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For the longest time, Blake just stared.  Her ears didn’t move, her eyes never flicked away, and her hand remained lightly atop her cup of tea. 

“Are you...serious?” she finally asked.

Weiss ignored the disbelief and purposefully nodded.  She was serious.  Very serious. 

“Yes, and I need your help to pull it off.” 

“But...what did Ruby ever do to you?” 

Sighing at the question, which had popped up once or twice during the course of her planning, Weiss tried to come up with an understandable response. 

“I love Ruby,” she began, wanting to get that bit out of the way first.  “She’s sweet, adorable, driven, a really good kisser, and the love of my life.  But let me paint a picture for you...”


One Day Ago 

As soon as the sauce reached a boil, Weiss turned the heat to low so it could simmer for the next few minutes.  The noodles weren’t quite ready yet, but it wouldn’t be long before everything came together for dinner.

Ruby loved spaghetti an unhealthy amount, so Weiss had decided to try something new tonight - alfredo.  Logically, she understood this was only a half-step away from spaghetti, but her hope was to move from alfredo to something with a different source of protein and maybe some vegetables.  

They weren’t kids anymore, and cookies no longer counted as part of a nutritious meal.  Cookies were never part of a nutritious meal, actually, but that was an argument Weiss had tried and failed to win far too many times.  Undoing Yang’s teachings proved exceedingly difficult sometimes...

Pulling out a noodle and testing it for doneness, Weiss hummed and turned off the stove.  Grabbing the rose-patterned pot holders Ruby had given her as a gift, she carried the pot to the sink and poured the noodles into a strainer.  Once most of the water was shaken out, she headed back to the stove and added the noodles to the sauce.  Ruby would be home any minute now, and Weiss wanted -

“Hey Weiss!” 

When Ruby appeared out of nowhere, Weiss jumped in surprise.  Unfortunately, the act of jumping didn’t sit well with the noodles, which leapt out of the strainer and onto the floor with a loud plop.  Looking at the mess while her heart threatened to beat out of her chest, she sighed. 

“Oh, I’m sorry!”  Taking the strainer from Weiss’ hands, Ruby knelt down and scooped up as many of the noodles as she could.  They were still slippery though, so they ended up spreading further across the floor first.  Ruby quickly realized the batch was no longer edible, but she looked up at Weiss and smiled.  “I’ll help you make more!”


Four Days Ago

When Weiss was younger, she expected a life filled with extravagant events and exorbitant parties.  She was a Schnee, after all, and being a Schnee meant she had a certain social status to uphold.

Well, to hell with being a Schnee.  She and Ruby spent most of their free time enjoying each other’s company within the comfort of their home or visiting with one or two close friends.  She loved their life together, but there were still moments - like this one - when she found joy in a fancy evening.  Realistically, she only enjoyed it because it didn’t happen often, but that knowledge did nothing to stop the growing excitement she felt while getting ready.

Admittedly, she loved dressing up.  Not only so she could wear something elegant and fancy, but because Ruby would be equally elegant and fancy.  And Ruby in a dress was a vision Weiss could never get enough of.

Picking out her favorite earrings - a gift from Ruby for their second anniversary - Weiss used the mirror to help her fix them in place.  Once done, she nodded at her reflection and picked up a tube of lipstick.  She knew Ruby loved when she wore lipstick, and she secretly loved leaving red lip marks on Ruby.  Only on the cheek, of course.  At least, only on the cheek in public…

After pulling off the cap and twisting the bottom, she leaned forward to apply a thin layer.  No sooner had she touched the tip to the corner of her mouth, however, did she see something flash in the mirror.  When Ruby suddenly appeared behind her, she jumped and drew a line of lipstick across her cheek.

Setting down the tube of lipstick with a sigh, Weiss looked in the mirror and shook her head.

“You’re so cute!!” Ruby squealed before pressing her cheek to Weiss’.  When she pulled away, she had an identical, yet slightly-faded line of red on her cheek.  “Now we’ll match!” 


Seven Days Ago

“No, Yang, I’m not doing that.” 

“Why not?” 

“Why not?  Because it sounds ridiculous.  Why would I ever want to go to a costume party?” Putting her scroll between her shoulder and her ear, Weiss submerged another dirty dish in the sink and rolled up her sleeves so she could wash it.

“Uh, because it’ll be fun.  I’m dressing up as a cat.” 

Hands just above the water, Weiss paused and looked up. 

“Does Blake know?”


When Yang laughed, Weiss smiled and dipped her hands into the sink to grab the first dish.

“You like living on the edge, don’t you?  You know she’ll -”

Weiss. ” 

Weiss gasped at the voice in her ear and watched her scroll drop into the water with a splash.  Letting out a soft ‘eep’ of surprise, Ruby quickly reached into the sink and pulled it out.  The damage, unfortunately, had already been done, as the screen flickered before shutting off completely.  

“I’ll get you a new one,” Ruby whispered before kissing Weiss’ cheek.  “I just wanted to let you know I’m home.  I missed you!”


“What’s this about Yang dressing up as a cat?” 

“Not relevant,” Weiss replied before leveling Blake with a serious look.  “And don’t pretend you wouldn’t enjoy it.”  When Blake turned a dark shade of red and avoided Weiss’ gaze, Weiss waved a hand to bring them back on track.  “Now you understand, right?  After what I’ve been through, don’t I deserve a little payback?”

“ sounds like she loves you a lot.” 

