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The Last Target

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When Kong’s call came, he was tying up the used condom filled with cum, just slid off his spent cock. The woman buried under the sheets was unmoved by the piercing ringtone, already deep in her sleep. Toji picked up the phone from the floor, the other hand throwing the tied up latex into the garbage.

Kong Shiu kept distant contact with him, calling him up a couple times a year. It would usually be a tricky case, or just checking if Toji was still alive.

Vietnam in April had already begun its summer heat, the air damp and sticky, letting the smell of sex in the room linger for a long time. Toji put on a pair of sweatpants and walked out to the balcony to take the call.

“It better be something good, like you’d won the lottery and there’s a couple billions waiting for me, if you’re calling at this hour.”

The half serious joke was answered by a dry chuckle. “Well, there’s one and a half billion, but you have to work.”

Though their relationship remained on a professional level, Kong Shiu was the one person who knew him the most. Kong knew that even if Fushiguro Toji was a world-renowned contract hitman, who could have enough money to be set for life from just one hit, he never actually had enough money. Or to be more precise, he never had enough money at the horse racing fields. That was exactly why he was back on his side hustle while out of work.

“Thought you don’t do the big gigs anymore, huh?”

“I don’t, but an old friend had visited me,” He paused, his voice laced with a hint of uncertainty, “So I thought, it’d be best to give it to you.”

Toji was silent for a few seconds, trying to dig his cigarettes out of the sweats pocket, but they seemed to have fallen out when he was in the heat of sex earlier.

“Sure, it’s been a while anyways.”

So that was it. A short phone call at midnight, and a flight from Hanoi to Tokyo, leading Toji’s way back to the land he once knew the most.


Japan wasn’t anything of significance but a stop in his journey for a man like Fushiguro Toji, an outlaw who wandered around the world. He had forgotten when was the last time he had been here. The downtown of the metropolitan seemed to have changed, yet still looked the same. The towers and buildings were shining and colossal under the clear sky, while the same old enervated, lifeless aura loomed over the faces of people bustling on the streets, the ugly filth of low grade curses roamed among them.

The motel Toji settled in was hidden in the back alleys. The girl at the front desk looked underage, was tapping at her phone, popping bubbles with the gum between her teeth. She threw him a key on a red string without looking up at all, only warning him not to puke on the carpet.

Before he left, Kong had given him an email address and its password. The information would be ready in it once he settled down.

Toji connected the phone he just bought from a nearby store to the shitty motel WiFi and logged onto the email. There was an email in the draft without a recipient and title, and within it lied contract details.


CommissionType: Hit
TimeLimit: Before 0:00 on April 18th
Target:Name N/A
TargetType: Special grade jujutsu sorcerer
Note: The rest of payment would only be paid after the target was confirmed dead by the commissioner.


There was an attached file. Toji was a bit surprised to find the amount of information was provided in it. It listed the target’s daily itinerary for the whole week up until April 18th, so detailed to the point that even the kind of breakfast they would have was there. This might just save Toji much work.

At the end of the document, there was a photo of the target.

The bad quality of the photo clearly showed that it was taken without them knowing at a far distance. The glass doors of the convenience store were pushed open by the target, who was walking out. They looked young, probably no more than mid twenties, with a mess of short spiky hair and an oversized hoodie hanging on his body. More like just a young kid and not a special grade sorcerer.

Before Toji had scrolled to the photo, a name popped up in the corner of his head, someone he hadn't thought of for a long while, Gojo Satoru, because special grade sorcerers were rare. But that thought flew by for just one split second.

The last time he had heard of the name was in the underground casino of Vegas, a fourth grade sorcerer who had just won another round of poker with him, leaned closer, smiling slyly.

“So Natsuya, some interesting news I just heard… The Six Eyes was sealed by the Prison Realm and disappeared.”

Toji was busy calculating how much money he still had with him, his mind blanking out at the words. Then he said, who the fuck is that. The two laughed it off, starting another round of poker.

Fushiguro Toji, or Zenin Toji, was long dead by the hands of the legendary Six Eyes.

Working under the name of Natsuya, there was nothing Toji couldn’t do when the price was right, be it jujutsu sorcerers or just ordinary people. Toji didn’t give two shits about the jujutsu world; the news about the sealed Six Eyes got to him only because it was Six Eyes. Other than that, Toji didn’t know much about them, and of course not his current target, who seemed to be a newly promoted one.

During his shower Toji formulated a plan to touch base tomorrow. He deleted the email draft, whipped out his weapons from the inventory to check them over before heading to bed.

The target’s routine was simple. He would wake up at ten in the morning, leave for Jujutsu High for some meetings with the higher ups, then he would go home around five in the afternoon. After dinner, he would leave for downtown. It looked like a typical day of a young person, if not a little too frequent with the nightlife.


