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Miracles Don't Take Reservations (Part Two)

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A year had gone by, and everyone was thrilled to hear that Moira had once again been nominated for reprising the role of Vivian Blake on “Sunrise Bay”.

It was one week before the ceremony, and Moira was a little nervous about it.

Olivia was two-and-a-half years old already, and Johnny and Moira couldn’t believe it. Their baby girl was growing up so fast…

And just like that, the Emmys arrived…

Johnny nearly gasped when he saw Moira in her gown for the evening.

“Oh, look so beautiful...I mean you always do...but my goodness…,” Johnny said as he visibly took her in.

“You’re too sweet, John...thank you…,” Moira smiled lovingly back at her husband.

“Nervous?” he asked, already knowing. She always tended to become nervous before events like these…

She nodded and sat down on their bed for a moment.

He sat down next to her and took her hand in his. “I have a great feeling this time around, know you are favored to win, right?”

She nodded and said, “I just want this so bad, John...even if it’s just this time…”

“I know…,” he said softly. “I guess we should be heading out, then?”

Moira stood and said, “Of course...where is our little miracle?”

Like clockwork, Olivia ran into the room and clung to her mother’s leg with a smile.

“Hi, mommy…,” Olivia said adorably as Moira scooped her into her arms.

“Hello, my darling...are you excited for tonight?” Moira asked her youngest daughter.

“Yes, mommy…get Emmy...,” the two-year-old said excitedly.

They both smiled at her sweetly with a grin, hearing her words of encouragement.

“Shall we go, girls?” Johnny asked happily.

“Yes, daddy…,” Olivia said sweetly.

“Yes…,” Moira nodded with a small smile.

“I love you, Olivia Rose…,” she hugged her tightly, kissing her little one’s cheek.

Johnny smiled fondly at his girls, admiring how sweet they were together.

They hopped into the limousine and made their way to the Emmy Awards...

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Moira smiled at Johnny and Olivia as he pointed out the window showing his daughter places they were passing on the way to the Emmy Awards.

Johnny was honestly a little nervous about bringing Livy on the red carpet. The last time she went on the red carpet, she was still a baby.

The older kids and their significant others were coming, too, but they were riding separately, and would take Olivia home after the awards when Johnny and Moira attended the after party.

The red carpet and photo shoot was going great, and Livy was on her best behavior. She was enjoying watching all of the stars walking around in their beautiful dresses and suits.

Nicole Kidman came over to them, and Moira almost froze.

“Moira!” she exclaimed with outstretched arms to hug her.

“Nicole!” Moira echoed, hugging her back.

“Hello, Olivia! I’ve heard so much about you! You are adorable!” Nicole said, smiling at the two-year-old and shaking her tiny hand.

“Nice to meet you…,” Livy said sweetly with a smile.

Moira grinned and patted her little one’s head, “Yes. She’s our little miracle…”

“I love your dress!” Nicole told Livy.

“Thank yours, too...pretty…,” Olivia said happily.

“Thank you…,” Nicole grinned. “Let’s get some group photos, shall we?”

“Of course…,” they agreed with wide smiles.

The ceremony had begun, and Moira was anxious…

Johnny grasped her hand as they read off the list of nominees.

“And the Emmy Award goes to...Moira Rose! “Sunrise Bay”!” the announcer exclaimed excitedly.

Moira nearly shrieked as she heard those special words.

“Oh, Johnny!” she said in tears.

He kissed her on the lips and let her walk up onto the stage.

“Mommy!” Livy exclaimed excitedly, seeing her mother approach the stage.

The older kids cheered and applauded happily as well.

Moira gracefully made her way up onto the stage, lifting her dress up at the sides a little, and prepared herself for her acceptance speech.

“Oh my…,” she began. “Well...hello, you! Thank you so much for this astounding honor...I cannot believe I am standing in front of all of you lovely humans today...I would first love to thank all of my amazing cast, crew, directors, and producers for their faith in me, and for giving me this opportunity...thank you to all my my family and friends...and a very special thanks to my husband...Johnny, I could not have done this without you...thank you for always believing in me and loving me every step of the way...I love you...I am so truly gleeridden to have received this award...thank you…,” she concluded, wiping a stray tear and lifting up her award for a moment.

Everyone cheered with excitement as she returned to her seat, Johnny giving her another huge hug and kiss.

Livy squeezed her and said, “Congratulations, mommy…”

“Thank you, Livy…,” Moira said before kissing her daughter’s forehead.

Moira had finally earned her very first Emmy Award…

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The event met its end and it was time for the afterparty.

Moira and Johnny sent Olivia home with David and Patrick for the night.

Nicole Kidman ran over to hug Moira again, bringing her husband, Keith Urban.

“Congratulations, Moira!” Nicole cried happily, Keith echoing his wife’s words.

Moira smiled and said to the other Emmy winner, “Congratulations to you!”

After some pictures, a few drinks, and more chatting, everyone did some dancing.

Johnny outstretched his hand toward Moira and asked, “Would you like to dance, Emmy winner?”

Moira smiled sweetly at him, placing her champagne glass back on the table, taking his hand with a nod.

They swayed slowly, basking in the joy of the evening’s events.

Moira’s eyes were glowing.

Johnny grinned at Moira and said, “I’m so proud of you,’ve worked so hard...and now you have your first Emmy does it feel?”

She replied, “Thank you, John...I still can’t quite grasp the fact that I’ve’s a nostalgic feeling…”

He nodded and said, “Believe it, earned this...I love you…”

“I love you, dear...thank you for believing in me…,” she said tenderly.

Johnny pulled her into a kiss, hugging her even more.

The night was incredible.

Moira won an Emmy.

Johnny thought no one deserved it more than her. She worked so hard and gave it her all...and isn’t that all that matters?

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The next day, the family decided to have a cookout at Johnny and Moira’s house in California.

Eileen was so happy to be back again from Ireland to see her daughter win her first Emmy Award and to celebrate.

Moira smiled at the sight of her two daughters playing together in the sand of the backyard. They were so sweet together.

Johnny squeezed Moira’s hand gently as he sat down beside her, watching his daughters play.

Before everyone began eating, Johnny stood up to make a small speech.

He said, “I just want to say thank you to you all for coming out to celebrate Moira getting her first Emmy Award...honey, we’re all so proud of you...keep shining on…”

Moira smiled and kissed him quickly as everyone applauded, before everyone had their lunch.

“Barbecue time…,” David said, anxious to consume his meal.

Everyone laughed at his comment, knowing his love for food.

The barbecue was great and everyone had a great time.

Moira was so thankful to have all of these incredible souls in her life who never made her feel like she had to act or behave differently. She didn’t have to pretend anymore...with her old friends, she felt like all she did was wasn’t the case now...she is truly happy and content for once...

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It was a lovely fall afternoon in October and the whole family decided to take a walk in the lovely nature in Elmdale.

Olivia put Rocky’s leash on before handing it to Johnny so that he could walk him.

She stood up proudly and said, “I put Rocky leash on all by myself…”

“Great job, honey…,” Johnny told his two-year-old daughter excitedly.

Livy finished putting on her shoes and waited by the door.

Eileen came to hold Livy’s hand for the walk so that Johnny and Moira could spend some time together.

Ted walked Rocky for them.

Eileen smiled down at her granddaughter andsaid, “Your birthday’s coming up soon, isn’t it, Livy? What do you want for your birthday?”

Olivia smiled as she looked up at her and said, “A little brother or sister…”

Johnny and Moira were taken aback, overhearing the conversation.

“What did you say?” Moira asked her daughter.

“A baby…,” Livy said clearly.

Johnny smiled at Moira with a smirk and she said simply, “Oh…”

She was glad the other kids didn’t hear the conversation.

Moira winced to herself at the thought of bearing another child…

“We’ll see, honey…,” Johnny said with a smile, rubbing his daughter’s head.

Moira glared at him and he giggled softly, Eileen smiling at them. She wouldn’t mind having another little one running around, after all...

“Jonathan Rose…,” she said firmly.

Johnny nodded and tried to change the subject. “What else would you like for your birthday, Livy?”

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Johnny smiled as Moira joined him in bed.

They both knew they needed to discuss one thing in particular...Livy’s number one birthday wish…

“Sweetheart...we need to talk about Livy’s wish…,” Johnny began.

Moira predictably digressed from the topic and said, “A pony? We could make that happen...we have money now…”

Johnny smirked and giggled softly at the thought. “Point taken, Moira...but I’m referring to the wish about a little brother or sister…”

Moira averted her gaze from his eyes and took a deep, hesitant breath.

He grabbed her hand and held it gently, saying, “Sweetheart…”

She looked back at him and said, “Could we handle another little one? I don’t know, John…”

Johnny smiled at her and said, “If you want to…”

“I would love for Olivia to have someone to play with who is close to her age…,” Moira said thoughtfully.

Johnny nodded and said, “No pressure though, Moira...I know that’s a big ask…”

Moira squeezed his hand and said, “I wouldn’t mind another baby...minus being pregnant, again…”

Johnny giggled softly at her words and pulled her into a kiss.

Moira smirked and said, “Let’s get busy, then…”

Johnny nearly shouted, “Moira!”

She giggled and said, “I’m playing around, dear...or am I?”

“We’ll see what happens then, I guess…,” Johnny smirked.

Moira nodded and kissed him ‘goodnight’ before cuddling close to him, happy to enter dreamland momentarily...

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One week later, Moira went back to work to film season two of “Sunrise Bay”.

Things were going great, other than Johnny and Moira having limited time together.

Most evenings, Moira would come home exhausted from work, and Johnny would be in a meeting or be tired as well.

Fortunately, Alexis offered to babysit Olivia and Rocky so that Johnny and Moira could have a date night.

Johnny smiled at Moira as she walked down the stairs, all done up.

“You look lovely, sweetheart…,” he said as he took her in.

She grinned at him and leaned in to kiss him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Mommy…need help with dolly…,” Olivia said, coming in to see her parents kissing, disgust covering her little face. “Eww!”

They both giggled at her and said, “Sorry, honey…”

Moira attended to Livy, helping her fix her dolly’s dress.

“Thank ooo, mommy…,” Livy said thankfully as she took her doll back.

“You’re welcome, darling…,” Moira smiled at her daughter.

“Go find your shoes, Livy...Alexis and Ted will be here to pick you and Rocky up, soon…,” Johnny said with a grin, watching his daughter skip adorably to her shoes. He couldn’t believe how quickly she was growing up...she was nearing three years old...

The dinner in Elmdale was very relaxing.

Much needed alone time was finally granted.

Johnny and Moira went home and enjoyed more alone time with no interruptions at all, indulging themselves with some red wine and dancing.

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November was already racing by and it was only a few days until Olivia’s third birthday.

Moira, Johnny, Olivia, and Rocky were all packed up and ready to head back to the house in Elmdale.

Moira was glad she had a couple weeks for a break from shooting the show. She felt exhausted.

“Bye-bye, beach…see you next time…” Livy said as she watched out the car window on the way to the private jet.

The flight went smoothly. They unloaded their things and began to unpack.

Moira stopped packing and walked to the bathroom. She was feeling more nauseous by the second.

She opened the cabinet and glanced at the box of pregnancy tests for a moment, deciding to take one. She had to know…

She took one and awaited the result, leaning against the wall.

Her mind reeled as she waited, thinking about what the result could entail…

A short amount of time passed and Moira held her breath as she looked.

Two pink lines.

She gasped and decided to take another one to be sure.

Two pink lines appeared once more and tears filled her eyes, being overwhelmed with emotion.

She took a moment before grabbing the door handle.

Johnny walked up to her, seeing that she was standing outside of the bathroom.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” he asked with concern.

Moira nodded with a smile and showed him the two positive tests.

He gasped softly and asked, “Really?”

She nodded and said, “Yes…Livy’s going to be a big sister…”

He pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her tenderly.

After a few minutes, they took a few deep breaths as they continued to absorb the news.

“Should we tell her now? Or wait?” Johnny asked.

Moira smiled and said, “How about on her birthday? We can tell everyone else then as well…”

He nodded with a grin and pulled her close.

“I’m going to call the doctor…,” she said, grinning back at him.

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Olivia’s birthday came and she turned three years old.

She awoke, rubbing her eyes and going to the kitchen.

“Happy Birthday, Livy!” Johnny and Moira both said with a smile.

Livy grinned and ran to hug both parents, squeezing them softly. “Thank you, mommy...thank you, daddy…”

Johnny made Livy’s favorite breakfast foods, exciting her even more.

After breakfast, Johnny and Moira decided to tell Livy about the baby. They just could not contain their own excitement any longer…

Johnny began, “We have a big surprise for you, Livy…”

Olivia smiled at them and asked, “What?”

He continued, “What did you want the most for your birthday this year?”

Livy grinned and said, “A baby brother or sister…”

Johnny and Moira smiled at each other and then back at her daughter.

Johnny let Moira release the news. “You’re going to be a big sister!”

Livy nearly shrieked with excitement before saying happily, “Yay! I’m going to be a big sister!” She was jumping up and down.

They giggled and pulled her into a group hug, overjoyed with happiness and love.

They both knew Olivia would be so happy and excited.

“Can I talk to the baby?” Livy asked sweetly.

Moira nodded and let her crouch down and place a gentle hand over her stomach.

“Hi, baby...I’m your big sister...can’t wait to meet you and spoil you...I’m going to be the best big sister ever…,” she said adorably.

After a few minutes, Livy asked, “When can I tell Lexis, David, Patrick, Ted, and Grandma?”

Moira smiled, “You can tell them at the party…”

Livy nodded and smiled down at Moira’s stomach again.

Johnny and Moira grinned at her and Moira asked, “Want to go get ready for the big party today?”

Olivia smiled and nodded happily before taking her mother’s hand to go and get ready for the big day.

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Twelve o’clock arrived and it was time for the party.

The older kids arrived first with their significant others and Livy could barely contain her excitement to tell them the news.

“Lexis!” Livy shrieked, running into her big sister’s arms.

“Hey, Liv!” Happy Birthday!” Alexis said excitedly. “You’re so excited!”

Johnny and Moira smiled at each other and then back at them.

Livy hugged Ted, David, and Patrick afterwards, smiling at them as they all told her ‘Happy Birthday’ as well.

She walked back over to her mother and Moira leaned down so that her daughter could whisper in her ear, “Mommy, can I tell them about the baby?”

Moira smiled and nodded at her.

“Mommy having a baby!” Livy said happily, nearly jumping up and down again.

They all shared looks of surprise before David asked, “Another one?”

Alexis looked shocked as well, but then said, “Wow! Really?”

Moira and Johnny nodded with wide smiles.

Moira added, “That’s what Livy wanted for her birthday...a little brother or sister…”

“Oh my goodness! That’s great, Mr. and Mrs. Rose…,” Patrick said, hugging them both, and then Olivia sweetly.

Ted smiled at them and said, “Yeah! Congratulations!”

They thanked them both, then looked back at their older children’s faces.

“Four kids?” David asked with concern in his voice.

Moira nodded and said, “I’s a lot to think about...but it’s going to be worth it…,” cuddling Olivia close.

Johnny wrapped an arm around his wife and littlest daughter, smiling at them lovingly.

Clint and Marcy arrived next, then Twyla and Mutt, Bob, and the Jazzagals. More and more people kept piling in. The present stack was growing and growing by the minute…

“Aunt Marcy and Uncle Clint!” Livy said happily, running over to greet them.

Marcy scooped Livy up into her arms and hugged her before saying, “Happy Birthday, Livy!”

They grinned at her as she said excitedly, “Mommy having a baby!”

Moira looked at her daughter and then at Clint and Marcy, smiling lightly. She figured Livy would tell as many people as she could at the party. She was just so excited…

“Oh, wow!” Clint and Marcy both said before congratulating Moira and Johnny.

“Thank you…,” they both smiled, hugging them both.

Before they knew it, everyone at the party knew about the new baby coming. They were all so happy and excited.

Johnny and Moira couldn’t be happier with all of the support they were endlessly given...they had the greatest family and friends...

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Eileen finally arrived from Ireland.

“Hello, my darlings!” she said, hugging Johnny, Moira, David, Alexis, Patrick, and Ted.

They greeted her with wide smiles.

“So sorry I am late. My flight was delayed…” Eileen explained.

“No problem, mother. Glad you’re here!” Moira said happily.

“Where’s my granddaughter?!” she asked excitedly, setting her present down on the table.

Livy ran over to her grandmother like clockwork, and Eileen scooped her into her arms.

“Happy Birthday, Livy bear!” she said after kissing her cheeks.

“Thank you, grandma…mommy having a baby!” Livy exclaimed.

Eileen smiled even more as she said happily, “Wow! How exciting! You’re going to be a big sister!”

“I am!” Olivia said proudly, before hopping down to feel her mother’s stomach.

“I thought you were glowing, dear…,” Eileen told her daughter before kissing her cheek and softly rubbing her stomach.

She kissed Johnny’s cheek again as well, congratulating them both.

Rocky came over to get some love as well, kissing Livy and making her giggle.

Eileen pet him and said, “I know…I missed you, too…”

“Livy, want to go play?” Twyla and Alexis asked the three-year-old.

“Sure!” Livy said excitedly, pressing a kiss against Moira’s stomach and joining Twyla and Alexis.

Moira let her go play and talked to her mother for a little while.

After some food and games, everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Olivia before having some cake and opening some presents.

Livy had so much fun playing Twister, ping-pong, and soccer. She loved sports just like Johnny and Patrick…

“Great kick, Livy!” Johnny said as she put the ball in the net.

Moira smiled at her daughter, admiring her skill at such a young age.

It was such a fun-filled day.

Livy felt like the luckiest little girl in the world…and she couldn’t wait for her baby brother or sister to come into the world…

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The day after Livy’s third birthday, she awoke first. She walked to her parents’ bedroom and jumped on their bed, waking them up immediately.

“Good morning!” Olivia exclaimed with a grin.

Johnny giggled at his daughter and pulled her into a hug, and Moira shook her head at Livy’s decision to pounce onto their bed.

“Can we play with my new toys?” the three-year-old asked.

Johnny replied, “After breakfast, you want me to make you some eggs? Maybe we can make some tea for mommy?”

Livy nodded and took her father’s hand to walk to the kitchen, Moira smiling at them sweetly.

When breakfast was ready, Johnny and Olivia brought Moira her tea and some eggs.

“Thank you…,” Moira told them.

They all ate breakfast together in bed, careful not to make a mess.

“Mommy, why you eating so fast?” Livy asked her mother, noticing the fast speed in which Moira was devouring her breakfast.

Moira looked embarrassed and Johnny said with a grin, “Mommy is hungry...and she has to eat more for the baby…”

Livy nodded and asked, “Baby in mommy’s tummy? Why can’t I see it?”

Johnny responded, “Yes, the baby is small right now…”

Moira added, “But you will be able to see it, soon...I’ll be huge…”

Johnny smirked and said, “Pregnant, sweetheart...not huge…”

Livy nodded and said, “I finished my breakfast...can I go play now?”

They nodded at her, smiling as she quietly walked to her room.

Johnny grabbed Moira’s hand and asked, “You feeling okay?”

Moira said, “I’m fine...just feeling tired…”

“Maybe go back to sleep? I can go play with Livy for a while…,” Johnny offered.

She smiled and said, “Thank you, John…”

He nodded and kissed her forehead as she laid back down, falling asleep shortly after.

Johnny entered his daughter’s room and smiled at the sight of her playing with her birthday presents.

“Daddy, play teddies with me?” she asked angelically.

He smiled and sat down next to her, taking one of the stuffed animals.

“This teddy is pregnant…,” Livy said with a giggle.

Johnny laughed softly, “Really?”

Livy nodded, “Yes...has a baby in her tummy…”

He smiled and laughed again at her sense of humor. She had definitely inherited her comedic skills from her mother…

They played for a while...

Johnny wanted to give Moira as much resting time as possible, especially after the big day the day before.

It was a busy, yet fun weekend.

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One day, Alexis decided to take Olivia to lunch so that Johnny and Moira could have some time together.

Livy asked Alexis if they could go to Café Tropical and she couldn’t refuse.

Alexis pulled up to the house and Livy ran to the door, seeing her big sister put the window.

“Lexis here!” Livy exclaimed happily.

She greeted her with a big hug, and Alexis lifted her up to hug her better. “Hi, Liv! Ready to go to lunch and see Twyla?”

Livy nodded excitedly and leaned down to tell her parents ‘goodbye’, giving them and Rocky some love, as well as rubbing Moira’s stomach gently.

“Be good, Livy…,” Johnny told his youngest.

Livy nodded and took Alexis’ hand.

Moira smiled at them and said with a grin, “Take your rush…”

She was happy to have some alone time with her husband…

Alexis nodded and helped her little sister into the car, buckling her in.

When they were situated, they drove off to Schitt’s Creek.

“Twyla!” Livy shrieked as she went to hug her.

Luckily, she wasn’t in the middle of waiting on any table at the moment.

“Hi, Livy! So good to see you both!” Twyla said with a huge smile.

They sat down at an empty table and Twyla took their orders.

“Coming right up, girls…,” she told them.

Alexis smiled at her little sister and asked, “Are you excited about the new baby, Livy?”

