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We Have to Save Harry

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Ron was worried, there was no way around it. After their first year at Hogwarts Ron thought Harry was his best friend and he was sure the feeling was mutual. Ron kept on waiting for a letter, Harry had promised to write. Not one letter had he received, but Ron kept on writing getting nothing back.

Harry had talked a little about what life with the Dursleys was. None of it sounded particularly nice to Ron who was used to being surrounded by love daily. His Mum told them multiple times a day how much she loved them and Harry had seemed interested in his Mum’s letters. There was a time when he questioned her letters that were filled with words of affection.

As the year had progressed Harry had opened up more, though Ron didn’t think he had meant to. Ron was the most shocked when a week before Christmas Harry told him he had never received a proper gift before. That same evening Ron had written to his Mother for help. Now though, he knew he couldn’t go to his Mum; he had asked if Harry could come to the Burrow for the Summer and she had quickly declined. 

Ron was worried about Harry being stuck in a cold cupboard and without food (Harry had been so thin that first time Ron met him!). Ron thought of locked doors and endless chores and punishments. Harry never elaborated further than mentioning the word, but the way his face contorted at the word Ron knew it must have been bad.

It didn’t take long for Ron to start worrying himself sick. Especially evenings when he was about to go to sleep he couldn’t help but let his mind wander. This night especially, he got a bit too scared. 

It was just another day without a letter and it was over half way through the Summer. Like many other nights, Ron got an odd feeling in his chest. Something was wrong, his mind kept shouting at him. His mind was unfriendly, showing him images of his friend being beaten and bloody in a cupboard without food or friends or even his letters to help him. Before he knew it, Ron’s breathing picked up and he felt a tear falling onto his cheek. 

Gryffindors were fair, and Ron was a Gryffindor and he wanted to be brave for his best friend, but the worry was taking over. He couldn’t, he couldn’t! Harry was in trouble and he knew it!

The household was past its bedtime, but Ron was certain that the twins would still be awake. They were also the best choice he’d have in actually being able to help his best friend. Ron didn’t even mind if they were going to make fun of him for crying if they would help Harry. They could make fun for his tears all they wanted as long as Harry was okay.

Silently, Ron creeped down the stairs still crying and sniffling. Once he made it to the twins door he re-evaluated. He was still crying and the twins might joke a lot and that wouldn’t be nice. 

Ron scrunched up his face and thought of Harry all lonely and sad. If anyone was crying it would be Harry. Without thinking Ron knocked on his brothers’ door. 

There was shuffling and whispers in the room, until quick steps came towards the door and swung the door open. Ron looked up to who he recognized to be George, Fred right behind him. They took a look at Ron’s crying face and stepped out of his way to let him into their room.

“Nightmare?” Fred asked, a smirk on his face.

Ron shook his face, face still crumpled in worry. “H-Harry is in trouble I know it! He… He told me his relatives aren’t nice and-- and they lock him up and they… do punishments…!” Ron rambled, tears running down his face and he tried to breathe properly in his worried state.

George came up to stand in front of him and Ron was certain he’d make fun of him. “I… I’m just really worried about him, he… he hasn’t answered any of my letters and he promised to!” Ron whined to his brother, hoping to keep the jokes to a minimum. 

But instead of laying on the jokes at Ron's expense, George gently wiped off Ron’s tears. Ron looked up at him surprised, and watched as George took hold of his shoulders and leaned down so that their eyes were on the same level.

“If that’s the case, we need to break him out of course” Fred and George said at the same time.

Ron had never loved his brothers more.