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At Pleasure

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Sam’s in the archives braving dust and old files when he finds the nondescript black journal. It’s hidden between a file on a werewolf in Minnesota and a case write up of one Percy Maguire. He wanders over to the chair in the room and sits down.

    The first page is obedience, the second for sexual enhancements, and the third page is lasting longer in the bedroom. He flips through the journal and finds more hedonistic spells. He smiles at how even serious witches or spell casters can be caught up in humanness. The last page is embossed and Sam turns it to catch the light. Something glittery catches his eye and he rubs his finger over the page. The embossed glows and Sam reads out loud, “Ad voluptatem.” The embossed stops glowing and Sam finds himself wanting to go hunt down his brother.

    He leaves the journal in the chair as he follows his instincts. Finding Dean in his room, Sam enters and shuts the door. Dean looks up with a question on his face as Sam strips off his shirt.

    “A little afternoon delight, Sammy?” says Dean, as he gets with the program. Sam reaches out for his brother’s belt. Hitting his knees, he unbuttons his brother’s fly and pulls out his half-hard dick. Licking the head and gently sucking. Dean moans and reaches out for Sam’s hair. Hollowing his cheeks, Sam swallows Dean down and starts earnestly giving a blow job.

    “Sammy,” warns Dean before pulling his brother off his dick. “Wanna come in you,” he says. Sam stands up and strips his jeans off. Crawling into bed on hands and knees, he feels the mattress dip when Dean joins him. Quick prep as Sam is still open from this morning and Dean lines himself up behind his brother.

    Sliding slowly inside, Sam moans low and ragged. Dean sets an easy pace and Sam moans under him.

“More, Dean,” he begs. Dean obliges by picking up the pace and slamming into Sam. “De, De, De,” mutters Sam.

“Gonna come, little brother? Gonna come on my dick like my little slut?” asks Dean. All Sam can do is moan. “C’mon, Sammy, come for me,” Dean orders.

Sam comes with a moan and an arched back. His world explodes into white and he collapses onto the bed. As his senses come back online, he can feel Dean pulling out of him. Laying down by Sam, Dean says, “What got into you?”

“Ad voluptatem,” replies Sam sleepily.

“Ad what?”

“Ad voluptatem, Means at pleasure,” with that Sam’s eyes fly open and he looks at Dean. “Crap, there was dirt or dust on the page and I read the inscription out loud.”

“Looks like the next little bit is going to be interesting.” 

Sam just huffs and burrows his face in the pillow. “Can you make hamburgers?” asks Sam. “And wake me up from my nap when you get them done?” Already his eyes are closing and Dean smiles fondly at his brother.

“Sure thing, burgers coming up. Enjoy your nap, little brother,” he says as he pulls the covers up over Sam’s naked form.

Dean lets Sam nap a bit before starting hamburgers. When the burgers are ready, he sits two plates at the table and goes to find Sam. He finds him where he left him: napping in their bed.

“Hey little brother, burgers are ready,” says Dean gently shaking Sam. Sam groans and opens his eyes. “Burgers are ready,” Dean repeats.

“I need a shower,” says Sam.

“After food,” Dean answers.

Sam sits up and blindly reaches for his underwear on the floor. Dean helps out by grabbing his jeans and the underwear still in them.

He hands them to Sam and walks out of the room. Sam follows seconds later and walks into the kitchen. Both boys sit and start inhaling their burgers.

“De, you make a mean burger,” Sam praises Dean as he swallows a bite.

“Thanks,” replies Dean. “So what are you up to this afternoon?”

“Shower and maybe a movie,” says Sam. “Lazy day with you.”

“Sounds good. You need a day off.”

“Ad voluptatem.”

Sam finishes his burger, kisses his brother’s cheek, and heads for the shower. The hot water is a blessing and he finds achy back muscles relax under the torrent. After a good twenty minutes, he shuts off the water and steps out.

Padding off to his room, he selects a pair of grey sweats and a comfy shirt. Heading out to see if Dean wants to watch a movie with him. Dean’s in the library with a half dozen books in front of him.

“What’s this?” asks Sam.

“Just looking up your curse. I suspect the catalyst was witches' dust.”

“Witches’ dust?” inquires Sam. Dean picks up one of the books and reads out loud.

“Witches dust is pale, matte white colored dust that is used to invoke Latin phrases into coming to pass.”

“So it wasn’t the phrases necessarily, it’s the witches' dust that has made me into a hedonistic bastard.”

“Sex, nap, and burger hardly makes you a hedonistic bastard. Sounds like a Monday to me.”

“Dean, this is out of character for me. Wanna watch a movie?”

“Do you wanna know how long this will last?”

“I was figuring 24 hours, De. Movie?”

