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scared that i'll miss you (happens every time)

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In all of the things Toji has been through, he never thought his life would come to this.

Two months ago, when the drafts first started, he knew he would be one of the first picks. He had done several tours overseas when he was still in the military, and ever since he was retired, they had called him back to work on different CSARs and various leadership work. Hell, for all he did, he wasn’t even sure he was retired.

He remembers watching the Euros when it happened – the middle of the screen flashed, and he thought perhaps it was the shitty connection in the run down, one bedroom apartment he was holed up in, but what she said hadn’t even shocked him that much.

We are you from the future, the woman had said, dressed in all black and sporting a matching 50-cal Desert Eagle in front of her body. The stadium had been in shock, and Toji had raised one eyebrow as he continued to shove the cheap take out down his throat, listening to her spit out the words that would bring the world into a state of horror.

We are fighting a war. Our enemy is not human. And we are losing.

In eleven months’ time, all of human kind will be wiped from the face of the Earth unless you help us.

Toji had put down his take out box, shifting forward to get a better look at the screen. The crowd was quiet, and an emergency warning flashed across the screen, blaring red as if warning him of the dangers to come. He had thought it was a joke at first, but the seriousness in her eyes told him otherwise.

You are our last hope.

It hadn’t taken long for the nations to band together, compromising with the fifty men and women who were on the soccer field that day. They had agreed to send help – the evidence of the future was bad enough, and the military forces from each nation were deployed. It was said that less than thirty percent came back alive, but Toji knew the statistics had to be worse than that – the world’s population had dropped to under 500,000, after all.

He had sighed in annoyance when he had gotten the notification from his phone that he was the next to be drafted. It wasn’t like there was something holding him back – he had pawned of his children on that strange white-haired man who was begging to watch them before he was first deployed overseas, and he hadn’t bothered to pick them back up afterwards. He was content with his life; he spent the days sleeping in a comfortable bed, and the nights gambling and surrounded by women who would pay more than enough for him to find rent for the month.

“So what’s this for?” Toji said, watching as the women in army-camouflage colored slacks buckled him into a leather seat. “Driving test?”

The woman strapping the belt across his torso barely bothered to glance up at him as she placed his arm out from his body and faced it palm up.

“You don’t have jokes in the future?” Toji rolled his eyes, a smirk playing across his face. “Sounds like a fun time to live in.”

The room they had placed him in was dark, illuminated by the light coming from whatever contraption they were placing his left arm into. The women stood a few feet back, muttering to themselves.

“You might want to bite down on something,” One of them suggested, but Toji shrugged his shoulders in response.

“I can handle a bit of pain.”

“Suit yourself,” She said, turning back to her companion, who was furiously typing on the computer. He glanced at his arm, wiggling his fingers inside of the large equipment, before the woman called his name again. “Do you have any children?”

“Does it matter?” Toji said, cocking his head to the side.

“If you’re killed in combat, we have a medal of honor to give to your family and a sum of money for all of your dependents,” She explained, face still slack of any emotion.

“I don’t have any kids, but I wouldn’t mind collecting the money myself when I come back.”

The woman pressed the button on the computer, sending shockwaves through Toji’s forearm as he felt the metal injected into his skin. It was an odd feeling to say the least – he never had something literally screwed into his arm before, but his face was devoid of emotion. He had dealt with pain far worse than this in his childhood.

They had informed him that he would report for basic training twenty-four hours past the time of injection or face imprisonment. In response, Toji had laughed and said he wouldn’t need it – he’d be happy to leave now to get the service period over with. It was supposed to last one week, one hundred and sixty eight hours.

He was jumped into the future later that night, and that was how Fushiguro Toji found himself on the top of one of the biggest buildings in Tokyo, surrounded by dumbasses who didn’t have the least bit of combat training. The gun he held was pressed into his chest, the earpiece static as his hearing returned. The jump to the future – ten years, to be exact – left him stumbling across the rooftop, his sight slowly beginning to clear up.

“They said we were supposed to land on a beach.”

“Where the fuck are we?”

“There’s blood everywhere – oh, fuck, there’s dead people everywhere –“

Toji stood up from his tucked position, finding himself looking over the side of the building. Tokyo was a fucking wreck, to say the least. The skyscrapers which had once touched the heavens were burning, smoke pouring out of the sides of buildings. The streets were covered with dead bodies, blood pouring into the roads, cars flipped upside down. In the distance, he could hear a slight clicking noise.

That must be the Whitespikes.

They had little to no information on what they were actually fighting – the people from the future had coined the term Whitespikes, but no actual footage of them was able to be captured on camera. Toji doubted their words, but the clicking of the alien lifeforms talking to each other was enough to send a shiver down his spine. He crouched low to the ground, scanning the rooftops for any sign of life as the five people who survived the drop huddled behind him.

“…do you copy?”

Toji’s hand reflexively went up to the earpiece he was wearing. They were each given a gun and an earpiece before the jump, claiming that it would be the only thing they needed. The mission was simple – it was a CSAR, command search and rescue, and something Toji had done more than enough times to feel confident leading.

“Romeo Command, this is Romeo Actual,” The voice said again, high-pitched glazed over with stress and worry. Whoever was speaking was young, and Toji faintly wondered who they were supposed to be talking to in this moment. “Does anyone copy? Do you hear me?”

“Actual, this is Command,” Toji said, turning around and looking at the group of people who had survived the drop with him. There were three men and two women, fear glistening in their eyes as they focused on Toji and the clicks coming beneath them.

“Identify yourself,” The voice responded with a sigh of relief.

“Fushiguro Toji,” Toji looked back down the building, then the door to the right of the rooftop. They needed to get to the ground before whatever the fuck a Whitespike was came looking for them.

