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Math homework

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“It’s hard,” Megumi groans, “I don’t understand.”

He balls his fists and slams them against his head in a punching motion, demonstrating his frustration.

“Aah, don’t be like that!” Gojou pouts, gently scooting next to the boy on the kotatsu. “Lemme see.”

Megumi pouts in return, before quietly placing more distance between them. The shy gesture makes Gojou chuckle, but he plays it coolly.

“So, Megumi-chan, what don't you understand,” Gojou chides before scrunching his expression in mock confusion. “What do you need help with?”

Megumi let out an apprehensive sigh as Gojou closes the distance between them once again, placing his arm around the young boy. “Hmm?”

What a creep, Megumi thinks briefly. “Whatever. This,” Megumi sighs, pointing a small finger at the page on his math book.

Gojou looks at the fractions sheepishly. His face breaks into an egregious grin and he laughs. Megumi rolls his eyes, feeling he would have been better off calling Shoko-san.

“Megumi-chan this is so easy!” Gojou rolls his eyes, “Here I’ll teach you!”

“Think of it like this. How many slices are in a pizza?”

Gojou looks at Megumi with his eyes blown large, the cold blue eyes boring into the child’s soul. Megumi stares back apprehensively and shrugs. “Do you think of anything besides food,” he sarcastically remarks.

Gojou rolls his eyes, “Come on! Where’d you even get that attitude?!”

They briefly sit in silence.

Gojou sighs. “Okay. What was I saying? Pizza! Alright,” he winks at Megumi, who cringes, and brings the boy closer to him, “there are eight slices. So half of eight is four. One half of two is one. So one half is equal to four eighths. Does that make sense?”

“You didn’t have to make the pizza analogy.”

“Analogy? Who the fuck is teaching you these words?” Gojou laughs.

Gojou’s arm, which sat lazily around Megumi’s shoulders, started slowly inching towards the boy’s skinny waist. Megumi flinches away from the touch, but doesn’t say anything. Gojou pretends not to notice, but left his arm continues to hover suspiciously near Megumi’s waist, his hand resting precariously close to the crevice between the child’s thigh.

“Thank you Gojou-san, I- I understand now.” Megumi squirms away from Gojou’s touch subconsciously.


“Huh? I hardly explained anything! Do you hate me that much?” Gojou scrunched his expression in mock sadness. “I’m hurt!”

Megumi looks at Gojou, his expression shifts from fear to guilt, “I’m sorry.”

Gojou sighs in an exaggerated manner, “You need to learn to respect your elders, Gumi-Chan!”

Megumi utters another apology under his breath, avoiding Gojou’s piercing gaze. Another pensive silence washes over them, Megumi anxiously thumbs his notebook, feeling more relaxed, even as Gojou’s fingers nestle between the junction between his waist and thigh.

“I don’t understand these ones,” Megumi confesses, breaking the awkward silence.

Gojou merely hums as he glances at the problems. “Hmm. You don’t add the denominators if they are not the same, Gumi-Chan. See,” he leans foreward and rewrites the problem, “you have to find the Lowest Common Denominater. And then you add the numerators.” Gojou demonstrates how to do so. Megumi follows.

Not much to Gojou’s surprise, Megumi catches on pretty quickly. He was, after all, a smart boy.

“Gumi-Chan is so smart!” Gojou excitedly remarks. “Such a smart boy. Because of me of course.”

Megumi blushes at the praise, “Thank you a lot, Gojou-sensei.”

“Hehe, what’s with the formalities!?”

“You told me to respect my elders.”

“Hmm true. It’s cute either way. But I think I prefer Satoru-nii. Or are you too old for that?” Gojou’s fingers start caressing Megumi’s waist.

“Thank you,” Megumi timidly replies.

“Mhm. Do you need help with anything else?” Gojou asks lowly.

Megumi doesn’t answer immediately, acutely aware of Gojou’s hand as it makes its way down his waist.

“No. I’m good!” Megumi looks at Gojou. The latter stares back with an indecipherable expression.

“How about you do the rest of your homework, and I’ll stay here in case you need help, m’kay?” Before Megumi can answer, Gojou grabs the boy and places him on his lap. “It’s more comfortable like this! This way, I can see everything...” He grins at Megumi’s annoyance.