Toji arrived at the club roughly half an hour earlier than his target. He had just had dinner, feeling up for a drink. The neon signs above the bar listed the regular drinks you’d find at any other places, except for three times the price. The club was located at a high end area, exclusive to the rich and powerful. Toji had only gotten in here with Kong’s forged invitation. Though he had prepared for it to be stinkingly expensive, he still couldn't help but roll his eyes at the prices.

He ordered a rum and coke, sat down on a high stool in the corner, with a good angle for him to observe crowds slowly floating in.

Half an hour later, the target set foot in the doors. Even without any curse energy, Toji could sense the person’s presence.

The young man was wearing a white button-up shirt and a pair of dark khakis, his black hair just like how it was in the photo, messy like a bed head. He walked among the crowds with ease, straight to the busiest oval bar at the center of the floor. He had to wait for a little while before getting a vacated seat by the bar. From Toji’s point of view, he could see the target’s side profile.

That really was just a kid. He wasn’t short and small, but with those lanky limbs, Toji could tell he slacked off on physical training, being too dependent on jujutsu.

The target ordered a drink and set it on the bar, eyes glued to his phone screen, only looking up once in a while towards the door. He must be waiting for someone.

This was what touch base was. The provided info didn’t mention anyone else. It could be no one of importance though, Toji thought, he would know soon enough.

His corner of eyes caught a glimpse of a woman with jet-black hair and full red lips sitting down beside him. She smiled at Toji, teeth bright like the pearl necklace around her neck, her half bare and plump chest vibrated along with her voice. “Do you mind, handsome?”

Fushiguro Toji, professional escort, responded with a million dollar smile, “All yours.”

From the way she dressed, Toji could tell she frequented this kind of establishment. The jewelry she was wearing was enough to pay for another gambling spree in Las Vegas. Unfortunately Toji had to keep a clear head on the job, and he could only at most get her to pay for the drinks. Toji flirted with the woman on and off to keep her entertained, while keeping a steady eye around the central bar where the target was seated.

As the night grew late, the club welcomed more and more people swarming in, but the target’s company hadn’t yet shown up. Toji could see that he hadn’t had a sip of the drink, the ice had probably melted by the hot air in the club.

As a hitman, Toji was used to long waits and people watching, but at this point he was starting to feel a little sympathetic towards the target.

The kid probably got flaked.

The tangy smell of fragrance filled his nose and almost got him choked on the drink. The woman’s lips smacked wetly beside his ear.

“Seems like you’re more interested… in him? That’s just a kid.”

Toji didn't reply, only raised an eyebrow at her.

“Not gonna lie he’s pretty damn cute, if you want, we can… oh, look!”

She nudged Toji in the arm gently, Toji’s eyes flew up in response, catching the sight of his target. For a brief moment Toji regretted eyeing on some jewelry and getting distracted while on a billion-dollar contract.

The club was dim all over, Toji was finally able to see clearly the pair of green eyes, twinkling like emerald gems under the laser lights on the dance floor. He was walking over, through the dancing crowd more boisterous than ever, but his moves were graceful among the drunk and high, like a stalking feline.

Toji sensed the woman beside him had slid off the seat and walked away without saying a word. He kept his eye contact with the target, until the latter walked all the way to him.

“Would you stop that?” His brows pinched together, the noisy mix of club music and people unable to hide the obvious annoyance in his voice.

Where Toji was sitting made him have to tilt his head up slightly to face the young man, but a seasoned hitman like him could always keep his face calm and collected in any situation. There had been instances that Toji interacted with his targets, and sometimes that was necessary. Though he didn’t plan to interact with this one, he faced him with confidence and ease, knowing that being overly cautious would only draw suspicions and possibly botch the job.

The kid was going to be dead soon anyways.

“What’s wrong with looking huh?” Toji looked at him with plain thick skin.

The young man choked to Toji's words, face heating up awkwardly without any good comebacks, “Just stop looking!”

Embarrassingly thin-skinned, the exact opposite of Toji.

Toji laughed at the reaction, amused and posing a look of an understanding big brother, “Just got flaked eh? You’d get used to it, kid.”

“Mind your business,” He grumbled, sitting down on the now empty seat beside Toji. Taking a black card from his wallet, he flagged the bartender and ordered a drink.

Toji watched the young man down the drink, the pungent spicy taste spreading in the air immediately, “You didn’t even drink the other one, kind of wasteful don’t ya think?”

The green eyes glared at him. He waved and ordered another one, then he added, “Another rum and coke for him.”

This time the young man didn’t chug the whole thing, but instead, he slowly sipped on it like Toji. He was kinda cute indeed, Toji thought, too bad he had to die.

To ensure the information from the commissioner was trustworthy, Toji came here to touch base by following the target at the club until he got home. Though the young man seemed to get flaked, it looked like he was staying for a while regardless, so it was still within Toji’s plan.

On top of that, he got free drinks.

They didn’t talk, instead they watched people jump and sway along the ups and downs of club music. In contrast to his build, the young man was a heavy weight with alcohol. He looked sober and calm, except the red had nowhere to hide. The pale skin of his face was flushed with a rosy shade, travelling all the way down his neck and into the white collars of his shirt.

