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Tony Stark has always known, deep down, that he was Tony Stark. Not Natasha Stark.

He did not accept it, for most of his life. Not until 2008, actually, when he was already 38 years old. But he always knew.

The point is, he knew that he was transgender when he started beating the shit out of bad guys, and everyone called him Ironman. They said he is so cool, and his suit is so smart and people wished they knew him.

And that’s when he finally accepted the fact that...yeah. He is Ironman. He/his/him. Tony Stark.

Now, all he had left to do was convince the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, he tried to tell the world, but...but he couldn’t do it. He was too scared. No one knew he was trans, and no one knew he was Ironman.

It was a couple years later, when he told the first person. He told Pepper. It was after everything that happened at the Stark Expo. After they had kissed, after they confessed their feelings for each other. After they almost died.

Pepper dumped him immediately after he came out. It wasn’t too surprising. She already half-hated him for the Ironman gig, and then making her CEO of SI. It was definitely too much stress to deal with.

Unfortunately, though, Pepper became the first in a very long line of people to start dating him, he would tell them he’s trans, and then they would dump him.

He started to wonder, sometime around the fifth person he’s tried dating, that if he got surgery, it would be easier to accept. Or if he told the public, finally.

The problem is, he fucking hates surgery. He has ever since Afghanistan and he woke up to open heart surgery he didn’t consent to.

After what happened with the Mandarin, and realizing he had to get the reactor removed from his body anyway, he got top surgery while he was at it.

It sucked. It hurt, and it made his recovery a lot longer than it needed to be, and it gave him a major crisis. He cut off all his hair, started going on T, avoided the world as much as he could.

He only ever went out as Ironman. He talked to his team as Ironman. Otherwise he stayed in his lab.


He started T in 2012, right after his first surgery. It was now 2017, and he had to face the music.

His team was dividing itself in half, no one wanted to listen to a man hiding in a suit and no one knew who he was, and honestly? He wanted to show the world what he looked like now anyway.

He was unrecognizable, from 5 years ago. A goatee. Sharper, more defined face structure. Redistributed fat and muscle.

After the last quip from Steve about a ‘man too scared to show his face, let alone stand up to the government’... he decided it was time.

He stepped out of the suit, sniffing once in defiance. He pulls the cuffs down on his suit jacket, before crossing his arms over his chest.

He enjoys the wide-eyes awe on Steve’s face, the pure shock on the rest of the team.

“Well?” Tony asks, cocking an eyebrow. “Happy, now?”

“Who the hell are you?” Natasha asks, and he can tell it’s bothering her. She probably had her own ideas of who he was.

“Tony,” he answers simply. “Ironman. The same Ironman you’ve known for the last five years.”

“You look familiar,” Bruce says, squinting his eyes.

It’s funny, because Stark met Bruce as himself, once. An award ceremony. Celebrating both of their brains, their contributions to science.

Tony had long hair and a dress, then, though.

“I get that a lot,” he snarks, because he wants to throw Bruce off. “The point isn’t who I am, though. The point is that I’m a teammate who is on the side of the government. We need to be kept in check. No one is ever going to trust a bunch of rouges, especially not rouges who have been publicly denounced by every sovereign nation in the world.”

“But who cares if they trust us?” Steve fights back. “Who cares, if we’re doing the right thing? Legal doesn’t always equal morally correct.”

Tony scoffs. Oh boy, does he know a thing or two about that... “Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“So you agree with me?” Steve crosses his own arms, stepping closer.

Tony shakes his head, not letting himself get intimidated. “That doesn’t exclude us, Capsicle. We have to find a balance between doing whatever we want to do, and potentially making things worse, and doing nothing. We have to listen to what the people want us to do, even if it’s hard.”

Steve shakes his head. “We aren’t power hungry, Tony. We want to protect people.”

Tony’s heart does something, at Steve saying his chosen name. Even if it is the only one that Steve knows. “That doesn’t change the fact that we have a lot of power, and a lot of responsibility. We owe it to the people we protect to listen to them, to what they want.”

Steve stares at Tony for a long time, before he sighs and backs down. “This isn’t going anywhere. We need a break, Fury.”

Fury nods once, and stands up. “Come to a decision. And fast. If we’re running from the government, I want a head start.” He leaves, and several silent Avengers follow.

Until it’s just Tony and Steve.