“Sure. Whatever.”

Megumi is taken aback by the sudden movement, but decides to play along. He takes his notebook, and Gojou watches with poorly disguised boredom as the boy completes the elementary work.

“Gumi’s so smart,” Gojou whispers into Megumi’s neck. “Not smarter than me! I’m the smartest.” Gojou chuckles at his own vanity. Megumi struggles with irregular fractions.

“You’re so cute, Gumi. You know that?” Gojou rests his left hand on Megumi’s tummy, playing with the thin material. “So fucking cute,” Gojou almost moans.

Megumi goes red all over. Gojou eats that shit up.

“If you don’t understand anything just ask, m’kay?” Gojou snakes his left hand towards Megumi’s crotch, his right hand slyly goes under his shirt. He uses the same arm to hold the boy in palce.

Megumi pauses, conscious of where Gojou’s hands are, but doesn’t say anything as one hand presses experimentally on his crotch. Megumi pulls away from the touch, but doesn’t tell Gojou to stop.

Gojou’s places a soft kiss on Megumi’s temple, “I don’t deserve you…” His boldness increases, and he rubs circles above where the boy’s clit should be. Megumi chokes on nothing. He drops his pencil, frantic, and places a tiny hand on Gojou’s wrist, trying to pull it away.

“Ah… st-stop,” Megumi whimpers.

“Stop? Stop what,” Gojou messes with the boy, rubbing the child’s clit harder. Gojou almost chokes on air when he realizes how wet the boy has become, the slick soaking through the tiny shorts.

“Your hand! Stop it!” Megumi tries pulling Gojou’s hand away, but the gesture and the boy’s stubbornness only turn him on more.

“My hand?” Gojou innocently asks. “What’s wrong with my hand? Are you body shaming me, Megumi? How rude!”

“It’s… Stop! Ah...Ah!” Megumi keens, his hips canting into Gojou’s touch. “Stop! Your hand!”

Gojou hums, smiling. He removes the hand that was resting on Megumi’s stomach, moving downward, playing with the elastic hem of Megumi’s shorts.

“N-not that one! The other one!” Megumi half shouts, half moans. “Don’t touch me there!”

“Touch you where?” Gojou hums, playing with the hem of the shorts and teasing Megumi through the pants.

“You know where!”

“I do?”

“Yes! D-down there!”

“There’s a lot of places ‘down there,’ Gumi-Chan. Where do you mean?”

“You know! You know! Agh!” Fat tears start rolling down Megumi’s face, his chubby cheeks are red and hot.

Gojou can feel a strain in his pants.

“Do I?” Gojou sarcastically asks before plunging his hand into Megumi’s shorts. The garment is soaking wet, but Gojou keeps on fingering the boy’s tiny cock, pinching it between his fingers and laughing as Megumi all but screamed.

Megumi writhes on top of Gojou, past the garbled moans, Gojou can hear the boy’s pleas to stop. It just turns him on. Without thinking too much about it, Gojou experimentally humps into Megumi’s backside. The pressure sends a jolt up his spine and he moans. “Shit, Gumi… You did this to me.” He moans again into the little boy’s neck, speeding up his ministrations, rubbing Megumi’s tiny cock harder and humping against Megumi’s ass.

Megumi only groans back, his hand making a pathetic fist around the older man’s hand, tugging weakly at the limb. Gojou kisses Megumi’s fat cheeks softly, lapping up the boy’s tears with his tongue, humping unto him even harder like.m due to a lack of better terms, a bitch in heat.

Megumi’s writhing becomes more erratic, the canting of his hips irregular. He grabs onto Gojou harder and desparelty tries to hid his face; however, in this position that’s almost impossible. He becomes acutely ware of Gojou’s grip on his waist - the man’s large hand nearly circling half of Megumi’s waist. The grip is strong and sure to leave behind bruises. Megumi can’t handle all the new sensations and strange emotions. He starts sobbing again, begging Gojou to slow down.

Gojou disregards the child, chasing his own high. His cock feels heavy and uncomfortable. He briefly fantasizes of removing his cock from his tight pants, undressing Megumi, and fucking the kid’s cunt. The thought alone illicits a long and drawn out moan. On top of him, Megumi stops moving suddenly, before renewing his attempt to get away.

