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Come a little closer, then you'll see

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“Look, if we’re going to prom next month, we’re going as a group. There’s no way I’m getting myself a date in time.” Alex throws out as Trevor puts on the biggest expression of disbelief while Cameron walks in the middle of them. If Cameron was being honest with himself, Alex Turcotte and Trevor Zegras could get girlfriends whenever the fuck they wanted to. But they were total idiots and fucked it up almost every time. Cameron always thought school dances were stupid. 


“Or.. you two could go as a couple and forget the rest of us exist. Like you always do.” Jack pipes in out of nowhere and it gets Cameron’s attention. This could be interesting.


Alex and Trevor look at him at the same time as if Jack said something offensive. In all honesty, Jack was right. They act like boyfriends all the time. 


Trevor looks at Jack for a long time before hitting Cameron’s shoulder. “Come on Yorkie, tell him that’s not true!”


Cameron shrugs and nods in agreement with Jack. “He’s kind of right Z.” Cameron looks over to Jack who’s grinning from ear to ear like a child. 


Alex looks absolutely shocked as if this isn’t the first time he’s heard it before. “That is not true.”


Matthew looks at them from head to toe before chipping in. “Don’t lie to us. We all know you’re secretly married. Plus, there’s no other reason as to why you guys matched today, right?”


“Don’t forget the matching suits.” Alex let’s out a laugh as he has his arms thrown around Matthew’s shoulders and it gets the rest of them to laugh. Trevor and Turcs are fuming, but it’s fine. It’s fucking hilarious.


“God, the matching suits. I can’t believe I almost let that slip.” Matt speaks after they all finish laughing before looking at Alex who still has his arms around him. “I have no clue what I’d do without you.”


“Okay, okay, get a room, lovebirds.. sheesh.” Jack rolls his eyes before looking back down to his phone. 


“You guys are gross .” Trevor makes a pretend disgusted face as they all make their way towards the exit of the school.


“You’re just jealous.” Newy sticks his tongue out at Trevor as he plants a kiss on Matt’s cheek. Trevor’s now annoyed eye roll doesn’t help his case. 


“Oh, change in plans by the way, we’re going to Knighter’s place. Quinn wants the house to himself.” Jack mumbles irritatedly. “I have a hunch that it has something to do with Brady.”


“They’re such an odd couple.” Turcs says from looking down at his phone and the others nod in agreement with him. 


“I know right? Like. They’re so fucking stiff.” Jack pauses for a moment as they stop walking while they wait for Cameron at his locker. “And so fucking awkward.”


“The sex must be awkward too.” Trevor’s statement gets a giggle out of everyone and a hefty punch in the shoulder from Jack.


Dude, gross . That’s my brother.”


“Karma’s a bitch ain’t it, Jacky boy?” Trevor replies with such a cocky smirk it makes Cameron want to punch him for it. Cameron hates that stupid smirk.


“I’m pretty sure I left my earbuds in the library. I’ll catch up with you guys later. And for the love of god, don’t do anything stupid.” Cameron slams his locker shut as he throws his backpack over his backpack over his shoulder. 


“Yeah, yeah, thanks dad.” Turcs teases as Cameron starts making his way towards the library. The school is practically as empty as can be on a Friday afternoon, it’s nice and quiet. The hallways are an absolute mess though. Papers, wrappers, pencils, a few condoms, anything you can think of you name it is on the hallway floors of a typical American high school. The library has emptied itself pretty quickly too which wasn’t always the case. There’d always be a few other groups of students studying after school, but Cameron quickly took into consideration that prom was next month and everyone needed their suits and dresses. 


Cameron makes his way to the corner of bean bags they always sit at when they study. Cameron always sits on the yellow one, and he was sure that’s where he left his earbuds. He didn’t walk all the way to the library for nothing. “I swear they were right here..” Cameron mumbles to himself as he starts lifting up the bean bags until he stops dead in tracks as he hears a voice behind him.


“Looking for these?” Cameron turns to see Kirby Dach standing there with his earbuds swinging from his hand. Jack’s crushes are always the annoying ones.


Cameron sighs and reaches for them. “Yeah, thank you.” The taller male pulls his headphones out of Cam’s reach. Cam raises a brow. “What’s your deal?” Cameron’s face goes from confused to annoyed. He could swear Newy was the only fucking Canadian transfer student he liked.


“Ah ah ah. I don’t think so.” Kirby says in a taunting voice as he twirls Cameron’s earbuds around his fingers, stuffing them into his pocket. “If you want your earbuds back, you’re gonna have to do me a favor.”


“Just give me my shit back Kirby, seriously . My friends are waiting on me.”


“Right, and you’ll keep them waiting if you don’t comply.”


