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i won't wake up this time

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Steve is dreaming.


He feels that he is because his body feels just like it did when he first got the serum.


Strong and limitless.


He hasn’t felt that way in a really long time.


Steve is dreaming.


He supposes he is because Tony’s here. He looks the same way he did the first time they met with that infuriating smirk that seems to be permanently etched on his face, soft brown curls and whiskey eyes that he never could get right on paper.   


Steve thinks he’s the most beautiful person he ever laid eyes on.


Tony doesn’t seem to have noticed him as he continues talking to DUM-E who has a screwdriver clutched in his claws.


Steve is dreaming.


He thinks he is, and he’s allowed to fantasise dammit.


It’s been so long.


He walks up to Tony who gasped softly when Steve embraces him from behind and plant a small kiss on his forehead.


“Hey Cap, you miss me?”


He knows he’s home.