“Alright, Fushiguro, listen up,” The voice responded after a minute, and Toji could hear a slight hitch in the man’s voice on the other side. “I see your surviving team’s file, and you are the only former soldier, so I’m going to be real with you. Whitespikes have overrun the city and we’re sending a team in to clean it out in thirty minutes.”

“Clean it out?” Toji turned back, snatching a pair of binoculars off on of the dead bodies on the rooftop and bringing it to his face. Even with the lenses, he couldn’t see any other lifeforms.

“A bombardment has been ordered,” The voice says. “Look two blocks to your left. You see a tower labelled Gojo Facility and Research?”

Toji glanced to the side, lowering the binoculars. Gojo? Why did that name sound familiar? Was it someone he used to work with? “Yeah.”

“There are twelve vials located in the lab on the second floor. I need you to retrieve them then get out of the city before the bombardment starts. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Of course I can handle it, babydoll.”

He could hear the sharp intake of air on the other line, knowing that whoever was there heard him clearly. If he was stuck here for seven days, what was the harm in making a good time out of it? The combat surely wouldn’t take all of the hours up, especially if Toji was to hand them over to whoever he was currently talking to.

“Fushiguro, contact me when you are at the entrance of the lab,” The man says. “Oh – and the weak spots on a Whitespike are the neck and stomach. Don’t miss. Romeo Command over and out.”

Don’t miss.

Toji let a dark smile spread across his face as he lowered his hand, looking at the team behind him. They were weak, frailer than he was. They would slow him down, but he wasn’t that heartless to leave them behind. They probably had actual families to return to.

“We’re on a command search and rescue for twelve blue vials at the Gojo facility,” Toji said, loud and clear for everyone to hear. “Bombs are dropping in thirty minutes, so we’re in a bit of a time crunch. Aim for the neck and the stomach, look through here” – Toji raised his gun to his face, pointing at the top of the Eagle – “to focus, and press here” – he thumbed over the trigger – “to shoot. Keep up with me and we’ll be fine.”

Toji kicked the door on the rooftop in, looking over the side and aiming down the stairwell. The elevator inside of it sparked electricity from where the cables were cut, illuminating the stairwell. Toji glanced at the top of it – the ceiling was torn open, blood dried around the edges that he couldn’t tell was human or alien – then back down the stairwell.

He kept the butt of the Desert Eagle pressed into his shoulder as he descended the stairs, keeping his aim focused on the entrance of the building. The others clung behind him, following in his footsteps and whispering to each other. He knew they were probably terrified – the odds were not in their favor for survival, especially if they weren’t trained like he was. It would be like protecting a bunch of children.

“Wait,” One of them spoke quietly, grabbing the back of Toji’s black shirt and causing him to turn sharply. The girl was younger than he was, eyes wide, and she had short black hair. “Do you hear that?”

Silence hung thick in the air around the group as Toji looked at the top of the stairwell. From higher up, there was a slight clicking noise, and if he hadn’t stopped when he did, it would’ve been drowned out by their footsteps. He clicked the flashlight on at the front of the gun, aiming it upwards, and his breath caught in his chest.

Above them, hanging on the sharp cables, was a white figure three times the size of Toji. It had two legs, four arms, and the head was deformed to have a bloody, sharp mouth at the front for teeth. It appeared unaffected by the light Toji was shining on it, and Toji focused the light towards what exactly was keeping it high above them, and that’s when he saw it – two tentacles, each with smaller openings on the end, with white spikes sticking out from them. He had never seen something so grotesque, so devilish before.

The girl holding onto Toji slipped on the stair she was on, causing a loud screech to roar through the stairwell as Toji realized the sound was from the thing above them, and it was hurtling down the stairwell towards them.

“Run!” Toji yelled, rushing down the stairs and keeping his finger pressed on the trigger as gunshots lit up the space around them. One of the spikes was released from the tentacle, stabbing one of the men straight through the neck.

The girl who was holding onto him before screamed again as she saw blood spurt from the man’s neck as he screeched for help, and she bent down beside him to apply pressure into his neck. Toji screamed at her to move, but she seemed like she was in shock, and Toji wanted to fucking kick himself for stopping in his tracks and placing himself between the girl and the alien. He kept firing the gun, listening to the clicks and screeches of the Whitespike as it was hit repeatedly. Toji aimed farther up, trying to hit the neck like the man on the earpiece told him to do, and yellow fluids gushed to coat the three people still in the stairwell.

Toji grabbed the girls arm as the Whitespike let out one last click and fell towards the floor, pulling her down the stairs so fast that she was tripping. Her cries became louder as they got to the bottom, and Toji slapped a hand over her mouth as he found the remaining three people in his crew waiting for them by the door.

“If you don’t shut the fuck up, you’ll get us all killed,” Toji said, voice low. “I’ll fucking blow your brains out if you pull shit like that again.”

The girl let tears slip from her eyes as she nodded fast, and Toji threw her into the three others, rolling his eyes. He ran a hand down his face, trying to get all of the yellow bile off of him, but it was caked on thick.

“That goes for all of you,” He said, eyes dark as he spoke. They nodded. “And next time, fucking shoot it. I won’t save your sorry asses.”

Toji looked down at the black metal on his forearm. Ten minutes had already passed in his attempt to kill it, and he hadn’t even made it to the entrance of the lab yet. He looked around outside, finding the streets empty. He didn’t have time to scour the land for any sources of life – if they didn’t hurry up, they’d be blown up.

The group ran the rest of the blocks, the four people panting heavily as they struggled to keep up with Toji. The older man kicked the door to the facility open, looking around the dark lobby. The younger man who he had spoken with had said it was the second floor.

“Romeo Command, this is Romeo Actual,” Toji said, looking at all of the cracked computer screens and broken vials. He didn’t see any blue fluid around it, so he supposed that was a good thing. “I’m inside the lab.”