“Listen, Cap. I understand your position, I really do. I just wish that you would-“

“Stop,” Steve says, and walks closer. Tony takes a step back, a little worried at what he’s going to do. But then-

“You’re nothing like what I pictured,” Steve says, in a soft voice.

Tony quirks a brow, trying to keep his breathing slow and even. He doesn’t want to show he’s scared. “And what did you picture?”

Steve laughs, and it’s the first time he’s seen the man smile in a very long time. “A narcissistic, unfeeling, uncaring robot?”

Tony barks a laugh at that, starting to relax a little. “Yeah, no, sorry to disappoint Cap.”

Steve looks down at Tony’s lips, and the shorter licks them nervously. “Tony, can I kiss you?” He asks softly.

Tony gasps at that. It definitely took him off guard. No one has wanted to kiss him since Pepper, and that was almost ten years ago.

“What?” Tony manages to choke out, voice breaking just a bit. Shit.

Steve nods, biting his lip. “You remind me of someone. From...from before. You know. Can I kiss you, Tony?”

Tony feels like maybe he’s dreaming. This man wants to kiss Tony. Not Natasha Stark, or Ironman, or a billionaire or a superhero. Tony. Steve didn’t want to kiss him until he saw who Tony was.

“Yeah,” he manages finally, and melts into it as Steve crushes their lips together.

It’s the first kiss he’s had as Tony, and it’s awesome.


Of course, he is still Tony Stark. Good things never last for him.

He has put off having sex with Steve for as long as he could. But after a month, the older man was starting to ask questions.

Tony finally told Steve that he was trans, and explained what that meant.

The worst part, was that Steve wasn’t an ass about it. He had apologized, said he still wanted to be friends.

But the sting of rejection was still there. And the hurt of knowing it was because he’s trans?

That hurts even more.


It’s a few years later that he meets Peter.

It had been a very eventful few years. He had come out to the public as both Tony Stark and Ironman. He was well aware how difficult it was going to be, getting respect and support.

But, he got more support than he thought he would, about being trans. Less so for being Ironman—nobody wanted to believe that their hero was an ex-weapons manufacturer. But Hes publicly out. He’s legally Tony Stark.

It was lonely, for a few years. His friends and team were supportive and everything, but it was still lonely. He had been too scared to sleep with anyone, for fear that he’d get misgendered, or harassed, or beat up.

It’s sad, really. What he’s afraid of.

But then, Peter Parker applied to be an Intern at SI. A new college student, freshly 18, doe eyed and slack mouthed as he realized who was interviewing him.

Tony was instantly smitten. He gave some other kid, Ned, the internship; and made Peter his personal intern. It wasn’t a real job until he met the kid, but that doesn’t matter.

What mattered was that Peter works in Tony’s personal lab, and Tony gets to spend time with this hot yet adorable, eager, sarcastic, nerdy, perfectyoung man.

He was going to deny himself—he’s Peter’s boss, that’s unethical—but then...

Then he saw the kid slipping off a particular mask. A mask that belongs to none other than Spider Man.

And then...then it didn’t matter, anymore. Nothing mattered, at all, except for the fact that Peter Parker trusts him enough with his secret identity. And he doesn’t misgender Tony. Or judge him, for his past.

So, he kissed him.


Tony moans into his lover’s mouth, pulling his naked body closer to his own clothed one. “Baby~” he growls lowly.

Peter whines, high pitched. He arcs his back, rubbing his bare cock into Tony’s suit pants. “Please Mr. Stark! Please, I want...I want it, Lemme—Lemme...”

Tony coos. He reaches between them, grabbing his cock. “Okay baby, I’ll-“

Peter whines and shakes his head. “N-no Mr. Stark, I...I meant...I want...” he gets on his hands and knees, hovering above Tony. “I want to see you...I want to make you cum too? Please?”

Tony bites his lip, but nods slowly. “Okay, baby. Okay. How do you...?”

Peter blushes a little bit, but he leans down and kisses Tony softly once. “Can I take off your shirt, Tony?”

Tony shivers, leaning up on his elbows and meeting Peter’s lips again. “You’re sweet. I’m fine.”

Peter laughs softly, but he scoots back a bit and slowly pushes his hands under Tony’s tank top. He feels around at Tony’s abs for a moment, sighing happily at the feeling.

Tony laughs softly, and Peter can feel it under his hands. “Well? Are you actually going to take it off?”

Peter smiles sheepishly, before finally peeling the rest of the tank off and throwing it to the floor.

