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Leave No Fingerprints

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Everyone called him The General because he treated his classroom like a battlefield.

Before walking into his class, Alina had heard all the horror stories—students fainting, crying, even dropping the course—and this was just all during the first week. But Alina couldn't let that happen to her if she wanted to graduate this spring. She worked too hard to be intimidated by some stuffy college professor.

On her first day of Russian and East European History, Alina examined the other students in the room. There were about twenty of them, and they all looked timid, uncertain, nervous. A redheaded girl in the back was already squeezing a stress ball. Alina didn't want to show any fear, so she took a seat in the empty front row. It was either a very smart move or it was going to be a very stupid one.

“Good morning.” A tall, dark-haired man entered and locked the door behind him. He looked like he was in his late thirties or early forties. He wore dark blue jeans and a black button down shirt with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows, showing off his strong and hairy arms. A dark beard covered his strong jawline, making him look even more distinguished. He set a brown leather messenger bag on his desk and turned to face the classroom full of seniors sitting in front of him. His dark brown eyes scanned the room, and Alina swore she saw them gleam. “I'm Professor Aleksander Morozova.”

Alina lifted her brows. This insanely hot man was The General? She had expected a decrepit, cranky old man who smelled like moth balls—not someone who looked like he just walked off the pages of GQ.

Just then, someone jiggled the locked door knob. Through the glass window, a browned-haired boy with gray-blue eyes waved to be let in, but Professor Morozova acted like he wasn't there. Alina glanced around to see the other students turn their heads away as well. She narrowed her eyes and started to get up from her seat to open the door.

“Sit down,” Professor Morozova said sternly.

With her eyes still narrowed, Alina slowly sank to her chair and watched the late student try a few more times to get inside before giving up and leaving.

“As you can see, I do not tolerate tardiness in my classroom,” Professor Morozova said. “If you aren't going to be on time, don't even bother coming.”

Alina inhaled deeply. What a bunch of crap.

Professor Morozova opened his bag and slipped on a pair of stylish black glasses. It actually made him look even more attractive. He pulled out a piece of paper and began to take roll.

“Alina Starkov,” he called out when it was her turn.

“Here,” she answered.

Professor Morozova pursed his lips together and looked her up and down with disdain. But Alina didn't blink at his attempt to frighten her.

“Well, it looks like Mr. Kaz Brekker won't be joining us today,” Professor Morozova said after he finished taking attendance. “Let's hope he learned his lesson about being on time.”

Alina resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

Next, Professor Morozova pulled out a stack of papers from his bag and began to past them out. It was the syllabus for this semester. The first thing Alina noticed was there was a paper due every week, in addition to a test or pop quiz.

Starting now...

“Who can tell me when the first major East Slavic state was founded?” Professor Morozova asked, leaning back against his desk and crossing his arms.

Alina immediately raised her hand.

“Miss Starkov?”

“Kievan Rus in 862,” she said.

“Very good,” he said. “And what city became the capital twenty years later?”

Alina's arm shot up again. “Kiev.”

Professor Morozova gave her a strained smile. “No one likes a brown-noser, Miss Starkov.”

The other students snickered.

Alina's cheeks grew warm and she sank further into her seat.

“Now, who can tell me who the first tsar of Russia was?” Professor Morozova asked.

Alina didn't raise her hand.


Once Alina finished her day, she stormed back to her apartment that was a few blocks off campus. Despite the rest of her classes going well, she couldn't shake The General's words.

“No one likes a brown-noser, Miss Starkov.”

She wanted to scream. So what if she actually had a brain and wanted to use it?

When Alina entered her apartment, she threw her backpack on the floor with a loud thud and slammed the front door shut.

“Fuck!” Her roommate, Nina, sat up startled on the living room couch. Nina's brown hair was messy, her red lipstick was smeared, and she was missing her shirt. Underneath Nina's curvy frame, her boyfriend, Matthias, also sat up and sheepishly smiled at Alina, his lips painted red.

“Sorry for interrupting, guys,” Alina said, moving into the kitchen. She grabbed a bag of potato chips from the cupboard and returned to the living room, where Nina was putting on her shirt over her bra.

“Uh-oh, she has chips.” Nina patted Matthias's cheek. “Can you give us girls a moment, sweetie?”