“Took you long enough,” The voice said, and Toji could hear the annoyance in the voice.

“Save the sweet talk for later, babydoll,” Toji said, using the tip of his gun to rifle through the cabinets inside the lab. The others weren’t completely useless, he supposed, as he watched them follow suit. “Where am I looking for your precious vials at?”

“There’s a refrigerator on the farthest wall,” The voice said. “It’s going to be inside there.”

Toji found the vials easily.

“Got it,” Toji said, motioning to the others to leave the building.

“You have ten minutes to get to the base of the Skytree,” The voice says. “I have several helicopters ready to take you and your team out of the city.”

Toji looked around the corner of the building, finding himself a few blocks away from the Skytree. It wouldn’t take very long to get there.

“Will you be waiting for me?” Toji said, motioning his team forwards. They walked behind him as he stuck close to the building, looking around to see if any of the other monsters are there.

“I’ll see you back at camp, Fushiguro,” The man says, and he starts to say something else before he closes his mouth. “Be safe. Romeo Command over and out.”

Be safe?

Toji was definitely fucking him later.

His slight joy was cut short as he heard a yell from behind him, turning sharply to find a spike sticking out of the chest of the short-haired girl. He aimed his gun where the others were aiming, watching as two Whitespikes descended upon them. He aimed at the closest one, hitting it’s stomach with one bullet and watching the yellow contents spill out. He turned to the girl – he could pull her with him to where the helicopters were, they were so close – but her eyes were already lifeless.

He stood back up, turning around and watching as five more of the monsters ran at them.

He dropped his form, yelling at the others to run after him, and he passed block after block. He didn’t have enough ammunition to continue shooting at them. Their best bet would be to rush towards where the others were waiting and fly out of here, leaving the two fallen members of his team behind.

When he finally caught up to the helicopters, only one of the members were able to keep up with him. He helped the man into the helicopter, tuning out the voices of the army men talking around him, as he watched the two that had fallen behind be torn to shreds with the sharp teeth of the aliens.

He bit the inside of his lip, turning around. He couldn’t watch the sickening sight much longer – but he had finished his mission, he had done his part. He would go back to camp and wait out the remainder of the week, then go back to his shitty apartment and his favorite whores.

Only one hundred, sixty seven hours left.



The camp they had returned to looked like the bases he had spent the majority of his time on when he was deployed. There were tanks and helicopters around them, men and women rushing around in full army uniforms, and makeshift tents to hold everything together. In the middle of the base was a house – two stories, seemingly in great condition, and the front doors were left wide open as people walked in and out of it. The windows were all propped open, too, and Toji could see computers and test tubes inside of it.

“Hey,” Toji stood beside the lone survivor of the team he had been with. The man held his face in his hands, looking up slightly when Toji sat on the bench with him. “I’m Fushiguro.”

He held out a hand, but upon seeing the sticky yellow contents still covering it, he took it back. The man had long dark hair, tied up into a bun, but he nodded at Toji.

“Chisaku,” The man said. “I never thought that… I never expected to see things like that in my entire lifetime. It feels unreal.”

“I know,” Toji said. “Whatever they are, it’s disgusting. It seems like everything those futuristic bastards told us was right – we are losing the war.”

“How am I supposed to go back to… normal after seeing something like that?” Chisaku questioned, tears brimming at the side of his eyes. Toji feels awkward, thinking he probably should’ve kept to himself. He’s never been good with people who cry.

“I suppose it gets easier,” Toji said, motioning around them. “I mean, look at how everyone else is dealing with it. I guess humanity’s needs come before our own now.”

As he motions to the others, he watches as a small, slender man steps out of the house, and Toji knows instantly that his body must belong to the person he was speaking with on the earpiece. The man – who simply couldn’t be older than twenty – is dressed in black skinny jeans and a long black shirt, with a white lab coat on top of it. He wears round glasses high on his nose, framing his green eyes, and his black hair is spiked in different directions. His face is hard set, and soldiers around them stop what their doing to come to full attention when he passes by. Toji stands up, realizing the man is walking towards him.

“Fushiguro Toji,” The young man says, and Toji feels a smile spread across his face as his suspicions are confirmed. The boy is fucking beautiful to say the least, an entire foot smaller that Toji is and a blush rising on his cute, pink cheeks. Toji slightly wonders what other parts of him look like that.

“Yes, sir,” Toji says.

The boy looks at the man who Toji was sitting with, green eyes piercing into him as he makes it very obvious that Chisaku is about to hear a private conversation if he doesn’t leave. The man stands awkwardly and takes off, mingling in one of the tents.

“You have my vials still?”

“Of course I do, sweet cheeks,” Toji says, watching the boy flush an even darker shade of red. He digs around in his pocket, his large hand encompassing the numerous vials easily, and he holds them out to the boy in his dirty palm. The boy quirks an eyebrow in disgust.

“You smell,” He says, and Toji is so taken back by the statement that he laughs.

“I would think so,” Toji says, watching as Megumi picks the vials up one by one and wipes them down before putting them in his coat pocket. “I had to kill a few of those fuckers to get to your precious data. I take it you’re the one who runs the lab.”

“These vials contain the majority of my work for the past three years,” The boy says, looking back up at Toji with fierceness in his eyes, as if challenging him.

“You must be Gojo then?” Toji says, cocking his head to the side. For a boy so young, it’s impressive that he’s been able to get his name on a research building.

“Hm, I suppose you could say that,” The boy’s eyes flutter a bit as he steps closer to Toji, catching the older man off guard with his boldness. “I thought about taking Gojo-sensei’s name, but it didn’t fit. Then again, the name Zenin never fit either.”