The child pleads with Gojou.

“Mmph! Pl-please,” Megumi groans, uselessly canting his hips away from Gojou’s large fingers. “I’m gonna pee!” The boy cries. “Satoru-nii!”

Gojou smiles then moans, pushing the boy harder on his lap, bucking his hips to meet him.

“Come on, Gumi. Come for me.” Gojou places a wet kid on the boy’s neck. Megumi moans loudly as his orgasm crashes through him, his tiny body shaking against Gojou’s broad chest. Gojou doesn’t stop jacking the kid off and guides him through his organs. Continuously playing and tugging at his clit, riding the orgasm out.

“Good job,” Gojou praises, lathering Megumi’s tiny neck with kisses, occasionally biting down and leaving marks that will fade into bruises.

Megumi is quiet, his body shakes and his grip on Gojou’s hand loosens. Gojou hums, rubbing his cock against Megumi’s ass, desperate for more.

Gojou continues rubbing Megumi’s pussy, his fingers spreading the folds and teasing his hole. Megumi gasps, weakly pushing away Gojou’s hand.

“Ngh… no…Stop...” Megumi pleads, gasping loudly. He is still crying, hot tears streaming down his red and puffy face.

Gojou laughs, his voice cold and low. “Why would I do that?”

“Pl-please! It feels weird… I gotta pee…” Megumi’s words mix into an incoherent mess as Gojou starts prodding his hole.

“It feels good though, doesn’t it,” Gojou suggests, finally removing the boy’s soiled shorts. He tosses the clothing to the side along with the Megumi’s neglected homework. Gojou looks down at Megumi’s pussy, the organ is soft and pink. He nearly creams his pants at the sight of it. “Shit…”

Megumi looks away, closing his eyes tightly. Gojou laughs.

“So cute! Let’s get a better view, hmm?” With Megumi still on his lap, Gojou pries the boy’s legs open, spreading his folds. Megumi keens and tries to get away, begging Gojou to stop.

Gojou laughs, but the sound is distant and hollow. “I can’t stop, Gumi-Chan… You’re doing this to me…” He hesitates briefly, perhaps unsure of what he is about to say, “Megumi, this is all your fault.”

Megumi hiccups, his tears overflowing, his face hot and sticky.

Gojou starts fingering his pussy, slowly pushing his ring finger into the boy’s tight hole. Megumi guffaws at the sudden intrusion.

“No,” the boy groans, “not there.”

Gojou ignores the boy’s pleas, struggling to fuck his finger into the boy. As he does so, Megumi can’t ntinues begging for him to stop.

“Satoru-nii please! Stop-” the child chokes on his tears, coughing and hicupping as Satoru continues pounding his finger into Megumi, fucking him mercilessly.

“Ahh… No! Gojou-san… Satoru! No - agh - stop!”

Gojou just fucks him harder, faster, neglecting his own throbbing erection. Gojou adds a second finger. Megumi panics and elbows the man in the chest. The air is briefly knocked out of Gojou as he regrets disabling Limitness. But the regret is fleeting. He enjoys how Megumi’s round, bare ass rubs against his sweats. He loves the fiestiness of the kid. His fighting spirit - Gojou can already tell that Megumi will be a gifted sorcerer. With enough work ( see: grooming) he’d also become a great fuck.

The thought sends him over the edge; the thought of Megumi - grown and mature - bent over, ready to take him whenever and wherever. His boy pussy stretched and sopping wet… He archs his hips into the curvature of Megumi’s bare ass and cums hard and loud. He groans loudly as he desparelty fucks his fingers into Megumi.

He scissors the boy’s pussy, stretching the hole and rubbing his clit with his thumb. Megumi’s expression is completely fucked out, snot and tears drench his face. His tongue hangs out as he continues to gasp and hiccup through his second orgasm.

Gojou ignores the uncomfortable wetness growing between his own legs as he once again helps Megumi ride out his orgasm. He fucks his cunt gently, rubbing small circles on his tiny cock, drinking up Megumi’s low moans and pleas. Gojou lathers kisses on Megumi’s forehead, futilely wiping away the boy’s tears with his spare hand.

