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A strange stone and Fisherman Toast for you!

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In the quiet Favonius Knight Quarter, a door slowly opens, revealing a small sneaky figure. Klee tip-toes and closes the door as quietly as she can. She doesn’t want to alarm the whole Quarter about her departure, especially Master Jean!

Klee turns to Albedo’s workshop room, thinking she can invite him to go on an adventure with her, but she is greeted by the sign “Experiment in Progress.”

“Big brother Albedo is working again”

The little Spark Knight counts on her fingers. It’s been… 3 days since she last saw Albedo. Klee knows Albedo is busy doing his studying but Klee misses him so much! But Klee also knows she should be patient with Albedo, after all, she’s a good sister! And she will make Albedo her Fisherman Toast so Albedo can have more energy to work faster, then he can finally play with Klee! 

Klee nods to herself after her self-cheering-up moment before tip-toeing to the door which leads to the outside of the Quarter. The only problem is… before she can get to that door, she has to pass Master Jean’s room first.  

Klee doesn’t want Master Jean to catch her sneaking out of her room without her permission. The little girl slowly walks near the door and peeks inside.

Huh? Master Jean is not here?

Inside the room, there is no trace of the Acting Grand Master. Usually, when Klee looks inside, she always sees Master Jean writing and checking tons of papers! But now, Master Jean is nowhere to be seen.

Maybe Barbatos is helping Klee today! Yay!

Instead of sneaking out like a little scary mouse, Klee skips out of the Quarter with utmost confidence!

Klee heads out to Starfell Lake but right after Klee passes the gate (and no guard is there, which is weird, but Klee pays them no mind), a memory of Master Jean scolding her flashes in her mind. 

Yikes! How could she forget that whenever she catches fish in Starfell Lake, Master Jean will always appear there, hands on her hips and eyes burning with fire?

After being caught several times by Master Jean, the little girl comes to the conclusion that maybe the lake is very near to Mondstadt, so Master Jean is very quick to catch her.

Then, Klee will run to a place so far from Mondstadt that Master Jean can’t find her!

Amber eyes beaming with determination, Klee turns her feet and runs in the opposite direction of the Starfell Lake.

Klee doesn’t know how much time passes but she is pretty sure it’s been a while because now, she is standing in front of a small lake (or pool). The pool is so small and shallow that Klee doesn’t see any fish there. Oops, maybe she runs a little too far. But this is no big deal because before arriving here, she passed some rivers and lakes and she caught a lot of fish there already. Klee observes her surrounding and she finds...

Oooooh, there is a big cave!

The girl excitedly goes up the stair and she gasps at her newest discovery. Ranches and roots spurt out on top of the cave’s mouth, making them become a curtain embracing the cave. The air in here is not too cold or hot. 

“What’s the word brother Albedo taught me again? Hmmmmm” Klee mumbles to herself, “Ah! It’s room-temperature”

Klee jumps in her spot happily “Brother Albedo and sister Sucrose would be so proud! Klee remembers their… erm, scorpion fishy (read: scientific) word!”

Happy with her little achievement, Klee goes down the stair and sees a giant and dark lizard. The lizard has ice and blue parts on its body. It seems to be asleep, considering it’s curling into a ball and white smoke is coming out of its nose at a steady pace.

If Klee isn’t curious about everything and wants to explore every single aspect of surprising details Celestia shows her, she wouldn’t become the main cause of Albedo’s and Jean’s headaches. This time is no exception. Klee excitedly opens her glider and flies toward the big lizard.

Aether is at Wangshu Inn when he receives a letter flying in his direction.

Upon opening the letter, Aether’s mind wanders to the thoughts of admiring Teyvat. He and his sister have been to a lot of worlds and they are familiar with the letter system in those words. In Teyvat, things are a little different, at least for him. Apparently, if the receiver is Aether, the sender does not need to send the letter and wait for the mailman to collect and deliver it to him. As long as his name is on the envelope or in the mind of the sender, the letter will fly straight to Aether. He has been receiving letters from friends across Teyvat thanks to this unique function.

The letter he receives this time feels oddly cold. He can still find traces of ice on it. The sender must be in a cold place, so who could they be? 

Is it Albedo, who is researching Dragonspine? No, it cannot be him because as far as Aether knows, Albedo is staying in Mondstadt, preparing “something” for his little sister. 

It can’t be Childe because the guy has just come back from Dragonspine and gave Aether Starsilver ores.

The Traveler doesn’t have to guess further because the first line of the letter already indicates the sender.