Olivia looked up at her sister and said, “Yes...but worried that mommy won’t play with me anymore…”

Alexis looked her in the eyes and said, “Mommy will still play with you, Livy...she will just have to take care of both of you...mommy loves you very much…”

Livy nodded and moved to hug her big sister, Alexis stroking her hair softly, assuring her that everything would work out.

After lunch, Alexis took Livy for ice cream and play time at the park.

Afterwards, Alexis carried a sleepy Olivia to the car and drove her home.

Johnny came out to carry Livy to bed while Alexis chatted with Moira.

“Did you two have fun, dear?” Moira asked her oldest daughter.

Alexis replied, “We did...but there’s something we need to talk about...Livy is worried that you won’t play with her anymore when the baby arrives...I told her you would, but she seems upset about it…”

Moira nodded, “I see...we’ll talk to her...thank you for informing me, Alexis…”

Alexis hugged her and then Johnny when he came back out.

They waved as she drove off, going back into the house.

After Livy’s nap, Moira came in to talk to her.

“Hi, mommy…”

Moira sat down next to her daughter and said, “Hi, darling…come here…”

Livy climbed into her mother’s lap, allowing Moira to cuddle her as she said, “I just want you to know that I will still be able to play with you, even after the baby will always be my baby girl...and I love you very much…”

Livy smiled and squeezed her mother softly. “I love you, too, mommy…”

Moira kissed her cheek and Livy booped her nose, causing Moira to giggle.

Johnny heard the last part of their conversation and stood in the doorway with a soft smile. He was so proud of Moira…

He came over to join the hug, wrapping his arms around them.

Chapter Text

Moira was due for her first appointment at the baby doctor, so she wanted someone to babysit Olivia in order for Johnny to be able to go with her.

Alexis and Ted had been babysitting for them a lot, so she decided to sweet talk David and Patrick.

Patrick didn’t require much persuasion at all, but David still wasn’t too keen when it came to babysitting. Patrick convinced him that it would be fine.

Moira and Johnny dropped Livy off at their house on the way to the doctor.

“Be good for David and Patrick…,” Moira told her daughter, kissing her forehead.

“Yes, mommy…,” Livy said with a nod.

“Thanks, you two...we really appreciate it…,” Johnny told them.

David nodded and Patrick said, “No problem at all. It will be fun!”

Johnny smiled at them before hugging and kissing his daughter, and they were on their way.

Johnny and Moira walked hand in hand as they entered the building.

He could tell Moira was nervous, so he gently squeezed her hand and said, “It will be fine, sweetheart…”

She nodded to herself as they walked through the doors.

Once they were situated, the nurse waved the wand over the gel on Moira’s stomach, and the picture appeared on the screen.

“There’s the heartbeat...very strong…,” the nurse said with a smile.

Johnny and Moira smiled as they watched and listened to their baby.

Their eyes filled with tears of joy.

They couldn’t wait to meet him or her…

Meanwhile, Olivia was keeping David and Patrick busy.

David watched as Patrick played soccer in the back yard with Livy, admiring how good Patrick was with her. Patrick was so good with kids.

“Great shot, Liv!” David yelled, acting like he was interested in the game…

After soccer, Patrick gave Livy some ice cream and strawberries. She loved strawberries just like her mother. She would put them on everything if she could.

They had a great time babysitting and Olivia had a great time as well.

Johnny and Moira arrived back at the house to retrieve Olivia.

“Mommy! Daddy!” Livy exclaimed, hopping down from Patrick’s arms to come greet her parents.

They hugged and kissed her before thanking the boys for watching her.

“Pictures of the baby?” Livy asked her parents, seeing the ultrasound photos in Johnny’s hand.

“Yes…,” Johnny said, showing her a picture. “There’s the head and the body…”

“It so tiny!” Livy said in awe.

“Yes…,” they all said.

Patrick smiled as he looked at the photo as well.

“Well, we should head back, now...little Rose needs a nap…,” Johnny said, picking up his sleepy daughter.

They thanked them again and headed back home.

Chapter Text

One morning, Olivia awoke, looking out her window to see tons of falling snow. The yard was full of it.

She wanted to play in it, so she went to get her parents.

Livy opened the door to their bedroom.

“Eww!” she shrieked, seeing her parents kissing each other.

Moira quickly rolled off Johnny, sitting up against the headboard.

Johnny sat up as well, smirking as he did so.

“Good morning…,” they said, smiling at their daughter.

The three-year-old climbed onto their bed to give them hugs and kisses, Rocky coming in to get some love as well.

“Snow outside!” Livy said excitedly. “Can we play?”

“Of course, sweetheart...go and get your snow boots and coat…,” Johnny said, looking back over at Moira as Livy climbed down to gather her snow attire.

Moira met Johnny's gaze, and he pulled her back into his kiss.

“We still have a few minutes…,” he said friskily.

Moira’s lips parted and she said, “Jonathan Rose! We do not...why don’t you go help Livy?”

He smirked, planting a kiss on her neck.

She bit her lip and said, “To be continued, Mr. Rose…,” hopping off the bed and going to make her tea.

Johnny nodded with a smile and went to help Olivia.

Moira bundled up in warm clothing before taking her tea to stand outside while she watched Johnny, Olivia, and Rocky play together.

She snapped a few photos, smiling at them as she did so.

“Mommy! I making a snow angel…,” Livy grinned, rolling around in the snow.

“Excellent work, darling…,” Moira smiled at her warmly.

She laughed hard after Olivia threw a snowball at her father, making him giggle at her.

“Why?!” he asked with a laugh.

They were having a blast.

Afterwards, they ate breakfast and got ready for the day.

Chapter Text

“Mommy...I can’t sleep…,” Livy said with tears in her eyes as she climbed onto her parents’ bed.

Johnny and Moira awoke instantly, seeing how upset their daughter was.

She normally did very well sleeping in her room in her own bed, but some nights were difficult.

Moira outstretched her arms and said, “Oh...come here, angel…,” cuddling her against her chest.

Johnny smiled as Moira stroked Livy’s hair and rocked her back to sleep.

She sang a few songs to her, soothing her as she drifted away.

Johnny smiled at the sight of his sleeping daughter. He was so proud of Moira...she was a great mother...

He gently picked Olivia up and carried her back to her bed, placing her down, tucking her in, and kissing her forehead softly.

Moira waited patiently for him to return to bed.

He did, and she snuggled into his chest, relaxing into the moment.

“I love you…goodnight...,” Moira said in a whisper.

He whispered back, “I love you, too, sweetheart...sleep well…,” before gently placing his hand on her stomach, telling his unborn child ‘goodnight’ as well.

She smiled, placing a hand over his, and both of them returned to dreamland shortly after...

Chapter Text

One night, Moira couldn’t sleep.

Johnny, Olivia, and Rocky were sleeping peacefully, but Moira was frustrated. Her cravings were increasing, so she walked quietly to the kitchen to gather some snacks.

After grabbing a few items, she climbed back into bed to eat them.

Johnny awoke, seeing her shoving her mouth full of food, unabashedly eating her snacks.

He smirked as she noticed he was watching and she quickly refrained from eating any more food. She felt so embarrassed…

“I thought you were sleeping…,” Moira said with irritance.

Johnny responded, “I just woke up all of a sudden...are you okay?”

She shook her head, “I’m starving...these cravings are absolutely insane, John…”

He grabbed a Dorito, quickly earring it before she could rip it from his grasp, making her scowl in annoyance. “Johnny! They are mine!”

He quickly said, “Shhh...Olivia’s still asleep, honey...we don’t want to wake her…”

Moira rolled her eyes and resumed eating, letting Johnny eat a few chips here and there.

Olivia predictably entered their room, climbing into bed with her parents.

“Mommy...why you eating this late?” the three-year-old queried.

Moira never ate this late at night, but she couldn’t help having cravings.

She blushed slightly and Johnny said, “Mommy’s just having a midnight snack…”

“Can I have some?” Livy asked rather angelically, trying to sweet-talk her parents.

“Just a few…,” Johnny said, making Moira glare at him. “But then you must return to your’s late, young lady…”

Moira and Johnny giggled as their daughter gobbled down a few Doritos and then took a sip of water on the nightstand.

“Night night, mommy...night night, daddy…,” Livy hugged and kissed her parents sweetly.

They smiled as she went back to bed before finishing off the Doritos and trying to catch some sleep.

Chapter Text

Back in L.A., the weather was fairly decent for February, not too hot at all.

Moira had the day off from work, but had to babysit Olivia and Rocky while Johnny was at a meeting that day.

After breakfast, Johnny kissed and hugged his girls and pet Rocky before leaving.

“Be good for mommy…,” he said, making eye contact with his daughter.

Livy nodded in agreement before going to play with her toys.

Moira sat back on the sofa in the living room, relaxing as she sipped her tea.

But after about ten minutes, she felt nauseous and rushed to the bathroom.

Livy came to the door, hearing her mother in distress. “Mommy, you okay?”

Moira nodded and quickly exited the bathroom, taking Livy’s hand. “I’m okay, darling…”

They sat down on the couch and Moira took a few sips of water.

Livy brushed a few strands of hair out of Moira’s face, giving her a kiss on the cheek after.

Moira smiled lovingly at her and kissed her cheek softly. “Thank you, baby…”

“I’m not a baby…,” Olivia said seriously.

Moira grinned and said, “No matter how much you grow, you will always be my bébé…”

Livy hugged her and then moved her head down to Moira’s stomach.

“Baby is small?” she queried.

Moira nodded, “Yes, but it’s getting tummy will keep growing…”

Livy placed a kiss against Moira’s bump softly, softly whispering some sweet words.

Moira grinned with a tear in her eye, overwhelmed by how sweet her daughter was. She couldn’t wait for her to meet her little brother or sister.

After lunch, Moira painted her nails and then Olivia’s, before putting her down for a nap.

She sang her to sleep and then went to rest for a while and study her script.

Then, she turned on some older seasons of “Sunrise Bay” to enjoy.

Johnny arrived back home that afternoon, happy to see that his girls were getting along nicely. He knew they did most of the time, but he wasn’t sure how Olivia would act when he wasn’t there...but overall, she behaved great.

“Daddy!” Livy exclaimed, running into her daddy’s arms with a smile.

“Hi, honey…,” Johnny smiled, kissing her cheek.

Moira walked up to him and fell into his embrace as he kissed and hugged her as well.

“How was the meeting?” Moira asked.

“Great...a lot was accomplished…,” Johnny answered.

“Did little Rose behave while I was gone?” he asked.

Moira nodded and said, “Oh, yes...she was very well behaved…”

Johnny smiled at his youngest and the back at Moira. “Great…”

Then, they all decided to take a walk on the beach before deciding on dinner plans.

Chapter Text

It was a Friday afternoon and Olivia and Johnny decided to bring Moira lunch and surprise her on her break.

She had an hour, so it would provide them enough time to eat and visit with her.

After Johnny and Livy bought her favorite foods, they drove up to her work.

Livy knocked on Moira’s door as they waited for her to answer.

“Hello, my darlings! What a delightful surprise…,” she said happily, hugging and kissing them both and letting them inside.

She still had her costume on, red wig, doctor coat, and all…

She removed her coat and wig, blonde locks falling down.

“We brought your favorites…,” Johnny said.

Moira became even more excited. “Is it food?”

He smirked at her and nodded, “Yep, all of your favorites…”

She smiled with excitement as she took the bag and began to pull out the food.

“I’m starving…,” she said before beginning to eat her lunch.

They joined her and Johnny tried not to giggle as she hobbled down her food.

“Don’t want you to choke, mommy…,” Olivia said with caution, eyeing up her mother.

Moira rolled her eyes and said, “I know…”

Finally, Moira asked, “What have you two been up to?”

Livy answered, “Played at beach, with dolls, and daddy painted my nails…,” showing her mother her newly painted nails.

“Oh, wow...haven’t you two been positively entertained today…,” Moira said, surprised that Johnny painted his daughter’s nails.

“They match yours…,” Livy said proudly, placing her tiny hand next to her mother’s.

“They do!” Moira grinned. “Very tasteful…”

“I appreciate you both for bringing me lunch…,” she said.

“No problem, sweetheart...I’m glad we could…,” Johnny smiled.

She hugged and kissed them both again, and they headed back to the beach house.

The weekend had almost arrived...

Chapter Text

Moira was about four months pregnant and her belly was making it harder for her to fit into her clothes once again.

She awoke early, one Saturday morning, irritated and very sore.

“John...I’m so sore...and I’m swelling up like a balloon…,” Moira said as dramatically as possible.

Johnny sat up next to her and said, “You look beautiful, sweetheart...and I can get you some ice and tea right now…”

He kissed her as she smiled thankfully at him. He was always so good to her.

She kissed him quickly before he went to the kitchen.

Olivia came in after her father, climbing up onto the bed to give her mother a hug and kiss, Moira wincing from the pain as her daughter nearly jumped onto her lap.

“Good morning, mama…,” Livy smiled up at her mother.

Moira smiled, “Good morning, darling…”

“Why your tummy getting so big?” the three-year-old asked curiously.

Moira frowned but answered, “The baby in my tummy keeps growing...just like you are growing...”

Livy nodded, placing a hand on her stomach carefully. “I can feel the baby…”

Moira smiled and said, “Yes…”

Livy cuddled into her mother for a while, occasionally rubbing her stomach.

Moira let her without complaint, but wished she wasn’t being touched so often to be honest.

Johnny came back a couple minutes later, smiling at his girls.

“Good morning, daddy…,” Olivia smiled, hopping up to hug her father.

“Good morning, honey…,” Johnny smiled, squeezing his daughter gently.

“Baby growing in mommy’s tummy...I growing, too…,” Livy said proudly.

Johnny and Moira smiled and nodded at her.

“That’s true…,” Johnny said. “Livy, want to take Rocky for a walk with me while mommy rests?”

Livy nodded and took her father’s hand, ready to go on a walk.

Moira hugged and kissed them both before they left and enjoyed her time all to herself…

Chapter Text

The next day, Moira invited David over, since he came up to California with Patrick for the weekend, in order to peruse the online shopping world. Moira’s bump was increasing in size, and she wanted to find a few more comfortable outfits.

She still had some clothing from when she was pregnant with Olivia, but she wanted a few more to select from (particularly more designer brands).

David arrived around eleven a.m., ready for action.

“David...I’m so gleeridden that you could accompany me today…,” Moira said, happy to see her son.

David nodded with a small smile and said, “Of course…”

She led him inside and they both took a seat in the living room.

David smirked at how long it took his mother to find a comfortable position to rest on the couch.

She finally settled in and he opened her laptop.

“So...are we feeling any of these?” he asked her, showing her a few rows of clothes on the laptop, scrolling down slowly.

Moira sighed, “What about that one?” she asked, pointing at a long black and white dress with polka dots.

David nodded, “I like that one...okay...added to cart…”

She smiled, intrigued by online shopping, already. It was entirely new to her, but she was looking forward to utilizing it more often…

David showed her a few more and Moira said, “Oh, no thank you…”

He smirked at her and helped her select a couple more outfits.

After they were done shopping, they decided to have some lemonade and relax out by the pool.

They smiled at the sight of Johnny playing with Olivia in the newly-built, inground pool.

Livy noticed that her mother and David were outside and said, “Hi, David!”

He smiled at her and greeted her as well.

“Mommy, you should come in!” Livy exclaimed.

Moira smiled and said, “Maybe next time, honey…”

She smiled at her mother with a nod.

“Did you two find some new clothes?” Johnny asked hopefully.

“We did…,” David said contently.

“Good deal…,” Johnny nodded with a smile.

It was a great day, especially since Moira would have more clothing variety very soon...

Chapter Text

One day, Johnny was playing in the pool again with Olivia. They wanted Moira to join them.

Given that it was an afternoon rather than a morning, Johnny thought it was the best time to ask her.

Moira smiled as she finished off her tea and sat down on the lounge chair on the deck.

“Mommy! Come in!” Livy exclaimed at her mother.

Moira shrugged and said, “Okay...let me go change…”

Johnny and Livy smiled at Moira as she went to put a swimsuit on.

After adjusting her swimsuit a few times, she decided she was ready to go.

With a sigh, she made her way to the pool deck, and carefully walked down the steps into the pool.

Johnny grinned at her and brought Olivia over to her. “She wants to show you what she just learned…”

Livy beamed, “I can float on my back, mommy!”

Moira smiled as she showed her and said, “Look at you! Great job!”

Livy smiled and swam closer to her mother, clinging onto her and hugging her tightly.

Johnny smirked, seeing how tightly Livy was holding onto Moira.

He grabbed her gently and said, “Let’s let mommy relax, now…”

Moira smiled thankfully at him and laid back on one of the flotation devices.

Johnny smiled at her lovingly, secretly wanting to snap a photograph of her at that moment...maybe another time…

After some relaxing time, Moira took Olivia from Johnny, twirling her around, making her giggle.

“Show mommy how you can swim, Livy…,” Johnny said, proud of his daughter.

Moira watched close by as Livy used her water wings as she swam to her mother.

She giggled excitedly as Moira scooped her up and said, “Awesome job,’re a skilled swimmer…”

Livy smiled back at her mother before hugging her sweetly.

Moira joined the fun in the pool after all...

Chapter Text

Moira was eighteen weeks pregnant, and she honestly couldn’t believe she was nearly half way through her pregnancy.

Saturday afternoon, Moira was awaiting Johnny’s presence as he was almost done with an online meeting.

Olivia and Rocky were with Ted and Alexis for the afternoon, so Moira was thrilled to have her husband all to herself.

She decided to dress up and surprise him when he was done.

After trying on a few different outfits, she finally decided on one.

After finishing her hair, touching up her makeup, and spraying just a hint of perfume, she decided she was ready.

She sat back on the couch, relaxing as she waited for him.

Finally, he wrapped up the meeting and came out to see Moira lounging on the couch.

“Well hello, you…,” Moira said lowly, excited to have him alone.

He smiled widely and said, “Hi…what did I do to deserve this?,” sitting down on the couch with her.

She inched closer and pulled him into an embrace, kissing him sweetly.

After a few kisses, Moira felt a fluttering feeling inside, realizing that her little one was making themself known…

She broke their kisses and said, “Our bébé is moving…”

She placed a hand on her bump and he wrapped his fingers through hers, still holding her close.

They smiled at each other and then down at her bump lovingly.

“He’s so mobile…,” Moira commented.

Johnny gave her a look and said, “He? How do you know?”

She smirked and said, “I just know…”

“What if it’s a girl?” he asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Then I will love her just the same...but I’ve always wanted two sons…,” she admitted.

He smiled and squeezed her other hand gently, saying, “I’m happy either way…”

She saw the loving expression in his eyes and pulled him into another kiss, smiling as well.

They knew they were going to be happy no matter what the baby turned out to be...

Chapter Text

Spring was in the air and Johnny, Moira, Olivia, and Rocky went back to Elmdale for Moira’s break from shooting for a week.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

After they unpacked everything and were situated, Johnny tried to figure out lunch plans.

“What sounds good for lunch?” Johnny asked Moira and Olivia.

“Ice cream!” Livy exclaimed with a giggle.

“Nice try, young lady…,” Johnny said while Moira smirked.

“What if we call the kids to see if they want to have a picnic outside?” he asked thoughtfully.

“Picnic with Lexis, Ted, Stevie, David, and Patrick!” Livy said happily.

“Great idea…,” Moira said delightfully.

Everyone arrived for the picnic and got situated outside in the backyard.

“I wanna sit by Lexis…,” Livy said, running over to her big sister.

Moira grinned as she admired her two girls together. She couldn’t wait to see how Livy and her little brother or sister coming soon would be together…

She smiled to herself again as she felt the baby move again, placing a hand on her bump.

“Geez, David...don’t take the whole tray!” Alexis jabbed at her brother.

Patrick and Stevie smirked at them as they continued to enjoy their lunch as David kept piling his plate full of food.

Livy noticed what David was doing and shouted, “No more food, David! Mommy need to eat more for the baby…”

They all giggled and smiled at her.

“Mommy has plenty...don’t worry, Liv…,” David said.

Moira glared at him before getting her dessert. “Your sister is correct...I am eating for more than one, David…”

“Okay...we’re all okay...let’s just finish our lunch…,” Johnny said.

Livy mimicked, “We’re all okay…”

They all smiled at her in agreement.

It was a lovely afternoon...

Chapter Text

Moira’s birthday was approaching and Johnny wanted to plan something special for her. Johnny figured he would ask David to handle decorations and Alexis to handle the guest list.

One afternoon, Moira had a lunch and shopping date with Marcy in Elmdale.

Moira had been stressed lately, and she wanted to meet Marcy one weekend when she was off from work.

“You look stunning as always…,” Johnny said, wrapping his arms around her midsection as she looked in the mirror at her outfit.

She shook her head and kissed him and Olivia before she left.

Lunch was going great.

They talked for a while, catching up on things and talking about the baby.

“What do you think this one will be?” Marcy asked with a smile.

“I think it’s a boy…,” Moira said, adamant that this child was a boy.

Marcy grinned, smiling down at Moira’s growing bump.

They arrived at the shoe shop in Elmdale. Moira needed more comfortable and safe footwear, even if she never would admit it…Johnny didn’t want her to stumble or fall.

