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Every Me and Every You

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"If you are watching this video, then by this point I'll be dead. I know you won't cry over this as I know you have no reason to. But I have information that you need to know. It is vital that you destroy this video after watching as I know there are watching. They say that some secrets should be kept hidden. Like why we are here, if there is a reason. Except I'm one of a few that can discover this forbidden truth because I am here for a reason, a reason which- to my knowledge- is one that must be kept a secret. I don't feel like I have to give you any more clues as I think you know what to do with the information I'm about to give you; my name is John Frobisher, and I was created to save The Doctor."


The screen went black as Jack looked away from the laptop and averted his eyes around the ruin of the Torchwood base, which he frequents all too often. The broken pieces of concrete and iron are his home now, shattered and decaying. Frobisher, for all he had done, was a good man and he trusted his word. But what could've possibly have Frobisher meant by "I was created to save The Doctor" and what from? But Jack knew that the only way to find out was to see The Doctor himself. Jack started to rummage through his pocket and finally found what he was looking for.


His Vortex Manipulator.



He felt guilty for having to lie to Gwen about what he was going to do when he left Earth. As he set his Vortex Manipulator to tracking mode he used some left-over Time Lord DNA from The Doctor's (spare) hand. If he was going to do this he'd do it properly.



As he departed Earth he felt a pang of pain for what little he was leaving behind. This feeling didn't last long though as the next second he felt the hard glassy floor of the TARDIS on his skin. He's redecorated, he thought, it's pretty neat.


Clara was having a pretty crap day really, The Doctor was in a pissy mood and the last planet they went to had no peril or danger in it what so ever. Well it was a bad day, until she saw the lantern-jawed hottie lying on the floor of the TARDIS.


"Hello?" asked Clara, confused as to why the man was there but wasn't complaining.


"Hi, I'm looking for the Doctor. Wait- is that you?" Jack genuinely didn't know.


" I'm Clara, and The Doctor's wondering about somewhere. Who are you?" Clara, who was even more confused than she was earlier, asked.


"Captain Jack Harkness, at your service." Purred Jack as he lifted himself off the floor.


"Oh stop it, you never change." Muttered a voice, coming out of the corridors of the ship.


"Oh I like-" but Jack was stopped in his tracks as a long-nosed and painfully familiar face popped out of the doorway. Jack gulped "-the new accent."


This was going to be more complicated than Jack thought. Jack gawped at the sight of the Timelord, still reeling at the revelation that was The Doctor's appearance. The Doctor seemed agitated by this, while Clara simply smirked at the Timelord's feathers being ruffled.


"What is it?" The Doctor asked gruffly.


"You have his face!" Exclaimed Jack.


The Doctor marched forward, his eyes ablaze "Wait you know this face too? I've been trying to work it out myself; I'm sure I've seen this face before. Who's face do I have? Tell me!" The Doctor almost screamed the last part, maddened by the mystery.


"John Frobisher, you have his face." Spluttered Harkness, who was surprised by The Doctor's outburst.


"Who is he?" The Timelord seemed to be almost gleeful to be so close to the truth.


"He was a government official who was manipulated by an alien race called the 256. He almost killed one third of the planet's children but when his own children were chosen for harvest he murdered his own family and then killed himself. That's who John Frobisher is." Jack himself seemed intrigued by the Doctor's excitement, and felt like, as Vastra would put it, the game was on.


"But there has to be more to it, there has to be!" The Doctor and Jack seemed to be practically bouncing off each other now, while Clara was intrigued but also a little concerned that her place was being taken from her.


"Before he died, he sent me a video of himself- a confession. He said that he was created to save The Doctor. He said that there were people watching. Maybe the people he was created to protect you from." Explained Jack hurriedly.


"Do you have this video?" Asked Clara, feeling that she needed to have some input on this.


"Here- the quality isn't great but you can tell it's your face." Jack said as he set the laptop up on the control panel of the TARDIS.


Frobisher's face came into view...



"So you're on a mission to try and find out what Frobisher was protecting the Doctor from and why." Clara confirmed. Jack nodded, the Doctor (strangely) didn't seem phased by the mystery that was unfurling before him.


"So what do we do next I wonder..." The Doctor muttered to himself.


"Well I was kinda hoping you would have a plan." Said Jack awkwardly.


"I do. Suppose that Frobisher wasn't the only person to look like me. Suppose there are lots of people that look like me; in different times and places, each dotted around the world, maybe even the galaxy. The question isn't: who created them, the question is: how to find them. And then suppose that the TARDIS has an engine which can produce any equipment the pilot of the ship needs. Well then, I need a face scanner" suddenly the screen on the console seemed to grow a webcam-like contraption from the top "and then suppose that I scan my own face" just then, a blue light radiated from the top of the screen and scanned The Doctor's face "and then suppose that I set the scanner to tracking mode...Ah and here we have it- at least eight people with my face including me!" The Doctor paused for breath as Jack and Clara stood in awe at how quickly The Doctor managed to create a plan.


"Oh you are good. I love it when you talk clever..." Half-joked Jack. The Doctor simply raised his eyebrows.


"Right Doctor, so what are their names?" Asked Clara, feeling that she needed to talk business.


"Okay, we alphabetical order...Lobus Caecillius- met him, John Frobisher, Sam Goode, Rory McHoan, Vera Reynolds and Malcolm Tucker. Yep; haven't heard of any of them apart from obviously Lobus and John." Said the Doctor. Suddenly, Clara's eyes widened even further.



"Wait! I've heard of Rory McHoan before- he wrote that book about India . What's it called...The Deccan Traps and Other Unlikely Destinations! Oh! I've always wanted to meet him!" Clara squeaked in delight.


"Well then Clara- now's your chance." Remarked Jack who had taken a liking to The Doctor's current companion.


The Doctor started typing out co-ordinates.


"Scottish Highlands, mid-eighties...near Gallanach- and we're off!"