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All The Things I Need To Say

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“Can I walk you home?”

It was shortly after Hooty’s meltdown and the front yard of the Owl House was reasonably cleaned up. The castle tower was repaired of its damages thanks to Eda’s new Owl Beast form and King, and Hooty helped elevate the ground to a steady foundation level. All the while, Amity and Luz picked up pieces of debris and stone and tossed it over the cliffside.

Luz watched Amity toss the last of her stones over the side and turn back the human. She stared blankly, “Oh Luz, you don’t have to-“

“I know I don’t have to,” Luz said as she approached the witch and grabbed her hand. She smiled. “I want to walk you home.”

Amity smiled back at the human and blushed under her gentle gaze. The two didn’t get a moment alone since their impromptu confession and both felt things still needed to be shared. The two witches walked back to the Owl House, awestruck as Eda took an elixir from the demon’s paws and downed it. The reddish feathers and her long silver wings shrunk, her height snuffing as the owl beast form lessened. Luz let out a low whistle.

“Okay, that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Eda scoffed and tossed the bottle aside. “I feel like a new woman kid. You better get used to it.”

“I’ve lived here for 4 months. Nothing startles me anymore!” Luz exclaimed as she jerked a thumb to herself.


Luz froze at the witches exaggerated cough and flushed, glancing wide eyed at her and Eda.

“Well, maybe not everything.” Luz admitted embarrassingly. Amity giggled behind her free hand and Luz swelled. That made the embarrassment worth it.

“I’m taking her home,” Luz said as Eda stretched her creaky joints. The human winced as the older witch twisted her neck a full 360 and sighed.

“Probably for the best kid. It’s late anyways,” Eda said, jerking her head to the starry night sky.

“Wait! No!”

Luz’s gaze dropped to King as he scrambled over her, carrying an oversized glass bottle too big for his body.

Luz let go of Amity’s hand and dropped to his eye level. “King…”

“Don’t go yet! I have so much to show you!” The demon squealed, muttering to himself as the bottle waddled him side to side before he settled it on the grass. “I’m a supersonic demon. Throw this bottle and I’ll break it!”

“King! We just cleaned up!” Eda scolded, hands on her hips.

“No, no! It’s okay Eda! I want to try it with him!” Luz rose and shyly turned to the lilac haired witch. “Is that okay?”

Amity smiled warmly at the human’s meek demeanor. “Of course it is.”

“Haha! Yes! I knew I was still number one!” King exclaimed, pointing a claw to the girl. Luz frowned and turned back to the demon. “King…”

“Give it a go! I’m ready!”

Luz sighed reluctantly and picked up the glass bottle. It was remarkably heavy as she stepped away from the group and looked at her surroundings. She didn’t want to glass too close to them, especially with her brand new girlfriend.

Luz gulped at the thought. The tunnel of love was already a disaster and it was an honest to God miracle Amity even accepted taking her out. All she needed was broken glass to go flying her way. Shortest relationship ever? Wait, were they in a rel—?

“Luz! Throw it!”

She snapped out of it and prepared to throw it, just above the treeline. She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed. Please don’t make me look bad in front of her.

She threw it, the glass bottle whizzing up high in the air. King widened his stance, eyes laser focused on the bottle and let out a high pitch yip. Multicolored rings radiated from the demon’s mouth, pulsing through the nighttime and shattering the bottle in pieces. Bits of glass and sand dazzled under the purple night hue.

“Haha! I knew I wasn’t a one trick pony!” King cheered his fists in the air. Luz giggled and caught sight of Amity watching her, unabashedly blushing and smiling lovingly at her, her amber eyes twinkling under the multi-colors, just as before. Luz went blank, only to be woken from her haze as bits of glass fell on her, catching her off guard.

“Ow, ow!”


Luz was suddenly in the air, Hooty under her body and propelled her high over the trees. It happened so fast as the world came crashing down and she braced for impact, but Hooty softened to fall with his tube like body. She slid off ungracefully and laid on her back, completely winded.


She loved her surrogate family, she really did. But there were times she wanted to crawl in a whole and never be seen again. This was the fifth time tonight she felt that way and she groaned aloud. Did Amity even know what she was getting herself into?

She didn’t know how long she laid there but she heard the soft pattering of footsteps rush to her and felt warmth radiating just off her right side as Amity dropped down on her knees beside her.