Toji’s composure falters at the sound of his former last name, the one he abandoned years ago when he got rid of those two kids who he was stuck with. He looks down over the boy again, feeling his mouth become incredibly dry.

“I decided to keep Fushiguro,” The boy says, stepping on the tips of his toes to whisper the next few words. “Like father, like son, right?”

Toji’s face pales.


“Hi, daddy,” The boy steps back on the balls of his heels, and that’s when Toji feels a thousand emotions flooding together in his head that he can’t even make sense of. He feels like he’s been punched in the face harder than he ever has, feels the breath leave his lungs, feels his mouth drop open at the sight of his son.

“Long time no see,” Megumi says, his lashes long. “You look just as I remember.”

For the first time in years, Toji is absolutely fucking speechless. His thoughts can’t come together to form a cohesive sentence, can’t work to get a single word out of his mouth as he realizes he was thinking about fucking his own son – no, he was planning to fuck his own son.

“You- you didn’t tell me,” Toji manages to get out. “You look… you’ve really grown up.”

“It’s okay,” Megumi says, his voice cool. “You can tell me I’m pretty. I think you’ve severed our connection well enough that we aren’t even related anymore.”

Toji feels another punch to the gut as Megumi’s words register in his head, and when Megumi turns around to walk back towards the house, Toji stumbles forward and whips him around again.

“Wait, Megumi, talk to me,” He says. “It’s been years since I’ve seen you, and now you’re just…”

“What?” Megumi says, turning sharply and pursing his lips. “Older? Yeah, Dad, it’s been thirteen years, of course I’ve gotten older. I’m not the six-year-old you left behind because you didn’t want to deal with me anymore.”

“Gumi, no, it wasn’t like that,” Toji tries to protest, but it’s weak. Megumi is right; he’s not a child anymore, he can see through Toji’s lies, and even though Toji is expecting full retaliation or even Megumi straight up screaming at him, it doesn’t come.

“Follow me,” Megumi says. “Your job isn’t over yet – and I’m not having a conversation with you while you’re covered in shit.”

Toji’s head spins as he follows his son into the house. The inside is lit up with spotlights, focused on computers. There’s some scientific stuff that Toji isn’t quite sure how to explain either – vials that look just like Megumi’s, empty syringes, burners and titration kits, computers running programs in languages that he doesn’t even know. The men inside bow their heads in respect to Megumi, watching as both him and Toji ascend the stairs to the second floor.

Toji is surprised to see that the top of the house is in good condition – there’s a long hallway, with four rooms on either side. Megumi walks towards the last one, pushing the door open and entering it with Toji close behind him.

“Go shower,” Megumi says, and he flops down on the bed inside the room.

It must be Megumi’s room. It’s painted blue, with several posters of bands that Toji has never even heard of lining the walls. His son has always been neat, and it shows through in the tidy dresser and made-up bed. The desk, which has a computer open to a screen similar to the one downstairs, shows flashing red lights on it.

“There’s a change of clothes in the bathroom for you,” Megumi says, placing the vials in an open briefcase on the desk. He turns to look at Toji, pushing his glasses further up his nose as he motions to the closed door to the right of him.

Toji decides it’s best to not say anything else to avoid upsetting Megumi. While he’s definitely older, Toji remembers the temper his son used to have, to the point where he would watch the child punch holes in his bedroom walls and rip the bedding apart.

The shower isn’t as relaxing as Toji thought it would be. The hot water still runs – Toji thinks that this might have been Megumi’s house before everything happens, so he makes a note to ask him about it when he’s finished showering. It’s steamy, and Toji can see the scars along his chest and face in the mirror across from him. He scrubs the yellow bile off of his body the best he can, grabbing a towel and drying off quickly. He glances down at his black metal forearm again.

One hundred and sixty hours.

He had thought, before he made the jump to the future, that the week would last forever – now, he feels like he’s running out of time. He needs to make things right, needs to see what Megumi’s been doing all these years, needs to make sure he’s happy and healthy and safe and how the fuck did Megumi start research if he’s only nineteen?

The shirt doesn’t fit him at all. His chest stretches the fabric tightly, pulling it at the seams, so Toji decides it’s better to not wear it at all. The sweatpants, however tight they might be, still go over his thighs easily. He brushes the towel through his wet hair, then cleans the dog tags hanging from his neck before looking at himself in the mirror.

It’s just Megumi. There’s no reason to be afraid of him. He’s still your son, after all.

Just the son you abandoned three – no, thirteen years ago.

Nothing to worry about at all.

“Still trying to seduce me after learning who I really am?” Megumi says when Toji comes out of the bathroom, the sweatpants low on his hips. The boy is leaning against the pillows, phone in hand, as he locks it quickly.

“You’re the one who said we’re not even related anymore,” Toji says, slinging the towel over the bathroom door. He doesn’t miss the way that Megumi’s eyes trace down his toned chest, resting exactly where his dick is showing through the sweatpants. “So, son, let’s catch up a bit.”

“I don’t want to catch up with you,” Megumi says as Toji bends down to sit on the bed, sitting with his legs tucked under one another. From this distance, Megumi can reach out and touch him with his foot. “I didn’t know that they’d be sending you here. It was a coincidence.”

“And yet you let me shower in… what is this, your room or something?”

Megumi’s cheeks burn.

“This is the house I lived in with Tsumiki and Satoru after you left us,” Megumi says matter-of-factly. “It’s Toru’s second house, the one he used to get us out of the city every summer. It came in handy when all of the cities were overrun with Whitespikes.”

“Gojo Satoru, huh?” Toji muses, leaning back on his elbows. “I knew I made the right decision by giving you both up to someone richer than me. How was the upper-class life?”

Megumi’s eyes flick up beneath his glasses, and Toji quirks an eyebrow.

