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"No! It's embarrassing!"

"Awe, come on pet. you know it's cute -"

"It's too naked and too short! I'm not wearing it-"

"Now pet, it's either that or the maid dress. you agreed to this."

Hermione was silent for a moment as she offered to be okay with some of Bellatrix's sexual quirks for the evening. She knew that Bellatrix had always had some special preferences, but what Hermione didn't expect was for Bellatrix to give her an adult sized schoolgirl outfit, knee high socks and a pretty pink bow.

Hermione looked silently at herself in the mirror. Clean, crisp white buttons tucked into a short tartan skirt framed her ample hips, and pale pink lace socks matched the loose bows in her braid.

Hermione slowly opened the bathroom door to her room, she quickly ran to the king size bed and found a comfortable position. Hermione noticed her dark haired lover sitting in the chair watching her... ... Her eyes were filled with hunger. Hermione lay on her back, her knees slightly apart so that Bellatrix could see the top of her skirt. Her panties were too tight, revealing the full curve of her private parts.

Bellatrix giggled and stood up, releasing her pheromones while slowly walking towards the bed, "This is a costume I've wanted you to wear for a while," Bellatrix stood by the bed with her phone in her hand, checking it as she did so, "I thought you would look adorable in it and I was right. I thought you would look adorable in it and I was right. you know, I wanted to devour you when I saw you for the first time."

Hermione winced and took a breath, trying to keep herself calm. "l though you were up to something from the beginning, and you lie to me about me being just riend of your nephew's you' re a liar."

Bellatrix smiled smugly and said, "Couldn't help it, I am a very good liar. And the curve of your butt whenever you bent over was adorable. bend you over you dresser, eat you out, and make you call me mistress."

Hermione's face flushed red as she felt Bellatrix's fingers caress her moist outer lips through the thin fabric. When Bellatrix had first invited her to work and taken care of her, she had suspected that Bellatrix had something else in mind for her, but she hadn't known how dirty those thoughts were. "W-Well.... . maybe we can."

Bellatrix teased, "You want me to eat your pussy? It is a glorious-looking one." Hermione blushed and nodded. Bellatrix put her phone down and walked to the foot of the bed. Her eyes scanned Hermione's sexy body hungrily. Hermione slowly turned around and flopped onto the bed, taking on the role of the submissive schoolgirl. She gripped the pillow above her head tightly, one knee close to her hip and the other stretched out, adjusting the angle of her hips so Bellatrix could get the best view while giving her an innocent and pouty expression, as if she really was a nasty teenage girl.

Hermione took a shallow breath, raised her voice and wailed, "M-Mistress .W-What are you going . . to do to me?"

Bellatrix put her arm around Hermione's waist and let her hand rest on her taut stomach. Her dark eyes were filled with desire, like a predator waiting for a chance to catch her prey: "I'm going to take you, make you my little schoolgirl." She had fantasised about this for a long time, and she wasn't about to be gentle with Hermione, but Hermione wanted to be. But Hermione wanted to. Hermione wrapped her arms around Bellatrix's neck and opened her lips for a kiss, Bellatrix's tongue entwined with hers as her left hand gently stroked Hermione's thigh.

Suddenly Bellatrix snapped the waistband of Hermione's panties with a loud snap. Hermione winced in surprise as Bellatrix slid her fingers along the firm curve of Hermione's buttocks. Hermione stood motionless, shuddering at the sound of Bellatrix's pulling a tool from her bag.


Bellatrix leaned close to her ear and whispered seductively, "Call me Mistress, little girl, just like I trained you. "Hermione whimpered as she felt Bellatrix's blunt, hard leather Herione whimpered as she felt Bellatrix's blunt, hard leather slap hit her soft bottom hard. A wave of pain and pleasure washed over her at the same time as the hard, blunt tool landed over and over on her soft muscles, causing her entire buttocks to bounce as she tried not to let out any whimpers or moans.

After Bellatrix stopped slapping her, she hooked her fingers around the waist of her panties and pulled them up. Hermione screamed as Bellatrix pulled her panties down, her warm outer lips tightening further and her clitoris hardening. Bellatrix kept pulling down until she could see the perfect outline of Hermione's swollen body, aroused sexually against the thin fabric. She held Hermione's pussy with her other hand, causing her to moan out. Bellatrix's fingers moved roughly as Hermione did her best to scream as loudly and seductively as she could. Bellatrix always knew where all of Hermione's sensitive spots were. She always stimulated them, making Hermione shriek incessantly.