Her feet were swelling up more, and it frustrated her that they prevented her from wearing the majority of her shoes.

“How about these?” Marcy asked, holding up a pair of wedge heels.

Moira nodded, “I like them…”

She tried them on and they fit perfectly.

After they both found some shoes, they decided to go back to the house and relax.

“Would you like some tea?” Moira asked Marcy, grabbing the tea kettle and adjusting it on the stove.

“Sure...thank you…,” Marcy smiled.

They sat outside to drink their tea, enjoying the gorgeous spring weather.

Chapter Text

Johnny smiled sweetly at the sight of Moira still sleeping peacefully.

He brushed a strand of hair away from her face as he waited for her to wake up.

“Good morning…,” she said as she awoke and met his gaze.

“Happy Birthday…,” he said, pulling her into a kiss.

She smiled but then grimaced, “Thank you...but I’m another year older…”

He giggled silently and said, “You look incredible, sweetheart...age is just a number…”

Moira smiled again, tearing up slightly. She had been very emotional...

He smiled at her sweetly, holding her close.

Olivia came in, running to the bed and climbing on it next to her parents, holding a small piece of paper in one hand.

“Happy Birthday, Mommy!” Livy said sweetly, hugging Moira tightly and giving her the card.

“Thank you, darling...I love you so much…,” Moira said, cuddling her daughter even more.

“I love you…,” Livy said with a huge grin.

Johnny smiled at them, admiring how sweet they looked together.

Eileen was about to arrive from Ireland, and the rest of the Roses were going to come over later for the party. It was a surprise, so Moira had no idea.

Johnny and Olivia made Moira breakfast and brought it to her in bed.

After they ate breakfast, they decided to get ready for the big day.

Chapter Text

“Would you like to go for a short walk, sweetheart? It’s such a beautiful day…,” Johnny said.

Moira lifted her head at the suggestion and nodded, “I’d love to…”

“I’ll go get Livy ready?” she asked, standing up slowly.

He said, “Alexis is almost here...she wanted to babysit...we can have some alone time if you would like that…”

Moira smiled and said, “Yes…”

“Happy Birthday, mom…,” Alexis said, hugging her mother.

“Thank you, dear…,” Moira said with a smile. “Be good for Alexis…,” she added, making eye-contact with her youngest daughter.

“I’ll be good for Lexis…,” Livy said seriously.

Then, Johnny and Moira left for their walk.

“This is so beautiful…,” Moira said in awe as she took in the nature surrounding them.

Johnny nodded, “Not nearly as beautiful as you…”

She grinned and met his lips in a tender kiss.

“I love you…,” she whispered.

“I love you, Moira…,” he said softly.

After they were done walking, they made their way back to the house.

Everyone had arrived for the small party, and Johnny was ready to reveal the surprise.

“Close your eyes, sweetheart…,” Johnny said with a grin.

Moira looked at him in wonder and closed her eyes as he led her through the door...

Chapter Text

“Happy Birthday!” everyone said with smiles as Johnny led Moira through the doorway, eyes finally uncovered.

“Oh my delightful!” Moira said, tears filling her eyes.

After some lunch and cake, Eileen came over to chat with Moira.

“How are you feeling, dear?” she asked.

Moira nodded, “I’m well, thank you…”

“You look gorgeous…,” Eileen added, smiling and placing a hand on her bump for a moment.

Moira smiled thankfully and hugged her again.

“I’m glad you’re here…,” she said sincerely.

“Of course I’m’re my baby girl…,” Eileen said, squeezing her hand softly.

After some games and more chatting, everyone went home.

Moira was exhausted and ready for her afternoon nap…

“Thank you for doing all of this, and the kids...I cannot express how much this meant to me…,” she said, kissing his cheek.

Johnny smiled, “It was our pleasure, deserve it...sleep well, honey…”

He kissed her cheek softly after she laid down in bed, ready to catch some rest.

She grinned and made herself comfortable, dozing off shortly after.

Moira was so touched that Johnny and the kids planned all of this for her…

It was a birthday to remember for sure...

Chapter Text

Johnny and Moira had been discussing preschool options for Olivia.

Hey could hardly believe she was three already, and knew she should begin school in the fall.

It was four months until the school year, so they knew they were running out of time.

Moira decided that she would not be a main character on “Sunrise Bay”, but consider doing some guest appearances for the future seasons.

With the new baby on the way, she figured the transition would be for the best.

Tippy understood, agreeing that her family was the most important thing.

That morning, Moira began her day with some tea.

She sat outside on the patio, enjoying the sight and sound of the waves crashing and falling.

Johnny came out to join her, pleased that Olivia was still sleeping in bed.

“Good morning, sweetheart…,” he said, kissing Moira softly.

“Good morning, Mr. Rose…”

“What a beautiful morning…,” Johnny said, sitting down and wrapping an arm around her.

“Indeed…,” Moira whispered, basking in the beauty of the sea.

After a few minutes, Johnny said, “So, about the preschool thing…when do you want to take Livy to look at schools?”

Moira sighed, “Yes…the day is fastly approaching…I cannot believe our baby is growing up…”

She began to tear up, so Johnny pulled her closer, swaying her slowly.

“I know, sweetheart…but she’s still little…she’ll always be our baby girl…I can’t wait to meet this one…,” he said with a smile, rubbing her stomach softly.

Moira smiled and nodded, cuddling up to him.

Everything was going to be alright. Moira knew she would be okay as long as Johnny was by her side…

Chapter Text

Next week, Johnny and Moira decided to take Olivia to look at the preschool in Elmdale.

It wasn’t actually too far from their house there, maybe ten minutes.

“Okay, Livy…we’re going to look at preschool now…,” Johnny told his daughter, helping her into her car seat and buckling her in.

“Don’t want to go to school yet…” Livy admitted, glancing out the window.

“School will be fun, darling…you will make all kinds of friends and learn new things…,” Moira said, trying to convince her that she would like it.

Livy said with a smile, “Want to make friends…”

They smiled at her and nodded, “You will…”

Finally, they arrived at the Elmdale preschool and got Olivia out of the car and ready to go.

“Your dress is a bit rumpled, Livy…let me fix that…,” Moira said, smoothing over her dress, trying to fix the ruffles.

Johnny helped Moira stand back up, both of them
taking one of Livy’s hands as they walked inside.

One of the teachers met them at the door, smiling as they walked in.

“Hi! You must be the Rose family! Nice to meet you! I’m Ms. Carter!”

They all shook her hand and introduced themselves.

“You must be Olivia…” the woman grinned widely.

“I’m Livy…and I’m going to be a big sister…,” Livy said, hugging her mother’s leg.

“That’s awesome. Congratulations!” the teacher said.

They thanked her and followed her around as she began the tour of the classroom and school.

Preschool was done for the day, so it wasn’t too crowded.

“Mommy! Look at all those pictures!” Livy said excitedly, pointing at the colorful pictures on the wall.

“I know…so cool!” Moira smiled, pleased with her daughter’s newfound excitement for the idea of school.

“There’s lots of toys, too…,” Ms. Carter said with a grin, seeing Livy’s excited face.

“I like to play with my dollies and teddies…,” Livy said sweetly.

The tour wrapped up and they thanked the teacher for her time.

Walking back to the car, Olivia said, “Carry me, daddy…”

Johnny nodded and picked her up, holding her close as they walked to the car.

He buckled her in the seat and drove them home.

Livy had fallen asleep in the back seat on the way home.

Moira smiled back at her, admiring her sleeping, angelic face. “I think she liked it…”

Johnny nodded, “I know she did…she’ll love it…”

They found a great preschool so close to home…

Chapter Text

“Mommy? Are you okay?” Olivia asked her mother, running into her bedroom.

She found Moira laying in bed, face buried in a pillow.

Moira rolled over on her side, nodding at her daughter. “Mommy is fine...she’s just a little tired…”

Livy hopped onto the bed and cuddled her mother. “You don’t look fine, mommy...are you sad?”

Moira replied, “I am fine...I just need some time…”

Livy dried her mother’s tears and brushed a few strands away from her face.

“I love you…,” she said in a whisper.

Moira grinned and said, “I love you, darling…”

Johnny came in, seeing the two of them sharing an adorable moment.

“Daddy, mommy is a little sad...she needs time…,” the three-year-old said honestly.

Johnny nodded, “Okay...why don’t you go play with your toys, honey...I’ll be there in a little bit…”

Livy nodded and went to play with her toys.

Johnny sat down slowly on the bed next to Moira and asked, “You okay, sweetheart?”

Moira sat up so that she could lean against his side, clutching onto him as if her life depended on it.

“I’m just a little emotional, today...I need my medicine...why am I even pregnant right now?” she said.

Johnny said, “Darling, we have each’s all going to work out...I promise...Livy is going to be a big sister before we know it…”

They smiled at each other and Moira nodded.

“’s the hormones…,” she said.

Johnny nodded, “It’s okay, honey...I love you…”

“I love you, too…,” Moira said, wiping a few tears away.

“He or she is moving again…,” she said, smiling down at her stomach.

Johnny smiled, lacing his fingers through hers.

They were going to be fine.

It was all going to work out...

Chapter Text

One weekend when Johnny, Moira, Olivia, and Rocky were in Elmdale, they thought about some fun activities the family could do together.

“Mommy! Lexis, David, Ted, and Patrick are here!” Livy exclaimed happily, running to the door after looking out the window.

“Yay!” Moira smiled, holding her back as she stood from the couch.

Johnny answered the door, smiling at all of them.

They all hugged for a moment before getting comfortable inside.

“We brought some snacks from the store…,” David smiled.

“That’s good news…,” Moira smiled, excited about the food.

“But you can’t eat them all…,” David said with a smirk.

Moira smirked back and said, “You’re not the one who’s almost seven months pregnant, David…”

They all giggled and sat down on the couch, ready to begin the movie.

Everyone got comfortable on the couches and chairs, smiling as Livy helped her father with the DVD player. She even knew he was bad with electronics.

“I got this, daddy…,” Livy said with concentration.

“Thanks, Livy…,” Johnny smiled, letting her take over.

“How can Liv do that, and you can’t?” Alexis asked surprisingly, smirking at her dad.

Johnny gave her a look of annoyance and then smiled as Livy got the movie up and running smoothly.

Her mother had shown her how to do it a few days before...Moira was impressed that she had remembered the steps.

Livy snuggled up with Alexis, Moira smiling affectionately at both of her girls as they sat together.

Johnny wrapped his arms around Moira softly, resting his hands on her bump, smiling to himself as he felt the baby kick.

“Look at that doggy!” Livy said happily, pointing at the screen. “Looks like Rocky!”

“Yes it does…,” Moira said with a grin, smiling at her daughter and then Rocky resting below her feet.

They all had a great time as a family.

Chapter Text

It was a warm day in May, and the family came down to Los Angeles to the beach house for the weekend.

Everyone was told by Olivia to bring their swimwear for a pool party. Johnny and Moira couldn’t resist.

“David! Lexis!” Livy shrieked, smiling from the pool as her father tried to contain her in his arms.

“Let her swim, John...she has water wings…,” Moira chided, wanting her to learn how to swim with less assistance.

“Want to show them how I can swim…,” Livy said, wriggling free from her father’s tight grasp.

Livy swam over to the other side of the pool to where her older siblings were.

“Awesome job, Livy!” Ted smiled.

Finally, everyone was in the pool except for Moira.

“Mommy! Come swim with me…,” Livy said, smiling at her mother.

“I look like a watermelon…,” Moira groaned, holding the towel around her body.

“You look stunning as always, Moira...please?” Johnny said sweetly, meaning every word.

“’re gorgeous…,” Alexis added.

Moira smiled and finally got into the pool.

Johnny helped her onto one of the flotation devices so that she could lay down.

“Wanna lay down with mommy…,” Livy said, trying to reach her mother.

Alexis took Livy and said, “Let’s allow mommy to rest…”

David tried his best to avoid being splashed, but Livy managed to splash him a couple times, making everyone laugh.

“Why me?!” David asked irritatingly.

“She’s three years old, David…,” Johnny said defensively.

“Splash Alexis…,” David said with a smirk.

“Nooo, Daviddd…,” Alexis enunciated with a frown.

After some fun in the pool, they had some dinner.

It was a fun-filled day for sure...

Chapter Text

One evening, Ted and Alexis invited the rest of the family over. They had some news…

After dinner, they decided to break the news.

“Okay...Ted and I are engaged!” Alexis said happily.

“We’ll actually be getting married this time…,” Ted said with a grin, causing Alexis to swat his arm.

She showed them the ring as they took in the news.

“Oh, wow...congratulations, you two!” Johnny said with tears in his eyes, hugging them both.

Moira bursted into tears all of a sudden, overwhelmed with happiness, love, and hormones.

“Oh, mom...don’t cry…,” Alexis said, hugging her.

Moira squeezed her and said, “Congratulations to both of you…”

“Can I be the flower girl?” Livy asked excitedly.

“Yes you can! Just like you were at David and Patrick’s...” Alexis grinned, hugging her little sister.

“I was?” Livy asked.

Alexis nodded, “Yes, you were only one year old...”

David smiled and hugged Alexis. “I’m so happy for you…,” he whispered sincerely.

They all decided to go out and celebrate the news.

Another wedding was in the works...

Chapter Text

June arrived.

Moira completed her final day of filming season two of the “Sunrise Bay” reboot, and she was emotional about it all…

Tippy smiled as Moira made her way over to him.

“Great job, Moira...can’t wait to see it on the big screen! You look radiant…,” he said, hugging her.

She smiled and said, “Thank you...I don’t know how we managed to hide this…,” gesturing at her enlarging stomach through her lab coat.

“Couldn’t even tell…,” Tippy grinned, softly patting her stomach.

She winked and said, “Well...I have to get back to my three-year-old. My son is babysitting and God knows what is going on there…”

He giggled and nodded, “Talk to you soon!”

She nodded, “Absolutely...bye!”

“Mommy!” Olivia shrieked, running over to hug her mother.

“Hi, baby…,” Moira said, scooping her up and kissing her cheeks.

“David did my hair!” Livy said, flipping it around.

“It’s gorgeous, darling!” Moira grinned, smiling at David.

“How was she?” Moira asked curiously.

David shrugged, “Not bad...we had a good time…”

Moira smiled and nodded thankfully.

Johnny arrived home shortly after, hugging them all.

“How was your last day of filming, honey?” he asked.

“Emotional...but I’m excited for the Emmy Awards…,” Moira smiled.

He hugged her again and said, “It’s exciting…”

“But he or she found it quite comical to move all over the place while I was running through my lines…,” she said, shaking her head and rubbing her belly.

Johnny giggled.

“We need to celebrate…,” he said.

“Yes!” Moira said happily.

They all decided to go out to dinner the next day to celebrate.

Chapter Text

One day, Alexis took Moira and Olivia to shop.

“Remember that you have to be on your very best behavior…,” Moira reminded her youngest daughter.

Livy nodded, taking her mother’s hand as the three of them walked into the store.

“Look at this dress, like this one?” Livy asked her older sister with a smile.

“Great choice...yes, I do!” Alexis replied, grabbing the dress.

After they selected a few outfits, they tried them on.

“Mommy...I love my new clothes!” Livy said happily, twirling in the mirror.

“Great!” Moira grinned, patting her daughter’s head.

Next, they selected some shoes.

“What about these cute boots?” Alexis asked, holding one up.

Livy nodded, “Yes!”

They found some adorable outfits for sure…

After the shopping trip, they stopped for ice cream on the way home.

“Mommy...I tired…,” Livy said sleepily, reaching out to be picked up.

Moira carefully lifted her up, holding her close as they walked back to the car.

“Baby moving in your tummy...,” Livy said quietly.

Moira smiled, “Yes…”

They arrived home, and Moira told Alexis ‘goodbye’ before placing Livy in her bed.

It was a fun shopping spree.

Chapter Text

One evening, the family decided to have dinner and hang out together.

Johnny, Patrick, and Ted offered to make dinner since the others dared not to try.

While they made dinner, the others hung out in the pool for a little bit.

Moira laughed as Alexis and Olivia snuck up on David and flipped the tube he was floating on over.

“Oh my god…,” he groaned.

They all giggled.

“Got you, David!” Livy laughed.

“You did…,” David said, repositioning himself on the tube.

Moira smiled at her children as she felt the baby move.

“Can I feel the baby?” Livy asked sweetly, swimming over to her mother.

Moira nodded and allowed her to place a small hand on her bump.

“You both can as well if you wish…,” Moira told her older children.

Alexis smiled, placing a hand in as well.

David shrugged as he thought about it.

“David…you should feel the baby…,” Livy said.

Moira smiled and took his hand, placing it where she could feel the baby kicking in her womb, relaxing against the raft she was floating on.

“Oh wow…,” David said as he felt his sibling moving. “That’s amazing…”

“It really is…,” Moira smiled with a nod.

“I can’t wait for the baby to be here…,” Livy said excitedly.

“Me neither…,” Moira agreed.

After chilling in the pool a little longer, dinner was ready.

David helped Moira out of the pool safely, grabbing her towel.

They all enjoyed dinner together and played in the pool again.

It was a great family day.

Chapter Text

Another week went by and a surprise was almost ready…

The family was in the process of completing the new room for the baby at the Elmdale house, and Moira wasn’t aware. They wanted it to be a surprise.

“Alexis...can you pass me that screw driver?” Patrick asked, kneeling below the crib.

She handed him the tool and resumed what she was doing.

David and Olivia finished stocking the toy box with toys and stuffed animals.

“I picked this teddy out for the baby…,” Livy said with a proud smile.

“Awesome choice…,” David smiled at his little sister.

After they were finished, they all took in the room one last time before going to get Moira.

“Well, this looks great, guys…thank you all…,” Johnny said with a content smile, holding Livy in his arms.

“Tell mommy now?” Livy asked excitedly.

“Yes!” They all smiled happily.

Johnny went out to retrieve Moira, holding her hand as he led her in.

Tears filled her eyes as she took in the view of the newly decorated and furnished room.

“Oh my’s beautiful…,” she said, hugging all of them. “Thank you so, so much…”

They all nodded and smiled at each other.

“This baby will absolutely adore it…,” Moira grinned.

She felt like the luckiest mama in the whole world...

Chapter Text

A few more days went by, and July was just around the corner.

Moira and Johnny decided to keep the gender of the baby unknown until it was born.

It was a hot summer afternoon, and Alexis was helping Moira sort through some baby clothes.

“These are so have to keep these…,” Alexis said, smiling at the onesies she had spread out on the bed.

“I know...I don’t think I can get rid of any of these…,” Moira smiled, folding some outfits neatly.

Alexis got up, feeling nauseous all of a sudden.

“Alexis...are you okay dear?” Moira asked with concern, getting up to help her eldest daughter.

“I’ve just been nauseous lately...and I don’t know why I’m so bloated...ugh…,” Alexis said.

Moira took her to the bathroom and opened up one of the cabinets, removing the box of pregnancy tests.

“Take one…,” Moira ordered, handing Alexis one.

“No way that’s possible...but I’ll take one I guess…,” Alexis grimaced, taking a test.

They waited, holding hands, trying to stay calm.

Moira grinned as she felt the baby kicking, resting her opposite hand on her bump.

The test came back and they both teared up.

“You’re going to be a mother!” Moira said, trying to hold back tears.

“Oh my gosh...what?!” Alexis said in disbelief, yet awe at the same time. “I’m not sure I’m ready for this, yet…”

“You will be...this means I’ll be a grandma…,” Moira said nervously, but squeezed her hand for assurance and comfort. “You need to call the doctor at once…”

Alexis nodded with a smile and pulled Moira into a hug.

They were both surprised about the news, but they were both excited about it.

Livy and the next baby Rose were going to get some playmates before they knew it...

Chapter Text

After Moira and Alexis calmed down a bit, they decided to gather the family together for dinner and to tell the news.

When they all had finished their dinner, Moira nodded at Alexis, confirming that they should break the news.

Alexis took a deep breath and Moira spoke. “Alexis is pregnant! Were both having bébés!”

They all shared looks of surprise as they absorbed those life-changing words.

“Really, Lex?!” Ted asked happily.

She nodded and hugged him tightly.

Johnny broke into tears, coming over to hug his daughter, and kissed her cheek lovingly. “Oh, honey...that’s great…”

“We’re going to be grandparents!” he added, coming over to wrap his arms around Moira and kiss her.

“Lexis having a baby like mommy!” Livy said excitedly, coming over to hug Moira and Alexis.

“That’s right…,” Moira nodded, snuggling Johnny and Livy close.

“That’s so exciting!” Patrick said, hugging Alexis.

David added, “Maybe it will be twins…,” smirking at his sister’s terrified expression.

“No one ever said anything about two babies…,” Alexis said seriously.

They all giggled and decided to celebrate the news some more.

Chapter Text

That night, everyone decided to stay over at Johnny and Moira’s since it was late.

Moira woke up in the middle of the night, glaring over at Johnny who was still peacefully sleeping.

She got up slowly, holding her back as she walked to the kitchen, hoping to find something good to snack on.

Moira smirked as she saw Alexis shoving her mouth full of marshmallows.

Alexis stopped and looked embarrassingly at her mother.

