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"You've got a lot of nerve." hissed Bellatrix. Hermione and Bellatrix had just returned to their flat when the curly black haired woman immediately pressed Hermione against the front door. Bellatrix's hand caressed Hermione's back, her fingertips stroking her spine, her lips caressing Hermione's shoulder slightly: "Not just wearing this skimpy little thing, but letting blonde touch you like she owns you."

"I'm not," Bellatrix's voice sent chills down Hermione's spine and she struggled to turn and pout, looking at Bellatrix with innocent eyes and a deliberate quiver of her lower lip to make herself look as innocent as possible.


"No?But blonde tweeted the group photo, and it looks like you guys had fun while I was gone?And I thought you said she was your favorite dancer. " Bellatrix said the words slowly in her low, husky voice, lazily running her fingers over Hermione's cheek and nose, her lips skimming over to graze Hermione's neck, smiling grimly when she noticed Hermione shuddering.


Hermione blinked, quickly realizing how serious she was being with this, swallowed heavily, took a deep breath through her nose, and tried to please Bellatrix in the sweetest, best-behaved tone: "I was just trying to piss you off, because you've I love you the most, and I'm your omega."

"Bellatrix reached out and ruffled the hair behind Hermione's ears, her tongue moving quickly and flicking her lips. Hermione's lips. Bellatrix's taste was enough to make Hermione whimper as she nibbled and pulled at Hermione's bottom lip.


Hermione couldn't suppress her moans but luckily Bellatrix swallowed them as she invaded the brunette's mouth with that devilish tongue and her hands climbed up Hermione's long black dress and grabbed that brunette's plump ass. Soon Hermione found herself completely off the ground, her legs wrapped around Bellatrix's waist as Bellatrix pressed against her body and kissed her along Hermione's neck. The whole time, Bellatrix's sweat mixing with hers, Hermione gasped and licked her dry lips, her body involuntarily giving off a sweet scent, her black and brown curls tangled together, it was all so intoxicating.


Hermione gasped as she lay on Bellatrix's shoulders and was carried into the bedroom, her black dress flipped up, her heels slipping off her feet, her bottom exposed, the soft flesh of her ass next to the other woman's face. Bellatrix gripped her with one arm and supported Hermione's lower back with the other as she could only squirm around on Bellatrix's shoulders.Bellatrix's hand rubbed slowly against her plump ass, massaging the sensitive muscles, stimulating the heat of Hermione's skin and tickling with her hot breath Hermione's plump buttocks. The blood rushes to Hermione's head, the intense pheromones released by the black curly alpha causing her brain to become more confused and she doesn't even remember being thrown roughly onto the bed until Bellatrix begins to remove her skirt. Hermione's delicate skin was exposed to the air, her flawless body on full display, leaving little room for imagination. A long, slender neck, exquisite one-piece collarbone, perky, full breasts, a toned belly, and those legs, God bless those legs. A perfect combination of muscle and fat, feminine beauty and raw power, voluptuous thighs.


"On my lap. now." bellatrix commanded, brunette obediently and quickly straddled her lap, bellatrix wrapped her fingers around a strand of hermione's hair, "very well. " a strand of hair became a handful, pulling at her hair and forcing Hermione to lift her head, exposing the delicate skin of her neck. Bellatrix was still squeezing Hermione's ass tightly with her other hand, the skin between her fingers turning white from the sheer force of it. Hermione moaned loudly as Bellatrix bit her neck roughly, sucking on her pulse point so hard that it left a mark. All Hermione could do was shudder and whimper as Bellatrix roughly kissed, bit and sucked her neck and shoulders as Hermione wrapped her legs around Bellatrix's waist to keep still.

"You love it when I mark you don't you little slut? The thought of someone seeing all these marks makes you wet doesn't it? 't it?" said Bellatrix, gently teasing Hermione's earlobe with the tip of her tongue. " b-Bella!" Hermione's face turned red as the black woman nibbled on the gland at the back of her neck. "What's the matter, pet? Did I bite you too hard " Bellatrix's voice took on a mocking tone. And Hermione could only tremble against Bellatrix's thighs as she gulped air, her toes curled, her mouth open, her throbbing cunt soaking Bellatrix's thighs. Her body began to catch fire, sweat sticking her hair to her neck as waves of desire ran through her body. hermione gasped and tried to rub herself against Bellatrix's thighs.