 Dean is startled by Sam’s knowing how long the curse would last. “Sure, a movie sounds good.”

They make themselves comfy on Dean’s bed with the laptop. Sam pulls up a horror movie and the opening credits start to play.

After twenty minutes, Sam catches himself watching Dean more than the movie. So he settles his head on Dean’s shoulder and lets himself drift in a fog of cozywarmcontent.

Sam wakes up two hours later as the credits are rolling. Dean is looking down at him with a twinkle in his eye.

“Great movie, Dean,” Sam says with a yawn.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” Dean retorts.

“What’s for dinner?”

“We just had lunch!”

“Maybe a snack then,” says Sam, rolling out of bed. Entering the kitchen with Dean on his heels, Sam opens the fridge. Checking out the contents, he settles on summer sausage and cheese. Dean grabs crackers and a knife. Together they sit at the table and enjoy their snack. Halfway through, Sam gets up and gets them both beers.

After they inhale most of the summer sausage, Sam leans back and pats his stomach. “Full,” he comments.

Dean smiles and nods. “What now, Sasquatch?”

“Too full for sex.” Dean looks at him surprised. “Think I’m going to read.” Dean nods and Sam gets up from the table. Stopping, he motions to the table spread.

“I got this, just go,” Dean says. Sam nods and walks away. Settling himself on his bed, he reaches for his current read and finds the hours slipping by. Finally, his belly starts to tell him he’s hungry.

“Hey, Sammy,” says Dean, slipping something in the oven. Potatoes sit on the counter, freshly washed. Dean’s slipping a loaf pan into the oven, when he looks up and says, “Meatloaf, okay?”

“Sounds good.”

“We’ve got about an hour if you want to laze around some more.”

“Sounds like fun,” Sam replies as he leaves the kitchen. Wandering into the library, Sam notices the research from yesterday piled up. He doesn’t feel like doing the research, though. The chair in the stacks is calling his name. Pulling out his phone he opens Candy Crush. He rarely plays but the app stays on his phone. After an hour and four levels, he wanders back to the kitchen to see Dean pulling the meatloaf out. The microwave dings and Sam goes to open it.

“Corn; you’ll need a bowl.”

Sam grabs a bowl then gingerly pulls the bag out. Opening and dumping the corn as Dean pulls the potatoes out. With everything on the counter, Sam grabs plates.

Dinner is a quiet affair with forks scraping plates as the boys eat. Feet entwined under the table; both boys are happy and content. After they finish eating, they both clean the kitchen up.

“Let’s go for a drive,” suggests Sam.

“Sure, let me get changed.” Dean says. They head towards their rooms to change into jeans and boots.

They meet back up in the garage and slip into Baby. They pull out of the garage and onto the back roads around Lebanon. Driving with no direction, with Zeppelin on the radio, and Sam beside him; Dean is in heaven. Till Sam slides across the seat and rubs his brother’s knee.

“Sam,” warns Dean but does nothing to stop Sam. Sam reaches further up, kneading Dean’s thigh. “Sammy.” With that, Sam reaches up and rubs Dean chubby. Dean spreads his legs as much as he can. Sam reaches over and pops the button on his jeans. Pulling the zipper down, Sam readjusts himself so he can give Dean some road head.

“Oh God, Sam.” moans Dean. Finding a farm lane ahead, he turns in and parks behind the solitary barn. He grabs his brother’s hair and helps him slide up and down on his dick. Finally, he pulls Sam off and orders him to strip and get in the back. Both boys jump outside and quickly strip down. Sam gets in the back and Dean pulls his legs up until his feet are on the roof. Situating himself, Dean pulls apart his brother's ass and licks around his asshole.

“Oh God, Dean,” moans Sam. Dean goes to town, licking in and around his asshole, making Sam moan and wriggle above him. Finally he slips a finger inside, starting to open Sam even more. He’s loose from the afternoon and quickly Dean adds two fingers.

“Fuck me, De,” Sam demands.

Dean moves up until his pelvis is at Sam’s ass. Pulling Sam’s legs over his shoulder, he then eases inside his brother. Slowly he works himself to a punishing pace meant to get them off quickly.

“De, De, fuck, Jesus, De, so good,” moans Sam under him. That alone is enough to get Dean close to the finish line.

“Gonna come on my dick? Gonna make me come in your hot little ass? C’mon little brother, come on my dick,” Dean encourages.

“Oh God, De, I’m coming!” Sam says as his orgasm washes over him. The tightening of his muscles pull Dean over the edge and he comes deep into Sam.

After a few minutes, the boys attempt to make themselves more comfortable. “This backseat is not big enough,” says Dean before opening the car down and allowing his legs to slip outside. “Come on, Sasquatch, let’s head home.”

