lips as she started grinding herself on one of Emily’s inner thighs in a slow yet firm movement while fingering her lover and looking into those beautiful green eyes at the same time.

“Andy! Argh! Oh my God! You’re killing me!” Emily’s chest started heaving and panting a longer breath as her eyes caught a sight of Andrea lifting the redhead’s hand towards her voluptuous breast. “Andy!”

Andrea returned a low moan at her sights while started grinding herself on Emily’s thigh in a faster yet firm movement and letting Emily fondling her breast and fumbling every part of her naked body after the redhead couldn’t dare to shift her gaze away from those mesmerizing brown eyes she always loved to take a glimpse of them at all. It was always full of unexpected surprise yet simply irresistible for her.

Simply irresistible for both of them. “God! Andy! Argh!”    

“You feel so good…” Andrea softly moaned at her sights. “Fuck… You make me feel so good, Emily…”

Emily’s fingers faintly brushed the brunette’s hair as Andrea arched her back and moaned her name in return when the redhead pinched both of her nipples and pulled her closer towards her own breast.

Their lips met again as Emily strongly pulled Andrea into her embrace while giving and returning their mutual pleasure through their moans, their fumbling and their soft, sensual yet burning touches. Andrea panted and moaned against Emily’s lips as the redhead grasped and squeezed her bottom which made the brunette instinctively tightened their embrace and nuzzled her face against Emily’s cheek just before Andrea kissed Emily as both of them were reaching towards the end of their journey.

“Argh! Em! I’m gonna… Argh!”

Several beads of sweat on Andrea’s forehead gradually merged with those sweat beads and some scratches which based on their mutual pleasure on Emily’s body, eventually came along with a sweet sound and the scent of their sensational arousal as the brunette started their passionate dance of love on the bed while constantly cursing, hissing and moaning for their mutual sensation at the same time.


“Andy! Oh my God! Andy! Argh!”

Andrea couldn’t help but kiss Emily’s lips firmly as Emily pleaded her to stay with her through her eyes.

“Andy, I…”

“I’m here, Emily. I’m always here.” Andrea hoarsely whispered towards Emily’s lips before kissed her despite those fingers of her still buried inside Emily’s soft and wet spot below their hips which were now dancing in the same rhythm and similar movement towards each other. “I won’t go anywhere…”  

“Oh…” Emily moaned as Andrea parted her lips with her tongue and nipped her neck again. “Andy…”

Andrea gently nipped Emily’s neck again before licked the redhead’s nipples and sucked them firmly.

“Fuck! Oh my God! Andy!”

As Emily’s hand brushed against Andrea’s nipple and gradually went lower towards the brunette’s clit, Andrea hissed and resumed fastening her pace inside Emily’s warm and drenched pussy as soon as she realized how gently the redhead’s hand was mimicking her action on her clit. “Oh, God... Oh, Em!”

After Emily found the perfect weakness on the brunette’s body, Andrea couldn’t help but moan louder as Emily started licking on her neck and inhaled her scent through those beads of sweat on her body.

“Fuck…” Andrea moaned as she fastened her pace on Emily’s pussy and suddenly quivered. “Emily…”

Emily sensually licked the brunette’s skin and softly nipped her neck as she swallowed. “I’m gonna…”

Andrea licked her lips as her eyes kept watching Emily closing her eyes tightly and gaping her mouth. “Let it go, Em. Just let it go…”


Andrea simply nuzzled Emily’s cheeks in the sweetest and hottest way. “Just let it go for me, baby.”

As Emily suddenly screamed in a high pitch voice while Andrea remained pumping those fingers inside her pussy in a constant and firm movement, the redhead reached her eventual blissful ecstasy after Andrea shut her eyes from the sudden sensation on her body which eventually led her response by a hoarse moan with Emily’s name as she eventually reached towards her ecstasy on Emily’s inner thigh.

“Andy… Oh, God… Oh…”

Andrea panted as she laid Emily down on the bed and slumped on her breast as her climax subsided. She could hear the redhead’s heartbeat which came with an afterglow of their first lovemaking while   remaining her fingers inside Emily’s pussy by softly pumping and seeking her wet juice in a slower pace until Emily placed her hand on Andrea’s palm and turned to kiss on the brunette’s neck as her plea.  

“Fuck…” Andrea drawled and opened her eyes as she carefully withdrew fingers from Emily’s pussy. “That… was… really… intense.”

Emily simply nodded towards Andrea’s eventual remark. The redhead blinked her eyes twice and swallowed audibly just before turned to look at Andrea while trying to regain her normal breathing and gazing into those beautiful brown eyes at the same time until the brunette lifted her own fingers towards her own lips and sensually sucked them all while smirking without taking eyes off of Emily. “For the love of God, Andrea.” Emily rolled her eyes at Andrea’s attempt to ignite another foreplay between them before rolled herself towards the brunette and looked at those lips on Andrea’s face. “Do you even realize how many time you’re driving me crazy with everything you do for me at work?”

Andrea couldn’t help but roll her eyes in amusement before lifted herself up from the mattress and turned to reply Emily’s question with a grin on her face. “I’m afraid I can’t recall all of them, sweetie.”

Emily rolled her eyes again after heard another endearment towards her escape from Andrea’s lips. “I’m not really into them, Andrea.” Emily muttered. “Those endearments really suck. They’re cheesy.”

“Oh?” Andrea cheekily pouted at Emily as her fingers traced along the redhead’s jawline and chin. “Really?” She rolled her eyes while recalling their sensual acts earlier. “What should I call you then?”

Emily heaved a sigh in an eventual relief as she leaned closer to Andrea’s lips and kissed her softly. The small voice which came from Andrea’s throat eventually ignited their mutual yearning as well as Emily’s smirk on her face after pulled Andrea closer towards her naked body and nuzzled her hair. “Just don’t… forget… my name.” Emily drawled as she eventually rolled her eyes and said. “That’s all.”

Andrea suddenly giggled in mutual amusement as Emily laughed in return and snuggled towards her until they finally stopped laughing when Andrea turned to Emily and said those sweet words in a soft whisper while they were listening to the sound of downpour outside her bedroom. “I love you, Em.”

Emily bit her lips while looking into Andrea’s genuine gaze of love and affection. She eventually nodded and gently kissed on those beautiful lips once and again as she whispered those three words in return. “I know, Andy.” She couldn’t help but roll her eyes with some little tears of joy. “I love you, too. I do.”

Andrea smiled back as she wiped those tears away. “Do you still need me to fetch those clothes or…?”

Emily didn’t reply to that question. She simply kissed Andrea again and pulled a blanket over them as Andrea placed a gentle kiss on Emily’s forehead in return and eventually drifted off to sleep after her.

The End