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The Ultimate Detective and The Ultimate Hope Gaiden: A Momoharu Wedding!

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“Alright, is everything all set?”  Maki asked nervously as she stood in front of the mirror, looking at her white wedding dress in the reflection.

Kyoko nodded and assured her “Yes, don’t worry.  Mrs. Akamatsu is at the organ, ready to play.  Makoto is with Kaito helping him get ready.  The Ultimate Priest is at the altar, ready to begin on schedule.  Hajime and Komaru are with the kids in the pews, keeping them occupied until the ceremony starts.  Byakuya’s at the reception outside, making sure everything’s in order for once the ceremony is complete.”

“Yeah, so don’t worry too much about that.  Besides, with how beautiful you look in this dress, your wedding’s gonna go off perfectly!”  Hina complimented.

“Th…thank you…”  Maki muttered before she stared at her reflection in awe.  “I just can’t believe it.  Even after all the lives I’ve taken, I’m actually getting married to someone who cares about me…it’s like a fairy tale…”

Kyoko smiled and told her “I felt the same way when Makoto and I got married.  None of it felt real to me…but it was, just like Kaito’s love for you is real.”

Maki barely held back her tears as she thanked “Thank you, Kyoko…who knew you’d be one of my bridesmaids that day we held each other at knifepoint.”

The two women giggled as Hina sweatdropped before the P.E. instructor suggested “Um…shouldn’t we start walking to the altar now?  I’m sure the others are ready, and I think Maki’s dress is all set.”

“Indeed, apologies, Hina.”  Kyoko turned to Maki and asked “Alright, are you ready to begin the first day of your married life?”

“…Do you want to die?”  Maki asked with a smirk, making Kyoko smirk back as she and Hina circled in front of the former assassin.

The trio then began to walk out of the fitting room towards the altar where Maki’s life would change forever.

“Hi there!  My name’s Kaede Akamatsu!”

“Nice to meet you, Akamatsu-chan!  My name’s Kiki Naegi!”

The two girls briefly stood up and curtsied before they sat back in the pews.

“Oh, and this is my friend Shuichi Saihara.”  Kaede introduced the blue-haired boy who sat nervously between them.

Kiki smiled at him and greeted “Nice to meet you, Saihara-kun!”

“Oh, nice to meet you too…”  Shuichi replied shyly, smiling bashfully at the young girl.  “Ow!”  He groaned as Kaede elbowed him playfully, a smirk on her face.

“You think she’s cute, don’t you, Shuichi?”

“Ka…Kaede!  It’s not like that, really!”  Shuichi protested, his cheeks flushed pink from embarrassment.

Kiki sweatdropped, then giggled at their antics, causing them to look towards her.

“Sorry, you two just…what’s the phrase, fight like an old married couple?”

Kaede and Shuichi blushed, then fell silent, twiddling their thumbs as the junior pianist found the tables turned on her.

“So…”  Kiki began as she glanced towards the blond-haired woman at the organ.  “Is that your mom, Akamatsu-chan?”

Kaede nodded and smiled proudly as she confirmed “That’s right, she’s a pianist at a popular restaurant.  That’s actually where your parents knew how to hire her for this wedding.”  Seeing Kiki’s curious stare, Kaede explained “When I was really little, your parents and the bride and groom went on a double date at the restaurant where my mom works.”

At that moment, Shuichi’s eyes widened as he exclaimed “That’s it!”  Kiki and Kaede turned to face him as he recalled “I remember that day.  My uncle was busy at work, so he asked Kaede’s mom to keep an eye on me.  Since she had to work, she just took us with her.  While we were there, Kaede’s mom played a certain song for them to dance to.”

“That’s right, and we danced too!”  Kaede chimed in.

“Oh really?  Are you a good dancer, Saihara-kun?”  Kiki asked curiously.

“Oh, no, no.”  Shuichi replied bashfully as he rubbed the back of his head.  “Though that hasn’t stopped Kaede from trying to dance with me.”

Kaede smiled guiltily as Kiki cooed “Aww, that’s so cute!  I can’t wait to see you guys dance at the reception.”

“Now, that’s not…”  Shuichi tried to decline, only to be interrupted by Kaede.

“Geez, we’re at a wedding, Shuichi, and you look so cute in your tux!  You’ve gotta dance here!”

“O…okay…”  Shuichi gave in before Kaede turned to Kiki.

“Say, Naegi-chan, why don’t we all dance together during the reception?  Maybe having an extra friend will give Shuichi a much-needed confidence boost.”

As Shuichi opened his mouth to interject, Kiki nodded and agreed “Sure, I don’t mind.  We can even take turns dancing with Shuichi.”

“Good idea, Naegi-chan!”  Kaede complimented, causing Shuichi to sweatdrop and sigh as the two girls giggled.

