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The ABCs of Kinky Sex

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Surveying the room, you were confident everything was finally perfect. The room was dark, the only light coming from the two dozen or so electric candles scattered about. Soft satin-weave silk sheets had replaced the usual bedding, and an oil warmer was diffusing the soft scent of jasmine throughout the room. No expense had been spared, and frankly, you were still feeling the sting in your wallet. Not that you minded too much. You wanted this night to be special for Jamil, so you were going to pamper and spoil him like he deserved to be.

Giving everything one last look over, you stepped into the hallway. There was just one more thing you had to take care of.

“GRIM!!!” you shouted at the top of your lungs.

The little monster came scurrying, a panicked look on his face. “It wasn’t my idea! Ace was the one who told me to dunk Deuce’s toothbrush in the toilet!”

“I have a- you dunked Deuce’s toothbrush in the toilet?”


“You know what, not my problem. I have a proposition for you.”

Grim tilted his head. “What would that be?”

You reached into your pocket and pulled out a rectangular can. “First, here. Eat this.” You said, tossing it to him.

He caught it, eyes growing as wide as dinner plates as he read the label. “Is this… Ventresca tuna!?” His paws were trembling as he popped the top of the can, reverently taking a slice between his claws and taking a slow bite. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he chewed, savoring every sliver of meat. “It’s so tender…”

“There’s five more cans where that came from. IF you accepted my request.” You said as Grim finished the tuna, licking the oil from his paw pads.

“Anything, you name it. I’ll kill a man and make it look like an accident.”

“Whoa, slow your roll there! I just need you to find somewhere else to stay tonight.” You held up your hands, surprised at the lengths Grim was willing to go to for some tuna. ‘Well, it is 50 madol a pop, so it better be good enough to kill someone for.’

“That’s it?” Grim asked, looking at you suspiciously.

“That’s it.”

“Cool, I’ll be at Heartslabyul. Call Ace or Deuce if you need me. Oh, and make sure that tuna’s ready for me when I get back.” Grim said, heading to his room to pack his bag. Although, you had no idea what exactly he would be packing.

Apparently it was snacks, which he had stuffed into a large duffle bag and was dragging behind him down the hall. “I’ll see you tomorrow!” he called as he headed out of the dorm, closing the door behind him.

‘Alright, now it's time to make dinner!’ You had decided you would try your hand at homemade curry, so you had researched many curry recipes to try to come up with what you thought would be the perfect spice blend. 

Unfortunately, what you came up with was probably the worst thing you had ever put in your mouth. Considering you had tried Lilia’s home cooking, this was also incredibly depressing. In the end, you made a mad dash to Sam’s shop and bought a package of deluxe curry roux, salvaging the meal with the vegetables you had left over.

A knock came at the door, just as you finished setting the table with two steaming plates of vegetable curry and rice. “Come on in, it’s open!” You called, filling two glasses with water and setting them next to the plates.

“Looks like you’ve prepared quite the meal for us.” You looked up to see Jamil, leaning against the door frame.

“If you’re impressed by this, just wait until you see what I’ve done to the bedroom.”

Jamil sat, taking the spoon you held out to him. “You didn’t have to go through all of this effort for me.”

You scowled at him. “I wanted to. So shut up and enjoy it.” Chuckling, Jamil tucked into his meal.

After the two of you had had your fill, you led Jamil up to the bedroom, pride swelling in your chest at the impressed look on his face.

“You really went all out, didn’t you? My, those are some expensive-looking sheets.” He said, after taking everything in.

“I read that satin-weave is good for hair. And the silk was just, y’know, fancy…” you replied, looking off to the side.

“It seems you’ve been thinking about this for quite some time.” Jamil said, making his way to the bed, slipping off his jewelry and laying it on the nightstand. “Well, let’s get this evening started, shall we?”

He removed his belt, dropping it to the floor before sitting on the bed. You walked over and pushed his hood down, before loosening his hair tie and putting it with the jewelry. “You really have a thing for my hair.” Jamil said, looking at you amused. “Are you planning on taking out my braids?”