He was watching the people, and Toji was watching him.

Toji rarely bothered to think about what his contracts really meant even though to make clean and good kills he usually had to at least know the targets to some extent, like their personalities and routines. But that stopped at the superficial level, there was nothing worth knowing from a dead person.

Toji looked at the young sorcerer, a bit curious about the reason behind it.

The kid didn’t look like the provoking type. If someone wanted a special grade sorcerer dead, it’d most likely be some curses, but Toji was pretty sure it wasn’t a curse who contracted him. He made a guess: it was probably jealousy. It wasn’t uncommon in his work.

“I like to watch people, too,” He said after a long period of silence and half way through his third drink. His voice was a little rougher than before, possibly burnt by the drink earlier.

Toji watched his face from the side intently, the latter stared into the far distance. He spoke again when Toji didn’t reply, his tone soft and steady, “Especially at a place like this, the dark would project all kinds of shadow.”

He paused and smiled, his head tilted down slightly, the red tips of his ears peeking under the moving hair strands. He turned to Toji, “But you seemed a little… different.”

You have no curse energy at all.

Toji kept his quiet, pretending to not understand a thing. The young man jumped off the high legged stool suddenly and placed his drink onto the bar, the clash of the glass making a loud bang. He stood in front of Toji, where Toji had to look up to him like earlier.

Despite drinking a few obviously strong mixed drinks, he still looked as calm as before, his expression stoic and his movements just as fluent. His hands held Toji’s face on each side, there was a lingering icy cold from the drink glass on his fingertips, his lips warm and wet when they touched Toji’s.

The spicy scent of alcohol washed over him.

Without much thinking, Toji grabbed his wrists, making the young man lean backwards slightly and their lips separated, his composed expression cracked as if he was being rejected. Toji gripped his wrists and pulled him closer, placing the hands on his waist. There was a moment of his brain emptying out all thoughts, his dick said fuck the plan.

Their lips touched again and sealed against each other’s tightly. The hands on Toji’s waist gripped hard, the young man dropped pecks on Toji’s lips gingerly. Toji held his body with one hand, and the other held his chin, a thumb stroking the skin to let him relax. He took the wrong hint and instead opened his mouth, the hot tip of his tongue sliding out to wet Toji’s lips.

Even as they were sitting in the corner, Toji didn’t think the seemingly withdrawn young man would be as bold as sticking his tongue out in public. He pressed on the young man’s waist, forcing the latter to stand in the trap between his legs, his teeth caught the tip of the tongue and pulled. Toji tasted the lingering mixed flavors of alcohol, spicy and sweet.

The young man moaned lowly in his throat, legs swaying, his weight pressing against Toji’s broad body.

They kissed for a few minutes before the young man pulled away with a startled look as if he had woken up from a dream. Toji stared at the ruddy red lips glistening with wetness, quietly waiting for him to regain his breaths.
“Follow me.”

Toji thought he was being taken to the bathroom, so he was surprised to find himself getting dragged out of the club. The air outside was refreshing, the breeze gentle and cooling, but Toji felt his blood heating up, sweat breaking out on his back when a hand held his wrist, pulling him across the jam packed road, into the luxurious hotel on the other side.

He realized that the kid got flaked on a booty call tonight when the young man waved at the front desk and got his room card promptly.

As if the wind had knocked some sense into him and he had to hide some kind of embarrassment, the young sorcerer walked in front of Toji with hurried steps, only looking back again to make sure Toji didn’t leave.

“The name is Megumi, don’t laugh at my name.” He said in a hushed voice.

Yet Toji laughed, unable to contain himself. The elevator door opened and it was empty. Toji pushed Megumi inside and onto the wall, clashing their lips together. His hands pulled the ends of the white shirt out of the khakis, fingers brushing against the bare skin on Megumi’s waist. Megumi held onto Toji’s arms, his head angled up slightly to reach Toji’s kiss.

A hand crawled up and an arm curled around the back of Toji’s neck, pulling their bodies flushed against each other. Toji could feel the bulge through the fabrics of their pants, and Megumi was rubbing it off Toji’s thigh. The quietness inside the elevator exemplified the wet sounds of kissing.

When the elevator stopped, Toji pulled away and simply said, “Toji.”

As a skilled professional in bed, the electrifying excitement is something Toji hadn’t felt for a very long time. His partners were usually women, not a young man who looked barely legal, cheeks flushed with shyness but hands moved with absolute certainty and urgency.

Like a pair of virgins they rushed to their room, their hands glued to each other’s body, roaming and teasing. Megumi shut the door with a kick and the door locked with a click. Toji didn’t bother with the buttons on his dress shirt. He lifted the collars, helping Megumi to pull it off. The pale and smooth skin of his body flushed under Toji’s hot gaze.

Toji stroked the ridges of Megumi’s toned abs, complimenting it internally. His fingers slid up, catching the pink nubs and pinching, Megumi yelped in response. Toji placed a peck on Megumi’s lips, then his tongue travelled down the neckline, leaving a wet trail behind.

