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The ABCs of Kinky Sex

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“Are you sure about this, Koebi?” Floyd asked, his gloved fingers gently stroking your throat, enjoying the feel of your pulse beneath his touch. You nodded, nuzzling his palm as he cupped your cheek.

“It’s almost like you trust me or something~” he said, using his other hand to slip between your legs, knuckles rubbing the outside of your lips. You were completely naked, opposed to him fully clothed.

“Oddly enough, I do trust you, Floyd.”

“That certainly is odd.” Floyd replied, with his usual teasing demeanor. “Do you remember the safe word?”

“It’s ‘banana’, or three taps on your hand.”

“Good girl.”

His eyes were half lidded as he pressed a kiss to your mouth, applying the slightest pressure to your throat. You could still breathe with relative ease as Floyd’s long, smooth tongue found its way into your mouth. He applied a bit more force, your breathing becoming a bit labored, saliva trickling from the corner of your mouth.

Floyd released his grip as he pulled back from the kiss. You took a deep breath as he did, face flushed. “How was that, Koebi? Did you like it?”

“Please give me more, Floyd.” you begged, the feeling of those thin fingers lingering on your skin. If you were to be honest, when he first brought up the idea, you were skeptical. You didn’t quite understand how someone could be turned on by being choked. Now that you’ve had a taste, however, you definitely got the appeal. The powerlessness at being completely at another person’s mercy, the haziness of oxygen deprivation.

Happy to oblige, Floyd reached between your legs again, pressing two fingers inside of you, his other hand returning to your neck. Gentle pressure was applied as he began to thrust his fingers in and out of you. The edges of your vision got a bit fuzzy, your eyes locked on his.

He looked more intense than you had ever seen him, his eyes practically glowing. His mouth was slightly open, his breathing heavy as well. It made everything more visceral to see Floyd like this, so come undone. Your muscles fluttered around his fingers as your orgasm quickly approached.

“Not so fast, Koebi.” Floyd teased, pulling his fingers out of you, making you whine. “You’re not the only one who gets to feel good.” You looked down to see him pulling his hard cock out of his pants. ‘When did he…?’ you wondered before the head of his cock rubbing at your entrance derailed your thoughts.

As he thrust into you, Floyd squeezed your throat once again, harder than before, your breathing immediately becoming difficult. You clenched around him as he squeezed your neck, releasing at the same time he did.

“How cute~ Squeezing me when I squeeze you~” Floyd teased, bucking his hips harder into you.

He did that a couple more times, squeezing and releasing your throat to feel you do the same around his cock. You grabbed onto the lapels of his suit jacket, desperate for anything to hold on to.

“Does it feel good, Koebi? My hands on your neck while I fuck you so deep?” Floyd asked, voice husky. All you could manage in response was a gasp as his hand tightened around your neck even more. Your vision was blurry and dark at the edges. The only thing you could really concentrate on was Floyd’s cock thrusting into you, his other hand having found your clit.

Floyd relaxed his grip, allowing you to take a deep breath, filling your burning lungs with soothing air. He leaned over and pressed a kiss to your lips. “Such a good Koebi, taking all of me like this. I can feel myself hitting so deep in you.”

You could feel pressure building in your lower abdomen, Floyd’s cock hitting a particularly sensitive spot inside you. The hand on your windpipe, once again depriving you of air, only heightened the feeling. Your nerves were buzzing with pleasure.

“I think I’m getting close.” Floyd groaned, clenching around your throat all the tighter. You weren’t able to take in any air, though you weren’t overly worried at the moment, what with all of your attention on the pure bliss you were feeling.

“Take it all, don’t let a single drop out.” Those words pushed you over the edge, muscles clamping down on him. Floyd himself didn’t last long after, slamming deep inside you and twitching with his release. He let go of your neck as well, gently massaging where he had been grasping.

“Are you alright? Do you need some water?” Floyd asked, climbing off of you and wiping himself off with some nearby tissues. You nodded, throat too tender to speak. “I’ll be back.” Floyd tucked himself into his pants and left.

He was back a few moments later with a glass of water and a cool, damp cloth. Floyd pressed the glass to your lips, slowly letting to take small sips, while he held the cloth to your slightly bruised neck. “Are you hurt? Was I too rough?”

“No.” you croaked out, smiling to reassure him.

“You felt safe? You weren’t scared to use your safe word?”

“It was amazing, Floyd.”

“Good.” he said, giving little kisses along the side of your face. “Koebi did such a good job. Felt so amazing…” This affectionate side of Floyd always took a little getting used to.

Floyd continued to cuddle you to his chest for a time, cooing sweet nothings into your ear. “I’m alright, Floyd.” you said, voice having returned to normal. “Let me put some clothes on.”

“Aw, but I enjoy seeing you naked~”

Ignoring his whining, you extricated yourself from Floyd’s grip and found your underwear that had been carelessly tossed aside. You pulled them on, along with a shirt, and climbed back into bed next to Floyd, who seemed to be pouting.

You kissed his temple and said, “Don’t sulk. It’s not like you’ll never see me naked again.”

“I know that! But I have to go to the Monstro Lounge soon, and I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could!”

You couldn’t help but chuckle. Floyd really could be so cute sometimes.

“Tell you what. How about after you get done with your shift, you can enjoy seeing me naked for the rest of the night?” you offered with a wink.

“You know just what to say to cheer me up, Koebi!” Floyd exclaimed, wrapping you up in a tight embrace. “I’m going to get everything done early, and when I come back, I’ll have you all to myself all night long~”