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Under Her Skin

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Miranda's lips on her skin were sending her into a meltdown. She gripped Miranda's shoulder as hard as she dared while trying not to hurt her as Miranda turned those dangerous lips towards her pleasure.

The noises she made weren't any that she'd made before but she knew she would be powerless to stop her. She didn't want to.

"Will you allow me to love you, Andréa. I understand, if you do not -"

"Miranda," Andy groaned, pulling her close again. "Please."

She saw Miranda blink and she almost laughed but then Miranda slid her hand around her side and drew her back against her mouth.

"Come here," she ordered and as usual, Andy went when the woman called. 

She straddled Miranda's middle to a deep groan by the woman beneath her as she realised Andy was completely unclothed.

Miranda soothed any misgivings Andy had about giving herself to Miranda, but in honesty, Andréa was still reeling from having Miranda, beside her, beneath her, in her bed.

"Jesus," Andy hissed as gentle, questing fingers explored her center.

"This is mine," Miranda whispered, almost to herself.

"Yours," Andy whined. "All yours."

She didn't get a chance to ask if Miranda had ever slept with a woman before, or explain to Miranda that aside from a fumbling experiment during college, she hadn't either. She didn't air the fact that she might not be able to reciprocate with only one arm and instead, she gave a deep groan as Miranda's beautiful fingers slid inside her.

"Miranda," she hissed. "Oh fuck."

"Did I hurt you?"

"No," she sighed. "Please."

Miranda's movements were cautious but Andy quickly demanded more. 

"Harder," she hissed. "Deeper. Please."

Miranda was a fast learner. After a tentative start, Miranda realised what Andy needed and started moving with purpose. Andy got lost in the rhythm until Miranda's lips wrapped around a sensitive nipple and Andréa broke with a yell. She heard Miranda's echo and realised that her breaking apart had sent Miranda into her own orgasm and Andy kept rocking and felt herself building again. 

"Just a little more," she pleaded. "A little -"

"I love you." Her vision went white and she cried out, her body quaking as she almost collapsed on top of Miranda. "I have you," Miranda whispered. "I have you." She cried into Miranda's neck and held on as tightly as she could. "It's alright," Miranda soothed. "It's alright."

"I have loved you for so long," Andy whispered. "So long."

"As I you, my darling," Miranda hushed. "And now, rest. We have our whole life."

Andy snuggled into her new lover properly and kissed Miranda softly while she came down. She felt Miranda's fingers trailing up and down her back and fell asleep, listening to the joint beat of their hearts.


A phone woke her the next time and she blinked owlishly at the sunlight streaming between the curtains. Miranda was laying almost underneath her, snoring softly and Andy moved off her as carefully as she could. The woman had spent the whole night tending to her, she'd be damned if she woke her before time. She slipped into the bathroom, taking her time to put up her hair and brush her teeth and finally, stand before the mirror and look at her new sleeve.

It was truly beautiful. She couldn't help but smile as she took in all of the details. It was so intricate, she knew she might not find things in it until it had healed properly. For now, though, it was one half of a whole. Like she was.

The smile on her face was luminous and she giggled against the sweater she pulled on to ward off the chill. She crept from the bedroom, leaving Miranda sleeping and found her phone. There was call after call for her, notably from Nigel and Serena and even Christian Thompson. She deleted that without listening to the voicemail, but she called Nigel as soon as she'd done so.

"Andy, what the hell is going on? Where is she?"

"Um -"

"Well, look. I'm at Lance's show and Serena said she'd deal with Lagerfeld but she's going to have to make an appearance. She is alright isn't she?"

"She is," Andy said, keeping things simple. "She needed the time."

"I know she had a rough night. She called me and explained, can you believe that? Did you know? I think she was drunk."

"No," Andy lied, her fingers crossed behind her back. "No, I had no idea."

"I can't wait to compare notes."

"Nigel, I only know what she told me. And what Christian -"

Andy's voice caught as she looked up to find Miranda standing proudly in the doorway to the bedroom wearing nothing at all. Andy's eyes roamed from her toes as they scrunched a little on the soft carpet, up her strong legs, muscular legs. Her gaze lingered on Miranda's thigh before she moved higher and higher, past soft, gentle breasts to that beautiful face. She wore nothing but that smirk that made Andy grin and she passed the phone to her instead of listening to Nigel any longer.

