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Pulling Rank

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So this is inspired by the cutest little fic, Desperate by MechBull.  I loved the premise involved in it, but wanted to put a twist on it, so here is my take on it.


Bobbi lay back on the bed and tried to control her breathing as Hunter poured lube directly onto her pussy.  She pulled her legs back as he lightly ran his index finger around her crotch, coating it in a mixture of her juices and the lube.  She moaned as he gently pressed it against her rosebud.

“Ready, love?”  He asked gently.  She nodded and he lowered his mouth to her pussy, placing a light kiss on her clitoral hood before his tongue darted out to flick at her clit.  She inhaled sharply as he began to run his tongue up and down her pussy lips, driving her towards the edge of her self-control.  At the same time, he gently began probing her anal opening with his finger, gently easing his finger inside her tight passage.

“Hunter … oh, FUCK …” she exclaimed as he began fucking his finger in and out of her asshole while using his mouth on her pussy.  For someone who never shut up, he was oddly silent as he concentrated on the task at hand, lavishing her pussy with his oral ministrations while pushing a second finger inside her tight passage.

“Fuck.  Fuck, fuck, FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!” she gasped.  “Okay, now.  I’m ready.”

He smirked as he gently extricated his fingers from her slightly gaping anus and reached for the box on his bed before tilting it to shake out the contents.  Except nothing fell to the bed.  He looked at the box, wide eyed.  “Nnnnooooooo!!!” he muttered to himself as he peered inside the empty box.

“Are you kidding me?” Bobbi looked up at him with desperation in her eyes.  “You’re out?”

Hunter swallowed hard.  “You know Bob, what we were planning on tonight doesn’t carry any danger of pregnancy…” he gave her a meaningful glance.

She arched an eyebrow at him.  “Are you SERIOUSLY proposing that I let you go bareback in my ass?” she huffed.

“But Bob …” Hunter waved the empty box at her.

“OH!  There should be some in the medical supply closet!” She exclaimed.

“Right!  Back in a jiff!” Hunter scrambled on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt as he ran out of the bunk.


Lincoln looked down at his hands in despair.  The smoldering box on the floor was emitting a strange burning smell.

“Did ya get a little too excited there, Sparky?”  Daisy teased as she lay naked on the bed, and she leaned forward to place a kiss on the tip of his erection.

“Ahhhhhh!!” He shooed her away as he backed up.  “I’m a little bit … on edge right now, and this could be over before either of us is ready for it to be.”

Daisy arched an eyebrow at him as she glanced down at what remained of the box of condoms on the floor.  “Considering that you melted all of the condoms, I’d say that it’s over.  Seriously, how did you manage to do that?”

Lincoln huffed at her.  “Well, it’s not entirely my fault.  You started with your mouth, and that thing you did with your hand …”

Daisy grinned at him.  “Why Dr. Campbell.  Are you saying that little ol’ ME got you so excited that you lost control of your Inhuman powers?  Powers that you swore only to use for good, and NOT for destroying an innocent box of prophylactics?”  She arched her back to best display her rounded ass and shimmied her hips, giving him quite the view as he swallowed hard.

Lincoln smiled as he leaned forward to place a kiss on her lips.  “Hold that thought.  I just so happen to know where we can find some more.”  And he pulled on a robe and headed out the door.



Mack lay back on his bed as Elena untied her robe and let it fall to the floor.  He smiled appreciatively as she twisted and turned, showing off her lean frame.

“You like?”  She asked, her accent giving a sensuous lilt to her voice.

“Oh yeah.” His deep voice rumbled. 

She moved towards the bed with slow steps, taking her time and luxuriating in his passionate gaze.  For someone who moved so fast, she was determined to draw out each moment as long as possible.  She gracefully climbed onto the bed and began crawling up his large frame, like a lioness stalking her prey.  She looked good when she was naked, and she knew it.  Moreover, she knew that he knew how good she looked, muscles taut beneath her bronze skin, all lean lines with just enough soft curves to give her a pleasing, feminine shape.  She straddled him and leaned down to press a passionate kiss to his lips.  He snaked a large arm around her to pull her close to him as they melted into their kiss.  He then flipped her onto her back, quickly rolling over on top of her, rolling his hips with hers, grinding his erection against her clit.

“Maaaaccccckkkkkkk.” She moaned appreciatively.  “Finally found a place that you can move fast, Turtle-Man?”  She teased as she tilted her head back and moaned as a placed small kisses up and down her neck.

“Hey, you appreciate me taking my time with you in these situations.”  He pointed out.  “Unless you want me to rush tonight?” he chuckled.  “Because I can hurry up and finish …”

She placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled it down to her breast.  “No, tonight you need to go sllllooooowwwww.” She exhaled breathily.  Mack sucked her nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue around it, feeling it harden under his touch.  He pulled back to gaze at it, enjoying the way it stood erect against her breast, like the eraser on a pencil.  He loved how responsive her nipples were, the way that she would shudder as he played with them.  As he returned his mouth to her breast, she let out a low moan.

“Nooooowwwwww, Mack.  I need you inside me, NOW.”