“It’s okay, darling...having the munchies are perfectly normal during pregnancy…,” Moira said with a smile.

“It’s so embarrassing…,” Alexis admitted, slowly resuming eating her snack.

“You’re eating for more than one, now…,” Moira said, rubbing her stomach. “This one won’t stop kicking me…”

Alexis nodded and smiled as she felt the baby move. “Have you and dad discussed names, yet?”

Moira sighed, “We don’t know, yet...but we are running out of time…,” rubbing circles into her bump.

“Are you planning on sharing those?” Moira asked, staring at the bag of marshmallows Alexis was still holding onto.

“Of course…,” Alexis smiled.

They giggled softly and enjoyed their midnight snacks while the rest of the house was sound asleep.

Chapter Text

July arrived and Moira’s due date was fastly approaching.

Johnny took Olivia along with him to get some necessities for the baby.

While they were gone, Moira spent some time going over wedding plans with Alexis and ate lunch together.

Alexis smirked as her mother tried to make herself comfortable on the couch. “Need help, mom?”

Moira shook her head, “Nonsense...I’m fine…”

“Someone’s a little moody today…,” Alexis giggled.

Moira glared and said, “When you’ve been pregnant for over eight months, you will understand…”

Alexis nodded and held her mother’s hand. “You look amazing,’ve got this…”

Moira smiled and squeezed her hand.

“Do you want a back rub or something?” Alexis asked nicely.

“Yes, please…,” Moira nodded.

They smiled as Rocky came over to rest his head on Moira’s stomach.

She softly stroked the fur on his head.

Alexis gently massaged her back, Moira relaxing as she did so. She had such a great daughter...

After they woke up from their nap, Johnny and Livy arrived back home.

“Mommy! I got some things for the baby…,” Livy said proudly, going over to hug and kiss her mother and the baby.

“That’s great! Thank you very much!” Moira smiled happily.

After Johnny went to put some items away, he came back over to hold Moira, wrapping his arms around her. “How are you all doing?”

“Good…,” Alexis nodded.

“Your youngest child has been causing quite a nuisance today...will not stop kicking me…,” Moira sighed.

Johnny smiled and rubbed her stomach, feeling the baby move more in response to his touch.

They all had some ice cream together before Alexis went home for the day.

Chapter Text

The next day, Eileen arrived back from Ireland.

She had heard the news about Alexis having a baby, and she couldn’t wait to celebrate.

She also decided she wanted to stay in Elmdale for a while to help out, since Moira’s baby was due in just weeks.

“Mommy! Grandma is here!” Olivia hopped up happily, willing Moira to open the door.

Johnny got up, encouraging Moira to sit back and relax. “I got it, honey…”

She was struggling to stand up.

They all hugged and kissed, happy to be reunited.

“You look radiant, dear…,” Eileen smiled, rubbing Moira’s bump sweetly.

The baby kicked, eliciting smiles from everyone.

“I can’t wait to meet this little one...,” Eileen said.

“Have you found out the gender yet?” she asked curiously.

Moira looked at Johnny and then back at her mother. “We’ve decided to keep it a surprise…”

Eileen nodded with an understanding smile.

“Grandma, come see the baby's new room!” Livy said excitedly.

“Of course!” Eileen smiled, taking her granddaughter’s hand and walking with her to the room.

They were so glad to have Eileen back in town for a while.

Chapter Text

That evening, Moira helped her mother unpack her belongings, setting her up in one of the guest bedrooms.

“I am so glad you are back, mom...I really appreciate your help…,” Moira said thankfully.

Eileen smiled, “Of course...I can’t wait for this new arrival…”

“Neither can I…,” Moira nodded, rubbing her bump.

“I have something for you…,” Eileen said, removing a small bag from her suitcase.

Moira smiled and opened the gift, finding a few small onesies.

“Oh...this is adorable...thank you!” she said with a wide grin.

Eileen smiled and hugged her daughter. “They will look so cute on the baby…”

“They will…,” Moira agreed.

After they were done unpacking, they all decided to play some card games and watch a movie.

Olivia wanted to play Twister, but Moira knew there was no way she could manage that. Johnny and Eileen did their best, playing with her.

Moira giggled as the adults struggled at the game, lounging on the couch with Rocky.

“This is crazy…,” Johnny said with a light laugh.

“You look very silly, daddy…,” Livy said with a few laughs.

They all giggled and finished up the game, selecting a movie.

It was a memorable evening for sure...

Chapter Text

The next morning, Johnny awoke seeing Moira still fast asleep next to him.

He smiled as he saw the baby moving, moving his hand to gently rest on her bump.

“Hey, there…,” he whispered.

Johnny noticed that Moira’s face turned into a smile, and he grinned back at her as she opened her eyes.

“Good morning…,” he said, meeting her lips for a kiss.

“Good morning…,” Moira said in a yawn, sitting up slowly.

“Good morning to you, too…,” Johnny smiled down at Moira’s stomach, planting a kiss against it.

Olivia got up, hearing her parents walking to the kitchen.

They all came into the kitchen to see that Eileen had prepared breakfast for all of them.

“Grandma made us breakfast!” Livy said happily, going over to hug and kiss her grandma.

“Looks great…,” Johnny and Moira said in unison.

Eileen brought Moira her tea, Johnny his coffee, and Livy her juice.

“This was so thoughtful of you…thank you…,” Johnny smiled at his mother-in-law before taking a sip of his warm coffee.

“It was...thank you, mom…,” Moira nodded with a smile, digging into her breakfast.

“Best eggs ever!” Livy said, devouring her food with contentment.

They definitely enjoyed their omelettes and fruit.

Chapter Text

The next day, Johnny and Moira invited the older kids as well as Clint and Marcy over since they were in town.

Eileen wanted to see Alexis as well since she would also be having a baby.

Moira spent almost half-an-hour trying to decide on what she would wear.

Johnny entered their room and asked, “What did you decide on?”

Moira loosened the tie on her robe and said, “I don’t know, yet...I look bad in everything…,” plopping down on the bed dramatically.

He sat down next to her and said, “You always look beautiful, or not…”

She hugged him sweetly, tearing up at his words.

He slowly kissed her lips and helped her stand to find an outfit.

“How about this?” Johnny asked sheepishly, smiling and holding up a short nightgown jokingly.

Moira smirked and said, “You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

“This one?” he asked seriously, but still smiling.

She looked at the white dress for a moment and nodded, “Okay…”

Johnny grinned and helped her slip out of her robe and into the dress.

He wrapped his arms around her bump as she gazed at the mirror, checking her appearance.

“Beautiful as always…,” Johnny smiled sweetly, kissing her cheek.

“You missed…,” Moira smirked, pulling him in for a real kiss.

Johnny smiled into the kiss and held her close.

“We should go out there…,” he said, finally pulling away from the kiss.

Moira nodded with a smile, “We have some time…,” pulling him back to her.

He grinned back at her, wanting nothing more to have some more alone time with her.

Everyone arrived, and Johnny and Moira finally made their way to the living room, both of them slightly flushed.

“Oh...look who decided to join the party!” David smirked.

They smiled and went to greet everyone.

Chapter Text

Johnny and Moira took a seat on the couch together next to the kids, Olivia climbing up to sit on her father’s lap.

“I would sit on mommy’s lap, but baby gets in my way…,” Livy said honestly, placing her tiny hand to feel the baby kick.

Everyone giggled, excluding Moira, who was agitated by the truth of that statement and also the baby relentlessly kicking inside of her.

Johnny squeezed Moira’s hand lovingly, his other holding Livy on his lap. “Doesn’t mommy look gorgeous?” he asked, embarrassing Moira even more.

They all nodded and giggled at the face she made.

After they chatted for a while, they ate dinner and dessert.

“You eating your pie fast, Lexis!” Livy giggled at her big sister.

Alexis gave her an annoyed look and continued eating.

When they were finished, they watched some T.V. and played some games.

“Can Lexis play Twister with me?” Livy asked angelically.

Moira smirked at Alexis and then said to Livy, “Alexis can’t play because of the baby...just like mommy…”

Livy nodded and said, “Okay...David will play with me…”

David raised an eyebrow and Patrick said, “David and I would love to…”

“Only for you, Liv…,” David said after rolling his eyebrows.

Alexis smirked as she watched David try to play the game.

It was a very entertaining evening.

Chapter Text

The next baby appointment arrived, and Moira and Johnny brought Olivia along so that she could see the baby.

She enjoyed looking at the ultrasound pictures, but they knew she wanted to experience the live action.

They arrived at the hospital and Johnny helped his girls out of the car.

“Remember that we have to be on our best behavior…,” he reminded his daughter.

Livy nodded and squeezed her parents’ hands, walking in between them.

“This where mommy has the baby?” she asked, looking around curiously.

“Yes...that’s right!” Johnny smiled.

Moira grimaced and said, “Mommy doesn’t like hospitals…”

Johnny rubbed Moira's shoulder comfortingly, knowing how nervous hospitals made her.

Ever since David was born at barely seven months, she felt nervous about them.

After they checked in, the nurse guided them to one of the rooms and let them get situated.

Johnny lifted Moira’s top up as she laid back and tried to relax.

The wand gilded gently over her bump as the picture came on the screen.

“That’s the baby!” Livy said proudly.

“Yes…,” Johnny and Moira smiled with tears in their eyes.

“Do you hear that?” the doctor asked Livy with a smile. “That’s the heartbeat…”

Livy’s face lit up as she listened to her sibling and watched it move on the screen.

Johnny and Moira grinned at her as they saw the excitement and love in their daughter’s eyes.

“I can’t wait to hold the baby…,” Livy said as they drove back home.

They smiled at her and nodded, happy that she came along for the appointment that day...

Chapter Text

One night, Moira was having trouble sleeping.

The baby was kicking her nonstop, and she eventually gave up trying to sleep at that moment.

She gazed over at Johnny, smiling at how peaceful he looked, but was also filled with jealousy that he was asleep and she wasn’t…

She sat up slowly, placing a hand on her back, standing up to walk to check on Olivia.

Moira smiled as she watched her baby girl sleep, gently brushing a few strands of dark hair away from her face, careful not to wake her.

After she planted a kiss on her forehead, she walked back to bed, trying to get comfortable under the sheets and blanket.

Johnny seemed to sense that she was awake, turning over to face his wife.

“Moira...are you okay?” he asked, looking her in the eyes.

She nodded, “I just can’t sleep...this little one won’t halt from kicking me…”

He nodded and placed a hand on her bump, feeling his child moving.

“He’s very active for an unborn child…,” Moira said, her face transforming into a sweet smile.

Johnny looked back up at her and said, “You really want another boy, don’t you?”

She smiled back at him and held his hand. “I really think it is…”

He grinned and moved his head down to stomach, placing his hands on it.

Moira smiled as he kissed her stomach, then talking to the baby.

Afterwards, they shared a goodnight kiss, and fell back asleep in no time...

Chapter Text

Moira felt like a balloon as she practically floated around the house,

Johnny smiled at her as she relaxed under the canopy outside, lounging on a chair.

He brought her tea and sat down on the end of the chair.

“Thank you…,” Moira smiled, sipping her tea. “Where is Olivia?”

Johnny pointed to Livy as she played in the yard with Rocky.

“Mommy…I playing soccer with Rocky…,” Livy smiled happily.

“Way to go, honey!” Moira said with a grin.

Johnny rubbed Moira’s feet as they watched her play.

Livy giggled as Rocky chased the ball after she kicked it.

Johnny placed a hand on her stomach, smiling as he felt the baby move.

Moira placed her hand over his, using the other to wrap around him as he cuddled her.

She sighed with content, watching their daughter play.

“She’s so beautiful…I know this one will be, too…,” Moira smiled.

Johnny rubbed her hand and said, “She’s beautiful like you…and no doubt this one will be, too…”

Moira pulled him into a kiss and hugged him, overwhelmed by how sweet he was to her and the kids.

Livy came over to sit on her mother’s lap, resting her head on her chest, becoming sleepier by the minute.

Moira smiled and stroked her hair as she fell asleep, rocking her gently.

Johnny grinned and snapped a photo of them, needing to capture the moment on camera.

“Johnny…,” Moira whispered, not wanting to be in a picture.

“You’re beautiful…,” Johnny said honestly.

He took Livy off her and carried her to bed, putting her down for a nap.

He joined Moira on the couch in the living room, snuggling close to her, hoping to catch some sleep as well.

Chapter Text

A few more days went by and Moira’s due date was getting closer.

Johnny made sure all of his business meetings the next few weeks were on Zoom rather than in person, in order to be there when the time came for her to give birth.

He didn’t want to be in New York when she went into labor.

One afternoon, Moira was getting Olivia’s lunch ready, and she had a sudden feeling of panic.

She tried to take deep breaths as she clutched her stomach.

Quietly, she made her way into Johnny’s office.

“Sweetheart...are you okay?” Is it happening?” he asked, standing up quickly.

She didn’t know for sure…

“I don’t know…,” she said.

“I think it may be happening...we should go…,” Johnny said, holding her up for support.

Moira nodded, allowing him to help her into the car and help Olivia in as well.

Moira shook her head frustratingly as they walked out of the hospital.

“False alarm…not a big happens...,” Johnny said, rubbing her shoulder.

“You would think that the fourth time around, I would know…,” she sighed, rubbing her stomach.

He smiled and said, “It’s okay, will happen when the time is right…,” squeezing her hand in his.

She nodded and smiled.

They drove back home and resumed their daily activities...

Chapter Text

One day, Alexis had an appointment and Moira offered to go with her.

Alexis was nervous and she wanted Moira there with her.

“You look beautiful, darling…,” Moira smiled at her oldest daughter.

“Hardly…,” Alexis grimaced, looking at her growing bump.

Moira grinned, “You are gorgeous…”

She held Alexis’ hand as they walked into the hospital.

Alexis’ appointment was going well.

The doctor zoomed in on the screen a bit to see in more detail.

“What is it?” Alexis asked nervously, seeing the doctor raise her eyebrows.

“Well, Ms. seems you are having twins…,” the woman said.

Alexis almost panicked as she looked at her mother, who was surprised herself.

“Two babies?!” Alexis asked in shock.

“Two grandchildren…,” Moira said calmly. Her face turned into a smile as she said the words.

“Yes…,” the doctor smiled.

The doctor nodded and talked a little more about the details.

As Moira and Alexis rose back home, Moira assured her that everything would be fine.

“You can do’re strong…,” Moira smiled.

Alexis smiled and nodded, thinking about what the future would entail.

But as she glanced down at the ultrasound photos, all she could think about was the day when she could meet her children face to face...

Chapter Text

That afternoon, they decided to have a family lunch and tell everyone the news about the twins.

Moira helped Johnny and Eileen with gathering the food for dinner, while Alexis, Ted, David, Patrick, and Stevie entertained Livy.

Moira stopped for a moment, taking a few deep breaths. She was a little tense…

“Are you okay, Moira?” Johnny asked, putting a tray down to go over and hold her.

“It’s nothing but an infelicitous back ache…I am not going into labor...,” Moira confirmed, scoffing as she said so.

He kissed her cheek quickly with a smile and moved back to the counter to finish dinner.

Eileen giggled and shook her head as she finished mixing the salad.

“Should I make some lemonade?” she asked.

“Ooh...yes please…,” Moira smiled, rubbing her stomach, grinning as she felt her baby kick.

After they were done eating, Alexis wanted to break the news.

Everyone listened intently as Moira told them that Alexis was going to have twins.

“Double the trouble!” David smirked, causing Alexis to shoot a glare at him.

Johnny teared up, already over the moon about having two grandkids, in addition to having another child of his own on the way. He felt so spoiled…

They all celebrated with dessert and some pool time together.

Chapter Text

A couple more days passed, and Moira was due at any time. She was tired of being pregnant and couldn’t wait to meet her baby face to face.

“I’ll put your shoes on, mommy…,” Olivia smiled, noticing that her mother was struggling to put on her shoes.

“Thank you, darling…,” Moira smiled thankfully, letting her daughter put the shoes on her feet.

When they were on, Livy took Moira’s hand as they walked to the car.

Moira buckled her in her car seat and tried to get comfortable in the driver’s seat, which was a struggle with her big bump.

“Where we going, mommy?” Livy asked curiously.

“To Rose Apothecary...we need some soap and Epsom salts…,” Moira explained patiently.

They arrived at the store and got out of the car.

“Carry me, mommy?” Livy asked, though she already knew the answer.

Moira shook her head, “I can’t, darling...I’m sorry...the baby in my tummy is too big…”

Livy nodded understandingly and took her mother’s hand instead.

“Hi, girls!” Patrick smiled, greeting them both upon their entry.

“Patrick!” Livy exclaimed excitedly, running over to hug him.

He scooped her up and visited with her while Moira selected the items she needed.

“Need help?” David asked his mother after coming from the back room, walking over to help her.

“Thank you, dear…,” Moira said, taking the Epsom salts from him.

“Whose idea was it to place those on the bottom shelf, anway?” Patrick said, smirking at David.

David raised his brows and said, “I’m sorry...we are limited on space…”

After buying the items, Moira took Livy’s hand as they walked back to the car.

Before Moira could get Livy inside, she winced with pain, clutching her back.

“Are you okay, mommy?” Livy asked with concern.

Moira nodded, “Yes, Livy...mommy just has a back ache…”

They got situated and Moira began to drive home.

Chapter Text

On the way home, Moira felt the pain returning in her lower back and also some with her stomach.

She took a deep breath, but it didn’t help…

“Mommy, are you okay?” Livy asked again, knowing her mother was in pain.

Moira took another deep breath and nodded.

She realized she was having a contraction, so she tried to remain calm and breathe through it.

“ the baby coming?” Livy asked almost in panic.

“I think it is…,” Moira said, worrying that her daughter was correct.

She pulled over for a second to call Johnny.

He picked up immediately. “Hey, sweetheart…”

“Johnny...I think it’s happening…,” Moira breathed.

“Okay! How close are you to home?” he asked.

She replied, “Five minutes…”

“Okay, honey...keep taking deep breaths...I’ll have everything ready to go when you get here…,” he assured her.

Moira nodded, “Thank you…”

She hung up and continued driving home.

They finally arrived home safely and Johnny helped Moira out of the driver’s seat and into the passenger seat.

He quickly threw the bags into the trunk and drove them to the hospital.

It was happening...

Chapter Text

They arrived at the hospital and Johnny got Moira out of the car, Livy holding Johnny's free hand.

He filled out paperwork.

A nurse began to wheel Moira back to one of the rooms in a wheelchair with Eileen by her side , while Johnny waited with Olivia and for the kids to arrive.

“I am not having this baby without you, John...tell them to hurry!” Moira said seriously, wincing with pain.

“I’ll be there soon, honey…,” he assured her, kissing her lips quickly.

He sat with Livy in the waiting room as they waited for the others to arrive.

The kids arrived in record time, and Johnny handed Livy over to them to go be with Moira.

“You’re doing great…deep breath…,” Eileen said encouragingly, wiping a few strands of hair out of Moira's face.

Moira took a deep breath as she breathed through the contraction.

Johnny made it to the room and rushed to Moira’s side.

He smiled, seeing how sweet mother and daughter were together.

“Thank you…,” Johnny told Eileen, thankful that she was there to help Moira.

“I’ll go be with the kids…see you soon…,” Eileen smiled.

They nodded and Johnny sat down next to Moira.

“It was faster last time…,” Moira said with a sigh. I just want it over with…”

Johnny nodded and said, “Yeah…we barely got you to the hospital on time with Livy…”

Moira winced again as another contraction hit her.

Johnny hugged her until it passed, and she took a calm, deep breath.

Meanwhile, Eileen entertained Livy while the kids chatted for a while.

“Want to get some hot chocolate?” Eileen asked Livy.

“Yes!” she smiled, standing up and taking her grandma’s hand.

Chapter Text

Eileen and the older kids were doing their best to keep a very excited Olivia under control and entertained as they awaited the arrival of the newest baby Rose.

“When can I see daddy, mommy, and the baby?” Livy asked.

David replied, “Trust don’t want to see mom right now…”

Alexis swatted his arm and said, “God, David...Livy, you will be able to see them soon...mommy hasn’t had the baby yet…”

Livy nodded and swung her legs as she waited up on one of the chairs.

“Oh my God...Why is this taking so long?” Moira whined with frustration.

“The baby just isn’t ready to come out yet, sweetheart…,” Johnny said calmly. “I’m sure it will be soon…and it’s going to be worth it when we hold the baby...”

Moira nodded and tried to relax.

The doctor nodded, “It won’t be long, Moira...just keep breathing in and out...the pain medicine should kick in, soon…”

“You’re doing great, Moira...a few more…,” Johnny said, holding Moira’s hand as she squeezed and pushed as hard as she could.

“Why don’t you try pushing a child out of yourself?!” Moira almost yelled.

“If I could do it for you, Moira, I would…,” Johnny said, rubbing her back. “You can do’re the strongest woman I know…”

After one final push, soft crying pierced the air.

Moira sighed in relief as she felt the tension leave her body, joy instantly replacing the tension.

Johnny and Moira smiled and teared up as the doctor said happily, “It’s a boy...congratulations…”

“Oh my goodness...I knew it…,” Moira said, overwhelmed with emotion as her son was placed in her arms. “Oh, he’s so beautiful…hi, baby...”