“You okay?” Amity asked breathily, brushing some strands of hair out of her face, eyes racking over Luz’s body with concern. Luz stared up at the witch in wonder. How had this girl not left her yet?

Luz carefully raised a hand and grabbed Amity’s hand that were currently brushing a strand of hair out of face. Amity froze and slowly dropped her hand as Luz delicately brushed the colored lock behind her. Luz felt heat underneath her hand as Amity blushed, staring dumbly down at the human, unsure of what to do. Luz let her hand linger just by her ear and felt it twitch ever so slightly. She dropped her hand immediately and averted her gaze.

“Help me up?”

Amity grabbed the human's hands and hoisted her up. Luz brushed herself off, Amity wringing her hands together awkwardly and staring at the ground. Luz noticed immediately and grabbed a hand. Amity caught the human’s searching gaze and let a smile relax on her face.

“Eda, I’ll be back in a bit!”

“Take your time kid! No interruptions from our end,” Eda snorted.

Luz flushed even more and all but dragged the girl into the woods, away from the Owl House.

The two witches walked quietly for a minute, both hand in hand. Luz became acutely aware with each passing second just how alone they were. No forced love tunnels, no forced but well paid off confessions, no messes to clean, and it terrified Luz enough to run tail back to the Owl House, the very place she was trying to get away from.

Why did she think she could do this? They confessed, sure, but was Amity forced to? Was it the heat of the moment? The peer pressure? Will she let Luz off when she walked her home?

“You guys are sweet,” Amity's voice cut through the air.

Luz snapped her head at the girl. “Sorry?”

“You and King. You guys are sweet. Almost like brother and sister,” Amity said, sending a smile her way. Luz’s heart skipped.

“Oh, yeah. He’s like the little brother I never had. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get on my nerves every once in a while,” Luz explained.

“You don’t have siblings back home right?” Amity asked.

“Nope,” Luz said, emphasizing the p with “pop”. “Was always me and my mom.”

“No dad?”

“Nope. Never met the guy and mom never mentioned him. She’s always taken care of me.” Luz paused and glanced back at the witch who stared down at her feet, thinking hard. The way her brows furrowed. God, how was she so cute?

“Why’d you ask?”

Amity looked at her. “No reason. I-I want to know more about you.”

Luz smiled and nudged her shoulder, “But you already know so much about me.”

Amity smiled and shook her head, nudging her back. “I know, you doofus. I was just curious.”


Luz stopped them. Amity looked at the human girl curiously before she noticed a smirk rising on her face, eyes narrowing at the girl. Amity flushed. “W-What?”

“Are you taking notes for when you meet my mom?”

Amity’s jaw dropped, flustered and blushing. “W-WHAT!?”

“I knew it! You want to make sure you’re ready when you meet my mom! You want to make a good impression!”

Amity all but dropped Luz’s hands and crossed her arms protectively over her chest, eyes looking anywhere but the grinning human. “L-Luz—”

Luz had her hands behind her back, swaying side to side, grinning. “You want to meet my mom. I gotta say Blight, aren’t we moving a little fast here?”


Luz laughed as Amity bustled over herself and started walking away. Luz ran to catch up with her. “Amity, wait!”

Luz stopped in front of her and grabbed her arms to lower them from her chest. Amity was as red as a tomato, eyes flitting to the ground and her shoes. Luz couldn’t help herself. “My mom is gonna love you. I know she will!”

Amity said nothing but met Luz’s gaze before glancing away. She dug her heels into the dirt. “…really?”

Luz’s hands tightened around Amity’s. “Really.”

Amity’s grip loosened comfortably in Luz’s hands, her shoulders relaxing down. She met Luz’s gaze with a smile. The way her hair almost glowed under the moon, the shadows on the pines masking her face yet her amber eyes burned brightly. How was she so beautiful? Luz, without realizing it, was moving closer to the witch's face before she caught the witch smirking quietly back at her. Luz stopped and frowned.


“Not sure how my parents are gonna feel about you though, Miss Noceda.”

Luz’s mouth opened and closed several times like a goby fish. Amity just smirked, dropping Luz’s hands and brushing past her. It took Luz a moment to come back to reality and chased back after her. She heard Amity quietly laughing as Luz met her stride.