The curly black haired woman let out a low moan and let the brunette wiggle against her thighs for a moment, enjoying the feel of the curvaceous brunette's pussy rubbing against her thighs .Bellatrix's fingers touched Hermione's wet outer lips, her fingers becoming moist before she took them into her mouth and savoured them.Before Hermione could come shy, two of Bellatrix's fingers were inside her and Bellatrix kissed her passionately on the lips. hermione could taste herself on Bellatrix's tongue and she sucked with it, moaning louder than she could have imagined. Inside her cunt, Bellatrix began to curl her fingers against Hermione's soft upper body, Bellatrix smiled triumphantly as new bodily fluids dripped from Hermione's vagina and down the insides of her well-proportioned thighs.

Bellatrix kept curling her fingers as Hermione's hips swung and pushed hard against Bellatrix's crotch, the curly black haired woman expertly finding her g-spot and rubbing her fingers against it mercilessly until Hermione's body was shaking and her legs were weak and Bellatrix had to lower her back onto the bed, Hermione's screams rushed to the ceiling as Bellatrix pounded her fingers into her cunt, the bedroom filled with wet, oppressive noise as bodily fluids continued to spill out of Hermione, Bellatrix withdrew before Hermione came, Hermione's petals throbbing and trying to bite into Bellatrix's fingers so keep them inside. Hermione let out a whimper as Bellatrix refused to give it to her when she was so close to orgasm.

"You don't get to cum until I say so. "Bellatrix rubbed against Hermione's plump ass flesh as Hermione whimpered and struggled trying to grind against the early erect glands in the curly black alpha's trousers.Bellatrix grabbed her beautiful brown hair and pulled the disobedient omega into a rough kiss, the black curly haired woman bit Hermione's lips, her tongue slipping into Hermione's mouth, causing the omega's knees to go weak instantly.

Bellatrix stopped kissing and replaced her tongue with two fingers, which Hermione immediately began sucking. "Eager, aren't you? It's okay. i'll take care of you." bellatrix's voice was teasing. Hermione's eyes fluttered shut and she moaned, her body rippling violently.


Bellatrix pulled her fingers out of Hermione's mouth and placed them on her chest, circling a stiff nipple. "Liked the sound of that, baby?" Sliding her finger up and down her lips, teasing Hermione to open her mouth, " b-Bella , ple-" Hermione whispered, the words stuck in her throat.

Bellatrix lowered her mouth to Hermione's hard nipple and nipped the tip of it with her white teeth. Hermione moaned helplessly. Bellatrix sucked for a moment, then opened her mouth.

"Want what?" Bellatrix asked.

"You know....please, just-" Hermione begged.

Bellatrix's ebony black eyes narrowed as if she was reading Hermione's thoughts. Her lips smiled faintly, "Then you've got to tell me what you want, pet . Just say it properly and I'll make you feel good, alright? Just say it."

Hermione felt herself throbbing, her pussy clutching at the air as if she couldn't wait to have Bellatrix back inside her. Without Bellatrix to soothe her, she felt empty and aching as she lifted her hips, her taut thighs spreading invitingly, her face filled with desire.

"PLEASE! FUCK ME!" said Hermione, her voice almost unsteady, already strained with the desire for it.


"Oh, fuck," Hermione grumbled as her hands were tied to the bed by Bellatrix.

"Language," Bellatrix whispered, bringing her voice to a lilt. Her face was buried between Hermione's thighs, the only thing visible was her black curls. Her lips hovered over Hermione's over-stimulated clit, rubbing it with every movement. "I don't think I like a foul mouth on my little girl. wouldn't want a punishment, would you, baby?"

Those words made Hermione's already hot body burn even hotter as the brunette gritted her teeth. Bellatrix talked to her like this, and she loved and hated it. It was wrong, but Bellatrix did it every time, and it only made her wetter: "Screw you."


"I don't think you're ready to do that, but if you want to...." Bellatrix mused.


Bellatrix's hands kneaded Hermione's breasts, her fingertips poking into Hermione's nipples and pinching her. Hermione's back arched, her clit pressed against Bellatrix's mouth, then a sudden bite on her most sensitive part, the whole universe exploded in Hermione's head, the brunette blinded by pleasure and desire.

Hermione's consciousness drifted back to herself, noticing first how rapid her breathing had become, how her normally bright eyes were now dark and filled with tears, her glistening brown found in sticking to her face, sweat rolling down her forehead as she craved more.