Johnny’s tears continued to flow as he met his little boy. “Hi, son…”

They both gently kissed the baby, and Moira’s smile grew as the baby wrapped his fingers around Moira’s pinky.

Henry Michael Rose finally came into the world at eight pounds nine ounces. Moira and Johnny couldn’t be more in love with him.

They couldn’t wait for the family to meet him.

Chapter Text

Finally, Moira’s blood pressure level returned to normal, and the nurse let Eileen and the kids into the room.

As Johnny and Moira waited for them, Johnny held Henry for a little while longer.

“He’s so calm…,” Moira marveled, being reminded of how Olivia was when she was born.

Johnny nodded without shifting his gaze from his son. “He is…”

Moira then stated seriously, “I am never doing this again, Mr. Rose…four children is my maximum…”

Johnny handed Henry back to her.

He giggled silently and nodded, “You don’t have to...we have four beautiful kids…and I am one lucky man...,” kissing her softly on the lips.

Eileen and the kids rushed inside, ready to meet the newest Rose baby.

Everyone smiled at them as they saw the baby for the first time.

David even smiled at his little brother.

“This is Henry Michael Rose…,” Moira said gently.

“Meet your little brother, Livy…,” Johnny said with a smile, picking Livy up and carrying her over to the hospital bed.

Moira smiled and turned the baby toward her more.

“That was in mommy’s tummy?” Livy asked in awe.

They all giggled and nodded.

“He’s so small!” Livy said, reaching out to hold his tiny hand and giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.

Moira and Johnny smiled sweetly at the sight, overwhelmed by it all…

“Can I hold him?” Livy asked.

Johnny nodded, “Soon, darling…”

The adults took turns holding him, Eileen taking him first.

“Oh, he’s perfect...and so is the name...excellent job, you two…,” she said, rocking the baby gently in her arms.

Johnny and Moira thanked her and smiled at how sweet grandma and grandson looked together.

Alexis and Ted held Henry next, and they both couldn’t wait to be parents.

“Hello, Henry...I’m your big’re so cute…,” she said with a grin, holding his hand.

David and Patrick held him, and Patrick said with a smile, “Perfection once again…”

“Thank you…,” they both smiled.

Johnny and Moira decided to let Livy hold Henry, sitting her in the bed next to Moira.

Johnny placed him in Livy’s arms, and she smiled excitedly.

“I’m your big sister...I love you…,” she said, causing everyone’s hearts to melt.

They took some photos and visited a little longer before going back home.

Chapter Text

Moira smiled at her little one as he drifted away to sleep.

Johnny came back to the room with some food and drinks.

“Thank you…,” Moira said with a smile as Johnny placed her tea and dinner on a tray and placed it in front of her.

He gently took Henry and rocked him slowly while Moira ate.

“He’s smiling…,” Johnny said in awe, smiling down at the bundle in his arms.

Moira grinned at them lovingly.

After Moira finished eating, Henry began to whimper softly, wanting to be with his mother.

“I think he wants you…,” Johnny said, knowing the baby was hungry, but didn’t want Moira to protest…he knew she wasn’t a big fan of breastfeeding.

Moira nodded and opened her arms, taking her baby boy into her embrace.

She knew what he wanted.

“Okay, Henry...I know…,” she cooed softly, undoing a few buttons of her shirt and pulling him closer.

It took him a couple tries, but he finally got the hang of it. It was his first time, after all…

Moira gently stroked his cheek as he fed peacefully.

Johnny sat down next to her, relaxing into the pillows behind them.

“So, Livy is staying with David and Patrick tonight?” Moira asked, not moving her gaze from her son.

Johnny nodded and said, “Yes. And she’s with Ted and Alexis tomorrow night…”

She nodded and said, “I already miss my bébé girl…it seems too quiet...”

He smiled and said, “Me too...they’ll bring her by the meantime, let’s get some rest…”

Moira smiled again and whispered, “Okay…”

Johnny softly pecked her lips and snuggled close to her as they watched Henry.

He was the epitome of an angel…

Chapter Text

That evening, Roland and Jocelyn came to meet Henry.

Johnny handed the baby to Moira after changing his diaper, both of them pleased that he wasn’t fussy anymore.

They knocked and Johnny answered the door, letting them in.

“Hi…,” Moira and Johnny smiled at them.

Roland and Jocelyn smiled back and came over to meet Henry.

“This is Henry Michael…,” Moira said, glancing down again at her sleeping newborn.

“What a handsome guy…,” Roland said, smiling at the baby.

“He’s adorable…,” Jocelyn added.

“Thanks…,” Johnny and Moira said.

“How much does he weigh?” Roland asked.

“Rollie…,” Jocelyn said, lightly brushing his arm.

Moira said with a grimace, “Almost nine pounds…”

“Ouch…,” Roland said with surprise. “Mutt was almost a ten-pounder...,”

Jocelyn gave him a dirty look, making Johnny and Moira giggle.

“Yeah, he weighs a lot more than Olivia did…,” Johnny said.

They all giggled.

Moira handed Jocelyn the baby, sensing that she wanted to hold him.

“Has Livy held him, yet? Jocelyn asked.

“Oh yes…,” Moira nodded. “She is so gleeridden about this news…”

“I’m sure…,” Jocelyn smiled, grinning as Henry yawned.

Roland held him next, smiling as Henry opened his eyes.

“I think his eyes will be blue…,” he said.

“Like his mother’s…,” Johnny said, smiling lovingly at Moira.

“He already has his father’s brows…,” Roland added with a smirk.

Moira giggled as she looked at the face her husband made.

After visiting a little longer, Roland handed Moira the baby, and they went back home.

Chapter Text

The next day, Alexis and Ted brought Livy and David and Patrick brought lunch over to the hospital.

Johnny held Henry in his arms, lightly rocking him as he fell asleep.

“He’s such a good baby…,” Moira said in delight.

Johnny nodded at her and returned his gaze to his son. “He is…”

Moira smiled at them, admiring how sweet they were together.

The older kids arrived, Livy running over to hug her mother and father, as well as trying to see the baby.

“I missed you, mommy…,” Livy said as she cuddled her mother.

Moira rubbed her back and said, “I missed you so much, sweetheart…,” kissing her cheek lovingly.

She climbed down off the bed to hug her father’s leg since his arms were busy holding the baby.

“Hi, honey…,” he smiled.

“Hi, daddy...and hi, baby…,” Livy said.

“Is Henry sleeping?” Livy asked softly, not wanting to wake her baby brother.

Johnny nodded with a smile and uncovered the blanket just a bit so Livy could see him.

She planted a soft kiss on his nose, making everyone smile. “I love you…,” she whispered gently.

They all enjoyed dinner after Johnny placed Henry in his bed.

Afterwards, they all decided on something to watch on T.V., enjoying the time spent as a family.

Chapter Text

A couple days later, Moira and Henry were discharged from the hospital.

Moira couldn’t wait to get back home, never liking hospital visits or stays.

Eileen volunteered to care for Rocky while the Roses were gone.

After loading the bags in the trunk and helping Moira with Henry in his car seat, Johnny drove them home.

Henry slept the whole way home, much to their relief.

They arrived back home, smiling as Eileen opened the door and walked outside.

“Welcome home…,” she said warmly, hugging them.

She gently stroked Henry’s cheek and smiled as he yawned softly.

“Mommy! Daddy! Henry!” Livy said happily, running out to greet her family.

Eileen giggled, “I thought you were asleep, young lady…”

“I was…,” Livy confessed, smiling as she hugged and kissed her parents and gently kissed her little brother’s cheek.

“I have teddy bear for the baby inside…,” she said excitedly.

They all smiled and nodded at her, gathering their belongings and heading inside.

Moira, Johnny, and Eileen all grinned as Livy gave her present to the baby, gently placing it in his bassinet beside him.

“Thank you, honey...that’s so sweet of you…,” Johnny told his daughter, picking her up and hugging her.

“Want to play outside while mommy and Henry get some rest?” Johnny asked.

Livy nodded and took her father’s hand, Eileen joining them.

Home sweet home...

Chapter Text

The first night back home was a little rough for Johnny, Moira, and even Eileen. Olivia slept most of the night, only waking up once to her baby brother’s crying.

“It’s okay,’re not’ve had a diaper change...everything is okay, darling…,” Moira said with exhaustion.

Johnny tried to help her, cuddling his son against his heart, cooing softly in his ear. “It’s okay...I know…”

They heard a knock at the door and said, “Come in…”

Eileen entered and offered to rock Henry and tend to him so that Johnny and Moira could get more sleep.

They accepted the offer, climbing back into bed and snuggling close, entering the gates of dreamland again.

Eileen soothed a restless Henry in her arms, bouncing him slightly.

“Grandma’s got you...there, there...see, it’s alright…,” she whispered lovingly.

She read to him for a while and his cries subsided.

She placed his pacifier in his mouth, smiling as he took it and closed his eyes.

He fell asleep again, and Eileen placed him into his bassinet again, smiling for a moment at the sight of her daughter and son-in-law peacefully sleeping.

She tiptoed out of the room and gently closed the door, going back to sleep as well after she checked on Livy.

It sure was great to have grandma Eileen around...

Chapter Text

Moira smiled down at her baby boy as he slept, rocking him in the rocking chair in the living room.

Henry began to squirm and whimper softly, so Moira gently stroked his cheek, cooing softly in his ear.

But the crying continued and Moira figured out that her baby was hungry.

She unbuttoned a couple buttons of her pajama top and pulled him closer to her.

Henry calmed down as he filled his belly, murmuring softly as Moira stroked his tiny cheek.

Johnny smiled at them as he entered the room with Moira’s tea.

“Thank you…,” she smiled, kissing his lips.

He nodded and smiled at the baby.

“Where’s our bébé girl?” Moira asked.

Johnny replied, “Still asleep to my knowledge…”

Livy ran into the room seconds later, smiling at them all.

They all said ‘Good Morning” to each other and Livy asked, “What you doing?”

“Mommy’s feeding the baby…,” Johnny smiled.

“I don’t see a bottle...where is the milk coming from?” she asked curiously.

They both giggled softly and Moira said, “Perhaps you'll figure it out one day, darling….,” Moira said calmly.

Livy nodded and asked, “What’s for breakfast?”

They smiled and Johnny brought Livy to the kitchen to help him make breakfast.

Chapter Text

One afternoon, Moira was struggling to get a very fussy Henry down for a nap.

“Oh, it’s okay, darling…,” she cooed softly, trying to soothe him.

Olivia ran into the room and said, “Mommy...need help with my teddy bear...can’t get its dress on…”

Moira held Henry closer, cuddling him close to her chest as she said, “Mommy can’t right now...Henry is fussy right now…”

“But, mommy...I need help…,” Livy persisted, frustrated that her mother wouldn’t help her.

“Where is daddy? Maybe he can help…,” Moira said frustratingly.

“He's at the store with grandma, remember?” Livy said.

“Go wait in your room, and I will be there momentarily…,” Moira said sternly.

Livy stomped off to her room and waited on her bed.

Johnny and Eileen arrived back home a few minutes later.

“Oh, Johnny...thank goodness…,” Moira said, giving her wailing son to him.

Johnny held him close, trying to soothe him.

“Livy is mad at me because I couldn’t help her dress her teddy bear, because I was tending to Henry…,” Moira said.

Johnny nodded, “Well, you can go to her, now...I’m sorry, time, I’ll take her with me…”

He kissed her cheek and went to rock the baby in the chair.

Moira went to Livy’s room, finding her curled up into a ball on her bed.

She sat down by her and brushed a few strands of hair away from her face. “Sweetie? Are you okay?”

Livy nodded and turned her head to look at her mother. “Need more time makes you busy…”

Moira’s heart sank as she thought about what to say. “I know...I’m sorry, sweetheart...we will have more time together...just the two of us…”

Livy smiled and hugged her mother.

Moira kissed her forehead and held her for a while.

“Want to have a girls only movie night?” she asked.

Livy perked up and said, “Yes!”

Moira grinned back at her daughter and discussed some movies they could watch.

Chapter Text

A few days passed, and Henry was a week old.

Moira and Henry were doing great, and the family was doing a great job helping them at home. It was also very good that Eileen was in town to help.

With Livy going to preschool in just two weeks, Eileen could really help them out.

Moira worked everything out so that she could have time with Livy, just the two of them.

Clint and Marcy came back to town to meet the baby and visit with the family.

“Oh, he’s beautiful…,” Marcy smiled as she held baby Henry.

Johnny and Moira smiled and thanked her, watching their little boy lovingly as he peacefully slept.

After Clint and Marcy both met Henry, they had dinner and spent some time outside, enjoying the August weather.

Moira rocked Henry in her arms, smiling as she watched Livy play with her father, Stevie, and older siblings.

Rocky even joined the fun, chasing the soccer ball around as Livy kicked it.

They all smiled at Livy’s happy giggles.

“You have such a beautiful family…,” Marcy smiled at Moira.

“Thank you…,” Moira grinned.

Moira gave Henry to Marcy so that she could hold him again, knowing that she wanted to.

It was great for all of them to get together.

Chapter Text

A few days later, Moira had an appointment and Johnny volunteered to watch Henry while she was gone and Eileen and Olivia went grocery shopping.

“Ready to go to the store, Livy?” Eileen asked her granddaughter.

“Yes!” Livy exclaimed happily.

Johnny gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her to be on her best behavior.

“She knows that if she is, she’ll earn ice cream…,” Eileen winked.

They left, and Johnny tended to Henry.

He slept most of the time, much to Johnny’s relief.

He pulled out a book and read for a while, and eventually Henry began to squirm and whimper softly.

Henry’s cries faded away as Johnny held him close and stroked his cheek gently.

“That’s it...I’m right here…,” he said softly, rocking his son side to side.

Johnny placed Henry back down and smiled as he fell asleep again.

He resumed his reading and relaxed for as long as he could.

Finally, Moira arrived back home at the same time as Eileen and Olivia.

“Mommy!” Livy said, running over to hug her mother.

“Hi, darling…,” Moira grinned, kissing her cheek.

They all smiled lovingly at the sight of Johnny feeding Henry a bottle.

“Can I feed him?” Livy asked, walking over to them.

Johnny let her hold the bottle for a minute, and he smiled at her excited face.

“Henry is so hungry! He eats a lot for a baby…,” Livy said, causing them all to giggle.

Livy was loving being a big sister.

Chapter Text

The next day, Ted and Alexis went to the doctor, anxious to learn what gender their twins were going to be.

Moira and Johnny both thought that it would be a boy and a girl.

“What are they?” Alexis asked the doctor.

“A boy and a girl…,” the woman smiled. “Congratulations…”

Alexis and Ted grinned at each other with delight, beyond excited about this news.

He kissed her forehead and hugged her for a minute, taking it all in.

They couldn’t wait to tell everyone.

After a family lunch, Alexis and Ted decided to break the news.

“So, what are you having?” Moira asked curiously after she placed Henry down for a nap.

Alexis smiled and said, “A boy and a girl!”

They all smiled and congratulated them happily.

“Oh, that’s awesome…,” Johnny said, tearing up as he hugged both of them.

“Nooo, dad...please don’t cry...I’ll start crying, too…,” Alexis warned, tearing up slightly, herself.

Moira hugged them as well, then Eileen, Stevie, and David and Patrick.

“That is splendacious news, my darlings…,” Moira said sweetly.

“A boy and a girl!” Livy said excitedly, hugging her older sister.

“Are you sure there aren’t actually three in there?” David teased, smirking at his sister.

“Eww, David! I am very sure…,” Alexis shot back with annoyance.

Stevie and Patrick giggled at them, always enjoying the siblings’ verbal rivalry.

They celebrated with some ice cream and watched a movie.

Chapter Text

It was the day before Livy’s first day of preschool.

Eileen helped make sure all of her items were ready, even taking her shopping to find a backpack of her choosing.

“Mommy! Look at the backpack grandma got me!” Livy exclaimed, holding up her bright pink, sparkling bag.

Moira’s face lit up with surprise, “I love it! Great choice, darling…,” hugging and kissing her daughter’s forehead.

Johnny came out, holding Henry with a smile.

“Daddy! Look at my new backpack!” Livy cried happily, again.

Johnny grinned, “I love it, honey!”

“Henry and Rocky, this is my new backpack…,” Livy said softly, holding it close to her baby brother and then Rocky.

They all smiled at how sweet she was.

“I’m going to be stylish like mommy…,” Livy smiled, placing her hands on her hips, grinning from ear to ear.

Moira, Johnny, and Eileen smiled and giggled.

“You are, honey…,” Johnny nodded sweetly.

Eileen went to help Livy put her items in the backpack while Johnny made dinner, and Moira spent time with Henry.

“I can’t believe she’s going to school, already...our bébé girl…,” Moira said in awe of how fast time flew.

Johnny nodded in agreement, “I seems like just the other day I was holding her for the first time…”

“She’s almost four years old…,” Moira added.

Johnny nodded with a soft smile.

She smiled and finished feeding Henry.

“Dinner is ready!” Johnny said, prompting everyone to come to the dining room table for dinner.

“Yay!” Livy said, cooking in with Rocky who smelled the food as well.

It was a great day, and they couldn’t wait to see how Livy’s first day of school went.

Chapter Text

Livy awoke to the sound of the tea kettle brewing, smiling as she knew that it was her first day of school.

Moira and Johnny smiled at her and said, “Good morning…”

She kissed her parents and then Henry’s cheek softly.

“Are you excited for school, Livy?” Johnny asked.

Livy nodded excitedly, and at her breakfast.

They smiled at her lovingly, still in awe that she was beginning school, already.

After she got ready for the day, they headed to the preschool.

They arrived and pulled into the parking lot.

Eileen stayed with Henry while Johnny and Moira took Livy to school.

“Are you ready?” Johnny asked, holding his hands out to take his girls inside.

They nodded and entered the building.

Livy had a sudden change in mood as they made it to the classroom.

She clung to Moira’s leg, suddenly not wanting to go.

Moira stroked her hair while Johnny knelt in front of her.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to go and make friends and play, honey?” he asked softly.

Livy was silent for a moment as she thought. “Don’t want you to go…”

Their hearts nearly melted.

“It will be okay, darling...daddy and I will be back soon...meanwhile, you can play with the other children and learn new things…,” Moira said, cuddling her daughter.

Johnny smiled at them and nodded.

A couple of girls invited Livy to play, and she accepted with a smile.

Johnny and Moira smiled at her and snuck out quietly after placing her backpack in her cubby.

They couldn’t wait to hear about her first day.

Chapter Text

The car ride home from taking Livy to school was fairly quiet, both parents reflecting on the morning so far.

Johnny parked the car in the garage and looked over at Moira. “She’ll be fine, sweetheart...I’m sure she's having the best time…,” he assured her, running a hand through her hair.

Moira nodded and said, “I’m sure she is,’s just strange without her here…”

He nodded and said with a smile, “I know...she’ll be done before we know it, though...we can even take advantage of more alone time…”

She grinned with agreement and they went inside.

The day raced by, and Livy was done with her first day.

Johnny and Moira held hands as they went to retrieve her, anxious to hear how her day was.

“Mommy! Daddy!” Livy exclaimed with a wide smile, running over to hug and kiss them.

“Hi, honey…,” Johnny said, picking her up and cuddling her.

“Hi, was your first day?” Moira asked with a grin, seeing how excited her daughter appeared to be.

“I had fun...played with toys, painted a picture, and made new friends!” she said happily.

“That’s great!” they both said, smiling at how joyful she was.

They went home, Livy telling them all about her day and how much fun she had.

“Hi, Henry…,” Livy whispered, noticing that he was awake in his grandmother’s arms.

Eileen turned him more towards her and let her give him a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I love ooo…,” she said sweetly.

Livy told her grandma all about her day, and they decided on dinner plans for the evening.

Chapter Text

The weekend arrived, and Livy completed her first week of preschool.

Moira and Johnny were so thrilled that Livy was loving the entire experience.

“Mommy, look at the picture I painted today at school!” Livy smiled, proudly showing her artwork to her mother.

Moira smiled after placing Henry down and said, “That’s marvelous,’s lovely…”

Livy smiled and hugged her mother.

Johnny came in from bringing Livy’s backpack and things left in the car and smiled at them.

He kissed Moira while Livy was distracted by the painting.

“It’s Friday!” Livy said happily.

They both smiled and nodded.

“Can I have a playdate with my new friends?” Livy asked her parents.

“Of course, honey…,” Johnny said, Moira nodding in agreement.

“We can arrange that…,” Moira smiled.

Johnny smiled as he picked Henry up, admiring how calm he was.

“Has brother been good lately?” he asked.

Moira nodded, “Yes...lots of sleeping and eating…”

Johnny and Olivia giggled, causing Moira to giggle as well.

They always managed to make each other smile...

Chapter Text

Moira smiled sweetly as she watched her baby girl play with two of her new friends from school.

She rocked Henry in her arms as she sat on a chair outside.

Johnny came out and joined her, smiling at the girls playing and giggling.

“They’re having a blast, aren’t they?” Johnny asked.