“Sure.” He gave Nina a quick kiss and stood, straightening his rumpled T-shirt. Matthias played for Ravka University's basketball team, but despite his burly and imposing build, he was a big teddy bear. He softly squeezed Alina's arm as he past her and disappeared down the hall into the bathroom.

Nina moved over on the couch for Alina. “What's going on? Did you have another fight with Mal?”

Alina sighed and ripped open the bag of chips. “I haven't talked to Mal since winter break.” She stuffed a handful of the salty chips into her mouth.

“Then, what is it?” Nina asked.

The General's smug handsome face flashed in Alina's mind. Heat spread through her body, but she wasn't sure if it was from anger...or something else. Maybe she didn't want to admit to herself that the man who was going to make her last semester of college a living hell was also hot as hell.

“It's nothing,” Alina said. “I just had a bad first day, that's all.”

Nina frowned, but didn't push for anymore details. “Did you want to get some dinner with me and Matthias? We might go see a movie after too.”

Alina wasn't in the mood to play third wheel tonight, so she shook her head. “No, thanks. I think I'm just going to stay in, but have fun.” As she rose from the couch, Nina grabbed her chips.

“These stay here,” Nina said.

Alina stuck her tongue out. “Fine. I'll just go get the ice cream.”

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Alina was still awake at midnight when she heard Nina and Matthias return to the apartment. A moment later, soft moans and groans came through the walls. Rolling over in bed, Alina sighed and grabbed her phone from her nightstand. Before she could change her mind, she fired off a text.

What are you doing?

Not even five seconds passed before Mal answered: Not much. You wanna come over?

It was that easy.

Alina changed out of her pajamas and into a pair of black leggings and an oversize light pink T-shirt (no bra), then put on a jean jacket and ran a brush through her wavy black hair. She didn't bother with make-up; Mal always liked her face bare anyway. She ordered an Uber and sent a text to Nina telling her she was going to Mal's, but her roommate was currently too busy at the moment to notice it.

Fifteen minutes later, Alina was inside the Sigma Theta fraternity house. A few guys were still up drinking and playing video games in the living room. As she waited for Mal in the downstairs hallway, she thought about walking right back out the front door. Yes, she was feeling lonely...and horny, but the last time she saw Mal, they had decided to take a break from seeing each other, even though they were never ever technically a couple. They had met during freshmen orientation and bonded over how they both felt like outsiders at the prestigious university filled with kids from rich families. Mal was there on a soccer scholarship and Alina was there on an academic one. They were inseparable that first year. Naturally, one thing led to another, and right before they left for summer vacation, Alina decided to lose her virginity to Mal. Her first time was soft and sweet. They kept in touch over the summer, but things started to change their sophomore year. Mal became more involved with sports and Greek life, and Alina focused on her studies. They grew apart, only to run into each other at a frat party at the beginning of their senior year, where they promptly found an empty bedroom. Their second time wasn't so soft and sweet. Since then, they had been hooking up—constantly.

Their relationship didn't have any labels, and that's why Alina liked it. Still, things with Mal were...complicated. So, meeting him for a booty call after midnight was probably not the best idea. She should have just stuck with her vibrator. But as soon as Mal came walking down the stairs, she quickly changed her mind. The real thing was much better. Mal was shirtless, allowing Alina to admire to his physique. In addition to playing soccer, Mal also boxed, and it showed in his broad tan shoulders and muscular chest. His gray sweatpants hung loosely from his washboard abs. He had a stag tattoo on his left arm, and two small gold hoops hung from his left pierced ear. But when Alina's gaze reached the top of his head, her mouth dropped open.

“What did you do to your hair?” she asked.

Mal ran a hand through his shaggy bleach blond hair, which used to be as dark as her own. “You don't like it?”

She continued to gawk at him.

“I get it,” he said with a cocky smile. “You're speechless.”

Alina smacked his bare chest.

Mal chuckled. “I'm sorry. I didn't know I had to consult with you first.” He poked her stomach. “Hey, I didn't complain when you got your belly button pierced, did I?”

She glared at him. “At least I can cover up my belly button.”

Mal shrugged. “You'll get used to it.” He scratched the back of his head. “So, do you want something to drink or—”

“Let's go to your room,” Alina cut him off.

“Getting right down to business, huh?” Mal grinned and led her upstairs.

When they made it to his room, they were alone. “Where are Mikhael and Dubrov?” Alina asked, referring to his frat brothers who shared the room with him.