"M-Mis... tress, please." Hermione began to leak desire, wetting the front of her cute little panties. Hermione pressed her forehead to the sheet and unbuttoned the front button of her shirt. She slid both hands inside her bra and then ran her own thumbs over her nipples in a slight attempt to get some relief. Bellatrix ruffled Hermione's brown hair, her tongue swirling back and forth over the glands at the back of her neck, and occasionally nibbling and sucking. hermione's body shuddered violently and tingling sensations spread down hermione's back.

Suddenly Bellatrix released Hermione, grabbed her hips and flipped her body over whilst biting hard on the gland at the back of Hermione's neck. hermione cried out softly and winced as a faint smell of strawberry milk spread through the room. hermione gripped the sheets for Bellatrix spread her legs wide, a telltale damp patch on her panties told Bellatrix she was in heat.

Bellatrix chuckled: "I'd usually strip a naughty girl for more punishment first, but you look so good, girl, I might not. " Hermione looked a little confused as she watched Bellatrix take off her tunic and reveal her curvaceous figure in her tight skirt. She moved the middle part of her panties to one side so that Hermione's inner and outer labia were exposed. The thick fluid of arousal that still continued to flow from her showed that Hermione needed more. As Bellatrix slowly teased Hermione, Hermione bit her lip again and let out a low grunt. As she did so, Bellatrix rubbed every sensitive spot on her labia and clitoris, hoping that she would reach a state of total euphoria as she did every time they made love. Bellatrix may be calculating and dominant and likes to set Hermione up but she never deprives Hermione of pleasure before, during or after sex.

Hermione whimpered, "Ma-M-Ms. mistress.... I-i can't-!"

Bellatrix told her firmly and sensually, "You can, and you will, Pet. You will not orgasm until I say so." Hermione shuddered and nodded. Bellatrix's hand continued to rub around her hard nub, causing Hermione to cry and her body to arch upwards, moaning loudly. Hermione had a love/hate relationship with Bellatrix, for a while she hated the loss of her freedom, but omega nature made her own alpha tend to obey.

"Good girl. are you ready for your reward? "Hermione winced at Bellatrix's words and nodded frantically with her head closed, her fingers tangled in Bellatrix's dark curls.Bellatrix could turn her into a puppet at Bellatrix's mercy without a second thought.

Bellatrix leaned forward and licked Hermione's wet petals, taking her clit into her mouth. Hermione straightened up and moaned with pleasure while Bellatrix lay on top of her. Her fingers flicked against Hermione's chest, which caused Hermione to pant and scream, "more, please," with a mixture of desperation and frustration in her voice as Bellatrix roughly sank her teeth into her clitoris and mercilessly pumped her pussy with her fingers, slamming them hard into Hermione's soft upper body. This caused Hermione to grit her teeth and grip the sheets tightly, twisting her hips slightly in an attempt to overcome the pain caused by Bellatrix's rough treatment.

Bellatrix whispered seductively, "You're doing a great job, Pet Girl. you can't cum yet, that ruins the fun." as Hermione almost screamed as Bellatrix ran her tongue over her swollen pussy, Bellatrix's slowly approaching the outlet where a warm stream of water was flowing out, licking the fluids that were flowing from her sex organ and some down her ass. Hermione took a moment to catch her breath and try to calm down.

After a moment, Bellatrix rolled Hermione over onto her back and pulled her legs until her legs were spread apart and she was bent over the bed, standing with her trembling feet on the floor. Hermione whimpered as her over-sensitive pussy and clitoris were pressed into the bed. She bent down and tried to find Bellatrix's hand. hermione lost her voice again as Bellatrix bit down hard on the gland at the back of her neck at the same time pounding her core with her left hand, pinning the fabric between the lips of her thick privates.

Bellatrix ripped off Hermione's panties and uncovered Hermione's deep pink hole. It needed to be filled now and Bellatrix kneaded Hermione's firm buttocks as Hermione shuddered and moaned with excitement. Her legs trembled, barely able to hold her up as she felt Bellatrix's fingers brush against her core that needed to be carefully pampered.

