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xii. the hanged man

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Here is a thing that they don’t know.

When Megumi first sees a carcass with its insides turned out and blood pooling like a halo around the body, slick filled the growing tent of his jeans.

That night, after he’d taken his cock in his hand in the communal shower and let the water wash away the evidence, he pulled up a search engine on his phone and tried to find out why.

Here is another thing that they don’t know.

He’s sitting on Satoru’s lap, partition of the car rolled up and the trees of Hyogo blurring outside the window. He loves it this way. It started innocently enough — Satoru’s taken to bringing him along on his missions, presumably to get him used to the comings and goings of being a full-fledged sorcerer but he’s pretty sure he’s there so Satoru would have someone on the side watch how great he is. The exercise itself is exhausting and nine times out of ten, Megumi will find himself asleep with his head on Satoru’s shoulder on their way back home.

But he’s sitting on Satoru’s lap and he likes it, and he’s come to know that Satoru likes it too.

It starts like this:

He is on Satoru’s lap, and the hum of the car is loud enough to cover the huffs of breath that Satoru is forcing out of his body with every thrust — slow. Tortuous.

Every time Megumi opens his eyes, all he sees is blue and white. Teeth scraped against his neck, digging into skin. The strongest sorcerer to walk the earth rendered into putty that Megumi can mold into whatever he likes, however he likes.

Every time Megumi closes his eyes, all he sees is red and black. In his head, he recalls a man screaming. Collateral damage to the job he and Satoru took, blood spurting out of an artery. 

Satoru hits Megumi’s prostate at the exact time the man in Megumi’s head finally dies.

Megumi comes.

One more thing:

He’s got himself right down to nothing — no jeans, no underwear, shirt hanging from the hook. His cock is hard - harder than it’s ever been, and there is so much want and heat coursing through his veins that it’s burning up the oxygen.

The scratch of the linen is rough against the skin of his back, and if he took a second to float through the fog in his head, he’ll know that the dorm bed is squeaking from the force he’s exerting to fuck his fist up his own ass.

He’s always had needs kids his age didn’t — completely opposite from the standard teen rebellion. Completely opposite from breaking curfews, bucking the system, needing more than normal. Someone’s at fault for how he turned out, but Megumi always chafes at the thought of another person influencing how he is so he disregards the idea.

Megumi licks his lips, mouth blood red from the teeth biting down to keep himself silent.

When he comes, it’s to the image of the curse that had kneeled before him just earlier — red iris luminous as they look into Megumi’s own, devoid of anything but bloodthirst and the overwhelming need to take just for the sake of taking. Just because it’s fun.


One last thing:

When Megumi finally gets him right where he wants him, Megumi wants to be on his knees and says so, but Sukuna won’t let him get down on the filthy floor where guts are still spilling out of the men he’d just taken down.

Sukuna won’t let him get dirty, no matter how much Megumi wants it.

Megumi thinks he’s got penance to do, nothing a few weeks in a monastery won’t cure, and nothing Sukuna’s willing to sacrifice to some wasted alcove in Hokkaido.

“Touch me,” Megumi commands, touching himself — tips his fingers down his chest then back up again, getting his nipples hard.

Sukuna leans in, sucks one into his mouth. Megumi doesn’t have to fake the captured sound he makes as Sukuna licks around each point.

Megumi’s hands follow the knobbed trail of Sukuna’s spine as he struggles to take a breath, blood lit like a short burning fuse.

This time he’s got his eyes wide open — and when Sukuna lifts him up and splits him open with his cock right there where Satoru’s body is still cooling on the ground, everything is red.

The land, the sky, the yolk of the sun. The tang of iron down his throat.

He's got Sukuna right where he wants him.

He comes.



Here is a thing that they know now but refuse to accept:

When Megumi first sees a carcass with its insides turned out and blood pooling like a halo around the body, he’s hard and he likes it.

And everything he’s ever liked, he makes sure to get.



Throughout heaven and earth, I alone am.