“Okay, THAT was uncalled for!”

“Oh come on! You’ve been making me a MESS this summer. It’s nice that the shoe’s on the other foot!” Amity laughed, cheeks rosy.

Luz frowned, glancing at the ground before she inched closer to the girl, “The WHOLE summer?”

Amity paused and glanced back at the girl who was still very close to her, eyes shining in astonishment. She flushed but shrugged, feeling bold. “Well…yeah.”

“Wait. Like, the WHOLE summer?”

“Well, maybe not the whole summer,” Amity considered carefully. “To be frank, when you first got here, I couldn’t stand you.”

Luz stopped, backing away. Her eyes downcast to the ground as Amity’s words hit her. Amity’s eyes widened in panic. “No, no! That’s not what I-”

“I-I know! I know! It’s just—” Luz stopped, brows furrowing as she tried to think of the right word. “Things are so different now, I guess.”

“Totally!” Amity quickly reassured.

“I mean, I guess I wasn’t the biggest fan of you either,” Luz said, wincing at her own words. She heard the girl sigh and closed her eyes in preparation.

“…I know. I was so mean to you…”

Luz opened them to see the girl look glumly at the ground with a twinge of embarrassment. Luz rarely saw Amity look so uncomfortable with herself, especially with the evening they had just had. It broke her heart. She grabbed her hands and squeezed them reassuringly, rubbing her thumb over her knuckles.

“Hey now. Don’t be sad. It’s okay, “ Luz said quietly. Amity nodded anyway, even though she didn’t look completely convinced. Luz braced herself.

“I’m so glad we became friends. You have no idea how much I wanted that. I know I can be a bit much sometimes—“


Luz stopped as Amity finally met her gaze, her eyes glistening under the starlight. “You are never too much. I need you to know that.”

Luz stared numbly at the girl, her words richoating off her brain and playing on rewind like an old record player. It wasn’t so often words could stop Luz in her tracks but when she was told most of her life she was too much or sometimes not enough even, Amity’s words were all the reassurance she needed and her heart swelled tenfold.

Amity took a step closer, tightening her grip. “I don’t want you to think you’re an embarrassment in front of me. I don’t know what those kids said to you at home about being cheesy or whatever but I don’t think you are.” Amity stopped before blushing and smiling dopily at the darker skinned girl. “I kind of like that you're cheesy.”

Luz’s eyes were the size of saucers. “…you do?”

Amity giggled. “Yeah! I like your dorkiness.”

Amity was positively blushing and Luz was sputtering out words, trying to form a sentence. Amity laughed and dragged her along, continuing their walk home.

“Now hold on! Just a minute!” Luz exclaimed as she finally found words. Amity swung their hands, grinning like an idiot as she waited for Luz to form a sentence.


“I mean, the bow and arrows were a bit much bu—”


Luz stopped and buried her face in her hands. Amity frowned and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Luz—”

“I ruined it! I ruined the whole thing! The whole love tunnel I blew up in front of your face!” Luz exclaimed before burying her face into hands once again.

“You didn’t ruin anything.”

“I wanted to impress you. I wanted to tell you I liked you in a cool way cuz I thought you deserved it. You deserve the best.” Luz’s words were muffled. Amity burned brightly at Luz’s ramblings. She wasn’t sure if Luz even realized she had basically confessed to her. The two already knew of their feelings, but to state them so openly shook Amity to her core.

“…how long have you liked me?”

Luz stopped and slowly peeked through her fingers to a beet red witch. Her eyes were glistening, her hair swaying. Like a cotton candy haired goddess…

“Oh…since you saved me from your parents I guess…” Luz dropped her hands and shrugged. “Maybe even longer. I just didn’t put it together.”

Luz risked a glance at the witch to see her still just as awestruck as before. Luz quirked a brow and frowned. “What?”

“You’ve liked me for that long?” Amity said so quietly Luz almost missed it. Amity stared into Luz’s body, as if she focused hard enough, it would burn a hole through her hoodie. “I can’t believe you actually like me.”

Luz’s eyebrows shot through her hairline, a blush rising on her face. While they did ask each other out and the feelings were already made aware through the actions, just saying the words still rattled Luz.

“Well, yeah. Of course I like you,” Luz said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I just can’t believe you like me too.”