“Kicked them out,” Mal said, closing the door behind them. There were piles of dirty laundry on the floor, along with the some old pizza boxes and beer bottles. There was also the faint scent of cigarette smoke in the air. Due to seniority, Mikhael and Dubrov shared the bunk bed, while Mal slept on a full-size bed.

Alina tilted her head. “What do you think is going to happen tonight, Mal?”

He tilted his head right back at her. “You tell me. You texted me, remember?”

Mal was right. She was the reason why they were standing together in the middle of his room.

Slowly, Alina moved closer to him. At 6'1, he was so much taller and bigger than her petite frame. She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair. Despite the bleach, the strands were still soft to the touch.

Mal watched her carefully with his puppy dog brown eyes. “Do you really hate it?” he asked softly.

She shook her head. “I'll get used to it.”

In an instant, Mal brought their bodies together. He pressed his hot mouth against hers, their tongues entwined in a rough kiss. The familiar taste of cigarettes and cheap beer actually was comforting to Alina. Mal pushed her jacket off her body, then maneuvered them to his bed. She fell back on his mattress, quickly pulling her T-shirt over her head. Mal was already tugging her leggings off. He settled in between her spread legs, his lustful gaze roaming her nearly naked body. Alina let out a small whine and pulled him down to her.

Kissing her on the mouth again, Mal pressed his hard chest against her soft tits. Before she could catch her breath, he was moving his hot mouth down the curve of her neck and shoulder. He kissed her hard nipples, then slid his tongue down her flat belly, swirling his tongue around the diamond belly button ring.

“You're so sexy, Alina,” Mal murmured against her warm skin.

Maybe that's why he didn't complain when she returned from spring break freshman year with the piercing. As Mal moved his mouth lower, she tugged on the strands of his new blond hair. At least he hadn't shaved his head so she still had something to grab as Mal feasted on her pussy. He shoved the wet center of her black panties to the side and licked her pink slit. She recently got a bikini wax, so she was smooth and bare for Mal. He seemed to enjoy that as he licked her drenched folds hungrily. But Alina was enjoying it more. She thrashed on top of his bed, shaking her head from side to side. Her moans only grew louder as Mal pressed his tongue on her swollen clit.

“Mal! Oh, fuck, yes...”

He plunged two thick fingers into her pussy, curling them and rubbing that sweet spot inside her. Alina lifted her hips, eager to feel more of the dizzying sensations she was receiving from Mal's mouth and fingers. The scent of her arousal was embarrassing as more of her juices flowed out of her aching cunt.

“That's it, Alina,” Mal said as she started to clench around his fingers. “Let me taste you.”

He flatted his tongue on her clit and stroked her inner walls, rubbing her in all the right ways. Soon, Alina screamed loud enough for the entire house to hear. She sprayed Mal with her release as she squirted and soaked the sheets underneath her. That wouldn't be the first time. Mal didn't mind the mess as he lapped up her juices, pulling her pussy lips apart and licking into her pink center in search of more cream.

Alina could only lay there, boneless and spent, as Mal continued to drink from her. How could she ever think they could take a break from each other?

With heavy-lidded eyes, Alina watched Mal move away from her and take off his sweatpants. His giant cock leaped out from between his muscular thighs, and she licked her lips in anticipation. She had only slept with two other guys besides Mal, but none of them compared to him. Without warning, Professor Morozova's stern and handsome face appeared in her mind. It made Alina wonder how big The General was—and would he be able to fit inside her? What about at the same time as Mal? Fuck. Why was she even thinking about that?

It didn't matter. Her fantasy quickly dissolved as Mal pulled her down to the edge of the bed by her ankles. On his feet, he rubbed his cockhead up and down her dripping slit. Once he was shiny and covered with her juices, he pushed the first of his nine inches inside her cunt. Mal was the only person she fucked without a condom. She was on the pill, and since they started hooking up, there was no one else they were sleeping with. As Mal continued to push inside her, she fisted the sheets on the verge of agony and pleasure. It had only been three weeks since they fucked, yet it felt like Mal's dick was splitting her in two.

“Still so tight, just like your first time,” Mal said. “Remember how slow I had to go because I was too big for your little pussy?”

Alina mewled at the memory.

“You made that same sound too.” He smirked. “Admit it, Alina, you missed my cock, that's why you texted me.”

She let out a huff. “You have to work more on your dirty talk, Malyen Oretsev.”

