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Coming Home to You

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It’s was just a normal Wednesday morning. Serena was about to go on her mid morning break. When Mr Hassan appeared at the double doors of AAU.

Serena wouldn’t normally be surprised about this. But this morning it was different, there was someone with Mr Hassan. A man, nearly as tall as Hedrick. A smartly dressed man. It only then that Serena realised that this man was in military uniform.

“Ah Ms Campbell, this gentleman is here to see Dr Dunn. Could we speak to me in your office immediately to please.” Hendrick asked.

“Of course” Serena blurted out.

A shell shocked Serena, began the search for Cameron. As she turned the corner into the corridor, she noticed Cameron at the vending machine.

“Cameron, Mr Hassan wants to speak to you in my office”. Serena stated. She silently cursed herself for being so cold.

“Why, what’s going on?” Cameron questioned confused.

“Just go to my office Dr Dunn” Serena replied.