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“Really, Ochako? I can’t go on stage like this!” Izuku was walking in circles, throwing a fretful glance at the curtain that separated them from the stage every few seconds. Ochako scoffed and looked him up and down, the corners of her mouth quirking upwards traitorously.

“Well Izuku, it’s that or your ripped pants. Your choice,” she said nonchalantly and Izuku hated the fact that she was right. This whole day was a complete nightmare. First he’d overslept and barely made it in time for his talk with a group of sponsors and the organizers of HeroCon, then he tripped over himself and ripped his corduroy pants right down the middle, butt hanging out. It was such a great honor to be able to talk about his book in front of so many people at a large hero convention, but no one would take him seriously in this.

This being Ochako’s hot pink yoga tights she’d brought to wear once she was allowed to change out of her hero gear.

“Can I just cancel my speech?” he groaned and she sighed, gently patting his shoulder.

“If it’s any consolation, they make your ass and thighs look spectacular.” With a squeak Izuku tried to smack her, but Ochako gracefully moved out of the way, snickering.

“What? It’s true. And come on, they’re supposed to listen to what you say, not care about what you wear. You’ve got this!” She was right, but he still didn’t feel any better about the situation.

For weeks now he’d worked hard on this speech, tried to make it as fun and engaging as he could and show others how interesting and enjoyable quirk theory could be. Even though he was quirkless, Izuku had never grown out of his love for heroes, so eventually he’d begun to edit his quirk analysis journals into a proper book. It was just a hobby next to his actual job as a professor for quirk theory, but somehow the book made it onto the bestseller list.

“I’ll do my best,” he mumbled and she gave him a thumbs up.

“You’re on in a few minutes, so I’ll go find my seat. A few of the other pros you analyzed are here too, by the way!” Izuku’s eyes widened and he felt a little giddy at the thought that he might be able to meet some of them. Ochako and him had been friends for quite some time, but due to time constraints he hadn’t been able to meet a lot of others. Briefly he wondered if a certain explosive hero would be there too, then scoffed at himself. Yeah, right. As if he’d ever come...


“Come on Bakubro, it’s almost starting!” Katsuki rolled his eyes at the other hero, but followed silently. He’d planned to ditch this snoozefest of a speech, but Shitty Hair wouldn’t budge and dragged him there anyway. Who cared about some nerd professor that wrote a book about quirks? Certainly not Bakugou Katsuki. Theory bored him to death, he was a man of action after all.

“Oh Bakugou, fancy seeing you here,” Round Face greeted him with a smirk and he snorted.

“Not like I want to be, but fucking hair for brains didn’t let me leave.” Her brows drew together and she looked at him sternly. What the fuck was her problem?

“Listen here, Bakugou. If you ruin this for him, I’m going to kick your ass. I’m not joking! He worked hard for this and-” Sudden applause interrupted her and she sat down with a huff, glaring at him. Katsuki didn’t care about her threats, but he was curious now, wondering who this professor guy was, if he and Round Face were all buddy buddy.

The curtain was slowly pushed aside and the first thing he saw was... pink. Now, Katsuki prided himself on the fact that he had a completely impenetrable pokerface, but hot damn. He gaped at the man that slowly made his way onto the podium, nervously fiddling with a pile of cue cards in his hands. His face was framed by green curls, thick black frames sat on his nose and one could barely make out a smattering of freckles on his rosy cheeks. The last time he’d seen Midoriya fucking Izuku they’d both been teenage brats and Katsuki had bullied him relentlessly.

As if the sudden appearance of his childhood friend wasn’t bad enough, the fact that Deku was wearing bright pink tights with his nerd suit jacket and button up definitely was. He looked fucking ridiculous, yet Katsuki’s eyes were immediately glued to the plump globes of Deku’s ass and his amazing thighs. Katsuki’s cock definitely took notice, too. Fuck.

“You okay bro? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Shitty Hair didn’t know how fucking right he was. A ghost indeed; one from his past, one he’d always wanted to forget and couldn’t. Deku cleared his throat and the commotion finally died down some. He smiled at the audience, then stood behind the microphone.