Just for that, he shoved another hard inch inside, making her gasp. “Feel how I'm stretching you? I'm not even all the way inside you yet. Fuck, I'm still too big for you, Alina, but you like that, don't you? And you sure as hell don't want slow anymore. You want it hard and fast. You want it to hurt, to feel full of my cock, to feel me and see me moving deep inside you, pushing against your womb.” He lowered himself to kiss her. “How's that for dirty talk?”

She smiled against his mouth. “It's a little better.”

“A little better?” He slammed his entire length inside her. “Does that feel little to you?”

Alina cried out, lost in the overwhelming feeling of Mal's cock buried deep inside her, pushing against her womb—and yeah, she absolutely liked it.

Still embedded inside her, Mal stood back up and pushed her open knees to her shoulders. “Damn, Alina. Look at you...look at us.”

Alina raised herself up on her elbows. No matter how many times she saw how much his thick cock stretched her pink pussy lips, it still looked obscene. With her legs still spread wide, Mal thrust harder and deeper inside her. She moaned, feeling every vein and groove his cock was carving into her tight channel. He squeezed her bouncing tits with his large hands. She was so tiny that she could feel and see him moving inside her.

“You like that, don't you?” Mal asked, watching with her, their thoughts and bodies in sync.

“Yes, yes, so much...” Alina stuttered. “You're so deep inside me, Mal...”

He groaned and grabbed her slim waist, pinning her small body to the bed as he pounded into her ruthlessly. She let out a wail and threw her head back. It did fucking hurt—his fat cock ramming into her—but she wasn't going to tell him to stop when it felt so damn good. If Mal kept this up, Alina could probably come again just from penetration. That's how sensitive she felt right now.

But then, Mal dropped his heavy body on her, wrapping his lips around her pink nipples. He sucked on the right one, while tweaking the other, then he switched. He did it over and over until she started trembling again. His cock didn't relent; neither did his mouth.

“Mal!” Alina's loud cries filled the room and frat house once more as she climaxed and gushed around Mal's dick. She imagined the guys who were awake high-fiving each other downstairs in celebration of Mal's sexual conquest. She only hoped they would be in bed by the time she left so she didn't have to do the walk of shame in front of them.

Meanwhile, Mal was grinning from ear-to-ear. “I knew you missed my cock, Starkov.”

Before Alina could think of a snarky response, Mal planted his mouth on hers, swallowing her whimpers and moans. His hard muscles rubbed on her still-sensitive nipples as he moved on top of her. The truth was Alina did miss Mal. Not just the fucking, but also being close to him like this, with his big body pressing down on her small one, making her feel warm and safe like he was her security blanket. She hugged him to her and licked into his panting mouth.

“Give me your cum, Mal,” Alina whined. “Please...come inside me my tight, little pussy...please, I want it so bad...please...”

It was that last please that sent Mal over the edge. With one hard thrust, he groaned and spurted his thick load inside her sore pussy. She held him tighter, humming with contentment as he kept coming, so much that he was spilling out of her hole. It had definitely been a long time.

As soon as Mal pulled out, Alina rolled them over so she was on top of him. With his semen still dripping out of her, she rubbed her pussy over his half-hard cock. Mal's eyes widened at her movements. Now that she was in this position, she liked how his fair hair contrasted with his dark features. She kissed her way down his chest and abs before taking his cock into her mouth. In the past, she had only been to swallow the entire thing a few times without gagging or choking, but tonight, she was only going to clean him up.

Mal sharply inhaled. “Fuck, Alina, your mouth...”

It sounded like Mal missed her too.

Alina licked his long and thick member up and down, tasting their combined fluids, then she sucked on his leaking tip until the last of his salty cum splashed on her tongue. She lifted her gaze to Mal to make sure he was still watching her and swallowed in one gulp. With amazement written all over his face, Mal curled his index finger and beckoned her to him. She gave his tip one more lick before crawling over his body and kissing him.

“That was hot,” Alina said, giggling.

“You're hot,” Mal replied.

How sweet.

Usually at this point, Alina would be wiping his cum off her body and putting back on her clothes, but tonight, she just wanted to be held. Mal moved their sweaty and sticky bodies up toward his pillows and under the sheets. He wrapped his arms around her as she drew small circles on his heaving chest.


“Yeah?” he said, lighting up a fresh cigarette.

She pouted and snuggled closer to him. Heat was still radiating off her body. “I really, really hate my history professor.”