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Another Day But A Different Night

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POV: Hawkeye

It was another day at the Officers Club. BJ was there beside me having a drink while I had my martini. The place was happier than it ever was, but I wanted to get back to the swamp. BJ nudged me, and asked if I wanted to go. I got up, and he took it as a sign.

“Hey Hawk?”


“Wanna dance?”


We put on a record to waltz to, and started swaying to the beat.

“You’re a good dancer, Beej.”

“Thank you, Hawkeye.”

I started to get closer to BJ and he closed the gap between us.

“My Hawkeye, even though you’re relaxing, you’re still good with your feet.”

“Thank you. I learned how to do that in high school.”

We both chuckled, and danced at a higher speed. Ah, the tango. What a wonderful dance.

Some time passed, and the record stopped. We flipped it to the other side, and started dancing once again. Closer this time.

We danced, sang, and laughed. It was the most fun either one of us had in a really long time.



“Can we do this every night?”

“Of course.”

I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. I had a sudden urge to kiss him, and so I did. He kissed back. It was sweet. We broke away after, and started swaying once again.



“I love you.”

I looked up at him in surprise. I’ve always wanted to tell him my feelings, but always hesitated to do so.

“Are you okay?” BJ looked at me in a concerned way.

“I love you too.” I had to blurt it out.

“Oh Hawk, you’re so cute when you’re like this.”

I blushed a bright pink, and kissed him once again.

The night closed with us on a cot that couldn’t fit two people on it, and sweet nothings whispered to each other. I hope we have more nights like this.