Amity snapped her eyes to Luz’s face, still flushed. “It was you.”

Luz frowned. “What?”

“It was you. I wanted to ask you to Grom. It was you the whole time,” The words were tumbling out almost shakily, almost as if Amity didn’t say them now, she’d regret it forever. She tightened her grip. “I wanted to play Grudgby with you. I’m so glad I did. A-And I wanted to share every class with you and walk me home from school and meet at the library and go to my favorite shop in town and get drinks and—“

“Whoa whoa, slow down Blight,” Luz smiled, threading their fingers together. “One thing at a time. Don’t make me pass out here.”

“Make you pass out? I’ve been wanting to pass out around you for weeks,” Amity laughed. Luz laughed and led her down the path.

“Well, let’s not let that happen,” Luiz reassured. “But you’re giving me a TON of ideas! You got a favorite café?”

Amity nodded shyly, tucking a strand behind her ear.

Luz grinned. “Well, how about I treat you tomorrow? 11:00 okay with you?”

Amity stopped and stared wide eyed at the girl. She was staring at Luz like she had never seen her before. It made her nervous but saw that smile make its way up her face and she nodded.

“I’d love to.”

Luz smiled and continued to tug her along, Amity giggling behind her. The two continue to share the details over their date tomorrow until Blight Manor comes into sight. Amity stopped them in their tracks.

“What’s up?”

Amity glanced side to side, staring at her feet. “W-We’re here.”

Luz’s eyes darted to the manor. Her heart ached. “Oh…”

The two stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to do or say but neither wanting to let go of their hands. The walk had seemed too fast; much faster than times she had walked her home. If only they had a detour, something to divert their attention and have them turn back on the trail. Luz felt her heart plummet into her stomach. What if Amity went home and realized it was all a mistake? What if it was too good to be true? Luz had pushed her luck enough and Amity was still there steadfast. The magic of tonight would be gone tomorrow.

Luz felt warmth on her face and snapped her eyes open to see Amity caressing her cheek with a porcelain hand. Luz watched wide eyed at Amity sharing a look of sympathy. Her cheeks were burning, caked in dirt and sweat, but Amity didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she almost savored it. Amity was smiling sadly.

“Don’t make that face. I hate seeing you sad.” Amity said quietly.

“I know,” Luz sighed. She turned her face into Amity’s hand and closed her eyes. The gentle gesture reminded her of her mom. She would be seeing her soon.

“There’s always tomorrow, okay?”

Luz nodded glumly.

“I’m not gonna get stood up on my date, right?”

Luz snapped her eyes open and saw the witch smiling teasingly at her. “What? Of course not!”

“Good. Then I’ll see you tomorrow?” Amity asked, almost now herself needing the reassurance. It comforted Luz then to know Amity was just as new to this as she was and didn’t want their precious time between them to go wasted. Luz smiled.


Amity smiled back harder. Then, very reluctantly and slowly, she dropped her hand from Luz's cheek and her other hand from Luz’s. She stepped back from her, the distance between them widening. Amity walked all the way back to the gates of Blight Manor, eyes never leaving Luz until her back hit the metal bars. She then raised a small hand and waved, smiling sadly. Luz mirrored the same and watched the girl finally turn and unlock the gate, closing it gently behind her.

Luz took a hesitant step forward and paused. Something was missing. It didn’t feel right. She had read enough fanfiction to know this wasn’t how the evening was supposed to end.

Then it hit her.

She came barreling to the gate as Amity took the first few steps of Blight Manor up.


Amity whipped her head around and saw Luz grabbing the bar in desperation. She frowned and was going to open her mouth to call back in question when she saw it happen. Luz brought her palm to her lips, and gestured her hand to her, blowing a kiss.

Did she j—

Amity blinked dumbly at the human’s sudden gesture, her heart pounding. She had read this happening in her fics. The two leads kissed for the first time after they confessed their feelings. Only Luz would forget and instead blow a kiss to her through a barred gate several feet away. She started laughing loudly, not caring if her siblings or parents would hear. She saw the human grinning and waving wildly. She was waiting.

After a moment, she raised her hand in the air and clasped it. She brought it to her heart as she saw Luz jump excitedly. She watched her turn away and whoop loudly, sprinting into the woods. Titan, that girl would be the death of her yet.