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Guess who's back?

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It had been almost two years since Robert had heard from victoria, never in a millions years did he think he would ever have an opportunity to speak to any of his family nevermind be a free man again but the hope in her voice when she described how he really did have a chance of fighting his sentence lit a fire that he thought he’d lost for good.

Of course victoria would be hopeful but the more they spoke the more insistent she became that he would be released, Robert couldn't get her hopes up like that and it wasn't fair to make her experience losing him all over again especially if the end result wasn't what they were hoping , it's why he lied about not going through with the appeal when that's what he had every intention of doing, no way was he going down without a fight

So here he was back in after months of uncertainty sitting in a dock with his lawyer who had fought tirelessly on his behalf waiting to see if he was going to get his life back or be robbed of it all over again.

“ Mr sugden after reviewing the case against you combined with the new information in relation to luke posner and his involvement it would be irresponsible of me to allow you to see through a sentence of murder however this does not mean i condone the act of violence that you comminted initially, i therefore sentence you to two years imprisonment, however as you have already served 20 months of this you have a remainder of four months to be served in hotten prison.

The tears came soon after, he only had four months left of this nightmare and then he was a free man, he could do four months.