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july 30: the human heart is a complex thing

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yue spends a lot of his time watching the world through yukito’s eyes, and he’ll be the first to admit that he doesn’t know what’s so special about touya kinomoto.

right up until the point where touya reveals that he knows that yukito’s dying because yue’s dying and willingly gives up his ability to see spirits to save his friend’s life.

after, when yukito spends most of his time helping touya adjust to the loss of his powers, yue spends more time studying touya. it’s clear that yukito loves the boy, though yue is still trying to figure out their bond.

“what is it about him that draws you to him?” yue asks one night during a dream, one of the rare places where he and yukito can coexist in their own forms.

yukito shrugs, a helpless smile on his face. “touya is touya. he’s got a big heart and i’m honestly just glad that he’s decided that i have a place in it.”

the next person yue asks is touya himself, asking yukito permission to transform during one of touya and yukito’s many “hang out” sessions. (yue calls them dates just to know that yukito’s blushing.) “i don’t understand why you stay around him,” yue admits once he’s himself.

touya doesn’t even look phased for the most part, still lounging on the cushions. “because i want to,” he replies, and yue narrows his eyes. touya sighs, sitting up. “be honest, do you ever see me around anyone other than yuki? my family doesn’t count,” he adds when yue opens his mouth.

yue thinks for a moment. “no.”

“there’s your answer,” touya says. “i care about him, and it’s obvious he cares about me too. i don’t need any reason other than that to hang around yuki.” he looks up at yue. “what about you? what do you think of me?”

yue studies touya for a moment. “you remind me of a friend.”

touya raises an eyebrow. “good guy?” yue nods. “all right then.” touya glances at the tv. “wanna see what’s on?”

yue still doesn’t understand how yukito and touya are drawn together, but he doesn’t mind it as much as he used to.