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Prelude to the Hunt

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The dark tower fell, the captive girls were all released, and all the demons vanquished. Fonfon alone watches from the shadows of the ruins as Raidy, the warrior of the Lightning Sword, rides away.


The swordswoman is weary but well; her torn clothing and armor are restored and her fiery hair is as bright as ever. Fonfon sees her smile and wave to the girls she rescued, who look up at her adoringly. They already thanked their savior with their bodies, and some would leave boyfriends behind to follow her. But with her demon eyesight, Fonfon sees questions about her purpose as the Lightning Warrior lurking in Raidy's deep, brown eyes. She guesses that, for now, the hero will wander on alone.


Fonfon licks her lips. In the gleam of the setting sun, Raidy's flawless skin glows, as enticing now as it was when she first saw the warrior, before their battle in the demon tower. She knows she'll dream of having Raidy captive in her dungeon, of letting her whip lap at Raidy's luscious skin, and of tasting her afterward.


For now, all she can do is dream, and follow Raidy's trail while she waits for her power to return. Because she's half demon, the wolf's tail that represents her power will soon grow back, and the marks that Raidy gave her with her own whip will fade all too quickly. But because she's half human, the memory of their making and her desire for Raidy refuse to fade.