Weiss sighed at the response and gently swirled the coffee in her cup.  

“She does.” 

“So, in return, you want to scare the living daylights out of her?”

When Blake phrased it that way, it sounded rather bad.  But Blake hadn’t lived through what Weiss had lived through.

“I think it’s time she learns what it’s like,” Weiss replied with a determined nod.

“You still love her, right?”

“Of course I do.”  Weiss sat back and scoffed at the idea that she didn’t.  “I love her more than anything in this world.  But if I die from a heart attack, I won’t be around to love her any longer.” 

Blake rolled her eyes.  “Ok...” 

“So, are you in?” 

This time, Blake sighed.  “Sure, I’ll help.”


Two Days Later

Ruby got home half an hour ago, and Weiss had walked around the house on pins and needles ever since.  Right now, they were talking in the kitchen like they normally did, but she knew what was about to happen.  

The only problem was that she didn’t know exactly when.  But, sometime tonight, Blake would help Weiss exact her revenge in the form of a well-timed scare.  She’d left the backdoor unlocked, like Blake requested, and Ruby got home right when Weiss had expected.  Now, she waited.

The longer she waited, the more she wondered why this was taking so long.  If Blake was already here, why hadn’t she appeared yet?  Was she happy sleuthing around eavesdropping on their conversation?  Was she waiting for the perfect time when Ruby was completely off guard?

“ - and then I was ready to go,” Ruby concluded before turning to Weiss with a wide grin.  

“Sounds like an exciting day,” she replied while glancing around the kitchen for the hundredth time.  Was Blake here somewhere and Weiss just couldn’t see her?  Several years ago, Weiss wouldn’t have believed such spying would be possible, but she knew better than to doubt Blake’s abilities.

“Not more than the usual, I don’t think.  Are you ok?” 

Blinking at the question, Weiss quickly refocused on Ruby.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve just been a little distracted.”

“Oh.”  Realizing that her determination to find Blake was detracting from her evening with Ruby, she smiled and made an effort to be more present in this moment.  “Sorry, I was just thinking about what we should do tonight.”

“Any good ideas?”  

“Maybe a movie?”

Even before making the suggestion, Weiss knew it would be a hit.  Ruby loved watching movies almost as much as she loved eating spaghetti.  And, as far as she was concerned, the more horribly acted, the better.

“That sounds awesome!”  Hopping off the barstool, Ruby walked over to Weiss and grabbed ahold of her hands.  After pulling Weiss to her feet, Ruby held onto one hand and led them to the living room.  “You want to pick tonight?”

Presented with the opportunity to select a more watchable film, Weiss declined.  She always declined.  As far as she was concerned, the happiness Ruby gained from watching a horrible movie was equivalent to the happiness she gained from Ruby’s happiness.

“I’ll let you choose this time,” she replied.  Ruby’s smile made her heart flutter, and she felt immediately rewarded for giving up her selection.  Ruby always had a way of making Weiss feel rewarded for small actions like these.  It was, in Weiss’ mind, the driving force behind the strides she’d made as a person ever since Beacon.

When they walked into the entryway, with the living room just across from them, she remembered she left her new scroll on the island in the kitchen.

“Oh, wait,” she said while pulling in that direction.  “My scroll -”

Without a second thought, she turned around and screamed when she found Blake standing there.  But she didn’t just scream.  She screamed and jumped into Ruby’s arms like Blake was wielding a flamethrower and machete instead of just standing in the entrance to the kitchen.

Everything froze while the sound echoed throughout the entryway, reverberating off the walls and floor before finally fading.  Weiss already felt her cheeks heating up at what just happened, and then Ruby giggled.  

“You’re so adorable,” she cooed while pulling Weiss closer and nuzzling her cheek.  Blake, meanwhile, shook her head.

“I don’t think Ruby’s the problem here...”

Weiss made a face at Blake but found it hard to hold onto her agitation when Ruby squeezed her closer. 

“You wanna hang out?” Ruby asked, unperturbed by Blake’s unexplained appearance in their home.  “We’re gonna watch a movie!”

“No, that’s ok.  I’m meeting Yang for dinner.” 

“Oh, ok.  Sounds fun.  Thanks for stopping by!  It was good to see you!” 

After giving Ruby a look that was part confusion and part disbelief, Blake shook her head and walked past them.

“See you guys later...”

Ruby waved while Blake let herself out through the front door and Weiss tried to find her heart.  It seemed to have jumped right out of her chest but should be around here somewhere…

“Did you know she was here?” Ruby asked while resting her chin on Weiss’ shoulder.  Relaxing into the hug, Weiss felt her heart return and struggled to come to terms with what just happened.

“It wouldn’t have mattered if I did…” she grumbled.  She wanted to be annoyed with herself, but then Ruby kissed the top of her head before leaning down and placing a soft one on her ear.

“You’re so cute,” Ruby whispered before burrowing into Weiss’ neck.  “I love you so much.”

Setting a hand over Ruby’s and sighing at the feeling of content and happiness flowing through her, Weiss decided it no longer mattered that Ruby scared her half to death every day.  What did it matter if Ruby gave her a heart attack?  Her heart belonged to Ruby, and Ruby could do with it what she wanted.

But how the hell did that not scare her?  Blake literally appeared out of nowhere, without making a sound, and Ruby didn’t even blink.  Of course, even if she had blinked, Weiss was too busy screaming to notice.