Moira nodded with a smile, “Indeed...I’m so glad she is making so many friends…”

He nodded, “Me too…”

Henry made himself known as he began to squirm and whimper very softly in his mother’s arms.

Moira softly cooed in his ear and stroked his cheek, calming him down instantly. She was pleased that this tactic worked on Henry and not just for Olivia in the past.

“What?” Moira asked Johnny with a smile, meeting his loving gaze.

Johnny smiled, “Just admiring my beautiful family…”

She kissed him tenderly, basking in the moment.

Rocky came outside to play as well, and Johnny and Moira grinned as the girls included him in their game.

It sure was sweet to see them all together…

After the girls played outside, Eileen brought them popsicles to cool off. September was around the corner, but it was still quite warm outside.

“What else can we do?” one of the girls asked.

“Can we try on some wigs, mommy?” Livy asked with a smirk, already knowing the answer to the question.

Moira giggled softly and said, “How about we do some coloring?”

“Yes!” they all commented happily.

“Excellent…,” Moira said.

Johnny took Henry so that Moira could get the materials ready for coloring.

Johnny and Moira took them inside and set them at a table.

The playdate ended with a movie of the girls’ choosing.

Johnny and Moira smiled and cuddled together while they all watched the movie.

It was a great playdate for sure...

Chapter Text

The next day, Livy wanted to master a certain skill that she had always dreamed of—how to ride a bike.

Johnny and Moira wanted to try and get Alexis to show her (obviously verbally and not physically), since she did help David master the skill not that many years ago…

“Daddy! Mommy! I want to ride my bike…,” Livy said, wanting to learn.

Luckily, Alexis was over within minutes, and she agreed to assist her little sister.

“Lexis!” Livy exclaimed, running over to hug her sister. “Your bump is getting big, Lexis…,” she added, causing Alexis to groan softly in annoyance.

“I know, Liv…I wish it wasn’t…,” Alexis complained.

“But it’s beautiful…,” Livy said sweetly, making everyone smile, including her older sister.

“Thanks, Liv…,” Alexis smiled sweetly.

Livy smiled and went outside with them to get her bike ready to go.

“Okay…,” Alexis began. “Begin to pedal, slowly in big circles…,” hoping her sister would retain how to do it.

Livy succeeded, making big circles with the wheels.

Everyone smiled at how excited she was, mastering the skill very quickly.

“Great job! Now, daddy will stand behind you while you pedal…,” Alexis told her.

Livy nodded and began to ride slowly, Johnny walking closely behind her.

“I riding my bike!” Livy said happily, riding around quicker, making Johnny walk faster.

“Great job, bébé!” Moira smiled, holding Henry close.

They all congratulated her, smiling at her accomplishment and Alexis’ great help.

“Thank you, Lexis…,” Livy smiled, climbing down from the bike seat and hugging her sister.

“No problem, Liv…you learn faster than David…,” Alexis smirked, causing her older brother to shoot her a glance of annoyance.

“Wow…isn’t that nice of you…,” David smirked with sarcasm.

They all giggled and went inside to eat dinner.

Chapter Text

Moira arrived home from an appointment, pleased to find that Johnny, Livy, Henry, and Rocky were all sleeping soundly in the living room.

Johnny had Henry resting against his heart, while Livy was cuddled into his side, and Rocky was at the end of the couch.

Her heart nearly melted at the sight.

Enjoying the time to herself, she kicked back in the reclining chair and had some tea, even reading for a while.

She wouldn’t let her alone time go to waste.

With Eileen going back to Ireland, they were busier than ever. But she would be back soon.

Moira allowed her eyes to close, dozing off for a little while…
Moira awoke, seeing that her family was still peacefully sleeping.

But it wasn’t long before Henry awoke and Moira gently picked him up, rocking him and cooing softly in his ear and offering him a pacifier.

“That’s my bébé boy…,” Moira smiled as Henry calmed down again, closing his eyes and accepting the pacifier.

Moira placed him in the portable bed next to the reclining chair, sitting back down.

She tucked his blanket over his lower half, smiling at the sight of her family sleeping soundly.

She resumed her reading and enjoyed her tea.

Johnny woke up next, smiling at his family.

“Hi…,” he whispered, getting up to hug and kiss his wife.

“Hi…,” she whispered back with a smile.

“How long was I out for?” he asked.

Moira shrugged, “I don’t know…you all were asleep when I got home…”

He nodded with a smile and said, “I’m glad you’re home…”

Moira grinned, wanting nothing more than to spend some alone time with her husband.

Johnny quietly and carefully put Olivia and Henry to bed, and then came back out to spend time with Moira.

Chapter Text

The next weekend arrived, and it was September.

The Roses decided to go to a park in Elmdale one day, wanting to enjoy nature and have a picnic.

Moira smiled as Livy held Alexis’ hand while she told her a story.

Johnny pushed a sleeping Henry in his stroller, holding Moira's hand with his other hand.

“He’s getting so big…,” Moira said in awe as she watched her son sleep.

Johnny smiled, “That’s our little Rose man…”

They all decided to have lunch and relax.

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors.

While the others were chatting, Moira asked Alexis, “Have you thought about names, yet?”

Alexis shrugged and said, “I like the names Emma or Addison for a girl, and Max or Michael for boys…”

Moira’s smile grew as she heard the name Michael. “Those are perfect…”

“Thanks…,” Alexis smiled.

“I can’t wait to meet them…,” Moira said happily.

“Me neither…,” Alexis nodded with a small smile.

After they had lunch, they played some games, hoping to keep Livy entertained.

It was a wonderful day for the family.

Chapter Text

That weekend, Moira decided to have a girls’ only movie night with Livy.

Moira tried to make sure that she was spending enough time with Livy, even though Henry kept her busy.

Johnny did help her out, though...he loved babysitting Henry (and all of his children).

“Have you selected a movie, darling?” Moira asked her daughter with a smile after placing Henry down.

Livy smiled excitedly and said, “Yes!”

“Awesome!” Moira grinned.

Johnny walked in, smiling as he saw his girls in their pajamas all ready for their movie.

“It’s your turn to be on bébé duty, daddy…,” Moira smirked, causing Johnny to giggle softly.

“I know…have fun, girls…,” he said, smiling at his sleepy son.

“I just fed him, so he should be good for a while…,” Moira said, taking her daughter’s hand as they walked downstairs.

Johnny nodded as they went downstairs.

“Want popcorn, honey?” Moira asked Livy.

“Yes please, mommy…,” she smiled.

After they had their popcorn ready, Livy snuggled into Moira’s side as they began the movie.

Moira smiled as Livy giggled frequently throughout the movie. She giggled a lot as well.

After they were done, Moira took Livy back upstairs and told her a story, sending her into a peaceful sleep.

She kissed her forehead gently before tiptoeing out of her room and climbing into bed as well, pleased to join Johnny and admire their sleeping son for a few minutes.

It was such a fun girls’ only movie night.

Chapter Text

Moira had won another Emmy Award for her role as Vivian Blake on “Sunrise Bay”, and everyone was so excited.

She teared up again after giving her second ever acceptance speech, overwhelmed by how much love she felt.

Tippy and everyone else knew she would win, but she never would assume anything until it happened.

She wore a long black gown, tinged with roses woven into the fabric, along with some of her favorite jewels and platform pumps.

She was honestly worried that her postpartum stomach would show, but Johnny convinced her that he couldn’t tell and that she looked gorgeous.

She chose to go with her natural hair instead of a wig. She looked beautiful…

“You sure you’ll be okay with both Olivia and Henry?” Moira asked her older children who would babysit them at the beach house while their parents were out.

They all nodded and said in unison, “Have fun…”

Johnny and Moira smiled thankfully and told their two youngest Roses ‘goodbye’, staying to enjoy the after party.

They danced for a while, indulging in a few drinks before heading home to enjoy more time together.

Moira smiled at the Emmy award standing on the table and then smiled up at Johnny, who met her gaze.

He pulled her into a kiss, holding her close as they danced some more to their favorite record at their beach house.

It was good to be back in California again for the weekend, especially for two-time Emmy winner, Moira Rose.

Chapter Text

Johnny smiled over at Moira, watching her sleep for a few minutes until her eyes fluttered open.

She smiled back at him and he kissed her sweetly. “Happy Anniversary…”

Moira replied, “Happy Anniversary…”

“Ted and Alexis offered to watch the little Roses so that we can spend the evening and night by ourselves…,” Johnny said happily.

Moira nodded with excitement, “Spectacular…”

“It’s amazing that we’ve known each other for forty years…gosh, time flies…,” Johnny marveled, smiling as he looked into Moira’s still sleepy eyes.

Moira nodded, “Yeah…four decades…and four bébés…”

Johnny kissed her again with a grin, pulling her closer into his embrace.

Henry began to whimper softly, so Johnny went over to pick him up. “I’ve got him…”

Henry calmed down as Johnny held him close. “Crazy that he’s already two months old…”

Moira nodded, “I know…”

Livy entered the bedroom and told her parents and Henry ‘good morning’ before climbing into the bed to snuggle with her mother.

“Want to go eat breakfast, Livy?” Johnny asked after he handed Henry to Moira so that she could feed him.

Livy smiled and nodded, “Yes…I’m hungry…”

Johnny smiled, “Good…me too…,” carrying her to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Moira smiled lovingly at him, and then her baby boy in her arms.

Johnny smiled in awe at Moira as she walked into the living room, all ready to go to dinner.

“You look stunning, sweetheart…as always…,” he said, taking her in.

Moira smiled thankfully, “You’re too kind…you look very handsome…as always…”

He smiled and pulled her into a kiss as they waited for Alexis and Ted to arrive to take Olivia and Henry.

They arrived and collected the younger Roses, telling them to have a good time.

After a romantic dinner, Johnny and Moira exchanged gifts and went back home to enjoy their time together, just the two of them.

Before they fell asleep in each other’s arms, Moira said, “Thank you for another amazing anniversary, darling…I love you beyond words…”

Johnny kissed her forehead and said, “Thank you, Moira…I love you…”

It was a wonderful anniversary.

Chapter Text

October arrived, and the autumn weather was gorgeous in Elmdale County.

Alexis was over with Moira and Olivia sorting through baby clothes one day after Livy was done with school.

Moira thought Livy would want to visit with her big sister as well.

“Keep this’s so cute!” Livy said, smiling at her mother and sister.

Henry squirmed and murmured a little bit in his swing, so Moira reached a hand out to rock him slowly in his swing.

She kissed his forehead and resumed sorting through the clothing.

Alexis smiled at the sight, admiring how skilled her mother was. She had grown so much as a parent.

“Boop…,” Livy said gently as she tapped Henry’s nose with her finger.

Moira and Alexis smiled at her sweetly.

Henry just yawned in response, all of them watching him in awe.

“He’s so perfect…,” Alexis remarked.

Moira smiled and nodded slowly, unable to move her gaze from her son.

“Yours will be, too…,” She finally said, smiling at her oldest daughter.

Alexis smiled and noticed a small fluttering feeling.

“What?” Moira asked.

“I think the babies are moving…,” Alexis said excitedly.

Moira grinned and said, “Enjoy those moments...these two moved a lot…,” smiling at Henry and Livy.

Alexis smiled and did just that, soaking up the moment.

Chapter Text

One day, Moira took a trip to Rose Apothecary, bringing Livy and Henry along.

Johnny was at a meeting with Roland and Stevie, and Ted and Alexis were at a baby appointment.

She was exhausted, but promised she would have a girls’ day with Livy. She was hoping David and Patrick would watch Henry while she took Livy out.

They accepted, much to Moira’s relief.

“Hi, boys!” Moira said with a smile as they walked in.

“Hey, guys…,” Patrick smiled.

“David! Patrick!” Livy exclaimed, running over to hug them both.

“Are you excited for Girls’ Day?” Patrick asked with a smile.

“Yes!” Livy said excitedly.

Moira lifted Henry out of his car seat and gave him hugs and kisses before they left.

“Here is the bag of if there’s an emergency…,” she said, taking her daughter’s hand as they left.

Babysitting was going well, and Patrick enjoyed it as usual.

“He’s a lot heavier than when I last held him…,” he marveled as he rocked Henry in his arms.

David replied, “That’s because all he does is sleep, cry, and eat…”

Patrick giggled, “That’s what babies do…”

David rolled his eyes and continued sorting through products and arranging them on shelves. However, he couldn’t help but steal a glance a few times as Patrick fed his little brother. He was so good with children…

He felt so lucky to have him around...

Chapter Text

After a girls’ lunch and dessert at Twyla’s Café Tropical, Moira took Livy to get manicures.

She smiled as Livy sat proudly in the chair, ready for her manicure.

“Make sure to stay still so that she can paint your nails, darling...,” Moira told her daughter.

“I know…,” Livy nodded excitedly.

The manicurists filed their nails and applied the polish.

“I love my nails!” Livy exclaimed, causing everyone to smile at her.

“Yay!” Moira grinned.

After going into some stores at the Elmdale mall, Moira took Olivia to a shoe store.

“You would look good in those, mommy…,” Livy said, pointing at a pair of black high heels.

Moira nodded, “I have a pair just like that at home...see any shoes you like?”

She pointed at a cute pair of boots and Moira helped her try them on.

After shopping, Moira let her take a nap on the way back to Rose Apothecary to retrieve Henry and thank the boys.

“Thank you so much for babysitting…I appreciate it…,” Moira smiled warmly, picking up her baby boy and holding him close.

He snuggled into his mother, falling asleep shortly after.

“Did you girls have fun?” Patrick asked with a smile.

They nodded and Livy said, “Got a manicure and new shoes!”

“Awesome!” Patrick grinned. “Henry was great…”

“Excellent…,” Moira said, rocking him slowly in her arms.

They said their goodbyes for the day and went back home.

It was a fun-filled day for them all.

Chapter Text

Henry turned three months old and the family could not be more in love with him. He was getting so big. He could even roll over on his own, as well as giggle on occasion.

It was a beautiful fall day, so Johnny and Moira decided to have the rest of the family and some friends over for lunch.

Moira smiled as she watched Johnny play with Henry and Olivia, all of them giggling as Henry rolled over and giggled back. He was the cutest.

Roland came over to see the little guy, Johnny allowing him to join them.

“Aww...he looks so much like Moira…look at that blonde hair and blue eyes...,” Roland commented, smiling at Henry.

Johnny nodded, “I know…”

Henry giggled again and placed a toy into his mouth.

“That’s dirty, Henry…,” Livy said to her brother.

Roland giggled and Johnny said, “It’s fine, honey...babies like to chew on things…”

“Oh...well he chews a lot...that why he so big?” she asked.

They giggled and Johnny replied, “’s because he eats a lot and is growing up big and strong just like you are…”

“Okay…,” Moira grinned, picking her baby boy up. “Let’s go eat...lunch is ready…”

“Yay! I’m hungry like Henry…,” Livy smiled.

Moira smiled at her but then sighed, realizing that her daughter was right, and went to feed him.

She got up and took her father’s hand as they went inside to wash their hands before eating. Livy always remembered to wash up before consuming food.

They all had lunch and spent the rest of the time playing games and enjoying the gorgeous afternoon.

Chapter Text

That night, Moira was rocking sleepy Henry in her arms, smiling down at how sweet he looked.

Johnny stood in the doorway, smiling at them lovingly.

Livy walked in quietly, wanting to read her brother a bedtime story.

They couldn’t refuse.

“Okay, sit in the rocking chair, honey…,” Johnny said, helping his daughter up and giving her a pillow to rest on her lap.

Moira placed Henry onto the pillow on Livy’s lap.

“He’s getting much bigger…,” Livy noted with a smile.

They smiled and nodded, watching as she read the baby her favorite book.

Johnny snapped a quick photo of them, admiring how adorable and sweet Livy was with her little brother.

Moira was impressed, but then again, all of her children managed to impress her. She was a proud mama.

The look on her face said it all—pure joy. She loved the baby so much.

“The end…,” she finished, kissing the baby’s forehead gently.

“Great job, honey…,” Johnny smiled, carrying his daughter to bed so that Moira could put Henry to bed.

He had fallen asleep angelically by the end of the story…

After the children were asleep, Moira snuggled into Johnny's warm embrace, both of them entering dreamland.

Chapter Text

It was the week of Halloween, and the family decided to go pick some pumpkins.

After Moira bundled Olivia and Henry up in their warm clothing, they met the kids at the pumpkin patch.

Henry began to whimper in the backseat, so Moira handed his pacifier to Livy so that she could give it to him.

The baby took it and relaxed, closing his eyes.

“Thank you, darling…,” Moira whispered.

“No problem, mommy…,” Livy smiled.

“Mommy! Can I feed the baby goats?” Livy asked angelically.

She nodded and said, “But afterwards, you must wash your hands…”

Livy nodded and went with Alexis to get some feed.

“They’re so cute!” Livy smiled as she fed them.

“They are…,” Alexis grinned.

After she fed the goats and washed her hands, they picked out some pumpkins.

“That one looks like Alexis…,” David pointed at a round pumpkin with a smirk.

Patrick lightly hit his arm.

“Oh my god…eww David!” Alexis grimaced.

“You look great, darling…,” Moira said, reassuring her. “She’s having twins, David…”

David smirked again at the annoyed expression on his sister’s face.

After they selected some pumpkins, they all drove back to Johnny and Moira’s house to have dinner.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Johnny dropped Olivia off at school and came back to see Moira playing with Henry in the living room.

He smiled as he watched them and Henry giggled at his mother.

“Get the toy…,” Moira smiled, trying to get him to take the toy.

He took it and giggled again.

“Hi, you two…,” Johnny said, sitting down next to them and giving some kisses.

“Hello…we’re just having the best time…,” Moira grinned, rubbing Henry’s chubby cheeks.

“Looks like it…,” he said, tickling Henry and making him giggle more. “Oh, you’re so happy…”

Henry rolled over on his stomach and reached for a toy.

Moira handed it to him and he smiled, sticking it into his mouth.

He pulled it out and gave it back to his mother.

“Charming…,” Moira sighed, putting the toy down on the play mat.

Johnny laughed and picked him up, hugging him close.

Moira smiled and wiped Henry's dribbling mouth.

She snapped a quick photo of them, capturing the sweet moment.

After some more play time, lunch, reading time, and a nap, it was time to get Olivia from school.

They all decided to go to pick her up.

Chapter Text

It was only a few days until Halloween and the Roses were almost done deciding on their costumes.

David and Patrick planned a party at Rose Apothecary on Halloween evening, and Alexis and Ted promised to take Livy trick-or-treating that day as well.

Livy came into the wig room, finding her mother brushing a couple wigs.

“Which one you wearing for Halloween, mommy?” Livy asked, going over to sit on the bench next to Moira.

“This one…,” Moira smiled, holding up the cotton candy wig.

“Pretty!” Livy smiled. “Can I pick one, too?”

Moira sighed and thought about it for a moment. She then said, “Promise that you’ll be nice to the wig? You have to be very careful with it…it’s delicate…”

“Yes, mommy…I promise…,” Livy told her.

Moira smiled and nodded, allowing her to select the wig of her choice.

“This one…,” Livy smiled, pointing at the long blonde wig.

“Good choice…,” Moira grinned, taking it off the hook gently and adjusting it on her daughter's head.

She turned her around so that she could look into the mirror.

“I love it!” Livy said excitedly. “Thank you, mommy…”

Moira nodded and smiled, “You’re welcome…”

After she returned the wig to its assigned hook, Livy went to play with her toys while Moira finished grooming her wigs.

This Halloween was going to be extra special…

Chapter Text

The next day, the family carved their pumpkins.

The older kids helped Livy, since she wasn’t quite old enough to carve a pumpkin on her own, yet.

After Livy traced some designs on her pumpkin, Patrick carved out the shapes, carefully following Livy’s instructions.

Johnny and Moira smiled and giggled softly as they watched their daughter bossing Patrick around. She was a cute, yet bossy little thing at times.

Johnny held Henry while Moira carved hers. He was honestly surprised that she was interested in carving a pumpkin.

Henry giggled and smiled, making everyone else smile and giggle as well.

“You like the jack o'lanterns?” Moira asked happily, kissing her baby’s cheek.

He gurgled and continued to watch his mother carve the pumpkin curiously, occasionally trying to reach out and touch it.

When Moira was done carving and put the knife away, they let Henry touch it.

He smiled and giggled again, happy as can be.

“I didn’t know he liked pumpkins so much…,” Moira grinned at Johnny and then the rest of her family.

“That pumpkin looks like daddy…,” Livy said, pointing at Moira’s. “Has big eyebrows…”

Everyone giggled and nodded, seeing the resemblance.

After they finished and took some photos, they had dinner.

Chapter Text

It was the day before Halloween, and Moira was so excited to take some pictures of her two youngest Roses in their Halloween costumes.

Livy was a mermaid and Henry was a crab. They were the cutest little kids.

“Almost ready?” Moira asked Livy as she waited outside of her room.

“Yes…,” Livy smiled, wanting to put her costume on all by herself.

She walked out and Moira instantly grinned at her in her swimsuit, mermaid tale, the long, blonde wig Moira let her borrow, and accessories.

“Aww…you look fabulous!” Moira said.

Livy smiled widely and said, “Thank you…,” already knowing it was true.