God, you still fucking suck as a father, you know,” Megumi says, his voice hinting more anger than earlier. “You meet me again after so long as you’re still trying to pretend like what you did wasn’t fucked up and wrong – but I suppose you never knew what it was like to be a good father in the first place. Real nice, Toji.”

Toji sits up again.

“Fine. You wanna talk about something else? Tell me what the fuck is going on here, kid. You and your people came into our world and turned it upside down, no fucking explanation.”

Megumi stands up from the bed, pacing across the floor then back to Toji. His feet pad on the soft wood, the humming of the light above them the only other sound in the room. He can hear the shortness of breath in Megumi’s chest when he tries to think of something to say, but he falls short. This is why they never worked out in the first place – angry attention-hungry kids don’t go well with careless dads.

“After you abandoned Tsumiki and me, Satoru cared for me better than you ever could’ve. He gave me the best schooling, he fueled my interests and helped me get a degree in biotechnology before I was even sixteen. I was the best in my class over and over again, getting perfect scores on tests and bringing lab reports that wiped everyone else’s away. I did pretty fucking good, all things considering. And then right after I graduated, the whole fucking world went to shit. These monsters came from the skies – they descended on Russia, first, before spreading to every other continent in a matter of weeks. Gojo was smart and rich enough to dive head first into a toxin that could eradicate them, but his research was… cut short.”

Megumi grabs the briefcase, pointing at the vials.

“This is the last thing I have from him, and he’s entrusting me with it to save the world. It’s something only I can do and improve on. That’s why I decided to keep you around instead of sending you back to the field – I need you to get me to the shores of Okinawa, where the main research lab is. This was the only thing keeping me here.”

Toji nods, absorbing all of the information from Megumi.

“So you trust me, huh?” Toji says, sitting up and placing his feet on the floor.

“God, Toji, you’re insufferable –“

Toji grabs Megumi’s wrist when he gets too close, pulling him close enough that his breath fogs up Megumi’s glasses. Even with Toji sitting down like this, their height difference is apparent, with Toji’s face barely below Megumi’s. The boy’s breath hitches, and he grabs on to Toji’s shoulders to balance himself as Toji runs a hand underneath his shirt, resting it at the small of his back.

“You’ve got your mother’s looks, you know,” Toji says, voice low. “You turned out to be so pretty, just like her. All smooth skin and silky hair.” Megumi seems like he still hasn’t found his voice, his mind whirling with being so close to Toji, and his father pulls him in until his chest is touching Toji’s.

“Since you didn’t ask, I’ll tell you. After I came back from being deployed, I bought a shitty apartment in Hokkaido. I gambled away everything I earned from deployment and emptied out my savings until I started fucking people who paid for me. You talk all this shit about me not being around, but would you really like to be around that kind of lifestyle?”

The question is rhetorical, but Megumi’s silence is loud enough to answer him.

“I think Gojo did the right thing. You’ve always been so talented, and now you have an entire world at your feet to save. You’re powerful, kid. In a week, you won’t have to deal with me ever again and you can forget I even exist. Hell, I’m probably already dead in this timeline anyways.”

Toji’s grip loosens up enough so that Megumi can tug away if he wanted to, but he doesn’t. Instead, the boy leans in closer to Toji, sharing the same breath as him. There’s still faint water droplets dripping down from his hair onto his collarbones, and Megumi watches as they make their way across chiseled abs.

“You… you really think I’m pretty?”

Toji’s lips curl up as his eyes trace across Megumi’s mouth.

“Who’s the gross one now, kid?” Toji says. “Your hearts beating so fast for your daddy. Just one week, the two of us. What do you say?”

Megumi looks like he’s about to give in to Toji, and Toji knows he can definitely see the outline of his hard-on, but Megumi pushes Toji back and points to the floor.

“Sleep on the floor, you whore. We’re leaving early tomorrow morning.”

Toji chuckles, grabbing one of Megumi’s pillows.

“Sure. Whatever you say, baby.”



The one thing that Toji doesn’t do that night is sleep on the floor. The spotlights outside never go off, fully on the entire night, cutting through the windows and illuminating the room in a disgusting color. The curtains inside of Megumi’s room don’t do anything, but the boy is facing towards the wall so he doesn’t have to shield himself from the light.

Toji’s slept on the floor many times – it’s hard, but it’s not unbearable. Usually, he can find the couch or a bed from someone to sleep in each night he’s away from home; rather, it’s almost every night he’s away from home.

He twists his head to the side, looking at Megumi’s body. The boy went to bed thirty minutes ago, wearing similar black sweatpants to his father and a large t-shirt. Toji thinks it must’ve been Satoru’s at one point.

He can hear people talking outside, loud and on the lookout for Whitespikes. Toji turns on his back one last time before pushing any other thought from his head and standing up, sliding under the covers to where Megumi is. He hears the boy’s breath catch when Toji pulls himself up to Megumi, his body encompassing the smaller man.

“I didn’t say you could sleep up here.”

“I didn’t ask,” Toji pulls Megumi into his chest, letting his hand trace up the boy’s arm. Megumi flinches from the touch, pushing back into Toji’s crotch on accident, and Toji can feel the boy shudder against him when he feels Toji’s hard on.

“You have goosebumps, baby,” Toji says. “You’re so sensitive.”

“I…” Megumi tries to collect his thoughts, but he seems at a loss with the contact of Toji’s body on his. There’s only two thin layers separating them right now. “I’ve never been touched like this before.”


“Never?” Toji says, his scar stretching as he smiles at his baby’s reaction to him. He rubs circles on Megumi’s arm as he talks, listening to each shaky breath leaving Megumi’s body. “How did you make it this long being so pure?”

“’m not pure,” Megumi spits out, but it’s a lie. “I didn’t mean to, I just never had the chance. I was… with Toru all the time.”