“Just a second, then.” Jamil grabbed the bottom of his hoodie and pulled it off, along with his vest. You took a moment to appreciate the sight of his broad, tan chest. “You’re staring~ See something you like?” Apparently too long of one, and you began to take out the accessories in Jamil’s hair.

“As a matter of fact, I do.” You replied, putting the little charms on the nightstand. “You’re very nice to look at.”

Jamil hummed in response, sitting quietly as you took his braids out, one by one. As the last hair charm was placed on the nightstand, you ran your hands through his hair, the strands soft and silky against your fingers. Jamil turned his face up to you, his eyes half lidded, a seductive smirk pulling at the edges of his mouth. Really, you couldn’t help yourself as you brought your lips to his in a slow kiss. His mouth still sort of tasted like the curry you had earlier, but it was a taste that suited him, oddly enough.

A moment later, you pulled back from the kiss, the two of you breathing a little heavier. “Look at that, you’ve already got me quite excited.” He said, gently moving you back. You stepped back and began to remove your clothes, as Jamil stood and pushed his pants off his hips, his already hard cock springing free. “Are you ready? Sit here in front of me.” He motioned to the spot on the floor in front of him.

Kneeling on the floor between Jamil’s legs, you couldn’t help the nervous butterflies in your stomach. Even though this was your idea, you had no clue where to start, so you had just been staring at his erection for the last two minutes.

“Are you sure you want to do this? You keep glaring at my dick.”

You jerked your head up to see Jamil looking down at you, his expression a combination of amusement and mild discomfort. ‘I guess I’d be uncomfortable too if someone was making intense eye contact with my crotch.’

“Sorry, I’m just… not sure what to do here.”

“We don’t have to do this.”

“I know that, but I want to! I want to spoil and pamper you like you deserve, Jamil!”

Jamil blushed and looked off to the side. “Well, if you’re that insistent on it, I could walk you through it. I read a few articles.”

“What, did you look up ‘cock worship tutorial’?”


“Of fucking course you did.”

“It wouldn’t have hurt you to do some research on it either.”

You pulled a face at that, which made Jamil laugh. “Let’s get into a better position.” he said, laying back on the bed, propping up on the pillows. You climbed up with him, crawling between his legs and laying on your stomach, head on his thigh.

“So, what should I do?”

“Tell me what you like about my cock.”

Resisting the urge to be a smartass, you took a moment to really gather your thoughts.

“I like how thick it is. It’s the perfect amount of stretch and fills me up so nicely.” You ran a finger up the shaft and around the crown of the head. “The head is very defined, and it’s kinda got a heart shape to it, which is really sexy.”

Jamil sighed as you lightly traced the veins along the shaft. “It’s so veiny and hot. I can feel it throbbing when I touch you.” You gave it a gentle squeeze, making his hips buck. “More. Tell me more.” he gasped, grasping the pillow under his head.

You pressed kisses along the underside of his cock, using your hand to gently stroke the dark, neatly trimmed hair above it. Jamil hooked his leg around your back, keeping you locked in place. Not that you planned on going anywhere. He had become so hard his cock was pressed flush against his stomach. With both hands, you trailed your fingers up and down the shaft and over the head, smearing the fluid at the slit. “You smell so fucking good, Jamil. So musky and rich, it makes my mouth water.”

Tilting it towards you, you brought your face close, kissing the head and licking the pre-cum left behind on your lips. “Your pre-cum is salty and sweet, and just a little bitter. Your cum is the only thing that tastes better.”

“I’m also rather fond of these as well.” You said, licking up the seam of his balls, making him jerk. You looked up at his face as you gave his balls fleeting kisses. His face was flushed, his lips parted as he panted, his dilated eyes glazed over with lust.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Jamil. You deserve to be praised and worshipped.” You nuzzled into his smooth, firm thigh, nipping it gently. “Tell me, how should I worship you, Jamil? I’m yours to command.”

At your words, Jamil reached out and grabbed a handful of your hair, holding you still as he sat up, bringing his face close to yours. “Is that so?” he asked, voice low and sultry.

