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Tomo and Kazuha had been hiding their new lives from everyone. A restless 9 months and an extra 2 months Tomo had stepped up to take care of his tired boyfriend and a new addition under the Kadehara name, Haru. But today everyone was going to get together for a bit of a reunion, hosted by the Kadeharas.

Kazuha woke up to movement on the bed, the little figure sqwirmed for a good 5 minutes before pulling the baby into his arms. With one hand free he used it to tiredly smack Tomo up. "Hey! What was that for?" He shouted. "Shhh, just hurry up and make Haru's milk." Tomo got up slowly checking the time as well. The bright light of his phone lit up 5:57 am. He might as well just stay up for the rest of his time. He made his way to the kitchen getting the supplies he needed which consisted a bottle, formula and a sink. Tomo filled the bottle up to the 3 ounce line and put 1 and a half scoops into the bottle and shaked it. He shuffled back to the bedroom which had a grumpy Kazuha and a fussy baby. "Its okay love go back to sleep, you deserve it" as he took the baby. The baby opened his tiny mouth waiting for the bottle, after putting the tissue under the baby's mouth it was time to drink. The tired baby suckled on the milk as Tomo hummed a song until a notification showed up.

Thoma : Hey its almost been a year, where have yall been??

Tomo : We've been at home tired and busy

Tomo : You guys can come to our house if you would like, we can play that one hotpot game.

Thoma: OK! I'll bring the group

Thoma: I can treat brunch next morning too

Tomo: Seeya

Tomo shut off his home facing down at the Haru who was now asleep, he took the bottle away and layed Haru close to Kazuha. Before going to put the bottle away he put a few pillows where he sleeps just incase Haru rolls. He headed towards the kitchen to start breakfast and the soup for the hot pot. After he prepared side dishes and made the rice. Cleaning was easy to do, then it was time to get ready for the day. He brushed his teeth, showered, and put on a neutral colored shirt and jeans. A few minutes later Haru woke up fussing. "Hey baby" He cooed, which made the baby kick a little. Tomo got a fresh diaper and a packet of wipes to change the baby. Not long after Kazuha woke up to a kiss on his forehead and a baby on top. "Good morning baby number 2~" Kazuha smiled and shooed them away. When Tomo is about to walk out of the room he told Kazuha, "Some friends are coming over tonight!" Kazuha pouted he really didn't feel like dressing up today, but he got up from bed anyways.

Kazuha came out dressed and hungry. Before he sat down and ate he asked Tomo, "Did you wash the rice?" "Of course I did, or else you would kick me out." Kazuha chuckled and took Haru out of Tomo's arms. He put him on the baby swing and went to sit at the table. Halfway through their meal Haru starts fussing around a bit so Kazuha goes to check on him. When Kazuha came back he had a baby clinging on to him. "Awww he's just like you, clingy and cute." "Just eat your breakfast.

After breakfast Tomo wore a baby carrier to make it easier to get the futons so others can sleep, after making room in the living room. Then i was time to change Haru. Kazuha puled out a light yellow and grey striped onesie, paired with white mittens.

A few hours of waiting Haru eventually fell asleep and was put in the room and Tomo got the broth started. Then the guest came, Thoma came in first with two bags while others came in with one . Everyone sat down at the table putting in their choice of ingredients. Just before everyone was about to eat Thoma yelled, "WAAIT"
Before you eat there are some rules.

"1 Do not choke and die"

"2 you have to eat it"

"Let the game begin"

Everyone started eating, many mix faces, delighted faces, disgusted faces, nauseous faces. At one point Kazuha ate someone's frosted cake, he felt sick by the amount of sugar that was on it. By the end half of the people there were fine which were Thoma, Tomo, and Ayaka. Gorou and Yoimiya just are disgusted, and Kazuha felt sick.

Kazuha looked down at his phone to see Haru fussing a bit, like the good parent he is he interupted the conversation of catching up, "Tomo can you make me a bottle and bring it in the room?" Just like that Tomo nodded and Kazuha went to the room. Thoma watched Tomo make the bottle of milk and wondered, could Kazuha be an age regressor ?

Kazuha picked the now crying baby up, he tried mostly anything to get him to stop but it didn't work. "Please stop daddy is not feeling well." Then in came Tomo who had a bottle of milk and some stomach medicine. "Get well soon" he said before going back out. Kazuha took the bottle and gave it to Haru who stopped crying when the nipple hit his mouth. Kazuha opened a water bottle on his night stand and drank the concerning pink substance and washed it down with water. The medicine tasted awful but at least he didn't feel sick anymore.

Around nine Haru had fell asleep, Kazuha went out to prepare the bottles for the night. After he got that out of the way Yoimiya, Ayaka, Gorou, and Kazuha watched a movie as Tomo and Thoma had a ' who is the more heavy weight ' Thoma ended up winning by the time the movie finished and mostly everyone fell asleep. Tomo was passed out on a weird position on the sofa, and Kazuha went back to the bedroom to feed Haru.

To the last bottle Kazuha moved Haru to where Tomo was on the couch, for a break, it was only a few hours until Thoma let out a scream. "OK I KNEW KAZUHA WAS AN AGE REGRESSOR BUT WHY DID HE TURN TINY." Kazuha looked at Thoma like everyone else like he was a giant monstrosity. "Huh?" was able to escape Kazuha's lips. "THERES TWO KAZUHAS?!?" Haru cried from the noises. Tomo sleepily said, "Shaddap you're making my kid scared." And just like that someone facetimed them.

"Are you guys alright?! Yaoyao heard screaming!" Said a familliar voice.

"We're fine its just Thoma's idiotic brain, maybe its still drunk?"
From the background Thoma shouted, "I AM NOT AN IDIOT"

"Anyways I have a surprise for you"

Kazuha walked to the couch, the people behind the screen couldn't believe it.

"AM I AN AUNT?" Yaoyao screeched.

"AM I A GRANDMA?!" Beidou asked.

"Yes you are" Kazuha smiled.

"How old is he?"

"He's about 2 months"

"We'll visit you in a few hours okay?"


The facetime hung up.

"I HAVE QUESTIONS" exclaimed Thoma.

"Go ahead?"

"When did you go into labor?"

"When Tomo said my ass was aching for his di-" A hand covered Kazuha's mouth.

"Don't say that in front of the baby" Tomo snuggled up closer to Haru.

"Sometimes I think he loves the baby more than me" Then Tomo pulled Kazuha down on the couch.

"I love you both"