Bellatrix gently stroked Hermione's taut thigh, rubbing her thumb over and over again, "I should stretch you more, it's been a while, I should -"

"No more waiting, you know I can take it. you've made sure of that. you trained me so good mommy" Hermione huffed, glaring at Bellatrix in protest. But the effect is diminished by her red face and bitten lip, which is really cute.

Even cuter, she squealed loudly and blinked dully when Bellatrix slapped her firm bottom with her hand.

"Say that again, sweetie." Bellatrix whispered, her voice so dark, hoarse and desperate.


Hermione shook her head in shame, she hadn't meant to shout at Bellatrix like that at first. Why did she have to say it again? Why did Bellatrix want her to do that? Bellatrix's fingers, still stroking her pussy, suddenly slid in and Hermione drew back a breath of relief. Bellatrix relentlessly extended her fingers in and out of Hermione's body. The hand resting in Hermione's hair slid along her chin down to her throat before wrapping up and cutting off her air supply.

Because Bellatrix had just added two more fingers at the same brutal rate she was so full, stretching out for something, but she found she couldn't. She was more desperate than she had ever been in her life, her thoughts spinning, blackness taking over the edges of her vision, she just wanted ---- needed ---- to do it again, but Bellatrix made her inhale the desperation and she wept.


"Fuck, mommy please, I just want to come, please, please, I need to come, fuck me, fuck me, fuck-" Hermione's words were tinged with cries, her body couldn't stop shaking.

Bellatrix kissed Hermione deeply and hard, soothing her and stealing the air from Hermione's lungs. When Hermione relaxed, the smile on Bellatrix's face was lethal.

Without further ado, Bellatrix pulled off her tight jumpsuit and jacket, revealing pale skin and thick glands. hermione leaned forward and tried to put her hands on her, but the ropes yanked her back and she whimpered.

"Want to touch me?" whispered Bellatrix as she groped fascinated Hermione's plump flesh, her glands pressing against Hermione's throbbing entrance. It was enough to make Hermione's eyes roll to the back of her head as she sobbed softly.Bellatrix laughed, "Not yet."


Bellatrix gently pushed Hermione's thighs back and entered her with a violent thrust. The overheated, overwet sliding of her dick inside Hermione's cunt was nothing new, but this felt indescribably good. hermione moaned as she tilted her head back, barely noticing the black marks Bellatrix's nails left on her skin. All she felt was Bellatrix's fingers rubbing against her erect nipples, her tongue sliding into her mouth, her thick cock moving in and out of her body. The sound of it was obscene and filled the room, sending a shiver of pleasure between Hermione's legs with every pounding of flesh.


"God, pet, you look so good like this," Bellatrix whispered, slowing her thrusts and teasing Hermione's body with her free hand.


When Bellatrix finally regained her original speed, her entire body seemed to shatter. All Hermione could do was arch her back, open her mouth and widen her eyes, blinded and consumed in a mist of emotion.


Bellatrix gripped Hermione's hips, still moving in and out of Hermione's body viciously. At the same time her teeth tore into the glands at the back of Hermione's neck so hard they almost bled, and despite Hermione's recent orgasm she felt a surge of excitement, enjoying the violent contractions and spasms of Hermione's cunt clenching her cock. admiring Hermione's dizzying drop from the dizzying heights, sucking air into her lungs, her ample breasts rising and falling with each gasp.

Hermione's legs wrapped tightly around Bellatrix, feeling Bellatrix's dick pulsing inside her, Bellatrix's thrusts picking up speed as she frantically growls in Hermione's ear. A series of absolutely filthy dirty words poured out of her mouth: how much she loved fucking Hermione like this, how much she loved fucking her with cock, how good it felt to rub against her, how much she loved the pleasure of Hermione's bottom clenching against her ......Bellatrix's cock buried deep into her pussy, the brunette was filled with sticky fluid with a simultaneous surge of heat released inside her. Delicate sensations bombarded her body, legs stiffening, arms rigid, warring, convulsing for what seemed like an eternity. bellatrix took the cock out of hermione, cum and nectar scrambling to gush from the quivering petals.

Hermione didn't realise how long it took her to try and calm herself down until she felt the tip of the huge thing push into her entrance again, "You didn't think we were done, did you?"