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Angela And Vixen



It remained a stunning July morn in NYC. Gorgeous azure heavens, amidst the temperature persisting in the 70s, so it wasn't blistering. An excellent day to be out-of-doors to bask in the beautiful weather conditions.

That was precisely what a pair of good-looking fashionable women were doing—relishing the sweet sun rays while sharing coffee at their favorite coffee shop. One lady possessed golden locks and wore a casual pastel blue blouse and plaid miniskirt. The other was a redhead outfitted in an upscale tailored red suit.

Inhaling the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, they took a few sips of the delectable brew. They'd ordered a serving of cinnamon/chocolate chip scones to savor with their morning java.

They're unmistakably best friends. However, each woman remained immensely different from the other. The light-haired female emitted tranquillity and sunshine. Coming across as considerably good-natured and likely easy to get along with.

Her friend, on the other hand? While still considerably young, the signs of hardship were etched completely over her otherwise fascinating features. Her companion understood she'd undergone an abundance of emotional ordeals in her young life.

She didn't hold it against her. Everyone has some mental issue or another. The most beneficial thing you could do for someone? Listen to them when they're struggling while being supportive. That precisely what the fair-haired young lady did. Her friend profited from this making her loosen up to an extent. She additionally benefited from her regular therapy sessions.

Apart from a therapist isn't the same as a friend. They couldn't cross that line which remained the downside of treatment. For a therapist couldn't be there in the way a companion can. Fortunately, the redhead possessed both a therapist and a best friend in her life.

The rapturous melodies of songbirds and street musicians permeated the air, unwinding the two companions. Then, sensing her friend had let down her guard momentarily, the towheaded set down her cappuccino for a moment, "It's sincerely a splendid morning today. Don't you agree, Dominique?" she remarked thoughtfully.

Dominique swiftly glanced around before nodding. Tentatively setting down her cappuccino. "I've to agree with you, Andrea. It's challenging to be aggravated on a glorious day like today."

Except her facial expression betrayed her. Something unquestionably was exasperating the young businesswoman. Andrea knew her companion adequately to identify when Dominique was bottling up her emotions immediately.

Which is never healthy. You've to communicate your feelings, or you drive yourself bonkers. Taking a deep breath, Andrea delicately spoke. "Dominique, I know something eating you. I asked you to coffee so you could get it out.

Therefore, please tell me what's wrong?" taking her hand into her own. She squeezed it in tender reassurance. Her striking sky-blue eyes were overflowing with compassion. Thus Dominique sighed gloomily, "I could never fool you, could I?"

"No, you never could. So, consequently, what's going on?" the artist urged sympathetically.

The corporate executive took a few deep breaths. Then she let them out before gathering her strength to speak. "I'm not precisely certain why this particular situation made me livid. Nevertheless, it has," she began uncertainly.

Andrea gave her an extra reassuring smile, "What happened?" she inquired compassionately. Dominique remained withdrawn for several moments. The ruthless businesswoman seemed to be thinking extremely carefully regarding how to describe the issue she was having. Eventually, she opened up regarding what was upsetting her so much.

"You recollect my ex-husband? Goliath David? I told you we had quite the bitter fall out," she opened the conversation with. Andrea looked surprised her friend was mentioning her ex. After all, it wasn't a topic Dominique ordinarily wanted to discuss, considering how traumatic the whole affair had been.

"I remember, Dominique. In our first conversation, you mentioned you had an ugly divorce that was unpleasant for everyone. Particularly your daughter, Angela," Andera recalled revealing she indeed paid attention.

The carrot top CEO nodded. Then, taking another deep breath, "It's strange in some ways when I look back at our time together. I figured we were soulmates and that he was heaven-sent. Goliath continually knew the precise words to soothe my emotional arousal. Making me feel secure and cherished.

However, everything went downhill so suddenly. I know its extraordinarily frowned upon to have a teenage pregnancy. Nonetheless, people are fools when they're young and in love."

"I believe its a safe bet to say when you're a teenager? Everything appears more splendid then it genuinely is. However, I don't think you can genuinely say that most adolescents do unearth their one true love.

Adolescent minds? They're only at the beginning of growth. They don't possess the wherewithal or capability to think long-term genuinely. They get caught up in the moment."

"True enough, Andrea. I wish we'd realized that sooner, instead of having Angela when we're only seventeen years old. I know Goliath strived to do the right thing by getting hitched with me. I'll eternally admire how he stepped up that he wasn't going to let me deal with this on my own. He's sincerely a marvelous father."

"Except having a child didn't genuinely bring you closer together?" her friend questioned, and again she nodded.