These last couple of days, Klee came up with a plan to go on a great big adventure before her birthday!

Aether chuckles to himself. Klee is as energetic as always.

First, Klee managed to slip away while Master Jean was busy with her work~

Next, Klee ran off to a place that Master Jean will not be able to find! Klee ran and ran, and found a great big lizard in a gigantic cave!

Aether’s smile falters as he reads the letter again. She wouldn’t run from Mondstadt to the cave of the Primo Geovishap, would she?

But the last line and the attachment of the letter confirm Aether’s suspicion.

Oh! Klee will give you the strange stone from the great big lizard. If you find out how to make treasure with it, come teach Klee, okay?

Aether facepalms. Gosh… Klee ran from Mondstadt to Liyue AND solo-ed the Primo Geovishap.

He is sure he won’t speak a word about this with Jean when he brings Klee back to Mondstadt.

Klee is counting ants when Aether arrives at the cave. Upon seeing the blond Traveler, the Spark Knight looks up and waves. Aether waves back at her. When he comes closer, Klee realizes he’s not with Paimon but with another person. Dark green hairs with teal highlights, eyes as scary as Master Jean’s when she catches Klee fish-blasted at Starfell Lake, and a grumpy face, just like Master Diluc.

“Is Mister grumpy your friend, big brother Aether?”

“Pfft. She calls you Mister grumpy” Aether throws a smug smirk at Xiao. The Adeptus scoffs lightly. He pays no mind to a silly name given by a mortal child.

“Ehem, allow me to introduce you two. Klee, this is my friend, Xiao. Xiao, this is Klee, the Spark Knight of the Knights of Favonius”

Klee extends her hand to Xiao, “Nice to meet you, mister Xiao!”

Aether nudges him and Xiao reluctantly takes the hand and gives it a small shake.

“Now we are friends!” Klee exclaims and shows Xiao Dodoco “Dodoco, meet Klee’s new friend, mister Xiao!”

Xiao’s amber eyes dart back and forward between Klee and Aether. The blond shrugs.

Xiao regrets his decision of accompanying Aether to pick Klee up already.

The pair brings Klee to Angel’s Share and when they open the door, they are greeted by flashes of colorful ribbons and balloons.

“Happy birthday Klee!”

There are Master Jean, brother Albedo, brother Kaeya, sister Sucrose, sister Barbara, sister Rosaria and Master Tone-Deaf Bard too!

They throw Klee a birthday party!

Klee tugs Aether’s and Xiao’s hands and drags them to the crowd, ignoring Xiao’s small grunt and Aether laughs at that.

Xiao slips away and sits at the table furthest from the crowd. He just wants peace...

“Mister Xiao, thank you”

Klee is sitting next to him, a glass of grape juice on her lap.

“...what for?” Xiao asks, taken back by the girl’s sudden appreciation. “Shouldn’t you go back to your party?”

“Thank you for celebrating Klee’s birthday. Klee knows mister Xiao doesn’t like loud people but you still come here”

“It’s your birthday, I don’t want to make you sad. Because… well” Xiao pauses “you are my friend”

Klee beams, “Just like brother Aether said, you are really really kind!”

Xiao huffs “Nonsense...”

“Mister Xiao, do you love brother Aether?”

Luckily Xiao doesn’t have glass in his hand, or else Diluc will have to charge Aether for damaging his property.

“Mister Xiao doesn’t smile a lot but when you look at brother Aether, you look so soft, like Dodoco!” Klee brings Dodoco up and rubs Dodoco against Xiao’s face. The Adeptus flinches a little at the sudden fluffiness on his cheek.

“Mama and Miss Lisa told Klee that if a grumpy person looks soft, they are thinking of the one they love! So, you must love brother Aether!”

Xiao looks at Klee, unsure what to say.

Is it true that his expression softens when he’s with the Traveler? He thinks this might be because he has considered Aether… tolerable and pleasant to be with, not because he holds affection toward him. Or does it?

“Don’t worry! Klee won’t tell brother Aether!”

Klee brings up her pinky. “Pinky promise!”

“Pinky… promise?” Once again, this little girl surprises him.

“It’s a promise between friends! Mister Xiao and Klee are friends! Friends keep each other’s secret safe, just like how Mister Xiao doesn’t tell Master Jean about Klee blasting the giant lizard!”

Xiao looks at Klee's little pinky and thinks about the newfound feeling inside his chest whenever he thinks of a certain Traveler.

He links his pinky with Klee’s.