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The girls were currently in a private room inside a Korean BBQ restaurant to celebrate her 20th birthday, even though the exact date is tomorrow, it’s just that they had a schedule so they decided to celebrate it now.


“Minju, are you excited to get your mark tomorrow?” Eunbi asked her while eating a piece of meat, fresh from the grill. 


The birthday girl looked up and said, “I already know I’m not gonna get my mark tomorrow.” with a casual wave of her chopsticks.


Eyebrows rising in unison, the older girls looked at each other with questioning glances before turning back to the visual who didn’t seem all that bothered, or nervous about possibly knowing who her soulmate would be.


“What do you mean?” asked Chaeyeon, she was bewildered at how nonchalant the younger girl was acting. 


Minju swallowed a wrap before answering, “It’s because my soulmate isn’t 20 yet.” Her voice was filled with so much confidence that it was as if she already knew who it was before the mark even appeared. 


Eunbi and Sakura exchanged uneasy glances, seemingly having a conversation with their eyes along with a couple of head gestures towards the unbothered Minju who was eating in front of them. 


“Minju…” Eunbi started saying, “You never know who your soulmate is going to be until their name appears on your skin.” she was careful to make sure her tone was steady and reassuring. 


Sakura continued after a glance at their leader and said, “We just don’t want you to get disappointed in case your soulmate doesn’t turn out to be who you expected.” She was silently pleading that Minju wouldn’t take their concern in a wrong way.


The two oldest girls held their breath but were surprised when Minju merely let out a quiet laugh and gave them a beaming smile. “I know you guys are worried and I love you for that, but I’m 100% sure I’m not getting my mark tomorrow.”


As the older girls continued to worry about Minju facing possible disappointment tomorrow, no one noticed the way Yuri’s grip on her chopsticks was so strong that it was starting to shake with the force she was exerting on it. 


The main vocal on calmed down and relaxed her hold when Minju placed a warm hand on her thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze as if telling her that there was nothing they should worry about. 


Yuri prayed she was right because she didn’t know what she would do if they woke up tomorrow and there was a name on Minju’s skin that wasn’t hers. 




And surprise, surprise, Minju was right. She didn’t get her mark despite the older girls checking her entire body from head to toe for any hint of a letter or name appearing on it. 


They didn’t stop glancing at her throughout their schedule and they didn’t stop until the clock struck twelve and the next day began. 


“My mark didn’t appear, can I please go to bed now?” As much as Minju loved her members, she was slowly starting to feel annoyed with the constant probing and searching the older girls kept bothering her with. What makes it worse was that she couldn’t even escape their eyes for a second to go and make out with Yuri! 


Eunbi pursed her lips and frowned, but reluctantly acknowledged that Minju’s mark wasn’t going to appear any time soon. “Fine, but the second your mark appears, you better tell us, okay?” 


Minju mentally rolled her eyes in exasperation, she was an adult now for goodness sake! Of course, if she did say that then it would be rude so she just flashed a smile and nodded in agreement. “Yes, unnie. You’ll be the first one to know, I promise.” 


Giving a silent cheer once the older girls waved her off she hurriedly went inside her room and sighed in relief once her door was finally closed. For the first time that day, she felt like she could finally breathe. Who knew having six overprotective sisters could be this tiring? She was thankful she wasn’t the maknae because she didn’t know what to do with eleven overprotective sisters. 


“Minju?” a voice whispered from behind her causing her to jump in surprise. 




The visual  was shocked at seeing Yuri in the middle of her bed, wrapped in her blanket, looking so sad and worried. Minju’s heart broke at the sight that greeted her, Jo Yuri should never have a frown on her face.


“I’m scared…” Yuri whispered, looking up at her with shiny eyes filled with tears waiting to fall. 


Minju slowly approached her girlfriend and settled down on the bed beside her, wrapping an arm around the smaller girl’s waist and bringing her closer towards her. “Why are you scared?” 


“What if we’re not each other’s soulmates?” Yuri asked her, her voice trembling with doubt and uncertainty.


“Of course we are! Weren’t you the first person to tell me we were soulmates? We barely even knew each other at the time, yet you were already so confident that we were destined.” 




Minju was sitting in one of the many practice rooms Produce48 provided them with glaring at her sheet music as if willing the notes to come alive and teach her how to properly sing the song she was supposed to learn when she was suddenly startled by a voice appearing beside her. 


“You’re Kim Minju, right?” said a short girl with long brown hair and bangs. Minju recognized her in an instant, after all, the other girl was in Idol School prior to joining yet another survival show.


“Um, yeah, that’s me. And you’re Jo Yuri?” 


“Yup!” Minju was even more startled once the other girl suddenly sat beside her and just stared at her with wide, unblinking eyes. She wasn’t gonna lie, Yuri’s eyes were gorgeous, but she was getting kind of uncomfortable with how the shorter girl was just sitting there, staring at her. 


Minju blinked at her, hoping the other girl would take the hint and notice the awkward air that was surrounding them. She blinked again, and still nothing. Okay then, attempting a conversation it is. 


“So, I--”


“--You’re my soulmate!”


“I’m your what now!?” 


*End of Flashback*


“You practically stuck to me, annoying me every single day since that moment, and now you’re telling me you’re worried that we wouldn’t be soulmates?” Minju asked the girl whose head was buried deep into her neck. 


Yuri whined and buried herself even deeper into the taller girl’s warmth and mumbled into her neck, “I’m just scared that one day you’ll wake up and the name on your skin isn’t mine.” 


“It’s illegal to be this adorable.” Minju knew this moment was supposed to be really serious, but she can’t help herself from cooing at how Yuri was acting like a baby, a very, very cute baby.


The shorter girl sat up and glared at Minju with burning eyes, “Can you take me seriously for once?! I’m so fucking terrified but you don’t even care at all!” The tears in Yuri’s eyes finally fell causing Minju to feel like shit, but her eyes couldn’t help but soften at how vulnerable her girlfriend was being right now. 


“Of course, I care. The only reason I’m not worried is because I’m so sure that on your 20th birthday, both of us will wake up with each other’s name marked on our skin.” 


“But what if--” Minju suddenly leaned in and kissed Yuri softly to cut off whatever it is she had to say. The visual knew her girlfriend wouldn’t sto worrying without any reassurance so she leaned towards her side table and got a sharpie. 


“Write on me.” She said as she gave Yuri the marker, “Until your birthday comes, write your name on my skin every single day until the real deal shows up. Just make sure it won’t be noticeable or else the unnies will ask a thousand questions.” 


The shorter girl took the marker and opened it, but hesitated, “Are you sure?” doubts were still running through her mind and she hated herself for even having doubts when Minju seemed so sure.


“I’m already going to have your name marked on my skin permanently in a few months, so might as well have it now.” Minju shrugged casually and lifted up her shirt so that Yuri could write on her.


Upon seeing the taller girl’s bare skin, Yuri couldn’t help but blush bright red, nevertheless, she leaned in and wrote her name on Minju’s rib cage, just below her heart.


It’ll be covered when Minju pulls her shirt back down, but it’s there. And even though no one else knows it exists, Yuri does. And for now? That’s enough.