Megumi’s hands slid under Toji’s shirt, roaming along hard lines of his body. His head leaned against the wall, baring his neck to Toji’s teeth and humming with contentment.

Toji screwed with Megumi’s bare neck and chest with licks and bites for a while, and Megumi seemed to be too eager, like he couldn’t help but slid his hands down to touch Toji through his pants. Toji’s half hard dick grew immediately in a few quick strokes, hard and heavy in his pants.

“Toji,” The voice was trembling like a drunk man’s.

He clutched onto Toji's waistband and spinned both of them around with Toji pressed against the wall, and with delight Toji watched him move. Toji’s pants and Megumi’s knees dropped to the floor in a quick rustle.

The hardened cock jumped out of the underwear, nearly hitting Megumi in the nose. Toji’s penis took the same harsh lines as all the other parts of his body, the head curved up, the shaft thick and filled with rushing blood and a shade of deep red, veins popping.

Megumi steadied himself by holding onto Toji’s legs. His tongue darted out, the tip drawing a long line from the base all the way to the top of the hardened member. Toji watched Megumi licked his lips, and then wrapped the wet lips around the fat head and suckled, causing fluid to ooze out of the slit.

Megumi slowly slid Toji’s dick inside the warmth of his mouth. His tongue slipped under the shaft, his cheeks hollowed out to create a tight suction massaging the cock. But he could only get one third of it inside before it hit the opening to his throat. Megumi started to tilt his head back and forth, fucking his own mouth with Toji’s cock.

Toji wasn’t feeling much with the slow and shallow pace. He let and watched Megumi giving him a show for a bit, then stopped him by squeezing his chin. Megumi looked up to him with confused eyes, his mouth still hung wide open, the pink tongue extended out. The look lit up something deep inside Toji’s stomach and he held Megumi’s head, thrusting his cock straight in the open mouth and all the way until it hit the end. Megumi choked hard, his body shook violently, nails digging into the flesh of Toji’s leg. His head and mouth were held unmovable by Toji’s hands. Megumi used all of the strength in his body to accommodate the painful intrusion of Toji’s fat cock down his throat, drools leakings out the corners of his mouth.

The green eyes glared at Toji, yet the soft insides of his mouth held snugly around Toji’s cock, the teeth hadn’t touched it even a bit.

Megumi’s glares and the reddened eyes were such a sight from Toji’s point of view. Toji was looking down at him, drinking in the expression on Megumi’s face, pitiful yet sultry with wetness in his eyes. Pulling his cock out quickly and before Megumi started taking in breaths, Toji forced his head up, using the fat cock head to spread the viscous mix of saliva and precum on Megumi’s mouth and cheeks.

As if he had been sucking Toji’ cock forever, like a skilled cock sucker, Megumi snuck his tongue out to chase it, teasing it on the popped veins like a kitten licking on milk. The fluids made a mess all over Megumi’s face, and Toji pushed it right back into his mouth.

Toji buried his cock deep in Megumi’s throat and fucked him slowly, relished by the tight constriction and the control over Megumi’s breathing. Megumi’s face flushed red from the lack of oxygen, the green eyes watering with tears. He slid a hand inside his pants, jerking fast and rough. Being half forced into deep throating at the mercy of Toji, had Megumi excited and needy.

Toji face fucked Megumi for a while. He pulled out eventually, one hand lifting Megumi from the floor. Megumi couldn’t stand straight with wobbly legs, so Toji just half pushed and half carried him towards the bed. Toji sat down on the end of the bed, setting Megumi on his thigh.

Uncaring of the sloppy mess on his face, Megumi pressed his lips onto Toji’s just as he settled down. Normally Toji would be grossed out by the taste of his own dick, but Megumi’s enthusiasm was overwhelmingly adorable like a child asking for candy. Toji’s cock throbbed as they shared a passionate and messy kiss. Slipping a hand inside Megumi’s pants, his large palm enveloped Megumi’s smaller hand, moving them together to jerk off Megumi’s fully erected cock inside. Moans escaped from Megumi in between their kisses.

“Touch me, behind there,” Separating their lips in a smack, Megumi told Toji.

Toji lifted Megumi up slightly so that he could shed all of his clothes off in a few kicks. Holding a completely naked Megumi with his buttcheeks bare on Toji’s thigh, Toji felt wetness on his skin, his hand slipped behind Megumi’s cock, unsurprised when he found the slick at the entrance. He was too eager to deep throat a stranger; of course he’d be a desperate slut who’d prepared his hole for fucking.

Without any warning, Toji shoved two fingers in, Megumi yelped at the sudden intrusion, his mouth finding Toji's neck and biting down on the skin. Toji pumped the fingers with ease in and out the hot hole with little resistance from the help of the lube. He quickly added the third, enjoying Megumi’s sharp inhales of breath, the air softly tickling Toji’s ear.

