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“What the fuck are you doing, coming home like this?” Toji growls, scowling ferociously across the room to the door where Megumi has just stumbled in. The young man’s face is flushed red as he struggles to take his shoes off between steps while he staggers drunkenly towards his father. His black hair is rumpled and uneven, flat on the back and one side, but sticking up wildly on the other. Toji’s familiar with that look— it’s what happens when Megumi’s pounded into a mattress so hard that it squishes his unruly hair flat. On top of that, Megumi’s button down has been haphazardly thrown on, two buttons in the wrong holes and the collar spread wide and rumpled. The discarded shoes reveal that he wasn’t even wearing any socks beneath them. 

It’s unquestionable. Megumi’s hammered silly, stumbling home from a hookup. A hookup that wasn’t with Toji. 

“I’ll say it again, Megumi. What the fuck did you just do that made you look like a used whore right now? And what made you think it would just be okay to come home to me after?” They’re questions that come out more like demands. The words take time to sink into Megumi’s alcohol-addled brain. 

“Sorry, Dad,” he slurs, attempting to sidle up to his father, but Toji keeps him at arms length. He even smells like someone else. 

“You’re sorry.” 

“I didn’t mean to. I thought of you the whole time, I swear,” Megumi says, looking up through his eyelashes at his daddy with puppy dog eyes, trying to make Toji let him close. 

“If you were thinking of me, then you should have just come home,” he replies flatly. “Instead you lent yourself out like some fuckin’ hooker. And you want to show up in front of me smelling like some other fucking dude? I knew you were a cockslut, but I didn’t know you were stupid, too,” he hisses venomously.

In his inebriated state, the words hit home hard for Megumi. Tears well up instantly in his eyes and a look of real hurt dons his face. “D- dad ,” he whispers weakly. 

Toji shrugs him off harshly and turns on his heel to stride to his room, slamming the door loudly behind him. He watches the clock, and it only takes two minutes for Megumi to come begging after him. 

A knock sounds. “Dad?” A sniffle.

Toji sighs loud enough that it can be heard through the wall, then stomps over and throws the door open violently, chuckling ruefully at what he sees. There’s Megumi in the doorway, tears streaking steadily down his flushed cheeks as he stands completely naked before his father’s hulking form. “ This is supposed to convince me that you’re not a slut?” Toji spits.

A pitiful sob wracks Megumi’s body and he hunches over a little as he whimpers, again, “Dad.” When he looks up his eyes are wide and desperate. “I-I didn't mean to,” he stammers. “I wanted you but you’re home. What could I do?” His face crumples adorably as he tries to reign in the tears welling once again in his eyes. 

Normally the sight would sway Toji, maybe awaken his comforting side, but right now it only fuels his rage. What right does Megumi have to cry when he’s the one who caused this mess. He’s the one who forgot who he belongs to. Toji interprets his words as best he can. “So because I wasn’t at the party for college students on your college campus , you figured it’d just be easier to get some young dick and call it a day? You didn’t try to get home, didn’t ask if I could pick you up. Hell, Meg, I could’ve even called you or sent you some pictures if you were that desperate. But none of that crossed your mind?”

Toji still hasn’t moved from the doorway, blocking Megumi’s entrance as he stares down coldly at Megumi’s naked form. It’s making the younger man squirm with discomfort. “Papa, I’m drunk ! I dunno…” Megumi trails off, stumped by the slew of questions Toji posed. The man has to hold in a chuckle. Megumi must be piss drunk if he called him Papa , like he hasn’t done in years. Not even when they fuck. 

“Fine then,” Toji decides. “You can show me just how sorry you are, son. Show me that I own you.”

“Course you do, Papa,” Meugmi cries. He’s a grown fucking man and he’s crying that he’s still Daddy’s little boy. The thought makes Toji grin. 

“Coulda fooled me, babe. Show me .”

Megumi nods desperately, movements uncoordinated as he scrambles into the room past Toji and falls to his hands and knees on the bed, dropping his chest low so that his ass juts out enticingly for his dad. 

“Did you pose like that for him?” Toji muses bitterly as he stalks closer to his prey.

“No!” Megumi practically shouts. “He didn’t even look at my hole. Only you,” he cries.

His loss, Toji thinks as he looks his fill. Megumi’s hole is perfect as always, red and pulsing as he flexes invitingly. The only thing wrong with this picture is that Toji knows that someone else made it look like that, not him. Someone else fucked him til his hole puckered, til he flushed deep red all over. Someone else got to touch his prize, even if he didn’t look close. It makes Toji’s stomach twist with burning jealousy. 

“You say it’s only mine but you let someone else fuck it not even an hour ago, Megumi.”

The younger man just lets out another sob at that, unable to defend himself.
“Hmm,” Toji hums to himself, thinking of how else to punish his boy. He walks over to the nightstand instead of the bed, making Megumi quirk his head in confusion. Toji opens the drawer and takes out his box of condoms and some lube, smirking as he meets his son’s eyes. 

“C-condoms?” Megumi stutters, shock lighting his eyes. 

In all their years together, Toji has never, ever fucked Megumi with a condom on. He’d always said that they were family, that there were no barriers between the two of them. That they were too close to warrant their use. Besides, he liked to fill his baby’s tummy right up, and Megumi liked to feel Toji shoot inside him. That, or Toji would pull out and just mark Megumi somewhere else—his face, his chest, his ass. So for him to pull out the condoms now… they’d only ever been in that drawer as a formality. Toji never fucks anyone else in his bedroom like this, so they’d always gone unused. Until today. 

“Yeah, Megumi. Condoms. Who knows what fucking disease you just picked up from that little bitch who just fucked you? You expect me to just use that same dirty hole?”

Megumi’s incoherent now, crying words of regret as he begs Toji not to use the condom, begs him to put it in and let him feel him skin to skin. 