Once the giggling girls quieted down, Shuichi pointed to Makoto standing at the altar and asked “That’s your father, right Naegi-chan?  I recognize him from that day at the restaurant.”

“That’s right.”  Kiki nodded and explained “His name’s Makoto Naegi, and he’s the headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy.”

“Wow, isn’t that a super famous school?”  Kaede asked.

“I mean, I guess you’d know more about it than I do.  I always just saw it as the school where Mom and Dad worked.”  Kiki answered honestly.  Shuichi and Kaede nodded before Kiki continued “Anyway, I actually know the bride and groom; they’ve been my babysitters since I was four years old.”

“Wow, so they’re old family friends.”  Shuichi commented, causing Kiki to nod.

“Yep, they’re practically family by this point.  Maki’s really good at what she does, and Kaito’s really cool.”  She turned to glance at her father and Kaito as she muttered “I just hope this wedding goes off without a hitch.”

“And…there!”  Makoto smiled with pride as he straightened Kaito’s bowtie, the Ultimate Priest standing beside them.  “Kaito, I know you’re nervous, but try not to sweat so much.”

Kaito sighed and apologized “Sorry man, but I just really want to make this special for Maki!  What if I start coughing up blood in the middle of our vows?!  I don’t want my new suit Byakuya paid for to get magenta splotches on it!”

That’ll be the least we’re worried about if you have an episode…  Makoto deadpanned before he assured the would-be astronaut “Kaito, don’t focus on everything that could go wrong.  Focus on everything that’s gonna go right.  Before long, you and Maki are gonna be husband and wife, and you’ll be able to spend the rest of your life together.”

Kaito grinned and exclaimed “Hey, you’re right, Makoto!  So what if we can’t have the cute kids or the white picket fence?  Being married to someone as awesome as Maki Roll is good enough for me!”

Makoto smiled and replied “That’s the spirit!”

At that moment the doors flew open, causing the others to turn and see Kyoko and Hina walking down the aisle.

“I think that’s my cue.”  Makoto whispered as he turned around.  “Good luck, Kaito!”  He finished before he quickly walked back to his seat and Mrs. Akamatsu began playing the organ.

Maki barely held back her tears of joyful anticipation as she followed Kyoko and Hina before they parted and went to their seats in the pews.  Kaito felt his heart skip a beat as he saw Maki in her wedding dress, her hair tied into a simple ponytail that swayed like a pendulum with each step she took to the altar.  Speaking of Maki, she also felt her heart skip a beat as she took in the sight of Kaito all cleaned up in his tuxedo.



Save for Mrs. Akamatsu’s music, the church was completely silent as the engaged couple stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.  At last, the piano ebbed into silence before the Ultimate Priest coughed into his fist and began to speak.

“We are gathered here today to witness the holy union of Kaito Momota and Maki Harukawa.  These two souls survived the despair of the Tragedy and managed to find love in its depths.  Would the couple recite their vows?”

Kaito nodded and cleared his throat before he began “Maki Harukawa…when we first met, you didn’t like me at all.  You thought me as little more than a total idiot…and you honestly weren’t wrong.”  The e audience in the pews giggled softly as Maki pouted before Kaito continued “But before long, you came around and fell in love with me, and you were too amazing not to fall in love with.”  Maki blushed as Kaito finished “I might not be long for this world, but I promise, no matter how much or how little time I have left, I’ll dedicate every single second of it to making you the happiest woman alive!”

Tears of joy trickled down Maki’s cheeks as she sniffled.  As the Ultimate Priest turned to nod to her, she wiped her wrist against her eyes before she began her own vow.

“Kaito Momota…you’re right, I did think you were an idiot…I still do.  But you’re my idiot, Kaito.  You made me feel like a regular girl in spite of my…checkered past.  You made me feel like I actually mattered to somebody, to you.  You might not be a Luminary of the Stars, but you’re my Luminary.  You’ve always been a shining light for me when I needed one.  Losing you so early into your life…it’s not fair, but it reminds me just how fortunate I am to have you in my life.  I promise to treasure every moment I’m fortunate to wake up next to you, and I vow to make sure every moment we spend together is one of your happiest!”

The Ultimate Priest nodded as a single tear of joy trickled down Kaito’s cheek.

“Kaito Momota, do you take Maki Harukawa to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, ‘till death do you part?”

“I do.”  Kaito whispered.

“And Maki Harukawa, do you take Kaito Momota to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, ‘till death do you part?”

“I do.”  Maki tearfully whispered.

“Then by the power vested in me, I pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Kaito and Maki Momota.  The bride and groom may now kiss.”

The two eagerly pressed their lips against each other, closing their eyes as they focused on pressing against the other, feeling the other’s love flow through them in the most holy of unions.  As they at last separated, the audience in the pews burst into applause, wiping away tears of joy as they too were overcome by the happy scene in front of them.  Maki let out a rare, beaming smile as she tossed her bouquet into the air.