Megumi’s dick stood against his stomach as Toji fingered him. As if he couldn’t stand it anymore, he reached for it and started to rub it off.

Fucking slut, Toji cursed internally. He grabbed Megumi’s wrists, yanking them backwards and restraining them behind his back. Megumi’s chest arched, Toji took that as an invitation to suck and bite on the hard nubs. Constrained in Toji’s hold, Megumi couldn’t do a thing except take the rough thrusts from the three fingers in and out of him. His legs kicked involuntarily every time the fingers rubbed against his prostate, copious amounts of precum leaked out of his cock. Toji listened to Megumi’s mewls and whines against his ear, the noises sounding like a kitten in heat.

Help me. Megumi gasped as Toji took his fingers out after a while, and Megumi was already hard as if he was about to explode.

But Toji was an asshole, ignoring Megumi’s request. He left an almost vicious bite on Megumi’s red nipples before moving his body. Megumi’s bones were out of strength like jelly, leaving it all to Toji, who was turning Megumi so that the latter was straddling him. Toji kept Megumi’s wrists locked behind his back, so Megumi had to lean against Toji for balance.

Toji’s cock was so hard it hurt. Giving it a few quick tugs, he lined the head against Megumi’s entrance. Megumi’s pliant body slid down, slowly taking in Toji’s fat cock inch by inch until it bottomed out.

“... ‘s hot.”

Megumi gasped against Toji’s shoulder, trying to even out his breathing after taking in such a huge and solid mass, it was so much more than the three fingers. Toji was doing the same, trying to get used to the insides of Megumi squeezing him tightly, a mix of pain and pleasure at the same time. The insides of Megumi’s hole was like heaven, something so delicious Toji hadn’t felt in a long time. He gripped onto Megumi’s waists and started thrusting upwards in the sweet heat.

Megumi screamed silently, his neck arched in a smooth long line. His hands were finally free, finding Toji’s shoulders to hold onto for balance.

Toji fucked Megumi open and fucked the flesh inside soft and squirming against his cock. He moaned loudly, brushing his cock against Megumi’s sweet spot and relishing the thrilling sensation of Megumi’s tight walls and his broken moans mixed with the obscene wet sounds from where the two connected.

Toji maintained a fast but controlled rhythm for minutes until he slowed down. Megumi, confused with the change, wiggled his ass against Toji’s cock in an attempt to regain the friction. Toji dropped two loud slaps on the round cheeks, with a rough voice he said, “Be a good bitch and fuck youself.”

“Don’t things like that-”

Toji gave him a sudden shove inside, Megumi’s muscles cramped in response, a surprised choke breaking out of his throat.

“You seem to like it.”

Toji turned back to Megumi’s chest, his lips leaving red marks all over the pale smooth skin, and bite marks were also forming around the pink nubs, the moist left by saliva shining under the lights. Mumbling a few complaints, Megumi started to use his knees to push against the bed, lifting himself up until Toji’s cock head was left inside, then sinking back down to take the whole of it.

It seemed like Megumi was able to find a better angle for Toji’s cock to sink in deeper and rub his prostate. He fucked himself on Toji’s cock, their skin slapping against each other every bounce. Toji felt as if an automated fleshlight was sucking his dick tirelessly on high frequency.

Megumi’s cock jumped between their bodies, spreading precum all over. He tried to reach for it again, but Toji got there before he could. Toji squeezed the hot dick, smirking, and pushed a thumb on the slit.

Megumi groaned. He tried to pry off Toji’s fingers but the efforts were a waste against Toji’s strong hold. Toji licked over Megumi’s collarbones, his tongue trailing all the way to Adam's apple. He caught the bump in his mouth, lip tasting the vibrations from Megumi’s moans. The sharp teeth grazed the sensitive skin on Megumi’s neck, like a lion claiming its prey.

“Can’t move,” Megumi’s voice was rough, the tone laced with need, “Wanna come.”

He was squirming on Toji’s laps, his limbs and body soft against the larger frame, still attempting to summon strength to fuck himself on Toji’s cock.

Toji let go of Megumi’s neck. Looking up to Megumi, Toji drowned in the dark water in Megumi’s steam covered green eyes, the water about to tip over and spill. Megumi’s face twisted with pleasure and want and the pain of being denied to come. Wherever Toji touched, his skin was trembling uncontrollably, his legs seemed to have given out.

Megumi was wild like a fire, burning up all the senses inside Toji. He flipped Megumi’s body onto the bed, himself covering the boy immediately. Toji bent those long and shaky legs, without needing to aim, he plunged his cock right back into Megumi’s clenching wet hole.

Toji fucked Megumi like a frantic animal, hitting his sweet spot constantly. Megumi’s toes curled and uncurled, his thighs hanging on both sides of Toji, the skin on it vibrating with pleasure. The moans coming out of him were a broken record of “feels good”, “faster”, and “fuck me”. A ring of white foam formed around the entrance of Megumi’s hole, the result of mixing the lube and their body fluids. Every time Toji pulled backwards, the flesh would clench, sucking his cock back inside, the blissful sensation pooling heat around Toji’s lower abdomen.