“Hello, I’m Professor Midoriya. Thank you everyone for coming today, I promise I’ll do my best not to bore you.” He seemed so confident, completely different from his teenage self and Katsuki... he liked it. Then Deku had the fucking audacity to wink and his stomach was tied in knots.

“When I was little I wanted to be a hero myself, but of course that’s impossible without a quirk,” he smiled brightly and scratched the back of his head, “I would always write down everything about quirks I encountered in case it would be useful for the future, filling notebook after notebook, so I guess it’s only fitting that I finally found my calling in quirk theory.”

Katsuki couldn’t help but hang onto every word the damn nerd said, observing the play of emotions on his face. A Powerpoint presentation was projected onto the wall behind him and every time Deku would turn around and point out something on a slide, Katsuki’s cock twitched in his pants. He wanted to squeeze that ass, wanted to bury his face between the cheeks and make fucking Deku come undone on his tongue. No amount of denial could overshadow the fact that he had the hots for his estranged childhood friend.

He tried to be as inconspicuous as possible while adjusting himself in his pants, but still caught Round Face’s knowing look halfway through the speech. How the fuck was that bitch friends with Deku of all people? And why didn’t he know anything about it? Were they a thing? Fuck, was he really contemplating to make a move on Izuku? The nerd probably hated his guts and would laugh in Katsuki’s face.

It was really hard for him to pay attention to the rest of Deku’s speech and Katsuki was relieved when it was finally over. At least for the five seconds it took for Uraraka to open her damn mouth.

“Want me to introduce you? I’m sure he’d love to meet you guys.” Shitty Hair immediately agreed like the eager puppy he was and sadly Katsuki didn’t have a good reason to decline; oh, apart from the fact that he already knew the damn nerd, probably far better than even Round Face. Or used to, at least.

Everyone else moved towards the exit while the three of them walked to the front of the room instead. Deku was still there and talking to some guy in a suit. He smiled brightly at them when the dude left, but that smile turned into shock when he recognized Katsuki.

“K-Kacchan?” Katsuki scoffed, but couldn't keep the smirk off of his face. Seemed like the old childhood nickname had still survived. Maybe that was a good sign, who knew?

“Deku.” He returned the greeting and felt both Round Face and Shitty Hair stare at him. Yeah, surprise, surprise.

“You... know each other?” She sounded shocked and Deku nodded in answer, making his way down to them. Katsuki raised his eyebrows when the other man stood in front of him. The nerd was freaking tiny, at least a head shorter than him, if not more, but he also had a lot of muscle. Slowly he looked Deku up and down, feeling slightly giddy at the blush on his face.

“Been a while, nerd,” he finally said and looked into Izuku’s eyes.


Izuku felt a shiver race down his spine and was momentarily lost for words. Kacchan was really there, had really listened to his speech and... was he checking him out? Oh God. He had to be hallucinating, because there was no way this gorgeous hunk of a man would ever find someone like him attractive. Maybe when hell froze over, considering their history.

“Y-Yeah. What... twelve years?” He tried his best to smile and cringed at the betrayed look in Ochako’s eyes. Izuku never thought it would do any good to mention the fact that he knew Katsuki, since he would probably vehemently deny it. Apparently that wasn’t the case though.

“Explain,” she pressed out through gritted teeth and Izuku took a step away from her, and closer to Katsuki, who seemed rather amused at his predicament.

“Ahaha, well... K-Kacchan and I have known each other since we were four, but we uhm... parted ways after middle school.” And not on good terms, but no one but them needed to know that. Ochako looked even more mad and advanced on him, poking a finger into Izuku’s chest.

“And you never thought to tell me that Ground Zero is your childhood friend?” Suddenly a warm hand descended onto his shoulder and Izuku felt himself pulled tightly against Katsuki’s side. He swallowed and didn’t dare look at him.

“Lay off the nerd, Round Face. He’s had reasons. I was an asshole to him back then, something I’m not fucking proud of and I understand why he wouldn’t mention it.” Izuku pretty much gaped at Katsuki, completely and utterly shocked at the words that had just left his mouth.