They both get out of the backseat and quickly toss on their clothes. Dean circles around and back down the farm lane before pulling onto the gravel road. They slowly make their way back to the Bunker.

“Shower,” grunts Dean as they enter the bunker.

“I’m gonna take a bath,” says Sam.

“Hedonistic bastard,” says Dean with a twinkle in his eye. Sam just rolls his eyes and heads off to the bathroom with a tub.

After nearly an hour, Dean comes looking for him. “Was wondering if you drowned,” he says, taking in the candles around the lip of the tub. “Is that a bubble bath?”

“I’m a hedonistic bastard, ‘member?”

“C’mon, Sam, let's get you out of that tub.”

Together they blow out the candles. Dean holds the towel out to Sam and Sam wraps himself in the fluffy towel. Sam waits outside his room for Dean to say something.

“Gonna sleep by myself tonight. Don’t wanna be too sore tomorrow,” Sam offers.

“Good idea. Night bitch,” Dean replies.

“Night jerk,” says Sam before slipping into his room.

The next morning, Sam shows up in the kitchen just as Dean finishes cooking. Getting a coffee cup and some coffee, Sam swipes a piece of bacon.

“Want some oatmeal?” asks Dean.

“Nah, I’ll take some eggs and bacon.” Dean looks surprised but puts the skillet back on the warm burner and gets the eggs out.

“Take that plate and half the bacon. I’ll fry me some eggs.”

“I can fry an egg, De.”

“It’s fine, enjoy your eggs and bacon.”

“I’ve got five hours of this curse left,” comments Sam.

“What does the hedonistic bastard want to do in those five hours?”

“Read, nap, and maybe a little afternoon sex,” answers Sam before taking a bite of bacon.

“Watcha reading?” asks Dean, flipping over his eggs.

“Salem witch trials,” answers Sam.

“Sounds boring,” Dean says. Sam just shrugs. He’s not going to win this fight with his brother. Soon, Dean joins Sam at the table and they quietly eat their breakfast.

“I got dishes, you go enjoy your book. I’ll come find you for a quickie before this spell wears off.”

“Best big brother ever,” says Sam as he kisses Dean.

The hours fly by as Sam lounges in bed reading. Dean shows up with a sandwich and Sam thanks him before delving into his book once again. Finally, Dean shows up at his door.

“Good book?”

“Great book,” answers Sam.

“Want that quickie? We’ve got an hour before the spell wears off.”

Sam gets up from the bed and walks toward Dean. “Great idea,” says Sam. He kisses Dean and the kiss turns sloppy and heated in no time. Dean manhandles him down the hallway to his bed.

Pushing Sam down, Dean pulls his sweats down and tosses them behind him. Kissing up his thigh, Dean kisses the tip of Sam’s dick before licking the slit and gathering the precome. Hollowing his checks, he sucks Sam down. Sam groans ragged above him. Bobbing his head, he drives Sam crazy before pulling off his dick.

“Jerk!” yells Sam. Dean just winks at him before sucking one of his balls into his mouth. “Oh God, De,” moans Sam. Sucking one then the other ball before Dean slips lower. Grabbing the lube blindly off the bed side table, He slicks his fingers then slips one into Sam. One becomes two then three.

Sitting up on his haunches, Dean slicks himself up. Reaching out to Sam, Dean adjusts himself and slides inside Sam.

“God, baby, so good for me,” moans Dean.  They pick up a pace that has Dean hitting Sam’s prostate with every push in.

“De, gonna come if you keep that up,” says Sam.

“Gonna come on my dick, little brother?” Sam shivers from head to toe. He shouldn’t get off on being reminded they are brothers, but there he is-getting off on being reminded of his relationship.

“Gonna come,” warns Sam. Dean picks up the pace and soon the only sound that can be heard is skin slapping skin.

“Come for me, Sammy,” grunts Dean and that’s it for Sam. Coming between them as Dean tucks and grunts. “So fucking good, little brother.”

“Right back at ya, big brother.” They lay there side by side, panting. Sam gets up first and gets a washcloth. Padding back into the room, he tosses Dean the cloth.

“I’m gonna nap now,” says Sam before rolling on his side. Dean finishes cleaning himself up and throws the cloth on the floor. He rolls over and cuddles up with his brother. Sam hums in agreement and they both drift off stated and happy.

When Sam opens his eyes, Dean is watching him. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I want a juice fast, a week of celibacy, and a run in the woods.”

“Guess the curse wore off then,” comments Dean.

“It was fun while it lasted, though,” replies Sam. “Still love you. Thanks for helping me out in the past 24 hours.”

“Anytime, Sammy, anytime.”