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14 Kids (and Counting)

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Jon and Martin never planned on adopting children, especially not that many in such a short time span. Unfortunately it seemed that children were adopting them at a rather alarming rate. By the time the fifth one showed up and stubbornly refused to leave, the couple had more or less accepted their new reality.


Wes is the first to, quite literally, fall into their lives. It had been Martin's turn to plan date night and now the two of them were laying on the cool grass watching the stars. Well, Martin was watching the stars, while Jon was solely focused on their partner. Memorizing the way the light danced through his eyes as he pointed out his favorite constellations and how his voice got a bit higher while he explained the long term effects of light pollution on the ecosystem. Jon could easily Know all of this, but the way Martin explained everything just felt Right.

Somewhere along the way they fall asleep so, when Martin wakes up in the freezing rain, Jon is right next to him with their head resting on his chest. On the way home Jon drops his glasses, spends an entire half minute just squinting at the mud cover lenses and then he just starts laughing. Jon laughs and laughs, and pretty soon Martin is laughing too, so the couple stands in the downpour and tries to savor every second of it. They're halfway back to the cottage when the rain begins to slow and a colorful blur falls out of a tree.

Jon approaches the tree first, with Martin a half step behind him. The blur of colors was turned out to be a small child clad in overalls and a striped t-shirt who climbed back to one of the lower tree branches. When the boy introduces himself and invites them to join him, all Jon can focus on is the sharp smell of ozone that permeates the air. And once he and Martin are sitting on one of the lowest branches, Jon is suffocated by all he Knows. They are vaguely aware of Martin holding their hand and doing his best to converse with the kid. But Jon is flooded with the life of Wesley Tucker, he Knows the impossible size of the galaxy and the plane that tumbled towards the earth and the trees that can bring him closer to the endless mass of blue that he longs to be in once more.

Martin is able to learn all this information on his own because eight year olds, even those marked by cosmic fear entities, have a tendency to overshare. He also suspects that Wes hasn't had anyone to talk to for a while, so he nods and listens and decides early on that he is not leaving this child out in the fields of Scotland.

Jon is… hesitant at first. Neither of them have much experience with children, much less children with powers. But it's not like they can leave a child in a tree, so while Martin coaxes Wes down from the branches Jon makes a mental list of the hundreds of things kids need. They're startled out of their thoughts when a hand wraps around theirs, Jon looks down to see Wes standing beside him. It is like this that they all walk home, Jon and Martin with Wes in the middle carefully holding each of their hands.