"M-Ms... please... mistress... please," Bellatrix giggled, bending down and kissing Hermione's ever-flowing entrance, then licking it and drawing several shapes on it with her tongue. Hermione moaned as she kept crying out "mistress". Bellatrix began to bite her girlfriend, causing Hermione to fall to her knees. Bellatrix coated the inside of Hermione's outstretched hole with her warm saliva, then shoved her long tongue fully inside and explored it slowly, licking around inside. Bellatrix didn't let go, leaving Hermione on her knees on the sheets, pleasuring her.

" Bellatrix-M-Mistress... n-no... Stop... " Having said that, Bellatrix immediately pulled away from her, listening to Hermione's words, " M-Make me cum, my vulva is so s-ollen i-it... h-hurts... " Bellatrix didn't hesitate, immediately pulling Hermione to her straddle and slowly bringing her to a much needed orgasm. "... Oh Mis... Mistress," Hermione kissed Bellatrix hungrily, sitting on her knees on the floor. Bellatrix continues to work on Hermione's pussy and gives her a numbing orgasm in about a minute. Hermione tilts her head back and moans as she coats Bellatrix's inner thighs and stomach with her thick juices.

Hermione gasped and held her breath before Bellatrix asked, "Should we stop?"

Hermione shook her head and said: "N-.... . no teasing... .just.. Bellatrix nodded and unzipped her skirt to reveal her lace underwear. Hermione whimpered as she watched Bellatrix rub her cock against the entrance to her privates.

Hermione pleaded in her soft voice, "Fuck...Bella.... .please.... .please, do it now." Hermione spread her legs and pushed her ass out so that Bellatrix could see her entrance.

Bellatrix said as she pulled out her phone and asked, "You look so good like this, pet. mind if I make you my personal's wallpaper?" hermione Smiling tiredly, Bellatrix snapped a picture of her lying on the bed, dressed as a slutty schoolgirl and ready for bed. Bellatrix took a moment to set this photo as her wallpaper, then put her phone away and pressed her thick cock against Hermione's soaked petals. Hermione gasped and moaned softly as Bellatrix pushed in slowly, filling her up.

"A-Ahhhh~" Hermione moaned loudly. Bellatrix moved slowly, filling Hermione inch by inch taking her breath away. When Hermione was full she whimpered with pleasure as she felt Bellatrix's body flush against hers.

"Want me to love and fuck you into this bed, my dear little girl?" said Hermione, sensitive to Bellatrix's dirty talk and almost screaming as Bellatrix quickly withdrew body with a thud and back into her pussy. Bellatrix fucked Hermione the way she liked, thrusting deeply and purposefully at every turn, always quickly pushing Hermione to the edge of the cliff and keeping her there. Bellatrix moved in and out of Hermione's wet pussy in rapid succession. The sound of skin rubbing against skin filled the room in an abominable way.

Hermione whimpered and pleaded, "Bella......l-let me . . hear you." As Hermione was penetrated, Bellatrix was on top of her - a low moan entering her ear, hot wet breath hitting her neck Hermione whimpered again, Bellatrix's voice stirring ripples in the omega. Hermione and Bellatrix rammed together, Hermione could feel Bellatrix's cock twitching, the mass of hot fluid stimulating her inner walls and making her shudder uncontrollably.

Bellatrix whimpered and gasped, "My... little... pet... .come, come for mistress..."

Hermione panted: "Oh fuck- Bella! mistress, yes!!!" Hermione turned her back to Bellatrix and lay on her back, her inner walls clenching on Bellatrix's cock. bellatrix pumped a little more and left Hermione lying flat on the bed, relaxing from her orgasm. bellatrix admired the beauty of Hermione's post-orgasm, her flushed skin, her erect nipples. The sweet moans, the violent contractions of her belly, all stimulated her senses making her glands erect again.

Bellatrix gasped as she pulled her sex out of Hermione and kissed Hermione's ear. Once Bellatrix pulled out, Hermione's nectar mixed with Bellatrix's cum began to spill out of her insides. Bellatrix pulled out her phone again and took a picture of Hermione, who had just finished making love, covered in her own fluids.

When Bellatrix took Hermione's picture, Hermione giggled and asked, "I take it you liked this."

Bellatrix looked down and kissed Hermione's cheek, placing her hands on her waist and erecting her sex between Hermione's legs again, "Yeah, and pet, it's a long night."