Toji raises his eyebrows in surprise.

“The white-haired bastard kept his hands off of you. I had my doubts about him, but I suppose his morality is higher than mine.”

Megumi shakes his head, feeling Toji talk against his ear. It tickles, but his lips are so close to his face now that he leans into the touch more.

“I tried to get him to… well, you know…”

“Oh?” Toji’s smile becomes darker. “How?”

“It’s embarrassing to talk about it with you, Dad.”

“It doesn’t have to be,” With the last word, Toji dips his tongue out to flick over Megumi’s ear lobe. He can’t see the boy’s face right now, as Megumi is still facing the wall, but he can feel the burn of his cheeks as he blushes. Megumi’s hand lifts up to cover his mouth, trying to stifle a moan, but Toji’s quick enough to pull both of his hands back down. “Tell daddy about how you tried to seduce him.”

“God, fine,” Megumi says, like he’s giving in to temptation. Toji rewards him with a soft kiss to the back of his neck, tasting the sweet skin there. “I tried to kiss him when I was younger. Well, I did kiss him, but he was drunk. He even gave me a lecture about how it wasn’t okay to do it.”

“But that didn’t stop you.” Toji places the hand that was restraining Megumi’s wrists on the hem of Megumi’s large shirt, playing with it until dipping in to touch the soft skin inside.

“N-no,” Megumi moans as Toji’s hand starts to make it’s way up to his chest, ghosting over his nipples before twisting it slightly. The boy is so cold that they are already hard, and the feeling of Toji’s skin sets him on fire. “I did it again… and again… and then I went into his room one night, sat on his lap while he was reading. He almost gave in, but he stopped right as I was about to… um…”

“What, ride him?”

“Don’t say it like that!”

Toji’s had enough of teasing the boy. He sits up, flipping Megumi onto his back and looking into his luscious green eyes. The boy’s face looks so bare without his glasses, but Toji can see how much he’s blushing now, and it’s adorable. Megumi looks like he’s in pain, one of Toji’s legs parting his thighs, and Toji keeps his son’s hands above his head. The man brushes his lips against Megumi’s before speaking again.

“Let me be the first then,” Toji says, and Megumi is way too far gone to protest it. The younger boy leans up, closing the distance, and kisses his father.

It’s nice – it’s inexperienced enough for Toji to find it cute, but not bad. Then again, Toji doesn’t even think he’s kissed a virgin before. Megumi tastes sweet – like thick honey or syrup, layering underneath Toji’s own waiting mouth.

“O-okay,” Megumi manages to get out, but Toji picks up his voice trembling as the man kisses down his neck.

“Don’t be scared,” Toji pulls back, cupping Megumi’s cheek with one hand. The boy leans into the touch, big eyes staring up at the large figure looming over him. Toji’s dog tags are on his chest now, the cold seeping through the fabric of his shirt. “I’ll go nice and slow for you, baby. I wouldn’t want to break you.”

Toji bends down, kissing the boy again, and this time Megumi lifts up to tangle his hands within Toji’s straight hair. His father is warm, he’s large, and he’s even better than Satoru at this. A small part of Megumi thinks that yeah, he should be good at kissing, he’s made a living off sleeping with people, but he’s so fucking high off of the feeling Toji gives him that he doesn’t care. Megumi feels a surge of boldness as he dips his tongue out, licking experimentally into his mouth before flicking his tongue over Toji’s scar.

The sound Toji produces almost makes Megumi come in his pants.

Fuck, don’t do that again,” Megumi says, squeezing his thighs together to get some relief.

Toji smirks at him, pressing his knee up to make contact with the Megumi’s erection.

“Scared you’ll come too fast?” Toji teases him, sucking the side of Megumi’s neck harshly. He wants to see the skin red, bruised, wants everyone to know that his son belongs to him and him alone.

Megumi rolls his eyes at the statement, but it’s true.

“Don’t worry about it,” Toji says, his hand traveling down to dip into Megumi’s pants. He’s not wearing any underwear, and Toji sits up to tug the fabric down. “It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll still fuck you regardless of if you’re hard or not.”

God, Megumi thinks. He can’t keep saying this shit and expect me not to come from it.

“You talk too much,” Megumi says instead, watching as Toji tosses the fabric onto the floor beside them and bends down again. He sits up, looking as Toji eases down the bed until he’s on his stomach, kissing up Megumi’s bare thighs. His dick stands fully hard, leaking precum, and he wants to squeeze his eyes shut from pleasure, but he doesn’t want to miss this sight.

Still making eye contact with him, Toji sucks more marks into his thighs, painting them a beautiful maroon color. Megumi’s dick is cute; it’s small enough to fit in Toji’s hand, and it’s pink, just like his cheeks. The man dips his tongue out once more, tracing along Megumi’s ballsack, and the younger boy moans at the sensation. His hands shoot up to his mouth to cover the sounds, but Toji shakes his head, pulling Megumi’s hands down and placing them in his hair.

“I’m feeling nice,” Toji says playfully, licking small stripes along Megumi’s hard cock. “So I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

Megumi isn’t stupid; he knows what Toji is implying. With his hands still wrapped tightly in Toji’s hair, Toji starts to kiss down Megumi’s dick, then he swirls his tongue around the tip. When Toji finally starts to sink his wet mouth onto Megumi’s dick, Megumi swears he can see stars.

Toji keeps going until Megumi’s fully in his mouth, and he stares up at Megumi as if waiting for something. Slowly, as if testing how it would feel, Megumi lifts Toji’s head up, then pushes it back down.

His legs tremble at the sensation of the wetness, his dick not even touching the back of Toji’s throat. It feels like he’s fucking into a pussy, something he never thought about doing, and through it all Toji holds his eye contact. He watches Megumi shake with each pull and push of his head, small whimpers and whines leaving his chest. In another lifetime, Megumi could’ve followed the same footsteps as Toji – the boy could’ve been a pornstar with his flushed cheeks and open mouth.

