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It Is No One's Fault...

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"Я люблю тебя, Шарлотта. Ты знаешь, что это правильно?"
(I love you, Charlotte. You know that right?)
Rebecca said gently, concern leaking into her tone. Charlotte Sighed heavily and replied carefully.

"Да, конечно, Бекка. Я просто не уверен, как другой отреагирует."
(Yeah 'course I do Becca. I'm just not sure how the others will react.)
She admits.

"Ах, вот почему ты тогда настоял на том, чтобы говорить по-русски."
(Ah, So that's why you insisted on speaking Russian then.)
Becca chuckled fondly


"Вы знаете, что мой папа и Наташа тоже говорят по-русски."
(You know my dad and Natasha can speak Russian too.)

"Хотя их здесь нет?"
(They aren't here though are they?)
Charlotte snaps back.

"Нет, но и остальные тоже."
(No, but neither are the others.)

"Я не доверяю Старку с его камерами наблюдения и прочим. Кроме того, это единственный другой язык, который мы оба понимаем."
(I don't trust that Stark with his security cameras and shit. Besides its the only other language we both understand.)

"Ты параноик, моя дорогая."
(You are paranoid my dear.)
Rebecca says.

"Неважно, я устал. Давай заберем это утром, да?"
(Doesn't matter I'm tired. Lets pick this up in the Morning, Yeah?)
Charlotte says with an unnecessary rude tone.

"Okay..." Rebecca responds in English.

"'M sorry." Charlotte says, and Becca smiles. "No need to apologize. You have done nothing wrong."

"It's my fault we are in this mess." Charlotte says as she readies herself for bed and snuggles up under the covers. Rebecca frowns before formulating a reply.

"Это не чья-то вина, а вина наших сердец ..."
(It is no one's fault but the fault of our hearts.)

"Hmm Poetic." Charlotte mumbles sleepily. Her eyes are closed now.

"I learned that from you." Becca says with a smile now returning to her face. "Get some rest Darling."

Rebecca gets up to leave but is stopped but a final utter of Charlottes mouth.

"Fan liom?"
(Stay with me?)

"i gcónaí"


And the Avengers watched on from the security room with tears in their eyes.