“Not so bad, hm, Gumi-Chan? Once you get used to it, it’ll feel good, you’ll ask me for more…. to fuck you harder. You won’t get enough.” Gojou removes his fingers with a pop, before shoving them into Megumi’s mouth. “Clean up your mess.”

Megumi gagged on the digits and moved his head away. “Ngh,” came his strangled reply.

“Too much?” Gojou asks.

“It’s gross… you’re gross. I hate you.”

“You don’t mean that.”

Megumi pouts, “I hate you!”

“Well, I love you,” he hugged the child tightly. “Love, Love, Love!”

“Fuck off.”

“Watch your language.”

“Watch yourself. You should be in jail.”

“If I were in jail, who would take care of you and Tsumiki-Chan?”

“Shut up.” Megumi blushed harder at the mention of his sister. Gojou pretends not to notice.

Gojou hums, brushing his fingers over Megumi’s puffy cunt. Megumi bats his hand away, this time Gojou laughs but complied, reaching out to grab Megumi’s discarded notebook, not really caring if he gets slick on it.

“What are you going to do about these?”

Megumi reaches out a shaking hand to take the notebook. “I’ll do them before class.”

“That’s irresponsible, Megumi-Chan. Homework’s supposed to be done at home.”

Megumi is absolutely dumbfounded at Gojou’s nonchalance and apparent lack of self awareness but is too tired and scared to say anything. He crawls off Gojou’s lap, and is surprised when Gojou lets him.

They let another thick silence envelope them. Gojou wonders if he should stay the night. Tsumiki is at a friends house, staying the night. He couldn’t leave Megumi alone.

“I’m going to the bathroom. If you need anything,” Gojou winks, “just knock.”

Megumi briefly wonders if Gojou is a sociopath. He sits alone on the floor for nearly ten minutes before he realizes that he is half naked and cold. A shiver shakes through his body before he starts sobbing, burying his face into the soft quilt of the kotatsu.

He doesn’t speak to Gojou again until he’s in bed.

He had already called Tsumiki to wish her good night. She had asked if he was okay - he sounded as if he had been crying. The feeling of Gojou’s eyes staring at him made him lie. He was fine, he promised, maybe just a cold. From all the rain. Gojou would take care of him. Tsumiki wished him goodnight and hung up. Megumi kept the mouthpiece of the phone next to face, wishing to hear his sisters voice again, wanting her to tell him everything would be okay. He didn’t remember finally hanging up the phone, or changing his clothes, or climbing into bed. Nothing felt real. Every movement felt as if someone else was commanding him, controlling and contorting his body and carrying him to strange places and sharing strange thoughts.

He didn’t realize he was in bed until he felt a sudden presence besides him.

“Megumi. I know you’re awake,” Gojou speaks quietly and calmly, his breath warm and close.

Megumi keeps his eyes shut, he smells Tsumiki’s shampoo and almost throws up. Tears start falling again, a shiver wrecks his body.

Gojou tries caressing Megumi’s arm in a vain attempt to calm the boy. Instead, Megumi lurches away from the touch, shocking Gojou away.

Gojou ignores this.

“Megumi. You can’t tell anyone what happened tonigh. M’kay?”

Megumi pries his eyes open; Gojou’s brilliant blue eyes are illuminated in the dark of the night. The sight is enthrallingly terrifying.

Megumi looks at Gojou fearfully, but doesn’t answer.

“You can’t tell Tsumiki, or people at school, or Shoko-san. Okay?”

Megumi nods, in the illumination of Gojou’s eyes, Megumi can see how deathly serious Gojou’s expression is.

“If you tell anyone,” Gojou lowers his voice to a nearly inaudible whisper, “I’ll have to kill them. Even Tsumiki.”

Megumi is to frightened to whimper. He feels Gojou wrap a muscular arm around Megumi’s tiny frame. He ignores how hard the child is shaking.

“One day you’re going to enjoy this, Megumi. I’m doing this for you.”

Megumi buries his face into the crook of Gojou’s neck, taking in G̶o̶j̶o̶u̶’s̶ Tsumiki’s scent. He falls asleep immediately.