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Anniversary Surprise

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The phone on the nightstand vibrates until Jazmín blinks some sleep out of her eyes. Florencia is curled up next to her, breathing rhythmically. Jaz lets out a small relieved breath and reaches behind her, trying her best not to disturb the dark-haired beauty. Flor stirs in her sleep and Jaz stops reaching for the phone, instead wrapping her arm back around Florencia and holding her tightly. The phone display blinks off after a few moments, and Jaz smiles into Flor’s hair, breathing in happily.

The quiet morning ends when Jazmín hears one of the girls getting up in the next room. Jaz slides her legs off the side of the bed, tucking the fluffy blanket around her wife. She kisses Flor’s temple gently before extricating herself the rest of the way out of bed.

Jazmín starts her morning and then hears clattering in the kitchen. She splashes a bit of water on her face, and goes to investigate. By the time she reaches the kitchen, the crackle of bacon frying hits her ears, and the smell wafts through the house. Jazmín stops, and leans against the wall with her arms crossed and a smile on her face. The scene before her makes her feel as though her heart might burst in her chest - Violetta was helping Melisa, who was on a stepstool in front of the stove scrambling eggs.

She still can’t believe this is her life. Almost two years ago she met Flor. Two years, and a rollercoaster of emotions. Jazmín knew from the first moment she saw Flor that she was special. It took a lot of patience, and a lot of love, but the wait was more than worth it. Now they were happily married, with two children.

Meli was the first to spot her mom, and immediately hopped off the step stool and ran to Jaz, wrapping her in a giant bear hug, and interrupting Jazmín’s thoughts. The small girl smiles, “buenos días, mamá!”

“¿Qué onda, microondas?” Meli giggles in response. Jaz sees the spatula still in Meli’s hand. “¡Ay! ¿Quién te enseñó a cocinar?” She gives a playful nudge, pointing to the spatula. The girl blushes, and goes to give the utensil to Violetta, who already has a different spatula in hand, flipping the eggs over. Thankfully Jaz is a chef and the kitchen is not lacking for anything.

Jazmín makes her way to give Viole a kiss on the side of her head, “Buenos dias, hija.”

The young redhead leans into Jaz in place of a hug as she slides the eggs onto a plate. “Buenos días, mamá. Meli y yo queríamos cocinar para nuestras mamás esta mañana.”

Almost as if on cue, the trio hear Flor shuffle into view. “Buenos dias, mi dormilona hermosa,” Jaz greets her wife and blows her a kiss from across the room.

Florencia ignores Jaz, and sits at the table. She forces a smile for the kids, but Jaz feels her heart drop in her chest at the cool reception. She understands a moment later, when Flor says, flatly, “Elena te llamo. Dos veces,” Flor punctuated that by holding up two fingers before having a tourette, *puto madrugador.*

Meli tries to stifle a giggle and fails. She is old enough to know not to repeat the swears, but they still make her laugh sometimes.

Jazmin groans. She was expecting a call from her, but she told Elena to call in the afternoon, when she was at work. “Lo siento que mi teléfono te despertó, mi amor.”

Violeta interrupts, perhaps in hopes of smoothing the light tension between her moms. “El desayuno está listo!”

“Lo hice!” Meli says, though her sister did most of the work.

“Ahh, bueno!” Flor brightens at the young one’s enthusiasm.

“Siéntense,” Violeta says to Jaz and Meli, who head to the table as Viole brings two dishes, placing them on the table and going back for the other two before sitting down.

Jaz sits across from Flor, in front of a steaming plate of eggs and bacon. Her eyes lift up to Flor’s, giving her a soft, doe-eyed look. Florencia at first ignores the attempt, but can’t stay mad at her love and her irritation melts away throughout breakfast.

The rest of the morning is lazy, until Jazmin has to leave to go to work. She kisses all of them, lingering on Flor’s soft lips. She grazes Flor’s cheek lovingly with the back of her hand before walking out the door.