Johnny brought Henry out in his costume, smiling ear-to-ear.

“Oh my goodness…,” Moira smiled.

“Okay, let’s get together so mommy can take our picture…,” Johnny said.

Livy stood next to them and they all smiled, even baby Henry, while Moira snapped a couple pictures.

“You two look adorable…,” Moira said, still smiling.

“I know…,” Livy said, causing them to giggle at her.

“Excited for the party…,” Livy said happily.

“Yes! It’s going to be fun!” Moira nodded.

Chapter Text

“Livy, darling? Want to go with me to get some more candy at the store? We could go to Rose Apothecary as well, if you wish…,” Moira said.

Johnny was in a meeting, so she decided to take Livy and Henry along.

“Sure, mommy!” Livy smiled and nodded, getting her shoes and jacket on.

“Cute boots, darling…,” Moira smiled at her daughter.

“Thanks...I know…,” Livy replied with a smirk.

Moira giggled and got Henry in his carseat, giving him his pacifier.

He fell asleep on the car ride to get the candy, Livy lovingly watching him.

“He looks like you, mommy...has blonde hair…,” she said with a smile.

Moira smiled and nodded. “He really does…”

When they got to the first store, Moira had to stay caught up with Livy who was trying to get her hands on as much candy as possible.

“Okay...pick out one more type of candy…,” Moira told her with a smile.

She looked down at all of the candy in Livy’s basket and shook her head. “Okay, that’s plenty…we have to go visit David and Patrick....”

“Okay, mommy…,” Livy said, selecting some MnMs.

“Good choice…,” Moira nodded with a smile. “But remember that we cannot eat ALL of the candy...we would be sick…”

Livy nodded with a smile, marching to the checkout, Moira following her with the stroller close behind.

Afterwards, they went to Rose Apothecary.

“Hi!” Patrick smiled as they entered the store, smiling at them.

“Hello, you…,” Moira smiled, pushing the stroller through the door, Livy holding her free hand.

“Hi, Patrick! Picked out lots of Halloween candy...going to hand it out tomorrow…,” Livy smiled, going over to hug Patrick so that he could pick her up.

“Wow! That’s exciting!” Patrick smiled, David entering from the storage room with a smile.

“Well, hey guys!” he said, happy to see them.

Henry fell asleep again, telling Moira that it was his nap time.

They visited a little while longer and decided to go back home to continue the Halloween preparations.

Chapter Text

Halloween arrived and the Roses all got ready for the party at Rose Apothecary.

After Moira got into her costume and Johnny his, they got Henry and Livy into theirs.

“Mommy...can I borrow some jewelry, too?” Livy asked.

Moira smiled, “Perhaps when you’re a bit older, most likely won’t fit yet…”

Livy nodded and grabbed her mini pink purse and put her sandals on.

When they were all ready to go, they headed to the party.

The party was already very busy from the moment they walked in.

Johnny and Moira were surprised by how much work the boys put into decorating the store; it looked amazing.

They walked over to Ted and Alexis, smiling as they took in her unicorn costume.

“I love your costume, Lexis!” Livy smiled, walking over to hug her sister.

“Thanks, look like a mermaid…,” Alexis smiled, booping her little sister’s nose.

“Thank you…,” Livy said proudly. “I wearing mommy’s wig…”

Everyone who heard were surprised, given that Moira never lended wigs to anyone. It had to be an exception. And sometimes, she could not say no…

“Wow…,” David said as he walked over to them.

Patrick handed Livy some candy and Moira said, “Oh, sweet Pat…she hasn’t even gone trick or treating yet…perhaps we should wait on the candy for now…”

“We still are not doing Pat…,” David confirmed with eyebrows raised.

Patrick nodded and asked, “Do you want me and David to take you trick or treating, Livy?”

Livy nodded rapidly, “Yes, please…”

She then looked up at her parents for approval.

They both nodded.

Johnny then said, “You have to be good…can you do that?”

Livy nodded again.

Roland and Jocelyn came over to chat, smiling at all of the costumes.

“Aww…Livy and Henry are so adorable…,” Jocelyn said, rubbing Henry nod Livy’s cheeks.

“Aren’t they?” Moira smiled, but then quickly grabbed Henry’s hand as he tried to pull her wig.

Everyone giggled at him. He was so cute.

After some dancing, karaoke, and games, David and Patrick went to take Livy trick or treating.

Chapter Text

Everyone went back to the house after David and Patrick closed the store and the party ended.

Livy was so excited to go trick or treating.

“Ready, Liv?” David asked her.

“Yes…,” Livy smiled.

“Be good…,” Johnny and Moira told her.

“When you come back, we’ll watch a movie…,” Johnny smiled.

“Look at all my candy!” Livy said excitedly, showing David and Patrick her most full bag of treats.

“Wow…that’s awesome…,” Patrick smiled.

“Mom and Dad are going to love that…,” David said sarcastically.

Patrick added, “We can’t eat it all in one night, though…”

Livy nodded, “I know…”

Livy giggled as she led the way to another house.

Before they knew it, they went to probably every house in the neighborhood.

Livy’s bag was overflowing, and luckily Patrick brought an extra bag for candy. She was a lucky girl for sure…

“Ready to go back home and watch a spooky movie?” David asked hopefully, wanting to go back.

Livy nodded and said, “Yes…but can I have some candy?”

Patrick smiled, “We’ll ask mommy and daddy when we get back…”

“Yay!” Livy said excitedly.

Chapter Text

David, Patrick, and Livy arrived back at the house and they were exhausted from trick or treating.

Livy, however, was eager to eat more candy and watch a movie.

“Mommy! Daddy! I got so much candy!” Livy exclaimed, running over to hug her parents.

Johnny scooped her up and said, “That’s great, honey!”

Moira smiled, “Awesome!”

“Was she good?” Johnny asked the boys.

Patrick nodded, “As always…it was a fun time…”

“Good…,” Johnny and Moira smiled.

Ted, Alexis, and Stevie all smiled as well, but we’re amazed at how much candy they got.

“Someone will have to help you eat it all…,” David smirked, causing Moira to shoot him a stern glance.

“Not in one night, David…,” she confirmed.

He smirked again and Moira took all of the candy and put it in the kitchen.

Afterwards, they handed out some candy to other trick or treaters and watched a movie.

“You may select two pieces of candy to munch on during the film, Olivia…,” Moira told her daughter.

“Okay…thank you…,” Livy nodded.

“Henry trying to eat my candy…,” she said, moving farther away from her baby brother.

Johnny and Moira giggled and Johnny took him from Moira and popped him on his lap so that he was distanced more.

“Hocus Pocus” was one of the family’s favorite Halloween movies.

“That Bette Midler!” Livy announced proudly.

“That’s right!” Moira nodded with a grin. She taught her daughter well. And she was honestly surprised that a three year old knew the names of that many celebrities. “Bette and I have had some fun lunch dates in New York…”

They all smiled as they listened to another one of Moira’s stories.

It was a wonderful Halloween.

Chapter Text

It was already two weeks until Livy’s fourth birthday, and the family was in the process of creating a fun plan for her.

She had been talking about going back to the beach house in L.A., so Moira thought it would be fun to take her back down there for her birthday weekend.

It was already cold outside, so they couldn’t use the pool, and they hadn’t been to the beach house in a while. The last time they went was before Henry arrived.

Johnny agreed that it would be a great surprise for Livy, and so they invited Eileen the older kids to come, all of them agreeing without hesitation. They all were looking forward to going back to the beach.

Eileen was also very excited to come back to visit, and she was looking forward to spending time with them all.

Moira could hardly wait to surprise her daughter. She knew that she would be so happy when she found out.

“Alright, mom…I’ll see you Friday morning! Love you…,” Moira smiled as she hung up the phone.

Johnny came in holding Henry with a smile and said, “She’s going to be so excited…”

Moira nodded, “I know…I still can’t quite believe that she’ll be four years old…”

Johnny nodded and said, “Me neither…she’s growing up so fast…and so is this one…,” holding Henry close.

He yawned softly, letting them know it was his nap time.

Moira smiled and took him, placing him down in his bed.

They decided to get dinner, have some leftover Halloween candy, and spend time together as a family.

Chapter Text

It was only one week until Livy’s birthday, and Johnny and Moira decided to go do some last minute gift shopping.

Moira had been looking forward to birthday shopping for her for a while. Johnny agreed to escort her as well.

Ted and Alexis offered to watch Livy and Henry while they were out.

“Hey, honey…,” Johnny smiled, hugging his oldest daughter, lightly holding her bump as he did.

“Hey, dad…,” Alexis smiled.

“You look utterly gorgeous…,” Moira beamed, hugging her as well.

“Thanks…,” Alexis bowed her head shyly.

“Be good…,” Johnny and Moira told Livy before heading to the mall.

“Okay…,” Livy nodded, hugging and kissing her parents.

Moira handed Henry to Ted, smiling at the sight of them all together.

“I like that one…she’ll love it…,” Johnny nodded, smiling at the stuffed animal Moira selected.

“Now…which Barbie doll would she like the best?” Moira asked as she and Johnny scanned the row of the section.

Johnny said, “Definitely the mermaid one…”

Moira nodded and said, “Perfect…”

Soon, they had a cart full of presents. Livy was one lucky little girl for sure…

As they drove back to Ted and Alexis’ apartment, Moira said, “She's going to have a great birthday…”

Johnny nodded, “She will for sure…”

Chapter Text

Moira smiled sweetly at the sight of Johnny feeding Henry his bottle. She had just come home from going to a baby appointment with Alexis, who asked her to accompany her.

“Hello, you two…,” she smiled, coming over to kiss them both.

Henry perked up when he saw his mother, eyes lighting up as he continued drinking from his bottle.

When he was done, Moira held him and burped him as they chatted for a while.

Livy was taking a nap, so after Moira put Henry down for a nap as well, she enjoyed her alone time with her husband.

Moira smiled and joined him on the couch, kissing him lightly.

He went back in for more, both of them nonverbally deciding to go to their room.

Moira grinned and pulled him down close to her, kissing him softly.

He began to pull at her blouse while she stroked his hair.

Rocky came in a few moments later, alerting both of them.

They both smirked at each other and sighed.

“Go take a nap…,” Moira said, hoping he would comply.

“Shit…,” Johnny groaned under his breath.

Finally, he left, much to Johnny and Moira’s delight.

“Where were we, Mr. Rose?” Moira smirked, kissing him deeply.

“Mommy, look at that mermaid!” Livy said, smiling and pointing at the screen.

Moira nodded with a smile, snuggling with her daughter who was perched on her lap.

Johnny joined them with Henry, wrapping his free arm around them.

Chapter Text

“Mommy, is Henry oky?” Livy asked, coming in to see Moira rocking a fussy Henry.

Moira nodded, “He’s just a bit fussy right now…”

Livy asked sweetly, “Can I hold him?”

Moira nodded with a smile and gently placed Henry on the pillow in her arms after she sat down in the rocking chair.

“Shh…it’s okay…,” Livy cooed adorably, trying to calm her little brother.

She began to sing softly, and Henry’s cries faded to murmurs of content.

“I sing like you, mommy…,” Livy said proudly.

Moira nodded proudly and said, “You do, darling…well done…”

“I love singing like you…,” she said.

“I’m so glad…,” Moira smiled.

Livy grinned and lightly kissed the baby’s head, softly running her hand over it. She must have gotten that from her mother…

“There we go…,” she whispered, mimicking her mother’s words.

Henry’s eyes fluttered, closing eventually.

Livy smiled up at her mother and let her take him back.

Moira smiled sweetly and sighed with content, pleased that Henry was sleeping soundly, again.

After Moira put Henry back to bed, she went with Livy to play with dolls, while Johnny was at a meeting with Stevie and Roland for the Rosebud Motel group.

Livy was loving being a big sister.

Chapter Text

It was Friday morning, and Eileen finally arrived in Elmdale after flying from Ireland.

Livy was at preschool until the afternoon, so Moira thought it would be fun to have her there and surprise Livy when she came home.

Johnny went to pick her up so that Moira and Eileen could get everything together to fly to California.

“Hi, mom…,” Moira smiled as she placed Henry down for a moment so she could hug her mother.

“Hello, dear…I’m so glad you have included me in this special surprise…,” Eileen said happily.

Moira nodded with a grin, “Of course! Livy is going to be so excited. The older kids are flying down separately so that she doesn’t catch on before she gets there…they’re there decorating as we speak…”

“How exciting!” Eileen said.

Eileen picked Henry up and smiled at him before kissing his chubby cheeks. He giggled, causing them both to smile and giggle back. “You’re such a happy boy!”

Moira nodded, “He is…always guffawing…”

After they got everything ready to go, they spent some time with Henry until Johnny and Olivia arrived back home.

“Grandma!” Livy shrieked as she ran inside with Johnny walking behind her.

“Hello, my darling…,” Eileen greeted her cheerful granddaughter, hugging and kissing her sweetly.

Johnny and Moira smiled at them as they visited, and Johnny said ‘hello’ to his mother-in-law as well.

Livy was in for a great surprise…

Chapter Text

The older kids completed decorating the beach house, much to their relief. They were exhausted from setting up for hours.

“It looks great, guys…,” Alexis smiled as she sat, lounging on the couch.

“You’re only saying that because we did most of the work while you sat back and relaxed…,” David said, jibing at his annoyed, pregnant sister.

“Ugh, David…are you almost eight months pregant with twins?” Alexis stabbed back, frustrated.

Stevie just smirked, silently giggling at the sibling feud.

Ted comforted her while Patrick said, “Relax, David…we all did an outstanding job…Livy’s going to be very happy…”

They all nodded as they awaited Livy’s arrival.

Johnny, Moira, Livy, Henry, and Rocky arrived at the beach house, and Livy got out of the car as soon as she could to look at the waves crashing against the shore and went to the front door.

They let her knock, awaiting her surprised expression.

“Surprise!” the older kids said, smiling at Livy as she absorbed the news.

“Oh my goodness! What you guys doing here?!” Livy exclaimed, running to hug them and look at all of the decorations.

“I love the decorations…,” Livy marveled after thanking them all, sweetly. She was so surprised…

“Happy early Birthday, Livy bear!” Alexis smiled, kissing her little sister.

It was going to be a fun-filled weekend for sure…

Chapter Text

After everyone was settled in, Livy decided she wanted to go to the beach. After all, it was most of what she had been going on about the past few weeks.

Everyone agreed, happy to go back to the beach as well.

After Moira got Livy and Henry ready, they all headed there.

“Lex…you look fine…,” Ted tried to persuade a frantic Alexis.

“I look like a hot air balloon…,” Alexis grimaced.

“Well, I think you’re the most colorful and stylish hot air balloon I’ve ever seen…,” David smirked.

Alexis groaned and shook her head rapidly. “God, David…”

Everyone giggled and Stevie hit David’s arm.

It was Henry’s first time at the beach, so Moira took some pictures of him and Livy by the waves. He loved it. His face lit up as soon as he saw the water.

Johnny crouched down just enough while he was holding Henry, letting him reach out and feel the water washing over the shore.

Johnny, Moira, and the others all giggled and smiled as they watched him.

“Look! I a mermaid swimming in the ocean!” Livy exclaimed as she floated around in the shallow water, Johnny standing close to her.

“Yes you are!” Moira nodded with a smile.

Patrick took Henry and Eileen took Livy for a little bit, so that Johnny and Moira could have some relaxation time, which they took advantage of.

“They all look so happy…,” Moira smiled as she leaned into Johnny, lovingly watching her family.

“They are…,” Johnny smiled, pressing a kiss into her hair.

Moira smiled and met his lips in a kiss.

When they broke apart, they noticed Livy splashing David, making them giggle.

“Not me! Splash Stevie or Alexis…,” David told his little sister.

Stevie and Alexis both shook their heads.

Livy smiled and said, “I think Henry likes the beach…”

“He definitely does…,” Eileen smiled as she handed him back to Moira.

Livy was having a great birthday weekend so far.

Chapter Text

The next day, Livy selected a Californian adventure to embark upon—visiting a waterfall. She loved practically anything H2O-involved.

After Johnny and Eileen made everyone breakfast, they all ate and got ready for their day.

“Mommy! Look at that waterfall…,” Livy said in awe, everyone smiling and nodding as they took in the gorgeous view.

Henry smiled and pointed, matching his big sister.

“Yeah!” Moira cooed, kissing his cheek.

“Can I play in it?” Livy asked her parents, anxiously wanting to get in the water.

Moira nodded, “If daddy, grandma, or one of the others will go in with you…”

Johnny took her hand and stepped in with her, both of them getting soaked.

Eileen took some pictures as they all giggled.

Johnny absolutely hated getting his hair wet, but he was willing to make an exception for his daughter’s birthday.

“Daddy, your hair is speaking wet!” Livy laughed.

Johnny nodded and sighed, “Yes, it is…”

Moira and Henry giggled, smiling at him.

“At least you have swim gear on…,” Stevie pointed out.

“True…,” he said in relief.

“None of your suits would survive at these stakes…,” David smirked, though he was not wrong.

“Join us!” Livy said, gesturing at the others.

Ted, Patrick, and Stevie joined them, and Henry began to whimper and reach outward, wanting to be included in the fun as well.

Moira smiled and knelt down a bit in the water, lightly splashing his hands with water.

He giggled, excited as can be.

“You like that?” Moira grinned, smiling at her baby boy.

After they all had some fun at the waterfall, they took a few more pictures and headed to get lunch.

It was a great second day of Livy’s birthday weekend.

Chapter Text

Livy’s fourth birthday arrived, and the day began with her favorite breakfast, omelettes and toast.

Eileen taught Johnny how to make them, and they decided to make them for her birthday.

Moira walked over to the other side of the room to check if Livy was up.

Sure enough, she was heading toward them.

“She’s coming…,” Moira grinned, sitting back down with her family.

Everyone smiled as she rubbed her sleepy eyes and walked into the dining room.

“Happy Birthday!” they all smiled.

“Thank you…I’m four years old!” Livy said happily.

“You are!” Moira said, picking her up and cuddling her close.

“We made your favorites, honey…,” Johnny smiled as he and Eileen placed the food on the table.

“Nom nom for us!” Livy giggled, mimicking Alexis. She heard her say that phrase countless times.

Everyone giggled and David sighed. He never enjoyed hearing his sisters say that phrase.

After they ate breakfast, Livy opened one gift. She was told that she could open one and save the others for later. She did not know about the surprise party coming soon…

“A mermaid!” Livy exclaimed excitedly, hugging the box in her hands. “Can I play with it now?”

Johnny nodded and opened the box for her, handing her the Barbie.

“Thank you!” Livy smiled.

They all nodded and let her play with her present.

The fun day was just beginning…

Chapter Text

After breakfast and some time allowed for Livy to play with her new Barbie, they all got ready for the big day.

Livy still had no idea about the surprise party that afternoon.

Johnny and Moira took her, Henry, and Rocky for a walk in order to get her out of the house while everyone arrived for the surprise.

“Okay, let’s go for a walk…,” Moira smiled, Rocky recognizing that phrase immediately. He loved going for walks.

“Yay!” Livy said, excited as well.

“Mommy! The trees are all different colors…,” Livy smiled, looking at the autumn trees around her.

“They are…aren’t they gorgeous?” Moira said, marveling at nature as well.

Livy nodded and continued to look around in wonder.

After the walk, they arrived back at the beach house, and everyone had arrived for the party.

“Look at all those cars!” Livy said, noticing something was up.

Johnny and Moira grinned as they led her inside, her mouth dropping in surprise as everyone yelled, “Happy Birthday!”

“Oh my goodness! A party!” Livy said happily.

Everyone smiled at how excited and cheerful she was.

It was going to be an amazing party.

Chapter Text

There were so many people who came to Olivia’s party, and the day was going amazing.

“Twyla!” Livy smiled, running over to hug Twyla’s leg.

She scooped her up and said, “Happy Birthday, Livy!”

“I’m four years old!“ Livy said proudly.

She smiled and went back to Moira and Henry.

Roland and Jocelyn came over to talk to Livy, smiling at her.

“Happy Birthday!” they both said.

“Thank you…,” Livy smiled.

“You’re four years old, already?” Jocelyn asked with a grin.

“Yes, I am…,” Livy smiled, beaming up at them.

Roland added, “Gee, Johnny…that means you’re four years older…and so am I…”

Johnny frowned and Roland laughed, making everyone else who heard, giggle.

“Always a delight, Roland…,” Johnny smirked before smiling and holding Henry. “Let’s go talk to grandma Eileen, Henry…”

“Thank you…,” Roland smirked back.

“I can’t believe she’s already four…and my bébé boy is almost four months…,” Moira shook her head, smiling as her daughter went off to play with Rocky and visit with more family and friends.

After some games and food, they sang “Happy Birthday” to Livy and had some cake and cookies.

She felt like the luckiest little girl in the world.

Chapter Text

A few days passed, and everyone returned to Elmdale after the party that was a very huge success.

Eileen decided that she would stay for Thanksgiving and visit a bit longer before returning to Ireland.

She also brought up how they should all come there one day. Moira agreed that it would be nice to go back after all of those years and see Dublin, again.

“Mommy…can we go to Ireland with grandma, one day?” Livy asked her mother, hoping she would get the response she wanted.