Tony watches Peter’s face carefully. His chest is a mess of ugly scarring; left over from the poisoning, the reactor itself, and top surgery all combined to make a web of jagged lines.

But Peter doesn’t look like he thinks it’s ugly.

Instead of grimacing, the younger man licks his lips. He leans down and starts to kiss every scar he can find; gently, lovingly.

It makes Tony’s breath catch, and his chest starts to rapidly rise and fall. “Peter,” he whispers, tangling a hand in his hair.

“Tony,” Peter whispers back, smiling up from where his chin is resting on Tony’s arc reactor scar.

Tony chuckles softly at the look he’s getting, shaking his head. “Get on with it baby, come on.”

Peter pouts but listens none the less. He kisses down Tony’s chest to his abs, playing with the hem of Tony’s sweats. He waits for the older man to lift his hips off the bed before hooking his fingers under the waistband and pulling down in one, swift motion.

Tony looks up at the ceiling, leaning back on his elbows and clenching his hands into fists. He doesn’t hate the lower half of his body, per se. But he knows that he would like his body a hell of a lot more if he had a dick.

Tony gasps softly when he feels Peter’s hand on his inner thigh, pushing Tony’s leg away. “What do you call...?” Peter touches the skin right on Tony’s pubic bone.

“I...what?” Tony stutters, a little caught off guard.

Peter hesitates. “Can I touch your...your dick?” He asks, thumb hovering over it without actually touching.

And then it clicks for Tony. Oh. That’s what he meant. “Yeah. Yeah, please. Do what you want.”

Peter smiles and rubs his thumb over the erect member, watching as Tony shivers at the stimulation. “I want...I want suck your dick, Mr. Stark.”

Tony almost chokes, absolutely throbbing with arousal. “Okay. Okay, yeah, go ahead.”

Peter smiles and laps his tongue over Tony’s cock once, before wrapping his lips around it and sucking gently. He doesn’t want to overstimulate the older man too quickly.

Tony throws his head back, pulling his legs apart and back a little to give the younger man more room. He keeps one arm propped up behind him to keep him up, but uses the other to tangle in Peter’s hair. “Fuck—Pete! Ah shit, no one’s ever...oh my god.”

Peter hums softly, using his own hands to help Tony keep his legs back. He licks along the underside and bobs his head just slightly, but keeps with Tony’s guidance on his head.

“Fuck. Fuck, wait, kid, I’m gonna—keep that up and I’ll cum.” Tony says this while keeping Peter’s head attached to his pubic bone, but he still wanted to give Peter the heads up.

Peter moans softly, sucking a bit harder and twirling his tongue.

It works like a charm.

Tony moans louder than ever before. His legs start to shake and squeeze against Peter’s grip, and his hips grind against Peter’s tongue almost without his say.

It only last a few seconds, but it was the best orgasm Tony’s ever had.

“Fuck,” Tony says, going lax. He lets go of Peter’s hair, and falls flat on his back, letting his legs rest heavily in Peter’s grip.

Peter pulls away and kisses Tony’s dick softly, before giving the older man a smug grin. “Thank you, Mr. Stark, for letting me make you cum.”

Tony’s chest is still heaving, but he manages to lift his head enough to shoot Peter a glare. “Don’t look so smug. I mean, you earned the right to, but still.”

Peter laughs and climbs back up the bed, kissing Tony’s cheek. “But I’m serious. Thank you. I’m sure that was hard.”

Tony’s smile softens, and he pulls Peter in for a tender, loving kiss. “Thank you too, baby.”

Peter smiles and settles down next to Tony. “So...”

Tony rolls his eyes fondly. “How do you want me to get you off, babe?”

Peter flushed a bright red, and shifts a little. “Well, um, about that...”

Tony quirks a brow. “Yeah?” He asks, assuming he has some fantasy he wants to play out.

“I Uh...I kind of already came. I couldn’t help it, you looked so sexy when I was making you feel good!” Peter hides behind his hands.

Tony’s jaw drops in surprise, but he looks down and—and yeah. Peter’s tummy has drying cum on it, and his cock is going down. “Huh. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Peter barks a laugh and peeks from between his fingers. He smiles and starts to relax again. “You should. Next time, I want you to fuck me. Is that something you’d be interested in?” Peter bites his lower lip.

Tony chuckles, pulling the boy closer and kissing his hair softly. “Anything you want to do, baby. Anything.”