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Die for you

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“Your biggest fan is a stranger.

Your biggest hater is someone you know.”

                                    -Heath Ledger


The beeping sound of a heart montior was the first thing she heard when she came to.

She tried to blink her eyes open only to realize that her eyelids were incredibly heavy and she felt her lips turn into a frown.


“Lena! You are awake.”

Veronica's voice.

The sound of her name spoken so gently calmed her instantly.


“What happened?,” she rasped out, voice hoarse, throat sore and she struggled to move into a sitting position but failed.

Her agent appeared in her line of vision, her expression grim, “There was an explosion. Your car...don't you remember?”

Her eyes grew wide as her memories came rushing back like a massive wave, pulling her under.


Lena was headed for her car when Veronica called after her, “Don't procrastinate again, darling. Your deadline is coming up and you know it.”

She stopped mid-step and turned around, smirking, “No worries. The Girl of Steel will get her happy ending. Eventually.”

“Lena,” Veronica warned jokingly and shook her head, “You'll be the death of me, I swear.”

“Nonsense,” Lena fired back, “You love me too much. I'm your biggest star.”

Veronica grew serious from one moment to the next, “Even if you wouldn't write another word, I'll always love you, Lena. You are like a sister to me.”

Lena nodded once and turned again, ready to leave.

She wasn't known to be overly emotional, always detached, always guarded.

Before she could take the first step a booming sound echoed through the street and car parts were flying while Lena was thrown backwards by the blast.

She hit the ground hard and then her world tunred black.


“I do. I remember, “ she whispered in horror and disbelief, “ bad is it? How long was I out?”

Veronica took her hand and squeezed it, “For about twelve hours. And you were extremely lucky, Lena. The worst of it is your broken leg. Some cuts and bruises, a concussion. It could have been a lot worse if that bomb had gone off a fminute later.”

She nodded in understanding, her mind reeling.

Someone had tried to kill her.


“When can I...go home?”, Lena asked, feeling numb and confused.

She knew she hadn't only made friends in life but who there was a difference between disliking someone and hating someone so much that you want them dead.

Ever since she had published her first book at the tender age of nineteen she had dealt with jealousy, envy and malvolence but this kind of anger and hatred was something else.

“Tomorrow morning”, Veronica said sympathetically, well aware how much Lena despised hospitals, “But you can't stay in National City. It isn't safe.”

She was about to argue when she saw Veronica shake her head vehemently, “No. We're not going to have that discussion again, Lena. You could be dead. Someone is out there to kill you and I will not stand by and watch until they succeed because you don't want to be driven out of National City. You'll get a security detail as well this time. And don't even bother arguing because this is not negotiable.”

Lena was less than pleased about the news but she was not in a position to argue, she wasn't that stupid.

What argument could she possibly have when she had survived the third attempt on her life by sheer luck?

“Where am I supposed to go?,” she wanted to know instead.

“I thought you might want to spend some time in your house in Ireland,” Veronica smiled because she knew how much Lena loved the place, “It's quiet and secluded and only a handful of people know about it. Your family. Your closest friends.”

“Okay," Lena agreed, simply because she hadn't been in Irealnd for quite a while and she missed it.

If she was really honest she had considered going there not too long ago because it would allow her the peace she needed to finish the third book of her latest triology. 

Her mother's house, it was her sanctuary.

Her safe haven.

Only a selected few had ever been allowed to visit her there.

The thought of having a stranger there with her didn't sit well with her though.

She hated the mere thought but she feared that there wasn't much she could do about it.

“Excellent,” Veronica grinned triumphantly, “I'll go and pack you a bag. I'll be here bright and early tomorrow. The doctor will come and check on you later. Call if you need anything. Also, don't try to sneak out because there are two officers outside.”

She rolled her eyes in annoyance but deep down Lena was grateful that someone cared about her and her well being.

Veronica put a kiss to her forehead, “Try to get some rest, darling. I'll see you tomorrow.”


Tomorrow her life would change and she would head into the unknown.

With a stranger for protection.

Lena wasn't thrilled about it, that much was a given.

But she had to stay alive to figure out who wanted her dead.