Ochako seemed surprised too, but recovered a lot faster than him, smacking Katsuki’s shoulder.

“So you’re the bully he mentioned sometimes. Figures.” Her eyes bored into Izuku’s and he unconsciously pressed himself closer to Katsuki, who chuckled.

“Don’t make me regret this Izuku.” Before he could say anything else, she’d hooked her arm through Red Riot’s and was dragging the poor man away from them. When they’d reached the exit, she stopped for a moment and turned back around.

“Oh and you can keep the yoga pants, they look better on you anyway.”

Izuku sputtered violently, finally remembering just what he was wearing. Katsuki had seen him in yoga pants. Pink yoga pants. Maybe he should discreetly vanish, right about... now. Sadly he only managed about three steps before fingers wrapped around his wrist and pulled him back.

“And where the fuck do you think you’re going, Izuku?”


The stricken look on the nerd’s face was almost hilarious, if he hadn’t looked so panicked.

“Calm down, nerd, I’m not gonna hit you or anything,” Katsuki quietly said and let go of Izuku’s wrist again. Wide green eyes stared at him, then the nerd walked back towards him and poked a finger into his chest. Katsuki almost laughed at how similar he and Round Face were. Izuku seemed to realize the same thing, because he put his hands on his hips instead.

“Listen, Kacchan. I’d never think that! I’ve forgiven you ages ago, so let’s just drop it, okay?” He sighed deeply and seemed to deflate slightly.

“I’m sorry I look so ridiculous and about Ochako. Just pretend we never met again.” Katsuki stared at him like an idiot and barely managed to catch Izuku again before he vanished behind the curtain.

“Izuku, wait.” So what if he sounded desperate? At that moment Katsuki didn’t give a rat’s ass about it. He couldn’t just let Izuku leave and maybe never see him again. The nerd stopped in his tracks and looked surprised that he’d stopped him.

“I don’t want to do that. Fuck, I was hoping to see you again someday.” He pushed a hand through his hair and sighed. “I always wanted to apologize for what I said to you... I’m sorry.”

“Do you mean it?” The whispered question made him lift his head and look at Izuku again and Katsuki nodded.

“Of course. Have you ever known me to say shit I don’t mean? I know twelve years is a long time, but some things haven’t changed, nerd.” Izuku looked at him with a fond smile and Katsuki felt his heart leap into his throat. Damn it.

“Okay, I accept your apology then, Kacchan. I was hoping to see you again, too,” he murmured shyly and again his cheeks were flushed, the confidence he’d displayed during his speech nowhere to be seen. The nerd was way too damn cute for his own good. Katsuki groaned internally. It was one thing to want into Izuku’s pants, but thinking he was cute? Where did these fucking feelings come from? And did he really want to pursue any of this?

“Do you... maybe want to go have coffee somewhere? For old time’s sake... or something?” Could he sound any more stupid? And for old time’s sake, really?

Izuku stared at him again and Katsuki regretted the offer instantly. He wasn’t good at this shit, what made him think that the nerd actually wanted to spend more time with him? Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Uhm, sure. But can we do that tomorrow or some other time? I don’t really want to be in public wearing... this.” He gestured to the pink pants and Katsuki smirked. Yeah, maybe that was a good idea, because he didn’t want all the damn extras to look at his nerd’s ass. Great, now he considered Izuku his already. Get a fucking grip, Katsuki.

“Fine with me, I have the day off tomorrow. Give me your phone, nerd.” Katsuki held his hand out and after a moment of fiddling the nerd pulled it out of his suit jacket, handing it over. He quickly saved his own number and sent himself a text.

“There, so we don’t lose contact again. Three sound good?”

Izuku stared at the phone, then vigorously nodded, smiling brightly. Katsuki lightly flicked his forehead and ruffled the green curls that felt like silk between his fingers. He suppressed the urge to do more than that, but directed one of his signature smirks at Izuku.

“Great. It’s a date then.”