“I got it!”  Kiki cheered as she caught it.  “I caught the…huh?  Saihara-kun?!”  She exclaimed as she saw Shuichi’s hand gripped around the other half of the stems, blushing in embarrassment.

Kaede giggled and exclaimed “Ha, you both caught the bouquet!  Does that mean you have to marry each other now?”

“NO IT DOESN’T!”  Kiki and Shuichi shrieked, causing Kaede to giggle more as the adults smiled in amusement.

“Come on, Maki Roll!  It’s time for the reception!”  Kaito announced as he tugged her by the hand up the aisle.

“Hey, slow down, you idiot…”  Maki complained, though there was no bark to her bite, the former assassin eventually sighing before she smiled in amusement as her husband pulled her out of view.

“Geez Shuichi, you’re eleven years old!  You shouldn’t still be scared to dance!”  Kaede complained as she waltzed with a still nervous Shuichi.

“I…I can’t help it, Kaede!  I always get nervous when I dance.  The last thing I want is to step on your foot.”

Kaede sighed in exasperation as she and Shuichi continued their waltz.  Once they came to a stop, Kaede let go of him and turned to face Kiki.

“Naegi-chan, why don’t you try dancing with Shuichi?  Maybe he’ll be more relaxed dancing with you instead of me.”

“K…Kaede!  You can’t just…offer up dances with me without my consent…”

“Well, what else are you gonna do at a wedding, Shuichi?”


“Ano…”  Kaede and Shuichi turned to face Kiki, who blushed and offered “…Ano, I won’t force you to, Saihara-kun, but if you want to, I’m happy to dance with you.”

“Oh…okay…”  The touched Shuichi blushed as he nodded, causing Kaede to grin cheekily as she watched Shuichi awkwardly place his hand on Kiki’s waist.

Kiki took a deep breath and placed her free hand on his back as she soothed “Saihara-kun, just relax.  This is supposed to be fun, so it’s okay if you make a mistake.  My teachers in school taught me that making mistakes is how we learn, so even if you step on my foot, it’s okay.”

Shuichi nodded awkwardly and took a deep breath before he began to step backwards.

“There, see, nothing to it…ow.”

“Naegi-chan, are you okay, I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault!  I…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”  Kiki soothed.  “Everyone makes mistakes; that’s how you learn.  Forget about how many times you step on my foot and just relax.”

“O…okay…”  Shuichi stammered before he exhaled and smiled softly, which made Kiki smile as the two of them relaxed and resumed their dance.

Kaede smiled as she watched the two adolescents dance, then glanced to another part of the dance floor where the bride and groom were sharing a heartfelt dance.  Maki hummed contently as she rested her head on Kaito’s shoulder and closed her eyes.  Kaito meanwhile smiled and rubbed her back as he whispered in her ear “I love you, Maki.”

“…I love you too, Kaito…”

It wasn’t long before Kaito too closed his eyes as the two blocked out their surroundings, leaving only their love for each other enveloping the happy married couple.

“It’s nice to see them relaxed and at peace for once.”  Makoto commented as he watched Maki and Kaito dance together from their place at the nearby table.

“Indeed, they truly deserve this moment.”  Kyoko agreed.

“Yeah, totally!”  Hina cheered.  “Byakuya and I might not be as close to them as you two are, but they still deserve a perfect wedding.”

“Which I paid for.”  Byakuya reminded them, causing the group to roll their eyes.

“Still…”  Makoto lamented “It’s a shame that Kaito will never get to go into space…”

“…Actually, that might not be so far out of the realm of possibility…”

The others turned to stare at Hajime before his girlfriend asked “Huh?  Why’s that, Hajime?”

“Well…”  Hajime explained “I’ve been in touch with Sonia and Gundham.  Apparently Novoselic is starting work on its first space program.  They’re hoping to send their first astronaut into space next year.  I could ask if they’d be willing to let Momota-kun be that astronaut.”

Makoto beamed and exclaimed “Hajime, that’s brilliant!”

Kyoko nodded and replied “I concur.  Kaito and Maki may not be able to have a proper family, but if he can go into space just once before he dies, we can at least make one more of his dreams come true.”

“So, um…should one of us go over and tell them the good news?”  Hina wondered, only for Makoto and Kyoko to shake their heads.

“Nah, let them have their moment for now.”  Makoto advised, leading his wife to nod.

“Indeed, we’ll tell them after their honeymoon.  Besides, that’ll give Hajime time to negotiate with the Novoselic Royal Family.”  Kyoko agreed.

“For now…oh look!  Kiki’s dancing with that boy that Mrs. Akamatsu brought with her.”

“They do look cute together.”  Makoto noted as the adults watched with amusement while Kiki and Shuichi danced shyly together.