Megumi took hold of his poor dick, so red it was almost a shade of purple, and this time Toji let him. But Megumi seemed to have forgotten how to jerk off; he rubbed and jerked frantically until it looked like it was hurting, yet he still couldn’t reach the top.

“Wanna come… need to come.”

The sobs pulled a string in Toji’s heart and he reached out. Holding gaze with Megumi’s watering eyes full of misery and need, Toji encircled Megumi’s dick with his hand, rubbing it gently at first, his nails grazing the sensitive groove just under the head. His palm was rough with years of handling weapons, forming a coarse cavity around Megumi’s cock.

While he continued to jerk off Megumi, Toji bent the boy further, almost folding Megumi in half. Megumi’s shaky knees dropped on the sides of his head. The angle allowed Megumi to swallow Toji’s cock deeper, closer to his stomach, and at Toji’s point of view, he could almost see the little bump on Megumi’s smooth skin.

“Almost there… ngn-please!” Megumi lifted his back higher, forcing his cock into Toji’s hand, while simultaneously fucking his hole up to meet Toji’s brutal thrusts. His eyes squeezed shut and his brows drew tight together; his head fell backwards on the bed as he tried arching his back even more, the cords popping out the milky skin on his neck. The words coming out of him were strings of incoherent pleads, begging for release.

Toji’s palm wrapped around Megumi’s exposed neckline. And just one touch, Megumi opened his eyes wide, his body went rigid and his cock jumped as white cum shot out, some of it reaching his chin. The pressure of Toji’s hand was immovable. Megumi could only mouthed words out as he came, this time begging for Toji’s to stop.

In the haze of chasing his orgasm, Toji could barely read Megumi’s lips, his vision blurred by the contractions of Megumi’s flesh clenching around his cock, his balls tightened and ready to blow. He fucked Megumi’s abused red hole through his orgasam, fucked ropes and ropes of cum out of him as Megumi clawed at his arm. Then Toji was coming, the heat within him bursting to release and a hot flood of his seeds filling up Megumi. Tears rolled down Megumi’s cheeks, panic bloomed all over his face, his lips forming the words “sorry, ‘m sorry” as his ejaculation finally stopped, but only to pause a moment before light transparent fluid came trickling down, spilling all over his stomach.

Megumi’s legs dropped stiffly onto the bed when Toji pulled out of him. Toji checked him over and was a little lost to find Megumi might have blacked out while pissing himself. Toji wiped the sweat off his forehead as he jumped off the bed and headed to the bathroom, deciding that he needed a shower.

Toji splashed cold water over his face, regaining some clarity, though not enough as he was still immersed in the afterglow, and not noticing Megumi standing outside the bathroom.

Megumi had woken up quite quickly. A clean sheet wrapped around his body, his face back to the original shade of pale and composure, though some pink lingered on the tips of his ears. Toji wiped the cold beads of water off his face, arching a brow at Megumi.

“I need to shower,” The words were a stiff grunt, the polar opposite of the soft whine during his orgasm.

Toji nodded at him, a hit for him to come in. He thought of the expensive cigars at the bar countertop when he saw them coming into the room earlier, thinking he should get a good few puffs while waiting for the shower. The corner of his eyes caught Megumi in the mirror.

Just a brief accidental glimpse, it stopped Toji in his tracks, his body halting behind Megumi. The jade stone eyes, now sparkling with spirit, were looking at Toji, and Toji felt like dipping his feet into bone chilling water.

Their gaze held in silence, in a long suffocating moment.

“I know someone,” Megumi broke the silence, his tone rippleless and steady, “I’ve heard that he had no curse energy, and now I remember… the name was Toji.”

The reflection in the mirror displayed the two figures standing, the shorter at the front, the taller behind him. The disheveled mess of their ink black hair matted with wetness on their faces, their jade eyes glowed under the warm bathroom lighting. All of their features mimicked each other, like how they had crashed their lips together at the club, came to climax in unison, and recognized each other in the mirror with just one look.

Toji’s body flinched, an involuntary response of his instincts, preparing for fight or flight. Million thoughts rushed through his mind. Toji thought of flight, it wasn’t like he’d never done it before. He thought of fight, it was 1.5 billions. It’d be so easy, killing Megumi at this instance, before he could speak again—

Megumi took a step back, the heel of his bare and cold foot slid onto Toji’s, a wordless gesture for him to stay.
“Leaving again?” The words were accusing, but the voice was trembling.

Toji blinked hard, a six-year-old Megumi in his faded memories flashed before his eyes, the child watched with distant eyes as Toji walked away from him one last time.

The red marks peeked out of the white sheet around Megumi’s chest, they blossomed across the milky skin. The aftermath displayed before Toji’s eyes. For the first time in his life, he was at loss of words, the guilt gutting him into speechlessness. The weight from Megumi’s foot was unmovable, nailing Toji’s body to the ground.