"Nigel." Andy grinned evilly as she heard Nigel's squeak on the other end. Instead of paying too much attention to what was said, Andy traced her fingers along the small tattoos that littered Miranda's skin. If Andy had thought she'd received a number of them, she was amazed to count that Miranda must have roughly the same amount. As she traced a pair of small hands clutching a finger and thumb, Miranda caught her hand and kissed the palm of it. She blinked up at her lover as she wrapped up with Nigel. "Thank you for taking my place at the show. We will join you for the next one. That's all."

She hung up the phone and pulled Andy into her arms and kissed her hard.

"I had in mind that I would not have to wake up without you in my bed," she mused, brushing Andy's hair back.

"I didn't want to wake you," Andy explained. "You took such good care of me last night, I wanted to let you sleep as long as you could."

"Well, I am awake now, but we do not have long."

"I need to finish out the week with you," Andy sighed. "I won't leave you in the lurch, not after what happened."

"I admit I would prefer you to stay until we get home?"

"What about -"

"I don't care," Miranda shrugged. "I don't care one bit."

"It's funny," Andy chuckled. "How much everything pales in comparison, isn't it." Miranda's gaze said it all and Andy rewarded her with a kiss. "I'll call for breakfast, you take a shower. I'll run to your room to pick up your outfit."

"Whatever am I going to do without by my side," Miranda frowned.

"I'll always be by your side," Andy shrugged, finding it just as simple as it sounded. "I just won't be on the payroll."

"That makes up for it, I suppose," Miranda whispered, punctuating her thoughts with a kiss. "Fine. I will let you go, though I do not want you to go. Hurry back?"

"You know I will."

"I will go to Vera's after lunch and perhaps Elie Saab. I owe him for his loyalty. You must come along with me though. I spied something in his collection that I wish you to have."

"Miranda -"

"Just stay with me, Andréa? Please?"

"You know I will," she chuckled. "What will we tell everyone?"

She wasn't sure whether she was asking what they would tell their friends or what they would tell the world.

"Nothing, my darling. It is none of their business what goes on beneath our skin. We will simply resume our positions within the industry. And live our lives."

"What about -"

"What?" Miranda asked gently, cupping her cheek.


"I want all of the things immediately," she chuckled. "But I recognise that asking you to move in and simply be mine forever is -"

"Yes," Andy shrugged, chuckling at Miradan's slack-jaw. 


"Yes. To all of that. To being with you. To waking up with you, to the girls and the dog and whatever else you'd like to throw at me, I don't -"

"You wouldn't need -"

"All I need is you, as long as you -"

"Yes," Miranda ordered, mollifying Andy's look with her own apologetic smile. She softened. "Yes."

They shared another fierce kiss before Miranda stalked away, oblivious to her naked back and the way Andy's eyes caressed every inch of it. She stopped at the doorway and looked back over her shoulder. Andy just laughed and blew her lover a kiss. Whatever would happen, they would face it together and Andy, truly, couldn't wait.


Their flight home had been quiet and restful. Miranda had given everyone the weekend off once they returned and Andy had only stopped at her place long enough to grab more clothes and then, she went home with Miranda. The press from a leak by Stephen about their divorce had been brutal. It had built to a fever pitch once they had realised that Andy had arrived after Fashion Week and had so far, not left.

They printed cruel and horrible stories about nepotism and sexual harassment but they existed outside of it all. Instead, they laid low at the Townhouse, enjoying their time together with the girls. In less than a week, Andy had given her notice to vacate and moved her things. They'd set up a separate office in a guest bedroom and integrated their libraries and in an afternoon, after work, Andy would come home to find her three girls waiting for her with open arms. The twins, from the first moment, had thrown themselves into Andy's arms with no reservations. The dark thoughts she'd had about being a stepmother quickly evaporated when she found she could only love them with all of her being. They weren't at all evil, but they were playful and many a time she'd had to explain to her lover why there were nerf darts stuck to the door of the microwave or how Caroline had bumped her head riding down the bannister.

She'd had fun explaining that one. 

Miranda had looked at the three of them sternly before breaking out into a grin and rolling her eyes. It had become one of Andy's treasured memories.

A week after their return, Andy left Runway and took a job at the New York Mirror. She worked her way up the ranks before going freelance to spend more time with the girls and with Miranda who no longer spent all of her time working either. Their lives were rich with love and laughter and then every night, after they'd tucked the girls into their beds, Miranda and Andy met in the middle of their bed and reaffirm their love for each other over and over until all they could do was wrap themselves around each other and fall into slumber while their dragons rested beside each other on their skin.