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Aether had been warned not to piss off the adeptus. Xiao had even warned him himself. Yet Aether seemed to ignore what he had been told. 

Throughout the day, Aether had constantly been trying to bribe Xiao to give him what he wanted. Xiao had told him that if he could be patient, he would give Aether what he wanted. Unfortunately, Aether was everything except patient. Instead of waiting calmly, Aether had sat himself on the couch and touched himself as Xiao cooked a meal. He purposefully moaned out and accentuated his noises. It was when Aether heard the clutter of silverware hitting the counter when Aether knew that he had really done himself in. And that was how he found himself with his hands tied intricately behind his back, wearing nothing but pale blue stockings and panties. And to top it off, a plug was shoved in his ass and a vibrator was buzzing insistently at his cock.

The aforementioned adeptus wasn’t even in the room. He had walked out after teasing Aether with the vibrator and still hadn’t returned. Instead, he had left Aether squirming and rutting forward helplessly. Aether could smell the scent of food cooking in the air, but he was too preoccupied with trying not to cum from the vibrator alone to distinguish what Xiao was making in the kitchen. 

As Aether rocked forward at a particular angle, the plug in his ass shifted just enough to press against his prostate. The stimulation was enough to draw a cry from the man. He tried to reach a hand up to cover his mouth, but quickly remembered his arms were tied. Xiao had definitely heard him at this point. A part of him was nervous as to what Xiao had planned as the ‘punishment’ he told him he would deliver.

Almost as if he were on cue, Xiao twisted open the door. He narrowed his eyes at Aether while he walked closer.

“Pathetic,” Xiao hissed out in his raspy tone, “you can’t even keep yourself quiet when it’s just toys.”

A soft whine fell from Aether’s mouth, trying to steel himself in place even as the vibrator  continue to buzz against his cock. He was painfully hard, and the reddened tip of his cock was peeking through the top of his panties. 

“Please, Xiao,” he managed out. “I’ll be good for you, promise!” 

Xiao grabbed Aether by the chin, a scowl forming on his face. “Did I give you the right to use my name?” he asked.

Aether tried to shake his head. “N-no, sir. I’ll do better, I swear.”

“Good. If you want to prove that you’ll do better, we’ll put that filthy mouth of yours to better use.”

The dirty, dominant side of Xiao was one of Aether’s favorites. Sure, he loved the Xiao that he could fluster by pressing fleeting kisses all over his face, but he also loved the Xiao who would put him into his place in a second. It had taken weeks of reassuring to finally get Xiao to break and let himself free whenever they had sex, and archons, was Aether delighted to have discovered it.

When Aether came back to, Xiao’s pants were already off and his boxers were tugged down just enough for his cock to spring out. Aether could already feel his mouth watering, imagining it sitting heavy on his tongue —or Xiao fucking it down his throat, having him gagging and drooling around it. 

The tip of Xiao’s cock was suddenly pressed against Aether’s lips.

“What are you waiting for? Open up, whore,” Xiao demanded, to which Aether complied. He opened his mouth and greedily sucked at Xiao’s thick cock. He relaxed his jaw and throat and swirled his tongue, but Xiao didn’t seem to be having it. 

“This is what you get for disobeying me all day,” Xiao informed, grabbing Aether by his hair and fucking into the other’s mouth. He rolled his hips into the tight, wet heat enveloping his cock as Aether drooled and moaned around him. Tears pricked the corners of his eyes at the harsh treatment, but Aether loved it. He looked up at Xiao, tears sticking to his eyelashes as the man above him continue to use his mouth.

“You’re so dirty,” Xiao muttered, then groaned out quietly. “I bet you love this. Being used like some cheap toy. You’re probably so close to cumming right now. I’m surprised you haven’t yet—hah, fuck—a slut like you would normally never be so obedient.”

Aether couldn’t reply; instead, he just continued to try and please Xiao. The man had already been hard before he walked in, so he had to be close already. Just when Aether believed Xiao was getting close, Xiao pulled Aether off of him. Aether looked up in confusion with swollen lips and drool dripping down his chin.

Above him, Xiao was working at his cock with quick strokes. “Open wide,” he told Aether through grunts. Aether eagerly opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out as he waited. In a matter of moments, strings of cum landed over Aether’s face. At that moment, Aether suddenly became very aware of the vibrator still buzzing against him. He squirmed, squeezing his thighs together as if it would help.

Xiao stared down at Aether, admiring his fine work. “If I had a Kamera, I would take a picture and frame it so everyone knows how dirty you are. I bet you’d get on your knees and suck off anyone who asked, wouldn’t you?”

Aether whimpered out, “No, sir, only you.” He normally would have come up with a smart quip back, but with being tortured and teased for so long, he desperately needed his release.

