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Blurp on Predator/prey relationships

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My hesitance is unnatural. I shouldn't stare at you prance around and walk so closely to me without gnashing my teeth, without aiming for your soft neck. And I try, whenever you walk by my side or foolishly leave your back to me, I feel my fangs glisten with spit and my molars grind, feel my haunches raise and my pupils tighten, so ready to lunge and stop the small beating of your heart.

But I don't.

Instead, I let you turn back to me and look me in the eye as you tuck a flower behind my ear, your pulse point so close to my teeth I could hear the beat. You'll smile softly and I will return it with my own smile, all teeth.

It's unnatural, to befriend prey, to let prey be so close that they become conditioned to your presence, it's foolish and will only end in blood.

But I am a fool, so foolish to hold you close in my den filled with bones and the hides of prey, to press my teeth to your neck, not to bite but to kiss.

I am a fool, but in your embrace I am loved.

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It's unnatural. It's unnatural and foolish to be so close, to let you get so close without running away. My mind tells me to run and scream and escape when you brush against me, to listen to basic instinct and hide.

But I don't.

Instead, I turn my back to you and leave my neck so vulnerable. I smile as I tuck flowers behind your ears, your fanged smile glistens and shine from the light, but I can hardly fear your bite with daisies tangled in your hair.

Others like me say I'm foolish, that the smile I desire to see from a predator will end around my neck and shine from my blood. To that I turn my back oh so foolishly, oh so ironically, so that I may focus on the warmth of your body, huddled into your form in your den of bones and hides.

I'm a fool, unabashedly so, but it's all so worth it to be able to tuck flowers in your hair.

And if blood is my fate so be it.