He grinned and rolled over to his bedside table and pulled the drawer open. 

“What?”  He began rummaging through it, unable to locate what he was searching for.

“Maaaacccckkkkk, where are you?”  She moaned.  God, her voice … she could make ordering dinner sound sexy, but now that she was stark naked, writhing on his bed with her bald pussy lips shining from her desire … Mack was about to have a heart attack right there. 

“Son of a …” he muttered to himself as he realized that his search was fruitless.

“Elena, I have to go grab more condoms.  I promise you baby, I’ll be right back.”

Hurry, Turtle-man, or I may have to start without you.”

Mack chuckled as he bent down to snatch her discarded robe off the floor.  He hastily tried to tug the material over himself in such a way that it could conceal his erection, but quickly gave that up as a lost cause as he headed out the door with a quick glance outside to make sure that no one else was around.  It wouldn’t do to impale another agent in his haste as he ran down the hall.



Jemma Simmons pressed her head back into the mattress as she balled the sheet into her tiny fists and arched her back, driving her hips up into the face positioned between her legs making her lose control.

“Oh, FiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz!!!” she moaned, as her orgasm gently rolled over her.  He stayed with her as she crested the wave and crashed back down, and she weakly pressed the top of his head to move his talented tongue away from her clit.  It was too much stimulation in her current state. 

Not for the first time, she chastised herself in a daze for having waited so long to pursue a romantic relationship with him.  I could have been enjoying this for TEN BLOODY YEARS she thought to herself as his talented hands languidly pushed in and out of her grasping pussy.  None of the awkward one-night stands she endured at the academy, not that the sex itself had necessarily been bad all of the time (mostly thanks to her own attention to her needs), just having to endure the awkward small talk those visually stimulating, yet oh so boring men tried to engage her in.  Not having to endure Milton’s lack of a backbone as he simperingly agreed with everything that she said, trying so bloody hard to please her.  Her thoughts flitted to Will briefly, and she felt a sharp pang of regret.  Sex with Will had been about keeping the darkness at bay, a defiant V-sign to the universe as it at tried to crush her spirit by cruelly separating her from Fitz.  She supposed that she had loved him in a way, but it was nothing, NOTHING compared to what she felt for Fitz.

She gazed down at him in a lustful haze as he stared up at her, blue eyes so dark they appeared violet.  He wanted her.  He WANTED her, with his brilliant mind, his good heart, his talented tongue, his skillful hands, and his desirable cock. 

“I want you inside me.  Now.” She croaked. 

His face broke into a loving smile that warmed her heart.  Such a phrase to her past lovers had elicited some excited responses, but not the look of reverence and love that he was giving her right now.  He smiled gently and began moving up the bed and reached towards her bedside table.  “Condoms in here?”  He asked.

“What?”  She asked, her mood starting to darken.  “You don’t have any?”

“No, I’m out.”  He admitted.

Fitz!” She hissed.  “You didn’t prepare?”

You’re the one who invited me to her bunk, Ms. ‘I excel at preparation’!”  he retorted.  He dropped his head to the mattress in despair.  “Shiteshiteshite.” He muttered.

She pulled his head up and placed a light kiss on his lips.  “The medical supply closet.  Hurry.  I’ll be waiting.”

Fitz leapt to his feet and tugged his trousers on, gingerly trying to negotiate his erection inside the zipper before tugging his t-shirt on over his head and scampering out of the room as Jemma lay back on the bed and began lazily running her fingers up and down her soaked pussy lips.


“Bloody hell.” Hunter muttered to himself as he rummaged through the shelves of the closet.  “Where are they?”

“Looking for something?” Hunter jumped and spun around to see Mack filling up the doorway.  He peered at his teammate.

“’Ere, are you wearing … what ARE you wearing, mate?” he asked.  The frilly robe barely contained his broad chest, and was cut dangerously high.  Hunter eyed him.  “Is that … are you wearing … does Yo-Yo know that you go in for this sort of thing?”

“Don’t be an ass.  I grabbed what was at hand.  What are you doing in here?”

“Emergency supplies.  Ran out of condoms.”  Hunter turned back to the shelves, trying to make sense of the unlabeled boxes on the shelves.

Mack looked around at the rows of white boxes.  “Me too.  So where are they?”

“Hell if I know.”  Hunter muttered to himself as he kept searching.  “Simmons and her damn systems…”

At this point Fitz came skidding into the closet.  “Oh, erm … What are you two…”

“Condoms.” Mack replied casually.

“I don’t suppose you’d happen to know where they are?”  Hunter asked him, nearing despair.  The mental image of Bobbi naked on his bed with her legs spread was imprinted in his mind.

“Yeah, they should be … watch out.”  He maneuvered past Hunter deeper into the closet.  “They should be … “

“One shelf up.” Lincoln’s voice broke in as he peered in the doorway.

Mack surveyed the other men crowded into the tiny space with him.  “Really?  We’re all getting lucky tonight?  Impressive.”

“WOT.  THE.  HELL.” Fitz’s voice nearly broke as he turned around with a single packet in his hand.  “This is the only one.”