"The first few years were enchanting. However, when we're in university, it becomes all too self-evident that we're having difficulties. But, of course, Angela never witnessed the fighting. Thank god for small blessings.

All the same? We couldn't overcome our issues. Nor where we genuinely desired to go in life. Subsequently came our nasty breakup. Furthermore, joint custody of Angela."

"I'm confident you've discussed this quite a bit with Dr. Bates. Or am I mistaken?"

"No, I've talked it over countless times with Annabeth. However? I never felt I'd genuine closure when it came to our relationship. I've never even felt comfortable giving love a second chance. I don't desire to be burned once more. Nor do I yearn to put my daughter through hell."

"It's understandable to a degree, Dominique. Except you can't allow one lousy relationship to ruin the rest of your life. You do need to give love another shot.

After all, it's better to have loved and lost then never loved at all. Love is an incredibly complex situation. It's never straightforward and overflowing with possibilities of all sorts. Some consequences can be awesome. Others? Not so beneficial. Nonetheless, you've to give it a shot. Not doing anything? That's only going to make you discontented for the rest of your life."

"Do you believe that's why I'm steamed up? Over what just come about with my ex?" she asked tentatively as she stirred her coffee.

"Depends. What happened?" Andrea inquired curiously, taking a sip of her drink.

"He and his new partner recently had a baby girl," she confessed in a resentful tone. For a second, her eyes seemed to flicker blood-red with ire.

Regaining her composure, she added, "Angela is thrilled to be a big sister. She's desired to have a sibling forever and a day. So on that note? I'm delighted her wish came true.

On the other hand, me? I'm not feeling thrilled by the birth of this child. To be perfectly honest? I feel outraged regarding this development. Even more then when we got divorced!" pounding her fist on the table, "I just don't understand why!"

Thinking it over a few minutes, Andrea gave her honest opinion. "I think it outrages you because, on a subconscious level, you're still in love with him. Or rather your perception of him," she started softly, with her voice getting progressively getting stronger.

Giving Dominique a moment to process, "In breakups, its natural to experience a little jealously when our ex moves on. However, we might not have had sufficient time yet to process what's occurred thoroughly. In fact? It might take years to heal from a broken heart.

A broken heart isn't something you get over overnight, Dominique," she reminded her. They both paused the conversation for a moment to invigorate themselves with their coffee and two scones.

Following that, the blond resumed, "As I said, it can take years to recover. Heartbreak takes its own time. Moreover, you can't rush it. You've to let it naturally take its course.

It's likewise stated you don't forget your first love. Therefore I imagine you're feeling replaced. You're steamed at him for moving on. On the face of it? It's like writing you off. This child is confirmation he's moved on with his life. So far, you've not gotten the closure you'd desired over how your first relationship ended. That's why you're so bent out of shape."

The emerald-eyed woman thought it over for a few minutes. Then let out another massive sigh. "I suppose that makes logical sense. I've been afraid for so long, opening my heart.

Truthfully, Andrea? I never did fancy him wooing anyone else. It's the old "If I can't have you, no one can" mentality," she admitted, to which the gorgeous painter nodded.

"Yep, couldn't have said it better myself," Andrea agreed as she finished her beverage.

Tracing her coffee cup for a second, Dominique then inquired, "So how do I let go of this lividly? I don't wish to stay ticked off. Nor have my life been ravaged by this. All the same, I'm not sure how to get over my feelings."

"You want my most dependable advice? Don't take your wrath out on the child. They're guiltless and done nothing to wrong you," Andrea replied frankly.

Her best friend looked taken aback by that statement. Yet, Andrea wasn't finished. "I'd concentrate on the fact this child is Angela's newborn sister. If you keep that in mind? Moreover, consider your daughter's feelings?

I'd guarantee this will become more tolerable. Plus, you're ire should go away much quicker if you concentrate on that. So please, whatever you do, don't condemn this baby. Just because you're not pleased that he's moved on."

Taking a deep breath, she nodded, "Okay, I'll give that a try. Unfortunately, I can't promise that will work for me. However, I've continually valued your advice. So if that's what you suggest, I'll give it a go."

"Please do so. Also, try and open your heart to love once more? It is more then time for you to move on as well. I know some unique dating websites. I'd be glad to assist you in posting a profile and see what turns up."

Chuckling merrily, "One step at a time, Andrea. One step at a time."

She chuckled in agreement. "Okay, we'll take it slow. So do you want to view my brand-new art gallery? It opens next week to the public. First, however, I'd love to give you a sneak peek."

"I'd certainly appreciate that. Let's go!" And with that, the two women paid their bill before heading off to a brand-new adventure.