Megumi thrusts his hips up into Toji’s mouth, the words his father had said earlier replaying in his mind. I’ll still fuck you regardless of if you’re hard or not.

Megumi pulls Toji’s face so that it’s pressed against his navel, then his body arches off of the bed as he feels his orgasm approaching – he comes inside of Toji’s mouth, shooting his come as far as it can go, then his arms drop to the side as he breathes heavily. Toji pulls off, licking his lips as he pulls Megumi’s limp body up to his chest.

“You taste good,” Toji says, kissing him and running his tongue into Megumi’s mouth. Megumi grimaces for a second as he realizes he can taste his semen, but he melts when Toji presses his body close. With their positions, Megumi finds it easy to place his legs around Toji’s waist, sitting directly on top of Toji’s dick, and oh, fuck, Toji is much larger than he is.

“Wanna feel the real thing?” Toji says, nipping at Megumi’s neck once more. The boy is breathless by now, like putty in his father’s strong hands, and in his post-orgasmic state he feels scared for a second, of what nature he doesn’t know, then Toji is gripping him tightly, bringing him back to reality.

“D-daddy,” Megumi stutters out, lacing his hands on the back of Toji’s neck and pulling back. “It feels so…big.”

Toji lays Megumi down against the pillows again, grinding against Megumi’s bare ass for some relief. He lets Megumi take his time coming back, watches intently as Megumi looks down and finally pushes the waistband of his father’s pants down.

He was right. Megumi’s face pales at the size, and he thinks it would easily be larger than both of his hands combined. Toji’s dick is thicker, cut and veiny and dripping precum just like he was early. Toji soothes Megumi with a kiss, letting Megumi grip the thick member and pump his hands on it. His son’s small fingers feel good, and Toji knows he doesn’t want to wait much longer before diving into Megumi’s warmth.

“Do you have lube?” Toji asks, his hand snaking down to press a fingertip over Megumi’s hairless hole. Megumi shakes his head no nervously, but that doesn’t seem to stop Toji. Instead, he bends back down, pulling Megumi’s wait up until he’s spreading the boy’s cheeks up close to his face.

“Dad, wait!” Megumi calls out, but Toji is already licking a fat stripe over the pink hole. It’s cute and small, just like the rest of Megumi’s body, and Toji thinks for a second that maybe it actually won’t fit inside of him. “T-that’s dirty!”

Toji grins, and before Megumi can struggle away from him, he dives his tongue into the tight ring of flesh. Megumi’s eyes instantly roll back into his head as his arms drop to the bed, feeling overwhelmed with his father’s tongue digging his insides out. It’s something he’s never felt before, but it feels even better than when he was coming inside his dad’s mouth.

“O-oh,” Megumi moans out, his eyes fixated on how his father is quite literally tonguing his ass, and Toji doesn’t take his eyes off of the boy for a second. It’s like some kind of drug, pulling the reactions out of Megumi like this, and he’s addicted to it. “Oh god, Daddy.”

Toji pulls one of the hands that is holding Megumi’s waist up to his asshole again, sucking on his finger before pushing it inside. Megumi’s face falters at first with the foreign sensation, but then Toji is curling his large fingers up, hitting the bundle of nerves that is sure to make Megumi squirm.

Megumi lets out a whole new string of curses as Toji plays with his prostate, and Megumi’s spent cock jumps at the feeling. Toji’s tongue is still inside, and it feels like he’s scissoring Megumi open with both his middle finger and his tongue. He keeps adding fingers, pulling more and more sounds from the boy until Megumi is practically begging for Toji’s cock in his ass.

“I need it – fuck, I need it so bad,” Megumi says, and then he’s ripping his shirt off to join his pants on the floor. “I need to feel you inside of me, I need it right now or I’m going to die.”

“You’re not stretched enough, kid,” Toji warns his son, but he’s also throwing his pants off the bed to meet with Megumi’s. His mind logically knows that this is going to hurt for Megumi, but he’s not thinking with his brain – he’s thinking with his dick now.

“Don’t care,” Megumi says, voice all high-pitched and whiny, and then he’s placing his hands on his ass and spreading his cheeks wide enough for Toji to see the quivering, tongue-fucked hole. Toji’s never seen something more appetizing in his entire life, relishing in the look Megumi is giving him.

“Fuck, okay,” Toji says, spitting on his hand and lubing himself up the best he can. “You asked for it, baby.”

He kisses the fluttering hole with the tip of his dick, watching as Megumi squirms at the large entrance. Toji leans forward, pressing inside the tightness, and he finally gets the tip of his cock inside of Megumi when he hears the boy let out a soft cry. His eyes flick back up to Megumi’s face, where the boy is leaking tears, and he boxes Megumi in with his arms.

“Feels weird, doesn’t it?” Toji says against Megumi’s mouth, licking the tears up as his son cries. He slowly eases into the wetness inch by inch, feeling himself descend into the tightest hole he’s ever felt, until Megumi is tensing so much that Toji can’t possibly get in any farther. He stops, waiting for Megumi to adjust, but then Megumi is hooking his legs behind his father’s waist and trying to pull him deeper.

“I’m okay,” Megumi says, the tears on his face betraying him. “I can take it.”

“Baby,” Toji says, brushing the hair stuck to Megumi’s forehead away. “We can go slower, I don’t want to hurt you. Just let yourself relax.”

“I can’t!” Megumi cries out, bringing his hands up to his face and covering his eyes as he sobs louder. Toji wants to sit back, wants to take his dick out, but he doesn’t know how Megumi will react to the loss. Instead, he pulls Megumi’s arms away and cups his face, forcing the boy to look at him.