He touched Megumi’s cheek with one hand, hesitant fingers brushed over the skin damp with sweat. Light flickered in Megumi’s half lidded eyes as he slowly exhaled and dropped his head onto Toji’s palm.

The sheet plopped to the floor when Megumi used both hands to catch Toji’s, the smaller ones covering the larger, fingers stroking the ridges of bones with calculated amount of tenderness.

Megumi moved his mouth, lips forming the first syllable. Toji panckied. He turned Megumi’s chin in a hurry, caught his lips and swallowed the words.

Twisting his body to kiss back, Megumi’s legs shifted to imbalance. Toji curled an arm around Megumi and hauled him closer. Megumi pant in their shared breaths, his hips rolled back, sliding up against Toji’s half hard cock.

The thrills of this damnation almost overtook Toji, blood draining out of his brain and rushing to his cock.

He parted lips with Megumi, turned to lick stripes on the marked skin under Megumi’s ears. With a glance at the mirror, he saw Megumi’s corners of lips tipped upwards, smiling back at him, and Megumi was fully hard now, the swollen member swinging around his lower belly.

“Toji,” He breathed out his name.

Toji responded to him by pinching his pert nipples, now abused and red. Megumi drew a leg up, using his feet to curl around Toji’s thigh. Toji’s almost wanted to ram his fucking dick inside at Megumi’s obvious lewd invitation.

Clasping a hand under Megumi’s knee, Toji slid his cock between Megumi’s buttcheeks. Megumi held onto the countertop for better balance, pushing his bottom backwards so that Toji could thrust more easily.

Toji fed two fingers to Megumi, who helped him to slick them up. He prodded the fingers into Megumi’s entrance, finding no resistance at all, the velvety walls drawing the fingers in. Cum was dripping out as Toji pulled out his fingers. Then the latent realization hit him like a crash— he had just creampied Megumi.

He fucked his son.

And then creampied him.

The mind-blowing thrill did it for Toji. Without warning, he plunged his hard cock into Megumi, all the way until his balls were flush against Megumi’s cheeks.

Megumi picked up his moaning immediately, pushing back to meet Toji’s thrusts, his knuckles white on the edge of the counter. Toji played with his nipples, watching Megumi blinking rapidly and wetting his lashes as tears trickled down. He’s making all sorts of obscene sounds, moaning Toji’s name like it was the only word he remembered.

Toji had always fucked rough, almost animalistic, and Megumi’s body bounced along the rapid movements with only one leg holding him up.

Lifting Megumi up by his waist, Toji let him sink down on his cock with the help of gravity. Megumi’s feet are off the floor, and the new sensation had him kicking his legs in the air and on Toji, but his legs were too weak to have any real effects. If he’d looked up into the mirror, he could see Toji securing his hips and ass on his dick, leaving marks that would definitely bruise tomorrow.

“Feel good, Papa.” murmured Megumi.

Toji caught it, and his cock jumped inside Megumi, nearly busting his load way too soon. Toji squeezed Megumi’s jaw and fed him two fingers again. Megumi took them like sucking Toji’s dick, twirling his tongue around them. Eyes glassy with lust, he had a drunken expression that Toji had seen earlier when he was choking on Toji’s cock.

Toji’s attempt to gag the boy had turned in Megumi’s favor.

Toji pulled his fingers out abruptly, sliding down to Megumi’s Adam’s apple. His palm was large enough to cover his throat, had enough power to crush the bones. Megumi watched him with half lidded eyes, with Toji’s letting go of his waist, he was able to tiptoe on two feet to meet Toji’s height. Toji pulled Megumi closer by his neck, bending his back and pushing Megumi further down on his cock. The velvety walls squirm tight around his cock as he rocked Megumi’s body, the pleasant sensation pooled heat around his abdomen.

Megumi’s face was flushed bright red with the deprivation of oxygen. They locked eyes in the mirror. Toji’s jaws tightened at the image of Megumi biting down on his lower lip, bracing himself with Toji’s rough thrusts.

Then Megumi licked his lips. Despite the restraint on his throat, making it difficult to breathe, let alone speak, he still managed to press his lips to a line and open and repeat. He still managed to form the two syllables, almost like whispering a secret.

Toji bit his ear lobe as a warning, and heard Megumi’s muffled whine in response. Toji lapped on the bite, and Megumi mewled softly.

“Little pervert.”

Megumi’s Adam’s apple bobbed under Toji’s fingers as he swallowed. With warning, Toji gave two swats on his ass, adding to the existing red marks. Megumi jolted at the sudden strikes and so did his hole, clenching down on Toji’s cock.

“Say that again, huh? Lil pervert.”

Megumi only nodded, not a word was coming out of him. Drool was rolling down from the corner of his mouth as he tried hard to breathe, his eyes were off focus and he had a confused expression, seemingly still processing the shock from the strikes.

It was also Toji’s fault for choking him.

