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Brothers take care of each other

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Diluc knew a lot of things: wine, business, how to kill and maim monsters AND men. What he didn’t know however was how big his brother’s dick was or how good it would feel inside him.

Kaeya had been ramming him for hours now, Diluc forgot how many times he had come but he wasn’t worried because if Kaeya continued like this he would for sure manage a couple more times. His mind was as good as gone and he was pretty sure his intestines were a pulp now. He loved it.

Right now he was on his hands and knees, Kaeya holding his hips up because he couldn’t anymore and fucking him like they were a pair of dogs in heat. The sheets were wet with seed, sweat, and Diluc’s drool and a smell in the room that left nothing to the imagination.

Suddenly Kaeya hardened his grip “Fuck…baby”. Diluc felt the now familiar warmth fill his hole some more and came together with Kaeya. He then noticed the younger had gone soft and was stroking his hands over his sides and back.

“Holy shit, baby. Your body feels so nice and tight around me. I could be here all day.”
“What was that, angel?”
“Then do it”
“Sorry? Say that again?”
Diluc knew Kaeya had heard him but shame had been thrown out the window somewhere around his third orgasm. He needed Kaeya’s cock like he needed air.
“Kaeya…please, fuck me. I need you…more, please” He stammered, shifting his ass towards the other.

“You’re so beautiful when you beg for it, baby” Kaeya bend forward and kissed him between his shoulder blades “but as you can feel” at this he pushed his flaccid dick against Diluc’s ass “I need a little break. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you like a good brother”.

Kaeya slid his hands back down and spread Diluc’s cheeks, a trickle of his come came out. He pushed it back in with his thumb and licked it off “whore”. Diluc moaned “Stooop”. “You are though, at least for me.” He grinned.

The next thing Diluc knew he felt something slippery around his hole first and then inside. Kaeya was eating his own come out of him. “Kae-, no…is dirty”. “So is begging for your little brother’s cock but that doesn’t stop you” he answered and then went back to his task.

Diluc fell through his arms, he was now ass up while Kaeya ate him out like he was the best treat he ever ate. When he felt a hand stroking his dick he broke and tears started falling over his face.

“K-Kaeya…please” This alarmed Kaeya who looked up but felt his heart melt when he saw Diluc was just overwhelmed with how good the things he did felt to him.
“Kaeya pleeease…put your cock in..fuck me” he said between hiccups. Now Kaeya couldn’t say no if his brother asked so nicely and put his cock, which had hardened again at the sight of how debauched the redhead was, back inside Diluc’s nice, warm, and velvet hole.

He immediately started his fast pace from before again, Diluc let out a scream that ended in a moan. Then Diluc slipped up all the way “I love you”.

Kaeya halted immediately out of shock.

He shook out of it and continued rutting and went even deeper after this.

“Oh yeah? Me or just my cock?”
“Both” Diluc panted “I love both. So good”

In the end Diluc got what he asked for and woke up after two hours of sleep to a new day, the dirtiest bed he ever saw, and a smiling Kaeya curled around him.