Cameron rolls his eyes. “I’ll just buy new ones.” Cameron tries to shove his way past Kirby but it’s no use since he’s taller and stronger. At least he made an attempt. Kirby puts his hand flat out on Cameron’s chest. Cam wasn’t gonna try and step his way around Kirby, figuring Kirby would match his every move. 


“Just hear me out. I need your help.”


“If you wanted help on how to ask Jack to prom, you could’ve been nicer about it.” Cam mumbles as he crosses his arms, getting quite impatient now. He just wants his earbuds back.


“This isn’t about him. It’s about a friend of mine.” Kirby’s tone is no longer taunting, it’s calm and persuasive with a hint of charm. Cameron sees why Jack likes him so much.


“Kirby, no. I don’t have time for this.”


“Okay, suit yourself. We could’ve done this the easy way.”


Cameron raises a brow again. “There’s a hard way?”


Kirby takes a step back from Cameron, sighing as he crosses his arms. “Get him.”


Cameron’s too slow to realize what’s happening and he wishes he wasn’t. He also wishes he texted Drew 10 minutes ago to meet him at the library so he wouldn’t be in this now shitty situation where he feels two pairs of extremely strong hands on him and there’s not a lot he can do here. Cameron was one of the most popular, if not the most popular senior. He was the star hockey defenseman, and well, his best friends were Jack Hughes and Trevor Zegras and a whole bunch of other attractive hockey players that the girls just swooned over. This was not how he planned to fucking die— being kidnapped in a library over earbuds. Earbuds for the love of god. Cameron feels like he should fight back but he’s too late; he's being picked up by an extremely strong pair of arms after he’d been blindfolded.


He had no clue how he’d explain this to his friends if he ever escaped. They probably wouldn’t believe him. So he decides he won’t tell them. 


“You know Cameron, this could’ve been a lot easier if you weren’t such an incompliant little shit.” Kirby’s tone is still calm, but it’s taunting again. It’s evil sounding. Cameron hates it.


“Fuck you.” Is all Cameron can hiss in the direction of Kirby’s voice as he can’t see where the fuck Kirby is.


He’s now being sat down in the backseat of someone’s car, probably Kirby’s as he still feels two stupidly strong hands on both of his shoulders.


Either he was tricked into making a porno, or he’s actually getting kidnapped. He’s lowkey hoping it’s the first one. He’d have bragging rights.


The car ride is completely and uncomfortably silent. The Canadians sure know how to strike up an interesting conversation. Sheesh.


For what feels like an hour but was probably ten minutes, Cameron is being taken out of a car, and into someone’s house. He’s being led downstairs and is now being sat down in a chair. He hears a door close,  and now he’s being unblindfolded. There’s two ways this could go. Cameron fights his way out of this and wins in an epic battle with even more bragging rights.. or he gets killed.


Neither of his ideas are good ones. 


He blinks a few times to adjust to the bright lighting of this room he’s sitting in. He doesn’t know where he is. There’s a table and Kirby is sitting across from him. He puts Cameron’s earbuds on the table with such a calm smile it’s fucking unsettling. 


“We’re gonna try this again.”


Cameron just rolls his eyes.


“I need you to do me a favor.”


Cameron blinks.


“I’ll pay you.”


Cameron sits up in the chair now, crossing his arms. “Go on..”


“My friends need prom dates. You get them dates, and I’ll pay you.”


“You could’ve asked nicely instead of kidnapping me, Kirby.” Cameron says as deadpan as possible.


“There’s no fun in that.” Kirby shrugs as he points to two boys sitting in chairs next to each other who have their arms crossed as well. One with long black hair, the other with long blonde hair. They’re not bad looking either.. Cameron doesn’t see why they can’t get dates themselves. He raises his brow again as he looks back to Kirby.


“Okay, so they’re cute. I don’t see how they couldn’t get dates themselves.”


“One of them wants your friend. Trevor. From what Jack tells me, that won’t be easy.”


Cameron sighs. “Because of Turcs.” 


“See? You get it. That’s why I need your help.”


Cameron rubs his eyes and sighs again before looking at the boys sitting in the chairs. He’s never talked to them before, which is weird. He knows they’re hockey players. He also knows they’re probably part of the Canadian student transfer group. No way they’re American. American boys aren’t that pretty. 


Cameron really has no clue what he’s getting into, but he knows there’s not a way out. They’d probably hold him hostage until he said yes. This was all really unnecessary.




Kirby grins as he steps out of the chair, making his way to the door. “And for the record, Jack doesn't kiss like a fish.”


Cameron’s face is flat. “Kirby, I don’t care.”