Moira nodded, “I was just talking to Grandma about that, and yes, we will schedule a trip there, one day…”

“Soon?” she asked.

Moira replied, “I’ll have to talk to daddy about it…”

“Yay!” Livy exclaimed, prancing around in joy.

Moira smiled and giggled at her cheerfulness.

That night, Moira settled down in bed next to Johnny, smiling patiently at him as he read his book, hoping he would put it down, soon…

Johnny felt her gaze and placed his book down, smiling back at her. “Is everything okay, sweetheart?”

She nodded, “Of course…I was just wanting to confabulate about something with my sweet husband…”

He nodded and said, “Of course, honey…what’s going on?”

Moira began, “Mom wants us to come visit Ireland…like the whole family…I told her I’d love to, but that I’d talk to you about it…

Johnny smiled, “I think that’s a great idea…it would be fun…”

She smiled, “I’m glad you agree…I’ll let her know…Livy heard us talking about it I think, and now she wants to go…maybe when Henry’s a little bit older and Alexis has had the twins?”

“Good idea…maybe after the new year…,” Johnny said.

“Lovely…I’ll let her know in the morning…,” Moira yawned, snuggling close to her husband.

He kissed her sweetly and snuggled into her embrace.

They were very excited to go to Ireland in the near future.

Chapter Text

Before they knew it, Henry turned four months old.

They couldn’t believe how quickly he was growing up! It seemed like just yesterday to Moira that he was born.

Now, they had a four year old and a four month old in the house.

And also before they knew it, Alexis would be having the twins.

She was due in December.

“Mommy…Henry has one of my toys…,” Livy pointed out, eyeballing her baby brother with both frustration and disgust as he shoved the toy into his mouth.

“Uh oh…don’t worry, darling…I’ll wash it for you…,” Moira smiled, softly removing the toy from Henry’s grasp. “Daddy, Grandma, and I are going to take you two for a walk…”

“Yay!” Livy smiled, going to put on her sneakers.

It was a warmer fall day in November, which was a lovely surprise.

Moira smiled as Johnny pushed the stroller and Eileen held Livy’s hand as they walked along the trail.

Henry began to stir a bit, so Moira gave him a pacifier, and he calmed down. “That’s it, darling…”

“I can’t believe he’s four months…,” she said, marveling at her son as he fell asleep in the stroller again.

Johnny nodded lovingly, “I know…and Livy’s four…wow…”

Moira nodded slowly as she thought about how time really flew…

“It will be so much fun taking them to Ireland…I’m looking forward to it…,” she smiled.

He replied, “It’s going to be a good time for sure…”

Chapter Text

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and since everyone was off work and school, they were preparing for the holiday.

“Mommy, are we going to the store?” Livy asked, slipping down off the sofa over to her mother.

“Yes, darling…are you and Grandma ready to go?” Moira asked.

She nodded and Eileen came in, nodding as well and taking her granddaughter's hand.

“Alright…say ‘goodbye’ to daddy and Henry…,” Moira said.

Livy hugged and kissed them both before Moira picked her up and put her in the car.

They arrived at the store and hopped out of the car.

“Can I push the cart, mommy?” Livy asked with a grin.

Moira giggled and said, “I doubt you’ll be able to reach the handle, darling…would you like to ride in the seat, instead?”

Livy nodded and allowed her mother to pick her up and place her in the seat on the top of the cart.

Eileen said, “Okay…we need some ham and a turkey…,” adjusting her reading glasses and looking over the list in her hand.

Livy added, “And stuffing…”

They both nodded, “Of course…”

“Can we get some of those?” Liv asked as she pointed at the bakery section with big, excited eyes.

They both grinned.

“You may select one item for tomorrow…,” Moira told her.

“Those…,” she smiled, pointing at some iced sugar cookies with sprinkles.

“Okay…,” Moira sighed, putting some into the cart.

“We had better move from this section…,” Eileen giggled, knowing that they would probably not leave the store with only one dessert.

Moira nodded and moved to grab the remaining items on the list.

It was a fun trip to the grocery store that day.

Chapter Text

Later that day, Grandma Eileen had the afternoon all planned out for baking desserts for Thanksgiving.

“Alright…who's ready to do some baking?” she asked enthusiastically.

Moira grimaced and Johnny giggled. “Don’t worry, sweetheart…you don’t have to do any baking…Alexis and Ted are coming over to help me, Livy ,and Eileen…,” he promised.

She nodded with a relieved smile. “Perfect…”

Ted and Alexis arrived and Livy ran over to hug them. “Hi, Lexis! Hi, Ted!” she smiled, hugging them both tightly, and then kissing the babies.

After they all greeted each other, they got down to business.

“Okay…so what are we making first?” Alexis asked.

Moira helped Livy up onto a chair so that she could see the cookbook. “How about those?” she asked, pointing at the yogurt pretzels.

“Good idea…very simple to make…,” Eileen smiled, gathering the ingredients.

Moira smiled and helped Alexis tie her apron around her, noticing she was struggling to do so with her expanded stomach.

“Thanks…,” Alexis said, and Moira nodded.

After Eileen heated up and mixed the yogurt in a bowl, they let it cool, before she showed Livy how to dip and coat the pretzels.

“Wow…,” Livy smiled, excited at her progress.

Moira nodded and took a picture with a smile. “Look at you go, my little Rose!”

After Livy, Eileen, and Alexis finished making a few desserts and Moira spectated, they decided to take a break and let the boys take over making the next few.

Chapter Text

Ted did most of the baking, since Henry was keeping Johnny busy.

“No, baby...we can’t eat them...they’re for tomorrow…,” he said, and Ted smiled as he continued to bake.

Henry began to cry, and Johnny figured out why. “Okay...I know...let’s go to mommy…I’ll be right back, Eileen and Ted...I’m sorry…”

Ted nodded with an understanding smile, “No problem, Mr. Rose…”

Eileen smiled, “No problem at all…”

Moira looked up as they entered, taking her wailing son from her husband. “Aww, what’s wrong? Is he hungry?”

Johnny replied, “I think so...he was trying to grab the cookies a moment ago…”

They all smiled as Moira rocked Henry in her arms. “Okay...Ms. Rose...why don’t you go help Ted and Daddy with some more baking?”

Livy hopped up excitedly and said, “Okay!”

Moira smiled as Livy went with Johnny to the kitchen, before undoing a few buttons of her blouse and pulling Henry closer.

“You really were hungry…,” Moira said softly as she stroked her little one’s cheek as he filled his belly.
Alexis couldn’t help but smile as she saw how sweet Moira and Henry were together...she hoped she would be a mother like that…

“He’s quiet now...oh my goodness…,” Alexis marveled, a wide smile gracing her face.

Moira nodded, not moving her gaze from the baby in her arms. “I know…soon you’ll have two little ones...”

Alexis nodded and relaxed against the sofa, falling asleep shortly after.

Meanwhile, Ted, Johnny, Eileen, and Livy were making headway with the baking.

“Honey, don’t eat too’ll get sick…,” Johnny said cautiously, trying to get his daughter to stop eating parts of the desserts.

Livy smiled and giggled as he picked her up and carried her to the living room.

He smiled as he noticed Alexis sleeping, and Moira playing with Henry.

“Shh…,” Moira smiled, pressing a delicate finger to her red lips.

They nodded and Livy went to snuggle with Alexis, which was the cutest thing ever…

It was a wonderful day.

Chapter Text

Thanksgiving Day arrived and Eileen made everyone a big breakfast.

After Moira fed Henry, she walked into the kitchen with a surprised smile, noticing all of the food. “Oh my goodness, mom…you didn’t have to do all this…”

Eileen shook her head, “I enjoy doing it…good morning…,” she said, kissing them both and holding her grandson.

Johnny carried a sleepy Olivia into the kitchen, hearing talking from the other room.

“Good morning…,” he smiled, Livy quietly echoing his words, rubbing her still sleepy,
blue eyes.

Eileen gave some more kisses and cuddles, after handing Henry back to Moira.

They all enjoyed breakfast and then watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade, which was a must every year.

“I want to be a dancer like that…,” Livy said as she marveled at the dancing.

Moira smiled at them and said, “You could be a dancer in “Cabaret” one day…”

Livy nodded as she got up and did her best to do the dance moves she saw on the television screen.

Eileen smiled, “She’ll be a dancer for sure…”

“I believe so…,” Johnny said, bouncing Henry in his arms.

Henry was having a good time as well, smiling and giggling at all of the floats and costumes in the parade.

They couldn’t wait to celebrate with family and friends later that day.

Chapter Text

Thanksgiving lunch and dinner went great. The breakfast Eileen prepared was amazing as well.

There was a lot of eating and socializing involved, but most importantly, lots of love and joy all around.

Roland smiled at Henry and said, “Wow…he’s getting big…”

Johnny nodded, “Yeah…all he does is eat, laugh, and sleep…”

“Daddy! Mommy said we can break the wishbone…,” Livy said excitedly.

Johnny nodded and went to help her with that after handing Henry back to Moira.

Everyone smiled and cheered when Livy broke off the bigger side of the bone.

“Yay!” Livy exclaimed.

“Make a wish, darling…,” Eileen smiled.

Livy nodded and closed her eyes, making a silent wish. It was the cutest thing.

Afterwards, they had some dessert and played some games.

It even began to snow outside.

“It’s snowing!” Livy cheered, running over to look out the window, admiring the falling snow.

Alexis came over next to her and said, “Wow…it really is…”

There weren’t too many snowy Thanksgivings in Elmdale…it was incredible…

Soon, everyone else was coming over to look outside at the snow coming down. Before they knew it, the streets were covered with white.

It was an amazing Thanksgiving spent with close family and friends.

Chapter Text

The day after Thanksgiving arrived, and everyone decided to do some Black Friday shopping online, not wanting to bother with the crowds of people.

David, Patrick, Alexis, and Ted were very skilled at online shopping, much to Johnny and Moira’s delight…they still did not understand technology too well…

“Moira? Are the kids here, yet?” Johnny asked from the other room, finishing changing Henry’s diaper.

Moira replied, “They just pulled in…”

“Awesome…,” he said thankfully.

After everyone greeted one another, David quickly removed his laptop from its case and opened it.

Livy climbed over next to Alexis sitting on the couch, laying against her side as she looked at the laptop screen. “Ooh…I want this…,” she said, pointing and showing her sister.

“That? Okay…,” Alexis said, quickly adding it to the cart, not able to resist her adorable little sister.

“What about this? Isn’t it trendy? Is that what the young people call it these days?” Johnny asked his son, making David and Alexis cringe.

“Umm…never say ‘trendy’ again…,” David said seriously.

Everyone else giggled as they continued to browse the Internet for deals.

Moira smiled as she said, “Henry would like this…,” pointing at a baby walker.

Johnny nodded, “Hard to believe he’ll be using it soon…,” adding it to the cart after David showed him how to do so.

“Aww…look…matching onesies…,” Livy smiled, pointing the matching baby pajama sets out to her big sister.

Alexis grinned, “Aww…I’m getting these…good eye, Livy bear…”

“I know…,” Livy smirked, proud of her finding.

“Do you like these, darling?” Moira asked, waiving a hand toward her youngest daughter.

Livy smiled, “Yes!” She loved sparkly shoe wear.

It was a very fun and entertaining day for sure…

Chapter Text

December arrived just like the flip of a switch, and Alexis was due in just weeks. However, Moira convinced her that she should be ready at any moment. You never know…

It was snowing very often in Elmdale, and Livy and Henry were loving it.

One day, Livy had a snow day, and Moira and Johnny took Livy and Henry out to play in the snow.

After Moira bundled the children up, she took them outside with Johnny.

Henry looked in awe as he took in the snow. He hadn’t seen it very often, so the experience was all new to him.

He reached out, wanting to feel it, so Johnny lifted a handful up and let him feel it.

Henry gurgled and smiled, filled with joy.

“Let’s play a snowball game…,” Livy smirked, moving to toss a snowball at her father who flinched in surprise.

“Maybe…but you can’t aim for the face, remember?” Johnny reminded his daughter, wanting to make that clear.

Livy nodded and said, “I know, daddy…”

Everyone giggled at her, but Moira said, “You and daddy can, but Henry is too little…”

Livy nodded and tossed another snowball at Johnny.

He giggled and picked her up, making her giggle loudly.

Henry smiled and giggled at them, having a fun time, himself.

After some time in the snow, building a snowman, and making snow angels, they went inside for some hot chocolate.

Chapter Text

The weekend arrived, and the family was having a lovely time together, playing with Livy, Henry, and Rocky in the snow and having some warm hot chocolate by the fire inside.

“Mmm…this hot chocolate is great…,” Patrick smiled, wrapping his arm tighter around David’s shoulder.

They all nodded in agreement as they relaxed and enjoyed their drinks.

Alexis shifted uncomfortably in her seat, trying to get comfortable, again.

Moira saw her discomfort and asked, “Are you okay, Alexis?”

Alexis nodded and said, “I’m fine…the babies are just very active right now…”

David smirked and said, “Well, they are probably tired of being cooped up in there for that long…”

Alexis groaned, “Ugh, David…”

The pain continued and it was only getting worse…

She took a few deep breaths and tried to relax. But her heart rate was only accelerating…

Moira stood and said, “Alexis, darling…I think you’re going into labor…”

Alexis shot her a fearful glance and said, “No…it’s too early…I’m not due for almost three weeks…,” shaking her head.

Moira went over to massage her arm and said, “We need to go find out what’s going on…it’s time to go to the hospital, Alexis…”

Alexis nodded with consent, knowing that her mother had gone through this four times. She knew Moira had better judgment for the situation than she did…

“Okay…,” she breathed out.

“That’s it…keep taking deep breaths…,” Moira nodded, her and Ted helping her into the car.

“Oh my god…,” David whispered, unable to process that his sister was most likely going to be giving birth soon…

“Lexis having the baby?” Livy asked her father with wide eyes.

Johnny answered, “I think so…”

They all quickly got into their cars and drove to the hospital.

Chapter Text

The car ride to the hospital was a nightmare. Alexis was trying to stay calm, and Moira and Eileen did their best to calm her down.

“Do you think they’ll give me an epidural or whatever you call it? The pain is unbearable…,” Alexis groaned.

Moira nodded and said, “They should give you something for the pain…just breathe in and out, darling…”

Alexis nodded and tried to focus on her breathing. “Okay…because I really need something for this pain…”

Moira nodded again and said, “I know…”

“You’re doing great…,” Eileen smiled.

Alexis smiled back briefly at her, before returning her attention to timing her breathing.

They arrived at the hospital and helped Alexis inside, David, Patrick, and Livy arriving in the car behind them, coming to their aid.

“Almost there, honey…hang in there…,” Johnny said comfortingly.

After they checked in, a nurse wheeled Alexis back into one of the rooms, Ted and Moira following beside her.

Johnny kissed Moira and said, “Go be with her…I’ll watch Livy…”

Moira nodded, already knowing that she would accompany her daughter.

The twins were coming soon…

Chapter Text

While Moira was with Alexis and Ted in the delivery room, the others waited in the waiting room, trying to be patient. It was taking a while…

“Can I play a game on your phone, daddy?” Livy asked angelically, hoping he would comply with her request.

Johnny nodded and handed her the phone, “Sure…just for a little bit, honey…”

Livy nodded and smiled, opening one of her favorite games that Johnny had downloaded for her (with Alexis’ assistance, of course, given he had no idea how downloading apps on a device worked).

“When can I see the babies?” she asked after playing her game for a while.

Johnny smiled, “Hopefully soon…mommy will let us know as soon as possible…”

“Okay…,” she said excitedly. She was ready to meet her niece and nephew. She was going to be the cutest aunt ever.

Meanwhile, Moira and Ted were doing their best to keep a frantic Alexis calm and as satisfied as possible.

The pain medicine was finally kicking in, helping her relax a bit.

The babies were being stubborn, delaying the delivery process, which wasn’t helping, but the medicine was helping a little.

“Mom? How long does this usually take? It’s been so long, already…,” Alexis groaned.

Moira said, “Ted, would you be a dear and go fetch Lexis some ice chips?”

Ted nodded and went quickly to get some ice, allowing Moira a moment with her eldest daughter.

After he left, she said, “You’re going to be fine, darling…it takes longer sometimes…it did with both David and Livy for me…I’m sure it will be soon…just keep forging on…you have got this…you’re going to be a great mother…”

Alexis smiled and nodded, squeezing her mother’s hand. “Thanks, mom…”

Moira nodded and hugged her, softly stroking her hair, sharing a loving moment.

Chapter Text

“Daddy…is mommy calling you? Did Lexis have the twins?” Livy asked hopefully, seeing Johnny’s phone lighting up and buzzing.

Johnny quickly picked up the phone and answered.

“Sweetheart? Is everything alright?” he asked anxiously.

Moira smiled and said, “Yes…the twins have finally arrived…mother and children are doing excellent…”

Johnny smiled widely and said, “Oh, that’s great! I’ll let everyone know, and we’ll be up shortly…”

“Okay, darling…,” she said softly.

Livy cheered and took her daddy’s hand as they all went to see them.

“They’re perfect…,” Johnny smiled as his eyes welled with tears as he held his grandchildren for the first time.

Alexis and Ted smiled and thanked him. “Please, dad…don’t cry…,” Alexis begged, wiping a stray tear away.

He handed one to Moira and then the other, swapping after a few minutes.

“We’ve decided on Emma and Ted Jr….,” Alexis smiled.

“Those are perfect…and you did great, darling…” Moira smiled, still in awe of becoming a grandmother.

Livy smiled as she met her niece and nephew, happy as can be.

Moira handed Emma back to Alexis so that she could hold Henry. “Meet your new friends…,” she said with a grin.

Henry’s face lit up as he met them, smiling wide, making everyone giggle and smile.

Chapter Text

A little while later, Moira decided to stay with Alexis a bit longer while everyone went back home.

Emma and Ted Jr. were becoming hungry, and Alexis wanted Moira’s help since it was her first time feeding them.

“Are you sure you don’t need to be with Henry? The nurse can help me if he needs you…,” Alexis said thoughtfully.

Moira shook her head, “I just fed him not too long ago…he’ll be fine with your father and grandmother.

Alexis smiled and nodded.

“Okay…let’s start with Ms. Emma. She seems to be the most hungry right now…,” Moira said, handing her to her daughter.

She assisted her in maneuvering the infant close.

“It may take her a few tries, but she should get the hang of it…she’ll latch when she’s ready…,” Moira assured her. “Just hold her close…”

Finally, Emma got it.

Alexis was glad to have her mother with her to help, since she had a lot of experience with motherhood.

Alexis’ face lit up as she softly stroked Emma’s cheek.

“I’ve done that with both Livy and Henry…,” Moira smiled warmly.

After Emma was done, ‘Teddy’, newly nicknamed, had his turn.

Moira rocked and burped Emma while Teddy was fed.

“Thanks for everything, mom…,” Alexis smiled.

“Of course…,” Moira said with a huge grin.

She was already an amazing grandmother…

Chapter Text

A couple days passed, and Alexis and Ted are able to bring the twins home.

The other family members went over to their apartment to throw them a mini party for bringing the twins home.

“Just a little more to the left…thanks…,” David said as Patrick and Johnny adjusted the banner.

Stevie smiled as she looked up from her phone. “Alexis just texted that they’re here…they’ll be up any second…”

They all smiled and stood, waiting for them to come through the door.

As they walked through, they all said, “Welcome home, Emma and Teddy!”

“Aww…,” Alexis and Ted both smiled as they brought the twins inside.

Moira smiled and helped them unpack, and Eileen and Johnny each held a twin for a little while, everyone talking turns.

“If you sit on the couch with daddy, you can hold one…,” Moira told Livy.

Livy nodded happily and sat on the couch next to Johnny.

He handed Emma to her and said, “Gentle, just like with Henry, remember?”

She nodded and smiled as she held Emma in her arms.

Johnny tucked the blanket around her, keeping her warm.

Moira grinned and took a picture of them, overwhelmed by the loving moment.

It was great to have the twins home.

Chapter Text

The next week had been very stressful for Ted and Alexis in particular…the twins were keeping them very busy, and Ted could not really take off work, being the only vet at the clinic.

Johnny, Moira, David, and Patrick were trying to help out as much as they could. Moira helped out with the twins while Livy was at school and Henry was with Johnny.

Sometimes, however, Moira had to bring Henry along, given that Johnny and the others were working.

One day, Moira had to take Henry along with her to Alexis’ place.

“Hi, honey…,” Moira said as she came in to see Alexis rocking a fussy twin.

“Teddy won’t sleep…,” Alexis groaned tiredly.

Moira sighed and said, “Here…I’ll work with him…let me just put Henry down for his nap…”

Alexis nodded thankfully and allowed her mother to try.

“He’s asleep and Emma is doing good for the moment…I’ll work with Teddy…,” Moira smiled, taking her grandson and holding him close.

Thankfully, he calmed down, his cries fading to tiny murmurs. “There we go…,” she said, stroking his cheek. “Works every time…you can go rest, darling…I can handle them…”

Alexis smiled and nodded, going to catch some rest.

So far, Moira was handling all three children very well.

Alexis even caught some more sleep…