Toji loosened his fingers and let Megumi take in air in rapid breaths. He lifted his other hand and wiped off the wet mess around Megumi’s mouth. With normal breathing back, Megumi caught Toji’s fingers with his teeth, nipping them gently and whispering a thank you to Toji.

All these pleas and the endearing name, Megumi said with such a soft and young voice, driving Toji insane. He pulled Megumi by his neck, tugging his back flush against his chest. Moaning Megumi’s name, Toji dropped kisses all over his cheeks.

“So good, feels good Papa, please...” Twisting his body, Megumi tried to kiss back and failed to catch Toji’s lips because Toji was fucking him with abandon, Megumi could only take it screaming Toji’s name.

Toji bit down on Megumi’s ear, loving every moans from Megumi, who was begging him to fuck harder while sucking Toji’s cock with his wet hole. With another few rapid thrusts, Toji’s vision blurred as he sank deep inside Megumi, spilling his seeds with a howl.

Megumi shuddered at the sensation of warm cum filling him up. Without touching himself, he came just like that, body shivering, cock jumping as milky white oozed out and dropped onto the floor.

Megumi’s legs were boneless, practically useless after having such intense orgasms twice. Toji had to hold him while washing them both in the shower and carried him back to the part of the bed where there wasn’t a mess.

Megumi’s eyes were shut, his breathing steady as he slept in the sheets. Toji stood up, thinking to fetch the cigars he wanted earlier, but was stopped before even taking a step, a hand flying out of sheets and yanking him back. Megumi’s strength seemed to have recovered back to as if he didn’t just get fucked out of his mind.

The two shared an awkward moment staring at each other. Then Megumi said, voice low with anger, “You never change, Fushiguro Toji.”

Toji groaned internally. He just wanted to try the damn cigar.

But he sat down on the edge of the bed and held Megumi’s hand instead and looked at those intense green eyes peeking out of the sheets. He considered for a moment then said, “Since you’re grown up now, I’m gonna ask you, what do you want me to do?”

The emerald eyes blinked and an answer was immediately blurted out, “Don't go.”

Not really the answer that Toji was hoping for but it was expected. Toji sighed, “Still wanna be a daddy’s boy when you’re all grown up?”

Megumi leaped out of the bed instantly and threw a solid kick on Toji’s side, actually hurting him a little because he didn’t expect Megumi to regain his strength this quick.

“So you would fuck me, but you won’t stay?”

The words stung. Toji was silent, unable to respond and just brushing Megumi’s hand on the knuckles gently.

Megumi took his hand back sharply, “Why?”

Toji felt a pulsing headache coming on. In his whole career as a boy toy, the one question he feared the most was why. Why do you love me? Why are you here? Why are you leaving?

But this wasn’t some woman he entertained for money, Megumi was the son he had abandoned many years ago.

“I got contracted to kill you, one and a half billion.” But Toji didn’t give a fuck anymore, he wasn’t going to kill Megumi, he was going to disappear off the face of the earth, like last time.

Surprisingly, Megumi wasn’t shocked by Toji’s revelation about the hit on him. He scooted closer to Toji instead, his expression sincere and pleading, “Then kill me, or take me with you.”

Now it was Toji’s turn for that stupid question. So many questions, so many missing pieces of Megumi in all these years that he’d pushed away and hid in the back of his mind.


Megumi moved his lips but nothing came out. Hot tears rolled down like long overdue pouring rain. His head sagged against Toji’s shoulder, hands wiping on his face.

Toji waited for him patiently, until Megumi spoke again, not lifting his head up.

Tsumiki had died years ago in her sleep.

They were nearly destroyed at the Shibuya Incident, leaving Megumi and the second years as the sole survivors of the Tokyo school and both schools had to halt classes while the higher ups reestablished new orders. Gojo was sealed and taken by Kenjaku, leaving the Gojo clan shattered to pieces and eliminated from the Big Three.

The berserk Ryomen Sukuna took over Itadori, massacred thousands before disappearing.

Zenin Maki and Mai were both killed in a rebellion against the clan.

Then the world was flooded with curses like all hell broke loose. Without his mentor and friends, Megumi had only managed to survive exorcism after exorcism, but he didn’t stand a chance against a corrupted higher up organization and the clans. He had the Ten Shadows, but he was only meant to be a carrier to the clan.

On April 18th, he would marry a Zenin girl and become Zenin Megumi again.

The long story sounded like a child’s bedtime story, a faraway and made up fantasy, told by a sorrowful and tired narrator.

Comforting someone had never been an easy task for Toji, let alone comforting a child. He hauled Megumi into his lap, his face sliding against Megumi’s cheek where it was still damp from tears.

“I don’t want to be a Zenin, Toji.”

Toji looked up and stared into Megumi’s eyes, the same ones like his, that were full of forgiveness, plead, despair, and hope.

And after a long moment, as if the world had stopped—

“Not gonna be a Zenin, come with me.”

All the emotions in those green eyes melted into joy. Megumi threw his arms around Toji, hugging him tightly, so that he could never let go.