Kirby just shrugs as he tosses about 5 bundles of cash and Cam’s earbuds onto the table. “Don’t hurt them.” Kirby says in a dead serious and cold tone as he shuts the door behind him. Cameron looks back to the table and reaches for the money Kirby threw but the blonde boy is now sitting in front of him with his hand stopping Cameron’s. Cameron looks at his hand for a moment before looking at the boy in front of him. 


His hair is really, really long. It’s probably as long as Trevor’s, but the difference is Trevor’s is all greasy looking. Trevor would kill him for that. This blonde boy is definitely a Canadian. He’s not so easy on the eyes either. They’re blue and piercing right into Cameron’s soul. He’s got facial hair, it suits him pretty well. He looks older than Cameron, but they’re probably the same age.


“I’m not so worried about me getting a date.” His voice is deep and raspy, his tone is cold and piercing like his eyes. “James is the one you should be worried about. That Zegras kid is no joke, eh?”


Cameron swallows as hard as he can as he didn’t realize he was out of words.. as if he had any to begin with. He nods. “Yeah. Totally.”


The blonde now leans back in the chair, shoving the money and earbuds in Cameron’s direction. Cameron’s breathing goes back to somewhat normal as the blonde takes his warm hand off of Cameron’s.


“I’m Bowen.” The blonde now flashes a smile and Cameron can feel the heat in his cheeks rise behind his freckles. He then points to the black haired boy sitting in the chair. “That’s Jamie.” Cameron looks over to him and sees his arms are still crossed, his facial expression is calm and gentle. He’s easier on the eyes than Bowen is. His eyes are also blue, he also has freckles. Cameron looks at him for a little longer before turning his attention back to the blonde in front of him.


“That’s the one who likes Trevor?”


Bowen nods and Cameron sighs. “I don’t know who’s gonna flip first. Alex or Trevor.” He mutters as he gets out of his chair, throwing his items into his backpack. “Look it was nice to meet you guys but I have to go I’ve got-“


“Your friends are waiting on you. We know.” The black haired interrupts Cameron’s sentence with such a pissy tone and it irritates him.


Cameron blinks and just stands there in silence for what feels like the umpteenth time today. He takes a moment to collect himself internally then sighs. He’s done a lot of sighing. He sounds depressed. “I’m going to assume you want to come.”


“You’re a lot smarter than you look.” Bowen grins and Jamie laughs. Cameron takes offense, but they didn’t need to know that. He just rolls his eyes and waits for them to gather their things before Bowen leads them out someone’s back door and most likely to his car. “Jamie, you get in the back. I want Yorkie with me in case he does anything.”


Cameron looks to Jamie who looks absolutely dissatisfied and disgusted with what Bowen said and Cameron feels the same way.


What kind of stunt would Cameron even pull? And how did Bowen know his nickname?


Ohhh. Kirby.


If Jack didn’t like the guy, Cameron would’ve put him 6 feet under with his own hands.


The air in the car feels stuffy, it feels hot. It was always hot in California. Cameron is washed over with a mood mixed with irritation and uneasiness. He was still upset at the fact that Kirby thought it was a good idea to kidnap him for a simple fucking question. He can feel Bowen’s eyes on him from time to time but he doesn’t say anything. The fact that Cameron doesn’t have to tell him Spencer’s address is what makes him feel even more uneasy. He wants to throw up. 


Bowen rolls his window down and the wind flows through his long hair like it’s nothing. The sun makes his hair look golden. It’s not like Cameron was …staring… or anything. He was just looking to look. He will not fraternize with the enemy. Cameron then begins to stare out the window and watch the cars pass by and wonder if he’s actually in a simulation. Being ‘kidnapped’ just so Kirby could ask him a simple task; which Cameron will be pulling off by the way. Cam York was now the best wingman in California, starting now. 



So, change in plans.


Turcs decided he wanted to be alllll over Trevor. Alex was giggling every five seconds at something stupid Trevor had said when it wasn’t that funny. That wasn’t helping Cameron at all. Cameron then finds himself in the kitchen where it’s quieter so he can think. Cameron studies his two friends from where he’s standing, and their dynamic is.. weird. He can’t actually figure out if they like each other or not. Trevor cracks another joke and everyone laughs. Cameron is leaning against the counter with his arms crossed, not finding the joke funny at all. 


“He’s not even that funny,” A voice breaks Cameron out of his bubble as if they read Cameron’s mind.


“I know,” Cameron replies as he glances to his left. Bowen is standing there in the same position Cameron was. Arms crossed and all.


Bowen looks displeased and angry as Trevor makes another joke. Jamie looks uncomfortable. Bowen’s brows are furrowed, his lips are sucked into a thin line. 