“Megumi,” Toji says, voice soft and caring. “What’s wrong? Do you want to stop?”

“N-no!” Megumi almost yells, holding Toji’s gaze with shame in his face. “It’s just that I can’t go slower, because then you’ll leave me, and I’ll be all alone again just like I was the first time you left. I don’t want you to go!”

The boy has descended into a full sob now, and Toji is at a loss for what to do. He’s never been in this situation – he’s never comforted his child before, and he’s never had someone cry when they’re hanging halfway off his dick.

“Gumi, baby,” Toji says, leaning down to look into Megumi’s eyes. He’s struggling with words, trying to comprehend what’s the best thing to say right now, but he can’t come up with anything. He decides to rely on what’s in his heart. “I’m sorry for not coming back. I’m sorry for everything, I’m sorry for leaving you, I’m sorry for causing you all of this pain. I won’t leave you again.”

“But you will!” Megumi protests, then he’s grabbing Toji’s arm, the one wrapped in the black metal. “At the end of the week, this will send you back, and then you’ll be gone forever again.”

“Then I’ll come back,” Toji says, wiping the tears away again. “I’ll make the jump, I’ll keep coming back every week. I won’t make the same mistake twice.”

Megumi’s sob dies down a bit, sniffling as he looks into Toji’s eyes.

“You promise?”

Toji brings his pinky between them, connecting it with Megumi’s. He presses their foreheads together, smiling at him.

“Pinky promise.”

Toji kisses Megumi again, this time letting Megumi control their kiss completely. The boy opens his mouth, bringing his hands around Toji’s neck again as he pulls Toji’s chest into his own. The motion causes the older man to sink farther into the wet hole, and Megumi lets out a sound between a mix of pain and pleasure as Toji’s dick runs over his prostate.

“P-please,” Megumi stutters out. “Fuck me. I don’t want to wait any longer.”

Toji nods, and then he pulls out a bit, rolling his hips up to meet Megumi’s sweet spot again. The tears have subsided for the moment, as Megumi is focused on the new feelings from his body. He feels so stretched, so broken from his father’s dick, but he’s never felt more full of love and affection in his life, and it’s from the one person he always wanted it from.

“Does it hurt, baby?” Toji asks, holding himself back. He’ll make the jump over and over, he doesn’t care. He’ll wait to fuck his kid the way he’s used to having sex. He’ll wait forever for him.

“No,” Megumi mewls, clinging onto Toji as if it’s his life force. “It’s just… so big.”

Toji nods, and he feels himself nearing his own orgasm as he keeps fucking into his son’s hole. He doesn’t know why he ever had sex with other people before – all he needed was Megumi. He gets an idea, slowly wrapping his hands beneath Megumi’s back before flipping them over. Megumi throws his head back, sitting fully on his father’s cock and crying out once again at the new position.

“It’s okay, Gumi,” Toji says, reaching up and pulling Megumi close to his chest so that the boy rests his head in Toji’s neck. “Let me do all the work, ‘kay? Lay on Daddy’s chest as he fucks you.”

Megumi sobs are from pleasure now, and he’s gripping Toji’s shoulder as Toji thrusts up into the tight heat. Megumi is limp above him, releasing all of the tension in his body as his father uses him like a doll. He moans as his dick rubs between their stomachs with each of Toji’s thrusts, but then he’s breathing heavily, feeling as if he’s going to come again.

“Daddy,” Megumi says, voice all fucked out from earlier. “Gumi’s close.”

Toji smiles at the words his son says, and he realizes that maybe his dick was too much, maybe he fucked Megumi’s into a different headspace. He pulls Megumi’s face back to kiss him again, watching Megumi’s exact movements, and he confirms his suspicions.

“Gonna come inside of you,” Toji says, speeding his thrusts up a bit before bottoming out completely, his own eyes rolling back as he is hit with the most intense orgasm he’s ever felt. He feels himself empty into Megumi, and without pulling out, he wraps his arm around Megumi and kisses his head.

They’re silent for a bit as Toji is still inside of him, waiting for Megumi to sober up a bit.

“Baby,” Toji says, and the boy lifts his head to look at his father. His eyes are blank, his mind empty as his thoughts revolve around Toji. “How are you feeling? Do you want some water? Or a shower?”

Megumi doesn’t say anything, only wrapping his arms around Toji’s neck and squeezing him close.

“Don’t leave Gumi again, Daddy,” Megumi says, voice low in his ears.

Toji reaches to the side for the blanket, pulling it up over both of them. He rubs circles down Megumi’s bare back, waiting for the boy to come back to reality. He’s been with several people who have gone into this kind of state before, but they’ve always wanted to be left alone. Megumi, on the other hand, doesn’t want that at all.

“I won’t, baby,” Toji says, caressing his hair softly as he peppers kisses across his face. “I’ll stay with you forever.”

Toji listens as Megumi’s breaths become slower and deeper, letting him know the boy is fully asleep, but Toji doesn’t move. He holds Megumi close to him still, wrapping him in the warmth of his arms. He can see the beginning of daybreak from the window in Megumi’s room, and the spotlights outside are dimming slightly. The computer towards the side of them beeps quietly, and he can hear the faint sounds of the other men outside, getting ready for the day. Megumi had said they would leave early, but Toji doesn’t want to wake him up.

He looks down at his arm – one hundred and fifty-five hours.

He would spend all of them with Megumi. Toji faintly thinks about asking Megumi how to take the thing off when his son woke back up. He wasn’t a scientist, but he knows that the black metal was what connected him to his place and time. If he got rid of it, maybe he wouldn’t have to repeat the jump every week.

Toji lets the thoughts sit in the back of his mind, pressing one last kiss to Megumi’s forehead before turning his head to the side and shutting his eyes.