Toji listens to Megumi beg like it’s a symphony as he quickly sheds all of his clothes. Snidely, Toji opens the box, ratting the contents so that Megumi turns just in time to watch his father rip open the condom with his teeth. Eyes gleaming with malice, Toji rolls it on and watches as Megumi’s face falls and his eyes shutter closed with disappointment. But his baby boy doesn’t miss a beat, still thrusting his ass backwards so that it’s closer to his father. “Please, Dad. Yours, I’m yours, I’m yours,” Megumi chants like a prayer. 

Smug smile on his lips, Toji lubes himself up and lines himself up with his son’s asshole, careful not to touch his rim. Without further ado, he slams inside, feeling Megumi’s hole pulse as he struggles to take in so much so fast. “D-ad!” he screams.

“What? Was he not big enough to prep you for me? I figured since you’ve already gone a round, you’d be ready,” he croons evilly. 

“Too much, slow, Dad. Slow, please, Dad…” Megumi mumbles disjointedly. Toji only circles his hips and starts to slam in over and over again, grinning wide when Megumi starts crying again. 

“See, baby, even when you say it’s too much, you take me so good. You’re mine and this hole is made for me. See how we fit together?” He asks the question right as he buries himself to the hilt, the perfect length of his twitching dick rubbing right on Megumi’s prostate. 

His son just mewls in response, now torn between telling Toji to stop and begging him to keep going. 

Toji resumes his pace, leaning forward to wrap one hand around Megumi’s neck as the other harshly grasps his hip for leverage as he thrusts in furiously. When he feels Megumi’s walls start to close in, Toji folds his body all the way over his son's, fitting them together like nesting dolls. With his chest pressed to Megumi’s sweaty back, hand still choked around his son’s neck, Toji purrs right into his ear, “See, and Papa can make you cum so quick, baby. Who else can do that? Nothing compares to the way you cum just for your Daddy.”

Megumi turns his head, frantically mashing his lips to Toji’s as he moans right into his mouth, “ Fuck, Dad!” His hole clenches sporadically as he cums, painting Toji’s bedsheets. The way his tunnel squeezes on Toji’s dick has the man growling his own release, abandoning Megumi’s lips to clamp down possessively on his son’s neck. 

The younger man flinches and moans as his father bites him, but he doesn’t try to pull away, accepting the claim that lies behind the lovebite. Toji demanded that he show who really owns him, and this bite is like Toji’s signature. Plus, drunk and desperate Megumi feels used, and by his favorite person, too. The ecstasy outweighs the pain of his dad’s teeth. 

Toji thrusts weakly inside of him until his cock is completely milked, then heaves himself off Megumi’s body and pulls out of his now lube-sloppy hole. It’s unusual not to see cum dripping in the wake of his dick, but Toji’s condom holds every drop of his release. 

Megumi slumps to the bed, relieved and exhausted. Toji watches him and lets him just get comfortable before he quips, “We’re not done yet, baby.”

“Hm?” Megumi grunts, rolling onto his back to drunkenly squint up at his dad.

“I said, we’re not done.” 

The younger man’s eyes widen a little, comprehending what Toji said. He hasn’t done enough, hasn’t proven Toji’s claim. He sits up as quickly as he can with what little coordination he currently possesses. 

Toji crawls up so that he straddles his son, and murmurs, “Just do as Papa says.” He pushes on Megumi’s chest, forcing him to lie back down and he continues to sidle all the way up Megumi’s body until his bare ass rests on Megumi’s small pecs and his still-wrapped dick looms near his flushed face. His son only watches with wide and uncertain eyes as Toji slowly removes his condom, careful not to let even a  single drop of his cum fall. Megumi expects him to tie the condom and discard it. Maybe he wants him to give him head, or cockwarm him as he sleeps. Maybe he wants to fuck his throat. All these options flit through Megumi’s dazed mind, but the wheels in his brain stop turning entirely when he sees Toji hold the condom full of his cum expectantly before Megumi’s face. 

“Well? What are you waiting for, Megumi? Drink.” 

“I… wha—”

“Suck it out. If I really own you, then prove it. Drink every last drop of it.” 

Megumi feebly sits up on his elbows, lifting shaking hands to grab the condom while his eyes stare confusedly at his father. When Toji doesn’t budge, Megumi clasps the condom between his fingers and regards it, feeling a little sick. It’s not the cum that’s the issue, it’s the condom itself. It’s soaked in lube and was just thrust completely up his own asshole. It stinks. But even though he’s not sober, even though he can’t process the situation fully, Megumi knows his dad is dead serious. He fucked up tonight, and this is how he can fix it. 

He steels himself and looks his papa dead in the eyes as he raises the condom to his mouth and seals his lips around the opening, sucking hard. He cringes at the taste and his eyebrows knit, but he never breaks eye contact with Toji as he swallows the globs of cum that spill from the condom into his mouth. Once it’s mostly empty, Megumi uses his fingers to squeeze out the remaining white into his mouth. Finally done, he pulls the latex from between his lips, coughing slightly at the grossness of it all. 

“Now there’s Papa’s good boy,” Toji praises as his eyes bore adoringly into his son’s face, watching as he licks the lube and cum clean off his lips. The show made Toji’s dick hard again and it’s at full mast and hovering right in front of Megumi’s face from where he sits on his chest. Without looking, Toji reaches back to blindly trace his fingers over Megumi’s cock, chuckling with delight when he finds him hard as well. 

“You liked that baby? You liked being my little cumslut? Wanna drink some more of Papa’s cum?”

“Anything. Yours,” Megumi mumbles, eyes drifting shut at the pleasure that Toji’s fingers are bringing as they play idly with his cock. 

“That’s right. Mine.”