“Looks like only one of us is getting lucky tonight.”  Hunter said.  “And since I was here first …” he moved to grab the condom from Fitz’s hand, but the engineer snatched his hand away.

“I bloody well found it!”

Mack drew himself up to his impressive full height and drew his shoulders back.  “You guys all realize that I can take you out without breaking a sweat, right?”

Lincoln gave him a sideways glance.  “Yeah, you seem really threatening in that … is that a kimono?  Are you wearing Yo-Yo’s underwear, too?”

Mack rolled his eyes.

“Anyways, I can could fry all of you and take it.”

“Oi!  No fair using powers!”  Hunter cut in.

“Look, there’s a reasonable way to sort this out.”  Fitz cut in over their bickering.  “As the ranking agent present, I think this belongs to me.”

Mack snorted at that.  “Coulson got rid of the levels, Fitz.  So no go.  However, as the most tenured agent present, I believe that should be mine.”  And he reached forward.  Hunter smacked his hand down.

“Considering that you kidnapped me and chained me to a sink, I believe that you owe me.”  And he began trying to pry it out of Fitz’s grasp.

“Oi!  Watch out, you’re going to tear it!”  Fitz tried to clasp it to his chest, and Mack and Lincoln surged forward, trying to pull Hunter away while simultaneously wrestle the condom away from Fitz.

“Hey guys.”  All four men stopped and looked towards the door, where Phil Coulson stood eyeing them in a heap on the floor.  “Mack, are you wearing … what are you wearing?”

“It’s Elena’s!”  Hunter shouted from the bottom of the pile.  “He’s cross-dressing, which makes me feel very uncomfortable!  Probably brainwashed by Hydra!  He needs to be placed in quarantine right now!”

“Man, shut up.” Mack huffed as he landed a punch on Hunter’s shoulder.

“Get up, all of you.”  Coulson said with an exasperated tone.  He eyed the four men, and his gaze shifted to Fitz’s hand.  He reached forward and plucked the condom from him and held it up.

“Are you really fighting over this?”

“It’s the last one!”  Hunter huffed.  “And I found it first.”

“You most certainly did not!”  Fitz huffed.  “I found it, and then these three attacked me.”

“Mack threatened me with physical violence sir, I definitely feel unsafe.”  Lincoln chimed in.

Coulson held up his hand and the four all shut up.  He eyed them all in turn.  The silence drew out and all of them started to feel uncomfortable.  Especially Mack, who was aware that his borrowed robe didn’t really adequately cover him.

Finally, he addressed them.

“Fitz, you’re the co-head of the science division.  Mack, you were the interim director.  And you may be director again in the future.  You both may have to order agents into life-or-death situations.  Do you really want to pull rank on them in a situation as petty as this?  How can they trust that you’ll do right by them in the field?”

Hunter raised a hand. “Question.  As a private contractor, I will never rise to any position of leadership in this organization.  Does that mean I get the condom?”

Coulson gave him an exasperated look as he put the foil packet into his jacket packet.  “I think that in the interests of unit morale, I need to confiscate this.  Good night, gentlemen.”  And he stalked off towards his bunk.

The four men stood in the tiny closet, not meeting each other’s eyes before Hunter finally broke the awkward silence.

“So … anyone for Xbox?”


“What are you, eleven?”

“Can’t leave Jemma there by herself, she’ll be getting twitchy.”

“Look,” Hunter interrupted their protests.  “I don’t know about you lot, but going back to Bob without a condom is not going to do me any favors.”

The rest of the men looked thoughtful before they began talking over one another.

“Yo-Yo won’t let me anywhere near…”

“Simmons can be quite fierce when the mood takes her…”

“Daisy is already pissed that I melted our box.”


Lincoln started as three pairs of eyes swiveled to him.

“An entire BOX?”

“Are you serious right now?”

“Could have taken care of the lot of us …”

“I’m sorry!”  He broke in.  “I got excited!  Daisy does this thing with her tongue, while her hand is …”

Mack waved a giant hand in the air.  “Man, I don’t want to hear what sort of freaky stuff my partner gets up to.”

“…Like my sister, she is …” Fitz complained.

“What does she do with her hand?”  Hunter asked.  “What???  I’m curious!  It may be something I want Bob to try!”  He protested in his own defense as the rest of the men shot disgusted looks at him.  That broke up their little gathering as they each headed dejectedly back to their expectant partners.


Coulson keyed the entry code into the panel outside his bunk and slipped inside.  He removed the condom from his pocket and tossed it towards the bed.  May caught it neatly without even looking at it as she smoothed down her satin chemise while she rolled back on the bed. 

“What took you so long?  I was starting to think that you’d changed your mind.”

Coulson shrugged as a began removing his jacket.  “Something came up that required a little diplomacy to smooth over.”

May arched an eyebrow at him.  “Oh?  At this hour?”

“Yeah.” He chuckled.  “And quite possibly tomorrow morning as well.  We’re going to have some pissed off female agents at breakfast.  We need to put condoms on the shopping list for the next supply run.  That’s the last one on the base.”  And he leaned down to kiss her.