Xiao’s laughter was the only thing heard as he tilted Aether’s head upwards. “That’s the right answer,” he purred. He got behind Aether, undoing the ropes and giving Aether the ability to move his arms again. A cloth came up to wipe Aether’s face, but the touch was too quick to be important. “Keep it up, and maybe I’ll let you cum tonight.”

The mere mention of an orgasm made Aether whine. He was struggling to hold himself back already, and everything added wasn’t helping. 

Xiao tugged down Aether’s panties, finally taking the vibrator away and turning it off. Aether’s cock was still hard and red, oozing precum onto his stomach. 

“How indecent,” Xiao sniffed out. He hiked up Aether’s legs, slipping out the plug with ease. He guided his own cock to Aether’s rim, gently pressing at it.

A cry found its way out of Aether’s throat before Xiao even pushed in. “Sir, please, please fuck me,” he pleaded, “I need your cock, I need it in me.”

The corners of Xiao’s lips twitched upwards in the hints of a smirk at the plea. With one swift motion, Xiao pushed all of himself into Aether. 

Aether gasped out, hands flailing out to grab onto Xiao’s shoulders. His nails dug into the skin there as he tried to catch his breath, but Xiao barely gave him a chance. He quickly began to thrust into Aether, giving the traveller no time to recover.

“A-ah! Sir, please!” Aether cried out. “I won’t last long, please, please!”

“If you cum, I’m not going to stop,” Xiao growled. He grinded his hips into Aether roughly and leaned down, biting and sucking marks onto the blonde’s shoulder. His hand gripped onto Aether’s waist while the other held onto a thigh that Aether had hooked over his shoulder. He was surely leaving bruises and red marks, but Aether was too fucked out to care.

Moans and whimpers continued to tumble out of Aether’s mouth at the promise. Xiao only grew rougher with each one. When Aether felt the tip of Xiao’s cock brush against his prostate, he saw stars. 

“Hng, right there, archons,” Aether sobbed out, tears falling down his face. Xiao took note, repeatedly pistoning his cock to hit that same spot each time. It only took a few more thrusts before Aether cried out.

“Hah~! Xiao, fuck!”

Cum splattered against Aether’s stomach, but Xiao didn’t stop. Instead, he kept going at the same punishing pace. His fingers were digging into Aether’s waist, and the stung, yet felt so good. 

“N-no, no more, sir! Too much, you’re too much,” Aether stumbled out, more tears sliding down his face.

Xiao shook his head with a grunt, landing a slap on Aether’s ass. “You’re done when I say so. Now take it like a good boy.” 

The adeptus continued to thrust into Aether until the telltale sign of an orgasm came to his stomach. He opted for a grind into Aether, loving how tightly his walls hugged his cock. Xiao bit his lip, rolling his hips only a few moments more before his hips stilled, and he came deep inside of Aether. As Xiao came, Aether’s back arched and he squeezed tighter around Xiao. His mouth was open in a silent moan and his cock twitched pathetically, but nothing spilled out of it.

Xiao panted and slowly let go of Aether, pulling out. Aether made a small noise of protest as he felt Xiao’s cum drip out of him. 

The bed dipped as Xiao got up, returning with a cloth and some water. He began to clean up Aether the best he could without having to get a shower quite yet. He cleaned Aether up in silence as the man caught his breath.

After a few more beats of silence, Xiao finally spoke first.

“Are you okay?”

Aether couldn’t help his snort at the question. Leave it to Xiao to be worried that he was too rough during sex. Xiao’s face heated in embarrassment as Aether laughed.

“Yes, I’m fine. It was great,” Aether assured with a lopsided smile.  “We should do it again sometime.”

Xiao just nodded slightly. He was usually quiet after sex, so Aether didn’t mind filling the silence. Xiao was always more focused on treating and taking care of Aether.

“Come here, Xiao.”

Xiao lifted his head to look at Aether, as if he was startled that he was talking to him. He set the cloth down and eased himself down beside Aether. Arms wrapped around Xiao, and a gentle kiss was pressed to his lips. Xiao melted into the touch, finding it easier to communicate through it rather than words. Aether pulled back, nuzzling into Xiao’s neck.

“Are you hungry?” Xiao asked quietly after a moment. “I made dinner.”

Aether’s stomach rumbled. His face flushed softly, and he gave a sheepish smile.

A hum escaped Xiao’s mouth, and he picked Aether up with a practiced ease. “Okay. We’ll eat, then shower. No playing around in the shower.”

Aether let out a chuckle. “Of course, sir.”

The name alone was enough to send a thrill up Xiao’s spine. Perhaps there would be a bit of playing around in the shower.