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  When Nagisa was 10, he moved into the Tomoe Residence. Of course - he had been stuck alone in his house for days after his sole caretaker had died. He was bound to have been found, the universe just wouldn't have it any other way. He was brought up to be the world's top idol, and it would be a pity for him to not survive after the intense amount of training he'd received.

  While he was there, he'd been 'picked up' by the second son of the Tomoe's. His name was Hiyori, and it signified the peace and harmony of the sun. To Nagisa, Hiyori was his peace, and his sun. But it would be years before they'd learn to verbalize it. They were children, after all. Hiyori taught Nagisa everything he had to know, and anything that the Godfather had failed to teach him in his measly ten years of life. Hiyori was everything to Nagisa, but that wasn't the point here.

  Hiyori had failed at one thing.

  Because apparently the amazing and awesome Hiyori Tomoe who was never wrong and always right just wasn't because he was a living breathing person after all - someone who made mistakes, even if he wouldn't have ever admitted it. He wouldn't ever be perfect, even if he wanted to be for Nagisa. And it was terrible, because he had been showing so much care and concern to Nagisa, was that not enough for him?

  It wasn't, apparently. Because Nagisa didn't know what love was. And perhaps, by the way he was raised, he hadn't ever encountered love until Hiyori, and even Hiyori couldn't say what he felt was love. He just wanted attention and happiness and happiness to him stemmed from Nagisa because Nagisa was his and his and his only and no one else in Hiyori's heart could ever make him feel the same way.

  But inevitably, hearts are made of glass. (Or... at least Hiyori's was.) And glass was meant to break. It wasn't the inherent purpose of glass, but it was a characteristic. That was just how it was meant to be. And one day after they had both turned 14 on a summer evening because Hiyori remembers this very well Nagisa opened up his mouth, and spoke, with the utmost confidence that he could muster (which wouldn't be a lot, he didn't know how to speak up for himself yet. All of his decisions have to be made by Hiyori because Hiyori inevitably controlled his life because he never knew what he was doing if he was left to his own devices), towards Hiyori, "Hiyori-kun, I am afraid that I have found the concept of "love" whilst reading. Could you explain what this is to me?"

  If you could hear the metaphorical shatter of Hiyori's heart upon hearing that, it would have been pretty darn loud. He'd shown Nagisa this much love and he hadn't felt it at all? It had completely flown off Hiyori's mind that Nagisa simply did not know what "love" was and wasn't - where it stopped and started. Because that was simply the truth. And Hiyori, being Hiyori, hadn't completely grasped the idea of love either. He didn't know what was and wasn't good or bad for him, he just wanted love like it was a drug. He'd constantly cling on to people for support and they'd all leave him a month or two after - Nagisa was the one constant in his life.

  And what Hiyori didn't know back then, was that Nagisa just needed time to learn, and maybe Hiyori did too. Because maybe, for once, Hiyori wasn't the "all-knowing Hiyori-kun" to Nagisa. Maybe, he couldn't be. Because just this once, Hiyori didn't know the answer to Nagisa's question. Despite how much he had wanted to answer he just couldn't find a proper one to answer Nagisa. His vision of "love" had been distorted because his parents had always cared more for his older brother, and he'd either get bored of his friends or they'd leave him first. It wasn't fair to him that he'd have to go through this at such a young age.

  "And what if I don't know the answer to that, Nagisa-kun? What if I was just like you?" It inevitably had to be said. They couldn't delay the conversation any longer because they'd been sitting in comfortable (or perhaps, even slight discomfort could have been present, considering the topic that was being discussed) silence for so long (to Hiyori, who was unfortunately caught up in his own thoughts the entire time, it felt like nothing. But to Nagisa, who was taught to be patient but had been influenced so much by Hiyori's own im patience, it felt like forever just for an answer) that it had been due.

  "But Hiyori-kun, you're you, are you not? You know everyt-"

  "I don't." Because he hadn't realised how much Nagisa had depended on him for everything from his basic needs to education to anything and he'd kept Nagisa all to himself and monopolized him to the point where it was unhealthy but he didn't care and he couldn't be bothered to care because Nagisa was his Nagisa-kun and no one else's. He had never considered the prospect of it being bad to the point where Nagisa was genuinely fooled by his persona because he thought he'd finally found the one who could see through him like nobody could.

  And maybe Hiyori wanted Nagisa to know that he wasn't always right even if he showed he was because he wanted Nagisa to know "him" , and not the "Hiyori Tomoe" that's been put outside publicly. Maybe he wanted to be selflessly selfish for once instead of selflessly selfish. And maybe it was at this moment Hiyori realised what love was to him and maybe he felt stupid for believing what the books said about love.

  Love wasn't all completely just feelings. Sure, they played a part. And sure, it was the actions that Hiyori showed that partially defined what "love" is. 

  Love was whenever Hiyori was with Nagisa-kun. It took him way too long to realise, because he had always been under the assumption that "love" was what was portrayed as in the media, what was publicized. It had never occurred to him that love could be whatever he wanted it to be. Love was what Nagisa had with him, and it didn't need to be defined by anything else.

  And so, Hiyori quickly corrected himself. "Well, Nagisa-kun, love can be anything you want it to be, you see? Love may be described in books and all as a feeling or the things you do, but personally, I find love in a person." Nagisa nodded at everything Hiyori said, because what else would he do?

  "Well then, who is it..?" Nagisa had asked in doubt, because he still hadn't grasped it. 

  "Hmmm… Nagisa-kun, if you know me well enough I'd reckon you know who exactly I mean!"

  And from then on, the topic was never brought up again between the two of them. Surely they've had their disagreements some times, but at the end of the day they had always found each other somehow.

  Throughout the years after, the boys went to Yumenosaki High School and were used as tools for the war, and were eventually separated for a bit. But they came back to each other as Adam and Eve, forming Eden, and despite Wonder Game and Conquest, their relationship has remained strong.

  And that's what brings us to our current situation, where Nagisa was kidnapped by the Gatekeeper, and even though Hiyori had his friends around (like Jun, Jun-kun was always with Hiyori! He definitely had made a development since we've last checked in on him. Madara and Kohaku were there too, but they weren't his Eden, they don't need to matter as much.) Hiyori had, much like usual, impulsively went to try to "save" Nagisa after hearing the news, Nagisa-kun was super duper important to him after all! 

  "What are you going to do, huh? Trap me with him? Kill me? Please, by all means! From the moment I was born, my life has been dedicated to my family. And Nagisa-kun became part of my family long ago!" Hiyori yelled out, and even a stranger who had no idea what was happening could tell the pain in his voice.

  The trapped Nagisa wasn't actually struggling to get out of the trap - he'd done that a while back - but however, he was analysing his Hiyori-kun's speech. Because a long time ago he had said that love to him wasn't just a feeling, nor the things he does, but rather, a person.

  And maybe Nagisa had realised just who Hiyori was referring to. He might've been almost 6 years late, but even late is better than never for Hiyori.

  And so,

  "Thank you, Hiyori-kun. I love you too."