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Heads Rolling For The One I Adore

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Ainosuke had a sixth sense about being watched. 

He always adored the spotlight, craved attention wherever he could get it. It made politics the perfect career for him in all honesty, even if it meant enduring annoying conversations with vapid extras who he needed to smile and nod at for the sake of his party's best interests. 

But there was one benefit to the whole affair. 

Tadashi's green gaze burrowed into the back of his current conversation partner's head, probably imagining all the different ways he could ruin his life. 

This one, Ainosuke couldn't remember the name of his current conversation partner, had been touchy. Flirtatious as he spoke. It would have been a bit scandalous if this were anything more than a meet-and-greet with affluent party donors. A little flirting never hurt, and it wasn't as though Ainosuke actually cared about the flailing seduction attempts of someone who never mattered. 

Ainosuke wondered what sort of little petty revenge Tadashi was planning. Maybe he would ruin this guy's credit like he did the last one? Or perhaps track down old skeletons in the closet to email anonymously? Maybe even something that Ainosuke couldn't imagine. How many lines of ethics would Tadashi leave behind all for the sake of making sure no one ever moved into the territory he'd been cultivating for far longer than either of them would be willing to be admit?

It made his heart flutter at the idea. 

Because after his quiet, emotionally crippling vengeance had been enacted, Tadashi became an animal in bed. 

Ainosuke barely repressed a shiver as he remembered the last time. Tadashi hadn't even waited , just pushed him over the desk when they got back to his office and fucked him so full that he could barely sit for the rest of the day without being reminded of how he'd been pounded open on top of the paperwork he'd needed to sign. For all of Tadashi's outward passivity, a truly vicious viper lived under his skin, just as possessive and territorial as Ainosuke himself could be. 

And oh the look on Tadashi's face. 

To anyone else, he would look the same as ever, devoid of thought and personality. To Ainosuke, he was completely livid

Or as livid as he would allow himself to look in public. 

His eyebrows were slightly tilted inwards, the press of his lips into a fine line. But the biggest tip was his eyes , practically glowing with incandescent rage. Ainosuke had always loved Tadashi's eyes, the bright green color had always been rare and captivating, glistening like a snake in the rainforest sun. 

But when he was angry it was shocking how bright they looked, like a predator seeking out its next victim. 

A real snake would make a meal of flesh and bone. 

Tadashi took his sustenance from the chaos he could ferment in their very hearts. 

Ainosuke smiled at the man he was talking to, friendly as ever and nodding along. He kept his posture open, welcoming. Oooh, maybe this little sycophant would attempt to touch him? Ainosuke barely kept himself from squealing with glee at the thought. If they made contact, maybe Tadashi would walk over here right away, whisk him off to some "meeting" that definitely didn't exist. 

Maybe he'd drag him to the supply closet and knock Ainosuke to his knees, force his mouth open with his cock and make Ainosuke whimper for it. He'd be so hard and Tadashi would hiss at him about being a slut, explaining to Ainosuke in his icy tone about what he was going to do to his would be suitor, how he was going to be ruined so Ainosuke should be glad with the attention he got because they would never see him again. 

"Shindo-san, is something wrong?" the man asked and Ainosuke realized he must have been dozing off, cheeks feeling a little flushed. 

"Oh, I'm fine! Please continue, I was just thinking about how to put your suggestions into action," Ainosuke said, clearing his throat a little, hiding how he bit his lip behind his fist to get a grip on himself. No need to fantasize so aggressively right now. He knew Tadashi would make good on it…

"Thank you! As I was saying I think that-" 

Oh but maybe Tadashi had something else in mind? Maybe he'd wait till they walked out to the car, make Ainosuke squirm with his silent treatment. Let the tension build and build before dragging Ainosuke into the back of the car. He'd bury his hand in his hair and kiss him hard, until his lips bled before whispering every bit of information he had on the interloper. His name, address, every school record, every skeleton that had ever been buried by his third aunt twice removed. He'd murmur all the dirt he had and how he used it into Ainosuke's ear while reaching down into his pants and stroking Ainosuke until he was on the edge of cumming, making him wait, edging him again and again until tears welled up in his eyes. 

Ainosuke swallowed against the lump in his throat and the heat in his blood as he tried to get his mind on a less horny path. Or at least a less horny path that wouldn't make him start drooling. It was just so rare that Tadashi took the lead or became so... demanding but when he was jealous.

God when he was jealous. 

Ainosuke chuckled as the man paused in his story, feigning attention as his mind thoroughly buried itself in the gutter. 

Oooh maybe Tadashi would spank him this time? Ainosuke's ears flushed at the idea. He'd always toyed with the idea, and Tadashi seemed to like it when he was spanked. Maybe he could get Tadashi to do it to him? He knew his lover adored his ass, from the way he ate it to the way he bit it, his touch was usually nothing short of worshipful. 

But what if Tadashi paddled him red enough to match his S outfit and then fucked him hard, keeping his skin raw and stinging all while milking himself of pleasure inside of Ainosuke? Or maybe he'd even be gagged with his own tie? Only able to sputter and whine and drool for it. 

"Ainosuke-sama," Tadashi's voice cut through his haze, head snapping to meet Tadashi's eyes. "I'm sorry to interrupt but it's time for our next meeting. Do excuse us, Takamura-san." 

Ah, Takamura, that must have been the interloper's name. 

"Ah very well, Tadashi," Ainosuke said, patting Takamura on the shoulder, "let's chat next time, it was wonderful to meet you." As he turned to leave, Tadashi at his side, he knew there would be no next time. 

He waited a beat, their footsteps echoing off the linoleum before Tadashi let him into the car, moving to sit in the front himself. 

Another beat, a moment of silence.

"I'm going to ruin that man's whole career." 

"Oh, Tadashi!" 

Nothing was as hot as Tadashi's jealousy.

It made Ainosuke feel so loved