Cameron should do something before someone gets murdered. He feels his body flood with embarrassment. “I got this, it’s fine.” Cameron mutters as he pushes himself from his leaning position and makes his way back to Spencer’s living room. He can feel Bowen’s eyes burning into the back of his head but he ignored it. Eye contact with him was something Cameron already found unpleasant and way too intense for his liking. 


Trevor and Turcs are in the middle of some weird wrestling match when Cameron sits right in between them. “You guys are in my seat.” 


In his defense, they were in his seat. 


“And you guys say we’re gross when you two should be married at this point.” Cameron leans back into the couch, knowing his friends are upset that he interrupted their little battle. Cameron was enjoying the pout on Alex’s face a little too much. Cameron then turns to Trevor whose face is the exact opposite.


Trevor then fixes his hair and shakes his head. “ Ew . No. Gross. Alex is not my type.” Trevor takes offense to the marriage statement again like he did earlier. Trevor glances over to Jamie for a small moment before pulling out his phone. Jamie nods a bit to himself, a sort of genuine smile flitting across his face. 


Alex takes longer to answer. Too long. “Yeah, dude, gross.” Cameron can see that a red flush has crept onto his face. Alex then shoves him off the couch and Cameron wasn’t expecting it. It was more aggressive than playful. Cameron hits the side of his head on the coffee table in front of him as he hits the ground with a thud. The air in the room shifts. It’s tense. It’s quiet as He feels something warm trickling down the side of his head. 


Cameron wipes the blood off with two fingers before shooting Alex a stone cold glare. Alex looks guilty as fuck. Well deserved. Douchebag. 


“Does anyone wanna swim?” Drew blurts out, breaking the intense silence. Drew’s attempt to swing the negative energy out of the ballpark worked. Spencer had a pretty huge pool, so it was a no brainer. Cameron said he’d be out in a minute or two.


 He hadn't realized he was holding his breath until everyone went outside. He slowly brings himself to his feet when he then stumbles. A pair of strong arms catches him. “Are you okay?” 


Cameron looks up and Bowen is there, his blue eyes filled with worry and tenderness. Cameron’s cheeks are burning. As a matter of fact, his whole body is burning. Bowen hasn’t let go of him yet and it seemed like he wasn’t going to until Cameron answered him. 


“I’m fine. Just a little dizzy.”


Bowen nods and drags Cameron into the kitchen. “It doesn’t look terrible. You definitely don’t need stitches.” Bowen grabs a paper towel, wetting it. He gently presses it against Cameron’s forehead. Cameron winces and squeezes his eyes shut. 


“Sorry,” he mutters with a soft voice Cameron wasn’t expecting. Based on first impressions, Cameron figured Bowen wanted nothing to do with him.


Oh how the turn tables, Cam York. 


Cameron stays quiet as he opens his eyes again, and unfortunately Bowen’s eyes are still there. Cameron finds something else to look at, which eventually becomes his feet. Cameron is dramatic. He feels as if he’s been standing here for 45 minutes when it’s only been 5. It’s like Bowen was reading his mind, because he soon pulls away within the next 20 seconds, throwing the bloodied paper towel away. Bowen has a bandaid on the counter and Cameron is curious how he found it so quickly, but the thought melts away when Bowen applies the bandaid with gentle fingers. 


Cameron wants to move once Bowen finishes, but his legs are stuck in place. “Is that better?” Cameron blinks back into reality, giving him a smile. 


“Thanks.” Cameron’s eyes make their way back up to where he had them previously. Bowen’s eyes were still there




Cameron swallows hard. The silence between them is loud enough that Bowen could hear it. Bowen smiles at him as he slips past Cameron, making his way to the pool as if nothing happened. 


Bowen looks at him once more before he slips outside. Cameron exhales as he leans against the counter once again, giving himself an actual minute or two. 




He was not going to fraternize with the enemy. Kirby would kill him. The goal was to make Jamie and Trevor fall in love. Or something close to that. Cameron looked outside to where his friends were, and well, that was easy. Unfairly, easy, actually. Trevor wasted no time with Jamie. He was making him laugh, he was sporting that cocky smirk. He’s seen Trevor do this on thousands of girls. 


Checkmate, Kirby.


Cameron figures he’s been inside for too long. He didn’t want his friends to worry about him having a concussion. He goes to step outside, until he hears a laugh. It’s a laugh he’s never heard before. He points his head in the direction of said laugh and it belongs to Bowen. Spencer is making him laugh. Cameron immediately decides he’s sick, which worked, because he felt sick to his stomach.


Cam York? Jealous? No. Never. Over a Canadian? Never. 


He disappears from everyone else, finding himself in one of Spencer’s spare rooms. He sits there, screaming internally at the universe. He will not fall for that stupid blonde boy. Ever. 


Even if he was unfairly pretty.