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Surprisingly Good

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There was a party going on at Emily’s place. Her parents were out of town. 


Derek Venturi could hold his drink, but at that moment he wished he wasn’t so proud of the fact. It would have given him a great excuse to run away from the situation and find somewhere to throw up and splash some water on his face. 


Unfortunately with the predictable exception of Casey, everyone seemed pretty out of it by now. The cruelest part was that spinning the bottle had been his idea (as all excellent but equally gut-wrenching plans always were). 


Casey had this dumb look on her face taunting him that if he didn’t go through with this she’d tease him about it till the end of the century. It didn’t seem like the typical reaction to finding out your step-brother and boyfriend were about to kiss, but nothing about Derek and Casey’s relationship was typical and that was how he liked it.   


“I give you my blessing, brother dearest”. It sounded like a purr. She was purring at him and Derek suppressed a laugh, snorting instead. He could feel his cheeks turning red. He was about to kiss the hottest guy on the football team and he was blushing . This seemed like the longest few seconds of his life. 


He suddenly felt as if he’d switched roles with Casey. How could she sit there smirking at him, daring him to go through with a silly little kiss on the cheek. Or the forehead. Maybe the lips but super quick


He didn’t know what the guy code was for this situation and he wasn’t about to text Edwin and ask  - How do gay guys do it?  


As in kiss. 


Obviously he knew how but this was more of a weird…. dare


It was a silly game and he was worried about people thinking he was into guys. 


Derek Ventur i - into guys? It didn’t compute. It was Edwin’s thing, not his. 


The idea was ridiculous but then he was finally actually looking at Max and the guy was shrugging his shoulders, probably wondering why he was taking so long.  Maybe Derek was actually a bit more tipsy than he’d thought, because he actually licked his lips without thinking, finding himself transfixed by Max’s charming smile. 


He did sort of look like a disney prince - that explained Casey’s obsession with him acting chivalrous, romantic and  dorky as hell. It was a wonder no one had kicked Max off the football team for being such a duffus catering to Casey’s every wish. 


Yet as Max finally crawled over towards him (which was a sight in itself - his arms) - Derek thought to himself that he really needed to work out more. 


Another thought seemed to come out of nowhere - would Max be able to lift him? How strong was he? He’d probably give amazing bearhugs. Bears - wasn’t that a gay thing too? 


Derek closed his eyes and prepared himself to hate every second of Max kissing him. He hated that he’d been too slow to instigate it - he wasn't a chicken. He could kiss a dude. It wasn’t a big deal. Then he felt a hint of stubble brush against his chin and he felt frozen to the spot, his heart in his mouth. 


He felt the faintest trace of Max’s lips on his, barely registering until he must have backed away already - Derek couldn’t smell him anymore. He was smelling him and the next thing Derek knew his hands were blindly grasping at Max’s football jacket. For a moment the thought of Casey wearing it entered his mind and he gasped against Max’s mouth when their lips met again. What a good way to piss Casey off


His mind was racing with thoughts of Casey wearing his hockey jersey, Max wearing it, Max letting him wear the football jacket. Max was either pretty drunk or just too goddamn polite to resist because for some reason he let Derek’s tongue brush against his own and suddenly they were making out right in front of Casey and all their friends. 


Curiosity got the better of him and trembling hands traced over Max’s chest through his shirt and Derek felt dizzy because was it his imagination or did this dude have a fucking superhero body hidden under there? Max was towering over him on the floor and they must have looked so pathetic but Derek didn’t want to let go cause this kiss was surprisingly good and why was he trembling? He didn’t dare move his hands down further than Max’s waist but still somehow they were on his waist and Derek felt all the blood in his body start to rush to an area that really shouldn’t have been affected by this. So this was how guys kissed. This was how Max kissed and how talented his mouth was and really Casey was so damn lucky and probably didn’t even suck his cock-    


“You're gonna make your way through the football team now Derek, Hockey wasn’t enough for you/” Ralph blurted out and Max has catapulted himself back to the other side of the room. The comment made Derek bite down hard on his bottom lip. 


“Shut up Ralph!” He jumped into defensive mode like a pro, only when he attempted a dismissive laugh it sounded hoarse. 


“I don’t know what you mean,” he added quickly and mentally patted himself on the back for being able to look Ralph in the eyes. 


“At Sam’s party you said you’d made out with everyone on the team-”


“Except Sam , yeah. It was a joke, obviously. Right?” He raised an eyebrow at Sam, who stayed quiet. 


Ralph continued. “What about when-” 


“A joke. A fucking joke Ralph, calm the hell down. I’m a ladies man through and through…” Rambling usually saved his ass but on this occasion he could feel everyone’s eyes on him and suddenly the room was so hot and he was crossing his legs for reasons and wanting to punch Ralph in the face. 


“And don’t we know it!” Emily piped in helpfully.


His gaze settled on Max, who seemed the only person not affected by this whole thing. Polite prince charming bastard. The jerk shrugged at him again and Derek ran his hands through his hair, looking down at the floor before he grabbed the bottle and spun it.


It landed on Max. Again .   


“I’ll take this one!” Casey insisted and Derek heard the sound of a quick chaste kiss before she handed him the bait of declaring, “I think we’ve all had a bit too much fun tonight.”


But Derek couldn’t speak. 


Casey frowned at him and his mind went blank when thinking of a quick-fire comeback. She left with Max, who waved goodbye at him awkwardly. 


Once home, Derek shut himself in his room and paced for a while, music on full volume to block out the confusing scenarios in his mind. 


Eventually (it felt like days, but it’s merely one ever-lasting nightmare-evening) he told Edwin - who told Lizzie and surprise fucking surprise , Casey knocked on his bedroom door within the hour. Edwin had said all the right things to him, being so supportive Derek felt as if he wanted to curl up in a ball and die. He was supposed to be the dating expert - it was fucking mortifying . He embraced the label womanizer like a badge of honour. Ed could keep his rainbow flags. 


He refused to open the door and be greeted with Casey’s knowing smile or even worse - a look of concern because Derek Venturi was not like that


He was about to tell her just that, ready to shout through the door for her to leave him alone.


But instead he heard the sheepish voice of a certain football player, “Derek? Can we talk?”


And Derek had never been so disappointed in the absence of Casey. 


His phone vibrated in his pocket right at that second and the message was stupid, thoughtful and so Casey that he wanted to throw the phone against his wall. Instead, he gripped it tightly and re-read the message. 


Go get 'em, Tiger.  


So apparently Derek was Mary-fucking-Jane and his Spider-man/Peter Parker was stuttering behind a door that suddenly represented shame, pride and all the times he looked and regretted it a second later.  “Derek, uh...are you there? I mean….”


Derek decided - time to stop being a coward


The door opened.