As soon as Jazmin hits the street, she pulls her phone out to call Elena back. She wastes no time, “Está todo confirmado?”

Elena’s voice on the other end responds, “Si, mañana al mediodía. ¿Eso funciona para vos?”

“Perfecto. Muchas gracias, Elena. Esto es fantástico.” Jaz couldn’t help smiling as she walked.

“No hay problema, espero que a Flor le guste. Buena suerte para todos.” Jaz says goodbye and hangs up, a bounce in her step as she arrives at work. The rest of the day she was just as excited.

The next day Jazmin and Flor get the girls ready for school and send them off. Once the girls are gone, Flor moves to Jazmin, wanting to make up for her grumpiness of yesterday, and plants a kiss on her lips. Jaz smiles, and pulls Florencia close, their bodies fitting perfectly together. Flor smiles through their kiss, and runs her hands along Jaz’s back, the movement so familiar by now. She breaks off Jazmin’s lips. “¿Quieres volver a la cama…? *vulva con vulva*

Jazmin can’t help but smile into the mess of hair, “Mm, Eso suena bien, pero tenemos planes.” Jaz pauses, then changes her mind “tal vez por un poquito de tiempo.” The redhead pulls Flor by the hand to go back to their bedroom.

The moments they spent in bed flew by much too fast for both of them. Jazmin glances at the clock, and interrupts the lovemaking. “Mi amor,” she kisses Flor, “No quiero detener esto,” another kiss, “pero tenemos que irnos.” This time Flor reaches a hand under Jazmin’s thick hair, moves her lips close to Jaz, and holds her still so she can't move away immediately.

Flor let out a whine, “Por queeee?”

Jazmin smiles mysteriously, “Es una sorpresa.” Jaz rolls off of Flor, getting dressed quickly.

Florencia watches Jazmin before she wriggles out of the blanket and gets dressed as well.

The two mile walk doesn’t feel very long as the two women hold hands unapologetically. Flor interlaces her fingers between Jazmin’s, holding onto her tightly. She recalls it wasn’t that long ago she was denying any sort of relationship with Jaz, and now she is walking down the street with her chest puffed out, thrilled to be seen with her smoking hot wife.

Jazmin runs her thumb over Flor’s as they stand in front of a nondescript, white office building. She pulls her phone out to double check the address. “Okay, aquí estamos.”

Florencia furrows her brow, still curious as to what was waiting for her. Jazmin’s stomach was doing nervous flips as the duo entered the building. Jaz locates the office, labeled only with two doctor’s names. They enter the quiet waiting room and Flor looks around. After Jazmin checks in with the receptionist, the wait isn’t long before they get called back.

Florencia is getting a vague idea, and glances at Jazmin, whose mouth is twitching into a nervous smile. They were led through the halls, where there was a wooden desk with an engraved nameplate, and two chairs. The two took a seat in the chairs, and Flor started glancing around the room. She was seeing different diagrams of women in varying stages of pregnancy, and Flor’s guess was confirmed. She looks at Jazmin, whose smile was now beaming at Florencia. Jaz put her hand on Flor’s knee and gently squeezed. “Feliz aniversario, mamá.”

Flor twists in the chair to kiss Jazmin’s cheek, but the redhead turns at the same time and their lips meet instead. With smiles on both of their faces, Jaz gives Flor a peck on her lips. Flor tries to hold Jaz there, but the redhead moves her head back, eying her playfully. Jaz shakes her head. “Lo siento mi amor, pero necesitas esperar un poquito más,” her voice rises in pitch, nose scrunching up as she gestures with her fingers an inch apart, in an attempt to make Flor smile.

It took no time at all before a smile creeped onto Flor’s face. “Me haces la mujer más feliz del mundo,” Flor grabs Jaz before she can move and kisses her deeply. “Me encanta mucho esta sorpresa. Me regalas el mejor aniversario este año. Gracias a ti.”

Flor puts a hand on Jaz’s cheek, and Jaz turns her head to kiss it before wiping a tear from her eye. “Te daría cualquier cosa, cariño.”