Unwavering, you held his gaze, trying to show just how serious you were. “Yes. I want to serve you, worship you. Use my body for your pleasure.”

Jamil looked like he could’ve cum right then. “Use your mouth. Suck my cock until I cum.” he growled, moving your head towards his erection.

“With pleasure~” You licked a long stripe up the shaft, flicking the underside of the head. Licking the head, you pressed the tip of your tongue into the slit, moving it in little circles. Jamil bucked his hips, pressing his cock further against your tongue. You lowered your mouth onto him, keeping your tongue in his slit. Jamil was panting as you slowly bobbed your head. You ran your nails up his smooth thighs, over his firm, sculpted abdomen.

‘He’s perfect… So perfect…’ you dimly thought, hollowing your cheeks as you came up, sucking particularly hard on the head.

“Fuck!” Jamil groaned, jerking upwards and flooding your mouth with thick, hot cum, which you were more than happy to swallow. Crawling up his body, you leaned down and peppered little kisses on his cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. Jamil turned his head and caught your lips with his own, his slender fingers stroking between your legs. “Ride me. Use your pussy to worship me.”

He held his cock steady as you slowly lowered yourself onto it, feeling every inch fill you up and stretch you out. You sighed as you rocked your hips back and forth on his cock, reveling in the feeling of it dragging along your insides. “It’s amazing… I feel so full…”

Jamil brought his hands down your back, grasping and squeezing your ass. “Your pussy’s so hot and wet. I bet you were aching for my cock.” You couldn’t help clenching at his words, rocking your hips faster.

“Seems like you’re desperate to cum on my cock. Let me help~” Jamil firmly took hold of your hips and sharply thrust upwards. You lurched forward, bracing yourself on his chest as he continued to roughly thrust into you.

“H-hey! I’m sup-posed to be w-worshipping you!” You gasped, nails gently scraping his chest as your hands curled into fists.

“You are. Show me how much you love my cock by cumming all over it.” Jamil pulled you into his body and flipped the two of you, thrusting inside as far as he could go.

“Ah!” Your eyes widened as you felt his pressing so deep inside of you. “You’re so deep!” Subconsciously, you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his shoulders, hands tangling in his silky black hair.

“I think I like that face. Show me more.” Jamil slowly rolled his, pressing deeper inside you, his lower abdomen grinding into your clit. You screwed your eyes shut, the tension in your body growing stronger with each roll of Jamil’s hips.

“Open your eyes. Watch me while I fuck you.” You slowly opened your eyes, greeted by Jamil’s dark eyes locked on you, glazed over with lust. His cheeks were flushed a deep red, lips slightly parted as he panted, a curtain of inky black hair falling over one shoulder. He looked so-

“Beautiful…” you gasped, earning a smirk from Jamil.

“I could say the same.” he said, with a sharp snap of his hips. You whimpered and buried your face in the crook of his shoulder. Your orgasm was so close you could practically taste it tingling on your tongue. Jamil seemed to sense it as well, increasing his speed. “That’s it, let me feel you cum.”

The tension building in your abdomen finally broke, legs squeezing around Jamil’s waist as your orgasm crashed over you, clenching and pulsing around his cock.

“Fuck, your pussy feels amazing when you cum. Get ready, I’m about to fill you up with my hot cum.” Jamil growled, thrusting erratically a few more times before pressing flush against you, cock twitching as the inside of your pussy was filled with his cum.

Flopping next to you on the soft sheets, Jamil pulled you into his chest, nuzzling the top of your head. “That was wonderful.”

“You’re wonderful, Jamil. And amazing, and spectacular.” You said, kissing the base of his throat.

“You flatter me too much.” He teased, gently squeezing you.

“I mean it, Jamil. You really are amazing.”

Jamil was quiet as he pulled you closer against him. “Are you alright?” you asked, trying to turn your head to see his face.

“I’m fine. But, hush now. I’m tired and I want to sleep.” he replied, holding your head in place with his chin. You sighed and nestled against his chest. ‘He can be so difficult sometimes.’